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May 09

Farmland Map v2.0

Farmland Map v2.0

I present to you the farmland Map By Rene_Farm
So to com I had uploaded the map ever and now they have further optimized bit and bit redesigned and I hope that at least it a couple of appeals .
For Map
The map is a fantasy no original replica of a territory they finalScore
only in my head
You have the choice between the standard fruits and 6 witeren fruits
Spelt Rye Soybeans Sunflower Millet Oats
you have a pig in the court and the cows sheep chickens ( free-running ) are also at the court .
The BGA has 4 large silos and have lots of space around drum for your equipment and machinery .
aufdem hof hall some are disguised for you and the straw sale as a silo .
On the map are Small to Medium Fields , and Full map all the grass is Mähbar .
There are of course some outlets that you can use it and sollt.alles entered on the PDA and various signs also point you to the outlets.
There are, however, in addition to the well-maintained landscape also various small -sized animals that are hiding in the forest or in de rnähe .

Thus there are , among others, as the animals have to bewirthschaften her a lot of field work and in the courtyard are several silos built for the fruits
and unload all of you can silo at large potatoes UDN beets you have to unload the camp as well as grass silage straw mixed ration .
– pig
– New Silos
– Dieverse details for landscape
Some – sale stations Edeka mill Baywa etc.
– 2.Hof with pig
– Großmeztger and a Beautiful Idylisches village where her eggs on the market Sold
and much more.

To me and the Com
I know that some maps are not perfect and various errors may still be present that you can give me via message here , of course, tell .
Furthermore, the work of the mappers Moder appreciates the many hours you spend something nice to offer wenns sometimes is not perfect
at my map I hope the poly rate is now lower in the test runs , it was at least for me
through the many details which Mb is very large.
FUET myself is deise map meien best and the log is error free

useful mods
– MultiFriut
– Until Multifriut

Download: Farmland Map v2.0 []
Download: Farmland Map v2.0 []

May 02

Voralpenland v1.0

Voralpenland v1.0

What was installed on the VoralpenlandMapv1 : Neur yard with BGA, All animals are near Hof ,

changed any Multi Fruit map , landscape and roads in part , BauZub (construction equipment ) scale , traffic signs, OGF_Bauernhof , water mod , woodworks , industrial plant plus sugar factory , PlaceableHeaps as mods , grain warehouse, , ModpackFutterlager V.1.2 , mixing station , windmills,

megapack_carreteras , Warehouse plus drying , flood light , fermenters are of the BGA kit from made by Fatian from Ls11 / Bigfarmer145/Sk8mike , CHP containers are also from LS11 and got me another skin , Door Trigger , playground, Halle2_008 , cottage garden , distillery, Ampel_Kit_für_Mapper / traffic light model : BigM ,

Ground textures , water tarpaulin for a small pond , corn texture is by me ( Lader500 ) , sales points for grass, hay and straw.

The map has 13 Ls of similarities such as: Srassenführung , houses, mill, etc.
There are no immediate v2 . Respect this work of mine since I have the Map rebuilt according to my ideas . ! Also included is a Ortner is for mappers and players and is called Important ! and there are also the credits and game images contain for explanations . Lader500

Download: Voralpenland v1.0 []
Download: Voralpenland v1.0 []

Apr 30

Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31

Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31

Benz Nordwestmecklenburg, so heißt sie unsere neue Map für den Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013.
Benz ist ein kleines Dorf im idyllischen Nordwesten von Mecklenburg, nicht weit entfernt von der Hansestadt Wismar. Die Karte ist getreu der Gegend rundum Das Feriendorf Benz gebaut, die großen Felder und Wiesen sind typisch für diese Region und lassen für Großbauern und Agrarflächendesigner keine Wünsche offen. Es gibt aber auch viele kleine Details die man erst beim genaueren betrachten erkennt. Lassen sie sich von der Landschaftsidylle inspirieren und starten sie in neue Dimensionen der Agrarwirtschaft.
Diese Version ist eine Komplett überarbeitete und neu aufgearbeitete V1 Viele Bugs und Wünsche wurden berücksichtigt!

