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Sep 02

Meinhof v3.0

Meinhof v3.0

Hello LS fans welcome to my yard.
This map was built in countless hours.
The playability of the court was supplemented by some extensions to the single player as well as to facilitate the work of the multi-players.
These are:
Feed store – Feed Mixing – Water – Grain Silos – pork, and beef cattle – butcher – brewery with attached potato and beet distillery.
After long and difficult negotiations with the municipality Hagenstedt it is now possible to make a part of the public road to be able to use near a cow pasture, so the subsequent land could be acquired at a feed store to build on their own initiative.
Cows near the farm – sheep are not moved yet but will follow. The wool pallets sale has been moved to the mill, where the filled wool range will be on sale. You can trigger the sale or use here at the former spinning mill.
6 manure storage areas and four manure basins were distributed over the map. These are close in pig farm 001 fillable.
In the nursery you can buy manure – sell – store – and remove the stored manure. Please search thee out of the range which is also available at MH, a manure transport cask is suitable to sell manure, with which you can also fill the manure basin.
A feed storage of silage filler was formerly installed on the huge newly built BGA golf course. Usable he is also chopped. So you can remove the chaff from the feed store and the cow silo fill. The silos were reduced in volume to also come to condense times. It is also possible, if too much straw is available to fill the new clamp in each second in order to produce silage. One of the manure basin has been converted to refer to the stored manure. Entered fruit here was built between the shelters near field 4 Country dealer is a fruit triggers, you can see on the farm again.
Everything else you can find out for yourself when you play.

Download: Meinhof v3.0 []
Download: Meinhof v3.0 []

Aug 24

Blickling Hall Farm v2

Blickling Hall Farm v2

Welcome to Blickling Hall Farm and thank you for downloading.

This is British map based on a area of farmland in North Norfolk England.
There are 12 fields in total and 1 meadow of grass ready for cutting.

Whats New in version 2:

Added Oats
Added 3 Fields
Added Pigs
Added Abattoir for selling Pigs
Added Bakery for Oats
Removed Road Hedge Collisions
Removed Pedestrians
Removed some tree groups and added paintable trees.
Reduced clip distances.
Changed Milk Depot to Crisp Factory.(Milk is now sold automatically at midnight everyday)
Withering is turned off
Water is now free

This map features cows, sheep and chickens, crops are Wheat,Barley,Oats,Maize,Canola,Sugarbeet and Potatoes.

Sell points are:
Bakery takes Wheat,Barley and Oats
Brewery takes Barley.
Gamekeepers takes Maize.
Mill takes Wheat,Barley Maize and Oats.
Refinery takes Sugar beet and Canola.
Kettle Chips Factory takes Potatoes.
Egg sell point is at the shop in the town.
Spinnery takes your Wool.
There is a Feed Store near the Gamekeeper, that also has a Straw sell point.
BGA can additionally buy your Grass, Manure and Liquid Manure.
Water can be taken at the Lake or the Mill.

These Mods are needed to play this map,otherwise you will have limited equipment.

Download: Blickling Hall Farm v2 []

Aug 24

MilkFarm v2 MP

MilkFarm v2 MP

Hello everyone,

Here is for all of you the MilkFarm V2 Its not a very large map so you can play good in singleplayer.
But it is big enough to play it in Multiplayer. You will find nice surroundings in the map.

Whats new in V2;

Manure & Lime mod added
New Textures
New Trees
New PDA Map
New Waterplane
Fields are numbered
Icons added on PDA

Extra Information.

You can sell Eggs and Wool add the Country Trade.
You can buy Lime and Fertilizer at the Country Trade.
You can load Fertilizer and Seeds at the Farm.
You can sell the milk at the Country Trade
Start vehicles are at the Vehicle Shop

What can you find in the map;

2 Farms
A village
33 Fields

Barley, Wheat, Canola, Mais, Potatoes, Sugar beets.

