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May 02

Sticky: Upper East Side V1.0

Upper East Side V1.0

Welcome to a new world for you to take care of.
Its a normal size of the landscape with lots of mountains and beautiful scenary. The fields is handmade to challenge the farmer and his crew to harvest the grain, the fields size is medium to big with original fruits.
This map is great if you use coursplay and mulitplayer games. If you work alone you may use Autopilot on the machines when the fields has lots of different shapes.

The Master farm is located in the center of the map for better performance.
A new cowzone is placed at this farmyard where u can feed them. Lots of sheds to park your machinery in and all with it. there are two balshredders at the farm.
One in the cowstable at the back inside to the right wall and one between the shed and the little cowzone.

The old cowzone is still there where the milktruck is picking up the milk.
Theres two small towns where you can sell grain and by new equimpents. Bga is located nearby one of the towns.
The roads has a new layout and roadsigns.
All the features is working as in the original map.
To make the new cowzone to work, follow the instructions in the readme file.
All mods is inside this pack!

Credits goes to:
Eifok team
FMC mod created by kaosknite

Download: Upper East Side V1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Upper East Side V1.0 [Rapidgator.net]

Mar 25

Brent Avalanche 1594 (Homeland V2 Ready)

Brent Avalanche 1594 (Homeland V2 Ready)

This is an edit of Wizznall’s Fixed for course play Brent 1594 chaser bin.

Changes I made:
Added: pea, sunflower, rye, oat, triticale, greenwheat, (grain plains and discharge partials)
Capacity is now at 52859 (equivalent of 5000 bushels)
Purchase price: $81,570 (unedited)
As previous produces an error free log

Model: Bigfarmer145
Texture: Bigfarmer145
Script: Outlaw
Course Play: Wizznall & Jobyrns72
Homeland Map Series: X3mperformance
Additional grain planes and discharge for added “fruits”: Onelap8

Download: Brent Avalanche 1594 (Homeland V2 Ready) [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Brent Avalanche 1594 (Homeland V2 Ready) [Uploaded.to]

Mar 07

Sticky: Mining Map 2012

Mining Map 2012

In this map you can drive around a mine and view the nice scenery and detail. This is my first uploaded map and I will say its not my best. This map contains the original map fruits and its not a map for farming and there are no fields. The dirt is not moveable but its still a fun map. Feel free to edit this map just keep POLISHMODS team and me in the credits. I hope I trigger some people to want to make some mining maps and hope someone can make the dirt moveable. I am going to possibly work on a version 2 and have two mines.
Hope you enjoy!

Copyright © GIANTS Software GmbH, All Rights Reserved.
POLISHMODS team. EDit by me spikey

Download: Mining Map 2012 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Mining Map 2012 [Uploaded.to]

Mar 07

Sticky: FS 11 Map v6 by wopito

FS 11 Map v6 by wopito

FS 11 Map v6 by wopito

-The new map, which has been modified from the original game map.
A varied and hilly terrain. Upper and lower fields. The original grain in addition to two other cereals: Potato and SugarBeet

-One of the sales outlet in the middle of the map
-The two farms
-The original place for cattle
-For all cereals own silos
-A lot of fields, of different sizes, flat and hilly.
-Some of the fields are plowed ready
-PDA-map update

-Includes the PDA map where you can see what you get for each grain is.

-Export / copy FS_11_Map_v6_by_wopito, as well as Map_Fruits .zip files in your game mods folder

by wopito

Download: FS 11 Map v6 by wopito [Depositfiles.com]
Download: FS 11 Map v6 by wopito [Uploaded.to]

Mar 06

Sticky: Marston Hill Farm

Marston Hill Farm

Welcome to Marston Hill farm set in England. This map includes plenty of nice features with really lovely views and medium to large fields. The land is mostly hilly with some flat fields, and some really nice viwe’s.The map has two farm which is a contractor’s yard and the main farm not to far down the road. Watch the gateways they are tight to get in to. The lanes to get to are very tight to so which out. Mona tractor’s is located next to the village, it is your main dealer for john Deere and many more other makes.
This map is quite big but still very nice for multiplayer and singleplayer games.The fields are, mostly arable but it dose have a couple of grass fields and maize fields too.