Auf der Map findet ihr:
– große Felder
– eine Agrargenossenschaft mit Milchproduktion (Kühe sind angepasst)
– Getreidetrocknung
– Zuckerrübenfabrik
– Schweinemast (ohne Schweinemod, dient als Verkaufsstelle für Rüben und Weizen)
– freiliegende Misthaufen
– 3D Feldwege
– kleine Seen
– ausgedehnte Wälder
– 3 Dörfer ( Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow )

-Getreidehalle mit verbautetm SuperSiloTrigger —>>> Wird benötigt! —>>> (
-Sand und Kiesgrube -> Sand kann an der Bausstelle in Benz verkauft werden
-Komplett neuer Hof mit neuer Biogasanlage
-Ei & Wolle kann beim Laden in Benz verkauft werden
-Neue Texturen darunter komplett neue Grastextur!
-Neuer PDA
-Und sonst noch viele neue Details
-Kartoffeln können nun geerntet werden!
-Gülle und Mist mod

– Eckert35
– Polska
– maurermatze
– Eifok
– Fatian
– Rubiks
– Lexion_780
– Patti
– Buschi
– bullgore
-El Cid
– diverse polnische Modder

Download: Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31 []
Download: Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31 []

Apr 28

Missouri USA Final

Missouri USA Final

I’m happy to report that the Missouri_USA in finished, this is the final map. I have the map to where I don’t think I could add anything to the map to make it better. Here is the list
of things I have added to the map.

I want to think KJ981300, and slopoke7166, on the first release of the map.

clover, sudangrass, maize_windrow, lime,manure(GuelleMistMod), AllInOneSilo, extras, FertilizerFructRegestrierung, GMM_Reg, herbicide, Manager, woolPattetteCollector, and etc.

I have added 2 dump sites for grain. I have change the farmshop to Hoss Supermarket, put churches on main street, etc. I downsize the farm silos, put in a All IN One Silo, The clover and alfalfa has overhead silos. You need to just explore the map and find what is new.

The Missouri mods will still work on the map.
In the RAR they are the map and the other mods to make things work in the map, so you will need to unzip and than put in mods folder.

Download: Missouri USA Final []
Download: Missouri USA Final []

Apr 17

Fahrsilo v 1.0

Fahrsilo v 1.0

Capacity: 300,000 l.
Culture: straw, grass, dry grass.

Installation using GE 5.0.3

Credits: Gebr.Hanenberh, Giants

Download: Fahrsilo v 1.0 []
Download: Fahrsilo v 1.0 []

Apr 09

Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0

Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0

MoinAm 17/06/2013 I started this map to convert. She was the Jubiläumsmap of NKB – modding 1 I make birthday in 2012.Hier it available to you . The permission is of Deere6800 outperform competing Map provides small to medium sized fields . The landscape is shaped a little hilly. Facts on the Map :

country trade
Yard for medium-sized machines
BGA with two silos and a large Wandsilo
fields sale
Multi Terrain ( not the 45,90,135,180,225,270,315,0 degree angle but twice as many )
traffic lights
2 villages
Cows, sheep, chickens
Stall can muck
Pasture gates and sheds with the MapDoorTrigger
Harvest storage ( except corn )
mixed fields ( fields and meadows )
130MB large
performance -saving
Without rot

What is needed :

MapDoorTrigger ( )
MapHoseRefStation (possibly for the Zunhammer barrel of Eifok Zunhammer / liquidManure Mod – Farming Simulator UK – Quality mods for Farming Simulator 2009 , 2011 and 2013)
MapAmpeln ( [ MP ] MapAmpeln V1 by Bluebaby210 – Webdisc – modPortal )

I recommend:

Grain Shovel (storage can only be so empty )
DeleteFog Mod

Special thanks to:

BAoD : Testing and MP test
stuttgart27 : MP test
Deere6800 : permission to test , opinion and suggestions
little farm : Testing and Bugsuche
Sepple : PDA
NKB – Modding : Testing , opinion and improvements
The NKB – modding community : opinion and criticism

Download: Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0 []
Download: Wendland Eine Idylle v1.0 []

Apr 02

JoPimMap v6.0

JoPimMap v6.0

It is a converted Hagenstedt!

