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Feb 23

Sticky: Newmanowice edited by Koper

Newmanowice edited by Koper

This is my edition of Newmanowice map. I have added new fruits, such as grain maize, potatos, sugarbeets, rye and forage rye (which can be cut using mower without any changes). The map also features traffic, working milk truck and cows.

Newmanowice map (Author: Newman)
edited by : Koper
Tower silo (Author: Ghost1)
Silo without function (Author: Giants Software & Panzer000)
Silage pit (Author: Maca)
Grain ramp (Author: Willjsavage)
SuperSilo (Author: Defender)
Barn (Author: Kosa)
Other farm buildings (Author:Marcin/Marjas)

Download: Newmanowice edited by Koper [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Newmanowice edited by Koper [Uploaded.to]

Feb 20

Sticky: Sample Mod Map

Sample Mod Map

Hello I made this farm based on where I live in East Tennessee its a medium size map it has two sell points one at the brewry ane the other at the old grits mill this is not a fancy farm it has the orignal fruits you can sell or save them for a better price you can sell your bales and the milk truck runs on time this map is worker friendly it has a creek and a couple of branchs on it but you can drive through them the cows are not fenced in I also fixed a nice swimming hole for every one after a hard days work hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it.

Giants Editor

Download: Sample Mod Map [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Sample Mod Map [Uploaded.to]

Jan 19

Sticky: Kostrzyce Map

Kostrzyce Map

About the map:
Map of course in Polish with a nice climate, terrain and the river.
There may also run out on it and ziemniakó beet.
There are also:
-Manure v2
-Straw modv2
-mod-feeding cows
Skins-new crop
-prolonged increase in cereal
-Door opening”for”
– I3d. about 13MB
BGA on the map is

The map is created by me and by my friend

Download: Kostrzyce Map [Freakshare.com]
Download: Kostrzyce Map [Uploading.com]

Jan 10

Sticky: Nitron Lehmätila

Nitron Lehmätila

This is my first map and it is based at Finland country side.
There is couple of machinehalls and one grain dryer.
Sillage and grass dump points are working and you can pick up manure at cowbarn and pigbarn.

You can farm: Wheat,Barley,Raps,Maize and Grass.
There is not moving cows,but inside cowbarn you can find cow’s…but they are not moving

I hope that peoples enjoy this map and thanks to EVERYONE whos building are in this map!
(Nitron Lehmätila= Nitro’s Cowfarm)

Map by: Nitrobullx
Buildings: I can’t remember nick’s,but big thanks to them!

Download: Nitron Lehmätila [Freakshare.com]
Download: Nitron Lehmätila [Uploading.com]

Dec 24

Sticky: Underground Map

Underground Map

Here is Underground_Map created By Johan12.
what does this:
it have orginal fruits:Grass,maize,rape,wheat,barley.
cowzone,milk,, You can not sell.
it have 4 Fields,1Gras field,mowing the grass and feed the cows.And Mais between the Wheels by the (wooden shed). The hay balls unloading behind the farm (in wooden shed).
Works fine in SP and MP
Nice map for people whit low PC;s.(UNZIPFOLDER TO MODS)

Baum:by tobsel88
Pesticide Station :Blackburner.
Kuhstall:Michael Asmussen
Stone walls:Modell Giants,LS2011 ready by spider100
Ballenstapel:Model: GIANTS Software GmbH & Desperados93
Orginal Models By Gigants
Safemode for plough :Edit by: Sven777b
Money Mod :By Gaxi / FSGAXI
empty map:Gigants.map constructed:johan12

Download: Underground Map [Hotfile.com]
Download: Underground Map [Uploading.com]

Dec 12

Sticky: Hall Farm V2

Hall Farm V2

Hall Farm V2
Set in the heart of England with beautiful scenery Be carefull of those tight roads and gateways, your going to have to chose your equipment wisely. There is 2 yards, the first been Hall Farm witch is your main yard that will have plently of space to accommodate all your machinery! Also at Hall Farm you will find grain silos, fule tank, seed refill, spray refill, fertiliser refill, 2 silage pits and of course your house! Two minuits drive down the road is your second yard “Meadow Farm” witch is a small beef/dairy farm where you will find a bale storage shead, slurry tank and a manure heap.

