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Dec 22

BETA-RELEASE : Sugarbeet Mod

BETA-RELEASE : Sugarbeet Mod

This is the sugarbeet Mod.
This package comes as a “beta-release” due to some unresolved bugs and some bad scripting work.
The package contains:
- an updated version of the “alternativeTipping” from SFM Modding
- a MapFruit zip file to manage sugarbeet fruit ingame
- Agronomic Cultivator (acts like a sprayer)
- Brimont 24T trailer
- C12 Gilles Seeder
- Cochet Pozossol trailer
- Gilles AD-49 lifter
- Gilles TR-16 defoliator
- Gilles RB410T sugarbeet harvester combine version
- Gilles RB410T sugarbeet harvester alternative tipping version
- John Deere 7720 with additional wheels
- Liebherr 904SE excavator and sugarbeet shovel

Please unzip the zip package in your “mods” folder.

We sincerely hope you won’t have too much trouble enjoying this mod.

Models: Hubert51, Dydy-A, Jdfan, GIANTS Software, Templaer & Wohlstandskind
Textures: Hubert51, Dydy-A, Jdfan, GIANTS Software, Templaer & Wohlstandskind, Bayn
Scripts: GIANTS Software, SFM Modding, Sven777b, Bayn.
Beta-tests: TSF3Moders

Download: BETA-RELEASE : Sugarbeet Mod [Hotfile.com]
Download: BETA-RELEASE : Sugarbeet Mod [Uploading.com]

Jan 19

Liebherr Wheel Excavator

Liebherr Wheel Excavator

This is the functional version of LiebherrBager mod.

Ls2009 mod by eivinasx. ls2009->Ls2011 ???????. Script debugging by Jeantub

Download: Liebherr Wheel Excavator [Hotfile.com]
Download: Liebherr Wheel Excavator [Uploading.com]