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DLC 2 – Renewable Energy Pack

This downloadable content package (DLC/Addon) is compatible with all Windows versions of Farming-Simulator 2011 (Retail and Download).

The second official DLC Pack from GIANTS Software contains the following equipment: Biogas plant, free placeable wind energy and solar plant, Lizard wheel loader, Bergmann TSW 4190 S universal spreader, Kotte GARANT VTL 19.500 slurry tanker, silage forks and a mobile fertilizer tank.

More Screenshots















Manufacturer LIZGAZ
Type Biogas Plant
Description The biogas plant contains: Fermenter, 3 bunker silos, block heating power plant and a slurry store.







Manufacturer LIZARD POWER Corporation
Type Wind Energy Plant
Capacity 2.5 MW
Description This object can be freely placed on your map (incl. mod maps!).






Manufacturer LIZARD POWER Corporation
Type Solar Plant
Efficiency 18 % / 1 kW/m²
Capacity 45 kW
Description This object can be freely placed on your map (incl. mod maps!).





The wind energy and solar plants can be freely placed on your map.


Manufacturer Lizard
Type G 920
Description Wheel loader








Manufacturer Bergmann
Type TSW 4190 S
Capacity 14,000 l
Description Manure Spreader







Manufacturer Kotte Landtechnik
Type GARANT VTL 19.500
Capacity 19,500 l
Description Slurry tanker







Manufacturer Lizard
Description Silage fork for telehandler and frontloader








Manufacturer Lizard
Description Mobile Fertilizer Tank








[warning]All info from GIANTS Sotware. You can buy this pack here.[/warning]

Mar 08

Sticky: Lieto Reborn Edit of Moottoriten Varrella

Lieto Reborn Edit of Moottoriten Varrella

Some of you here knows that I was edit this map for a long time ago. But, that wasn’t HALF of what this is.

My skills are upgraded and the objects are even better!
Ladies and gentlemens…
Welcome to Lieto Reborn Edit By James Wayne & Jepson Craig!

I just want to thank Mattimies for letting me upload this edit of his map!
Well, at first.
The map is not bigger then the orginal, this is what’s new,
*New road
*HQ trees
*New silo tower
*Two new barns
*Visible cowzone
*Flat on the next level of the silo
*Working trafficpath
(HEY! The traffic MAY not work in MP, but the trafficpath does not interfere the MP.

No mods needed, exept for the MultiFruit.zip but almost all maps has that mod and you don’t need it if you’re not going to seed some potatoes

GIANtS Software

Download: Lieto Reborn Edit of Moottoriten Varrella [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Lieto Reborn Edit of Moottoriten Varrella [Uploaded.to]

Mar 07

Sticky: Mining Map 2012

Mining Map 2012

In this map you can drive around a mine and view the nice scenery and detail. This is my first uploaded map and I will say its not my best. This map contains the original map fruits and its not a map for farming and there are no fields. The dirt is not moveable but its still a fun map. Feel free to edit this map just keep POLISHMODS team and me in the credits. I hope I trigger some people to want to make some mining maps and hope someone can make the dirt moveable. I am going to possibly work on a version 2 and have two mines.
Hope you enjoy!

Copyright © GIANTS Software GmbH, All Rights Reserved.
POLISHMODS team. EDit by me spikey

Download: Mining Map 2012 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Mining Map 2012 [Uploaded.to]

Mar 05

Sticky: Welsh Farm

Welsh Farm

This is the final version of my Welsh Farm. I have tidied up the folder, and deleted all the unwanted files. I have also fixed all the problems with the silage pits and grass silage triggers. I have also added a simple PDA…. I have also fixed the two texture errors. I have also fixed the name as it needed changing.

Here is one of my latest maps, Welsh Farm. The map is based on where I live and the surrounding areas. The map does not have working milk truck, but the milk automatically gets sold. The map also has fully working traffic witch drive on the correct side of the road. There is two farms, one small beef farm witch had bale sell points and a place to tip grass witch is located in front of the cattle feed barriers. The second farm has the silage pits witch are located to the right of the farm down a tight track. All sell points and seed triggers ect are behind the John Deere dealership. The map is a medium sized with plenty of good sized fields, All fields except for one are seeded ready to harvest!

Deutz Fahr Uk
Will Savage
Ls-uk modteam
Andrew Stanford

Download: Welsh Farm [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Welsh Farm [Uploaded.to]

Jan 05

Sticky: Maps by Agromasz

Maps by Agromasz

by: Agromasz

Download: Maps by Agromasz [Freakshare.com]
Download: Maps by Agromasz [Uploading.com]

Nov 25

Sticky: C.L.M. maps v1 low version v1

mp ready
milk mod ready
new CattleMeadow
i3d 9,8 mb
just original crop

darius_s =maps
piki =new CattleMeadow
tigeogr =video

Download: C.L.M. maps v1 low version v1 [Hotfile.com]
Download: C.L.M. maps v1 low version v1 [Uploading.com]

Oct 21



Set of rowlls that furtilizs the ground.
Very good mod for the smaller maps.

dont credit me credit Dim-dim

Download: KZK6 V1 [Hotfile.com]
Download: KZK6 V1 [Uploading.com]

Oct 07

Field Status v3.0

Field Status v3.0

This is version 3.0 of my mod Field Status. It’s an ingame script that will display the status of the fields on your map. It will show what percentage of each field is ploughed, cultivated, seeded, and/or fertilized. For each crop planted, it will show the percentage of the field covered, and the crop’s growth state (1 – 4). It will show the results of harvesting, meaning cut-short, cut-long, and windrow percentages will be shown as well. Also shown on the display are the map name, number of fields, and the hectares and acres for each field, along with the total for the map.

– Added data for 19 maps (total = 50).
– Map creators can now choose to have their maps “Field Status Ready” when they are released (see support topic for more information).
– Users can now toggle on/off a field number overlay map when Field Status is active.
– Help information is on a separate HUD display that can be toggled on/off when Field Status is active.
– Field coordinate process: Improved accuracy — most fields should be a little less “empty” now.
NOTE: Field coordinates for all maps have been re-calculated.
– XML file processing: Added optional tags: “alias”, “alt_pda”, “alt_overlay”.
– Changed sequence of init routines. Under certain conditions, some data was not getting initialized.
– Fixed a bug that caused Field Status to stop working if there is only one screen of data to display.

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Oct 28

Sticky: Zimna Wódka v3.3

AUTOR MAPY: maciey

Download: Zimna Wódka v3.3 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Zimna Wódka v3.3 [Uploading.com]

Oct 26

Ligota Map 2011

Ligota Map 2011

By: ?

Download: Ligota Map 2011 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Ligota Map 2011 [Uploading.com]

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