V2 Edits:
– All hidden objects removed.
– New textures.
– Grain silos added.
– New silage clamps.
– Both yards made smaller, tighter and have been improved.
– Alot more detale around the whole map.
– Lots of trees have been added.
– All fields have been re-made, same location, size ect.. just cleaned up and to make it more realistic all fields now have a small grass headland.
+ More

OrchardFarm – Russ & Taz5
Hall Farm V1 – Chris_7710 (Me)
Hall Farm V2 – Chris_7710 (Me)(DB Modding)
Buildings – LS-UK ModTeam, Giants, Farmerl, Dalaid
Yard Objects – Deutz Fahr UK & Giants
Maize, Seed, Plough, Cultivated texture – Dad0
Grass texture – Luis
Cows & Chickens – Maxter
Sraw Bales – Emilis69
Flags Model and texture: Giants – Texture edit: Dad0

Download: Hall Farm V2 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Hall Farm V2 [Uploading.com]

Dec 11

Sticky: Poland Map V3

Poland Map V3

I have added a bale shreder, feeding trough for grass silage, 2 barns. No cows but @12:00am the milk still gets sold. Normal fruits. Everything works and should work in muti-player but not tested.
You start at the farm and will not fall down through the map.

Dr.HiT (-BadBoy-)
sorry i do not know who’s mods are:Bale Shreder, house, barns,and others are.
No read me files saying i could not upload or change the map!

Download: Poland Map V3 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Poland Map V3 [Uploading.com]

Dec 07

Sticky: Electro Shock Map

Electro Shock Map

Well, my first map for download or the open world.
Small tight map, not too big.
Has the original fruits with sugar beet and potato.
Sell bales by dropping them over the red barrier at back cattle shed. There is no cattle in pen to keep mapi3d file down. Currently 7mb. Manure can be produced just buy the cows.
Silage pit accepts grass and chaff only
there is some static errors I don’t know how to fix or what they are

Jamesy – Huge help getting a few big fixes sorted. Also encouragement to release.
Mcgill – testing and help
Jackstar – teste
07lthorne – tester
RH – tester
LSUK-Modteam – sheds

Download: Electro Shock Map [Hotfile.com]
Download: Electro Shock Map [Uploading.com]

Dec 02

Sticky: Ontario Farm

Ontario Farm

A small/medium map with large flat fields. It represents southwestern Ontario, Canada.
Has original fruits + 6 more (potato, greenwheat, sugarbeet, sunflower, soybean, and cotton
3 largish fields, 3 med fields, 1 small field
NO cows
NO silage
Just for growing crops

I will be making a cattle farm in the near future.

Small Straw shed – Deutz Fahr UK
Triggers – Cadaver
bale trigger – william 7530
road – wohlstandskind
barns – Venom
trees – Vaneilleeis
Power pole – Dodo27
Pole barn – jd8430t

Download: Ontario Farm [Hotfile.com]
Download: Ontario Farm [Uploading.com]

Nov 19

Sticky: Ecclesden Farm in Winter

Ecclesden Farm in Winter

Just a bit of fun with the textures, i have used my ecclesden farm map, added the textures from ski region, a bit of trial and error with the colours. It has the original planted fields, and the rest are ready to cultivate or sow. HAVE ADDED SOME REMOVABLE SNOW, around the roads and farm area, have added a sweeper to remove it,and a plough big and small, a unimog and a trailer. All the mods from this site, credits below. The removable snow is made up with grass windrow, so you can also feed your cows with the grass/snow. The plough works well going forward, just be careful reversing !!

Starter Map – Ace UK
PDA – Nubsi
Milk Mod – Wizznall
Trailer- MorphX
Unimog – Mini-Martje- I think !!
Sweeper – dpiotrex
Snowplough – Maciey

Download: Ecclesden Farm in Winter [Hotfile.com]
Download: Ecclesden Farm in Winter [Uploading.com]

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