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Dec 24

Underground Map

Underground Map

Here is Underground_Map created By Johan12.
what does this:
it have orginal fruits:Grass,maize,rape,wheat,barley.
cowzone,milk,, You can not sell.
it have 4 Fields,1Gras field,mowing the grass and feed the cows.And Mais between the Wheels by the (wooden shed). The hay balls unloading behind the farm (in wooden shed).
Works fine in SP and MP
Nice map for people whit low PC;s.(UNZIPFOLDER TO MODS)

Baum:by tobsel88
Pesticide Station :Blackburner.
Kuhstall:Michael Asmussen
Stone walls:Modell Giants,LS2011 ready by spider100
Ballenstapel:Model: GIANTS Software GmbH & Desperados93
Orginal Models By Gigants
Safemode for plough :Edit by: Sven777b
Money Mod :By Gaxi / FSGAXI
empty map:Gigants.map constructed:johan12

Download: Underground Map [Hotfile.com]
Download: Underground Map [Uploading.com]

Nov 24

CDmap v2

CDmap v2

Here is my card an edit of original map
Getreidehandel is replacing the mill map
a lot of trees and fence
the mods are an edit of a weight block which here acts as Field “lock” is removed by sell it in the shop price is set so that the money will be deducted from your account if the field “lock” is not desired, simply fails to put the included mods in map folder can be edited as in like just remember to give the same credits as above

map is only testet in SP

sry my english but hope you understand
ill answer any qustion asp

know I’m not good at details but is still in its infancy with modding
map is intended as a map to give the “right” mappere ideas
and possibly a brilliant scripts can fix my purchase / sales problem: D

the video only shows how to sell/buy the field

fixed: milktruck wont get stuck on fence leading up to cow field

Getreidehandel: Claas Lexion 770
straw / balescredder:?
weight block / Field “lock”: Kreimy Edit of case driver

Download: CDmap v2 [Hotfile.com]
Download: CDmap v2 [Uploading.com]