Download: MilkFarm v2 MP []
Download: MilkFarm v2 MP []

Aug 22

Nefaz 93344

Nefaz 93344

Nefaz 93344 Trailer for transportation wheat, barley, canola, corn, potato and sugarbeet
Capacity 14500 l

Authors: Lexan, Life

Download: Nefaz 93344 []
Download: Nefaz 93344 []

Aug 13

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit – Four Acres Farm Edition
What’s New …
– Added Red Beets, Sweet Corn/Potato, & Wood Chips
– Fixed Errors with v1.2 release
– Corrected Drive Particles placement code
– Added WheelSpec Particle script
– Reverted Schemas back to stock
– Tested & Works!

Of course, this wagon/trailer pack is matched up with the Grimme Maxtron 620 – Four Acres Farm Edition =)

– RealDairyFarmer –

Download: Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition []
Download: Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Four Acres Farm Edition []

Aug 05

Griffiths Fenlander 16T More Realistic

Griffiths Fenlander 16T More Realistic

– Grain sheet
– Real strobe flasher with lit decal
– Adjustable drawbar with three different heights
– Light script, all new lit up coronas using decals
– Wheel particles
– Fruits: potato, sugarbeet, manure, grass, chaff, forage, silage, wheat, rape, maize, barley

Authors: Neurotek, Xentro, Sven777b, PeterJ, BM-modding, Dural, Peter (Petorious)

Download: Griffiths Fenlander 16T More Realistic []
Download: Griffiths Fenlander 16T More Realistic []

Jul 31

Ohio Grain Edition

Ohio Grain Edition

Ohio map
Grain edition
No animals for now

Sugar Beats

This my first map it is a similar layout to my area and my farm. Hope everyone enjoys. Feel free to notify me of any problems.

Map RB
JohnDeer1952, jb3pc4sale, ThompsonM06, LazyMod Studios FSD, Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06/mwlacy, Giants software, bassaddict, Fraser Cow, Jdeereboy14, Jdeereboy14, Marhu, Farmerahner, Ganelcer, agrorepa, ni_modding, Bluebaby210, LWS Terminator, majo84, Rubiks, [FSM]Webby, Rafftnix,Javier007, Matt
Rowan, Ivan, Dylan, Softlab, wendi, Claus(bora), evh5150vanhalen, Raycer55, SndGrdn, Rocketman, kirezagar, ZG Team

Download: Ohio Grain Edition []
Download: Ohio Grain Edition []

Jul 29

Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

The map is in 4 farms:
– NW Farm – horses
– NE Farm – hogs
– SW Farm – beef
– SE Farm – dairy, sheep and chickens

– The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel
– You can storage dump at all 4 farms, you can only load at the grain complex, grain and the vegetables you have to load at NE farm 3
– You have 3 grain elevators to sell at Pioneer, MFA, Cargill
– The vegetable is sold at the Bed and Breakfast, Hoss supermarket, and farmers market
– There are 2 lakes, Missouri river, creek, 2 trains, 2 towns, airport, manure, mist, kalk mod and weeds

You need to unzip and the the unzip file is a map mod zip file and that need to unzip they are 11 mods. You should have 12 mods total

Author: jb3pc4sale

Download: Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0 []

Jul 22

Kleine SF 065 MR

Kleine SF 065 MR

– Lighting v 3.1
– Driving particle system
– Real exhausting particle system
– Washable
– Capacity 32600 l
– Fruits: potato, sugarbeet, onion, carrot

Download: Kleine SF 065 MR []
Download: Kleine SF 065 MR []

Jul 16

Dalciowo Map

Dalciowo Map

– 1 farm
– Buying all crops
– Shop
– Milkmaid who receives milk from the farm
– Chicken, geese, ducks, rabbits, guinea
– Selling eggs at a neighbor
– Feeding hens
– Cows that are fed in the barn
– Making in the stable
– Pasture near the farm
– Grass, fed cows
– Manure, liquid manure
– Fertilizers, sprays, fuel
– Lime loaded turem
– Buying bales in the barn
– Super silo
– Hinged door
– Bought box
– 6 Fields and meadow
– Mud on the road
– Cellar in which pour beets and potatoes
– Seeds
– Mod night
– Other scripts

Author: mati4859

Download: Dalciowo Map []
Download: Dalciowo Map []

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