It only has the original four fruits.

ls-uk mod-team sheds
Yard objects pack and textures : Deutz Fahr UK
farmer54 for sheds and feed barriers
FarmAnimals V1.0 : Maxter
Dad0 for the maize textures

Download: Marston Hill Farm [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Marston Hill Farm [Uploaded.to]

Mar 04

Sticky: Sample Mod Map

Sample Mod Map

Hello everyone well here I am back with another Tennessee style map my first map was kind of plain so i have added some more detail to this one there are 3 different farms on this map each one has silage pit grass pit munure pit and gas seed and feritzer you can store your grain or sell it you have the orginal fruits its best to play this map with the cars turned off you have two places to sell your goods at the brewry and at the old grits mill out behind the milk plant the milk truck runs twice a day i have tested this map myself and everything seem to work fine I tried to make it look as nice as I could and still keep the lag down I had a lot of fun making this and I hope everyone has as much fun playing on it as I have Thanks and good luck farming. Edd

Giants editor
Mc Donalds unkown
General Barn Docoz
John Deere Dealership made by Troll711 credits to John Deere and Deere.com
Reskin Houses Gaints and Arig3
Chevron gas Station Troll 711 chevron gas Sniper 214 for the lights
Old farm house clytha model JD8430T textures JD8430T ingame Deutz Fahruk
Pool dodo27
Bridge dodo27
Greenhouse dodo27

Download: Sample Mod Map [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Sample Mod Map [Uploaded.to]

Mar 04

HW80 Milchfass

HW80 Milchfass

Bel v3 (ohne Rueckfahrlicht)
Capa: 7500
Fruits: diesel, milk
Készítette : TSL

Download: HW80 Milchfass [Depositfiles.com]
Download: HW80 Milchfass [Uploaded.to]

Mar 02

Sticky: Close FarmV1

Close FarmV1

This farm is small and compact, with everthing you need to run a farm, it has a cow zone, milk pickup-working, the DLC2 is needed for this map aswell, only standard fruits on this map as its small, i’ve tried it on multiplayer, seem’s to work ok, it has 2 sell points bio + mill

bridge-by Bruecke_Klein
Roads-by Russ
Triggers-by Cadaver(uk)
Farm Shop-by dodo27
Ls-Uk for there amazing site and members
Giants editor for making things possible

Download: Close FarmV1 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Close FarmV1 [Uploaded.to]

Feb 28

Sticky: Circle G Farms

Circle G Farms

There is a mixture of square and circle crops ranging from small to big. This map has 5 farms on it. One at the cow meadow, and one at the west end of the map and the other 2 at the lower end of the map, and one small farm for the old tractors. At the cow meadow farm you have the defaut silos. There are also the default silos by Meadow Vally Farm. The fruits include the default ones and cotton, potato, sugarbeet, soybean, green wheat, and sunflower, all of the addon fruits must be sold direct from the field. Also included is a manure mod so you can sell your extra manure at the south end of the map, You can also sell your own milk just grab a tanker that can haul milk and head up to the cow meadow to fill it up and deliver it to the dairy. I have also added the weeds mod, Weeds appear in the cultivated, plowed field or after cutting crop (except grass)
– Weeds reduce crop yields while cutting
– weeds disappear after spraying field (modification of sprayer is not required, you can use any sprayer)

Map by modelbuilder47 and rwy22sp
Start Map by, PALAJOS, dodo27 and gnom

Download: Circle G Farms [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Circle G Farms [Uploaded.to]

Feb 28

Sticky: Single River Version 1.0

Single River Version 1.0

American based map, with various sizes of fields. There is no cows, it is all fieldwork. Currently it is the for main fruits. There is a main farm on the north and a second farm on the east. You can sell your crops at Double Dee Distributor or Dirt n Turf Farm Store. You have silo intake at your main farm and you can empty your silos by DD.

Thank you to all whose mods i used! if i forgot you just let me know.
Cadaver, schmidtm, JDboy, Rustydog, willjsavage,danthefarmerboy, troll711, Deutz Fahr UK, FSGAXI,

Download: Single River Version 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Single River Version 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

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