39 fields
Sale stations:
– Port
– Land Commercial
– Schlachhof
– Restaurant
– Freight station
– Garden Centre
– spinning
– mill
( – Dairy )
3 Mähbare meadows
2 Start fields
Pig and cattle fattening
Cattle grazing on the farm
small BGA on the farm
large BGA zukaufbar
Abbreviations to section 8 and to the freight depot
Rounder fields , adapted to landscape
Open slaughterhouse of 6-22 clock
Garages and warehouses with gates to open ( key o)
Small Field border huts with trigger to fill the fertilizer and Saatmaschienen
Mixing stations with rotating and extendable Entladerüssel
( To achieve Tend to your livestock with water to more productivity) WaterMod
Wool pallet stocker
feed storage
Scoreboard with Silofüllständen
Many storage facilities on the farm for a large fleet
Manure and slurry sale at the Regional Trade
Manure, straw and Heuverkauf at the garden center
Fillable farm diesel tank
Dynamic diesel prices ( see prices at petrol station)
Car wash and gas station next to large agricultural machinery dealers
Only Mähmissionen available
Wither is OFF
Away Some collisions at field Middle trees

Changelog from v5.1 to v6.0:
Adapted of landscape
Feed storage rebuilt ( No stock more for feed , as can also be tilted back into the compound feed plant back )
Silage sales away (This again is the price at the BGA silage no longer in the basement )
Built fence at the country store
Start vehicles changed little
Removed more collisions of field Middle trees
PDA display for straw and Heuverkauf disabled , thus no great demand more then
Here and there a few little things

Required Mods:
Transportation for pigs and cattle
Tipper can load the manure , silage and mixed feed
Slurry manure transporter for sale

Patch 2.0 or higher nessesary

To use the large BGA you will first need to buy ( this is done by you buy box 6) , Sales Trigger is located right in front of the roller door of the BGA .
The slaughterhouse only works in two shifts , so it is open only 6-22 clock . A delivery outside the opening times is not possible.
To use the Hoftankstelle these must first be filled with diesel
The washer only works with washable mods !

Download: JoPimMap v6.0 []
Download: JoPimMap v6.0 []

Feb 24

Reck Jumbo silage distributor v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Reck Jumbo silage distributor v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Reck Jumbo silage distributor v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Pressing for silage.

The game requires a license and MoreRealistic Mod


Modell: CeeZee
Textur: 1300_turbo, Katsuo
Ingame: Wopster, John Deere 6930, Face

Download: Reck Jumbo silage distributor v 1.0 (MoreRealistic) []
Download: Reck Jumbo silage distributor v 1.0 (MoreRealistic) []

Feb 22

Joskin Silospace 26 50 saddle v 2.0 (MoreRealistic)

Joskin Silospace 26 50 saddle v 2.0 (MoreRealistic)

Joskin Silospace 26 50 saddle v 2.0 (MoreRealistic)

Semi-variable body.
Capacity: 55000 liter.
Transports: grass and forage maize.

The game requires a license and MoreRealistic Mod

Authors: Daniel11, sven18koehler, Fendt-939, Xentro, RikH

Download: Joskin Silospace 26 50 saddle v 2.0 (MoreRealistic) []
Download: Joskin Silospace 26 50 saddle v 2.0 (MoreRealistic) []

Feb 21

IMT 558 v 1.0

IMT 558 v 1.0

IMT 558 v 1.0

8 Specializations

The game requires a license

Credits: Gregor96, Rokporenta

Download: IMT 558 v 1.0 []
Download: IMT 558 v 1.0 []

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