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Aug 31

Volvo FH Milk Tanker

Volvo FH Milk Tanker

Operating hours
Can load only milk but it can be edited to load other thing via i3d edit.

Capacity: 12.000 ll
Price in game: 245.000

Manuel Leithner

Download: Volvo FH Milk Tanker []
Download: Volvo FH Milk Tanker []

Aug 06

Eckrat 7000L

Eckrat 7000L

UFT had finally released new slurry tanker Eckrat. There was some problems with it but we manage to fix them.
-Beleuchtung v3

Ultra Farm Team
Model: SameSilver
Texture: SameSilver tominko1995 falcan
Ingame: falcan
PowerShaftLong – Manuel Leithner

Download: Eckrat 7000L []
Download: Eckrat 7000L []

Jul 26

Vredo VT 3936 & Vredo 25m3 manuretrailer

Vredo VT 3936 & Vredo 25m3 manuretrailer

Here is the Vredo VT 3936 and the Vredo liquid manuretrailer 25 m3. We have used many hours to make this mod. This is the first mod in our modteam! There is only one problem with this tanker and that is in MP If someone else pushes V your implement will also go into the ground. The Vredo VT 3936 works very good in MP!

Vredo VT 3936 Features:
Passenger mod
Manuel ignition
4 wheels steering
Operating Hours
Opening door
Rmp counter
Low fuel indicator
Worklight front and back
MP ready

Vredo manuretrailer 25m3 Features:


specialations: All the credits goes to the scripters!

Download: Vredo VT 3936 & Vredo 25m3 manuretrailer []

Jul 04

County Super Six 1124

County Super Six 1124

Years: 1970-1971; Cyl: 6; Displacement:6227; HP: 102
A legend tractor with the turning cycle of a little big oil tanker.

Model/Textur : Schlueterfan1977
Ingame : Modelleicher

Download: County Super Six 1124 []

Farming Classics Second Official Expansion Pack

Farming Classics

This downloadable content package (DLC/Addon) is compatible with all Windows versions of Farming-Simulator 2011 (Retail and Download). This extension is not compatible with the Mac version.

The Farming Classics extension contains the following equipment:
Bucher D4000, Bührer RP 21, Deutz D80, Güldner G40, Güldner G40 frontloader with manure fork and shovel, Hatz H340, Hürlimann D110, Lindner BF 450 A, Schlüter Super 1500 TVL Special, FAHR M66 harvester, Bucher TRL 2600 self-propelled loader wagon, Amazone ZA centrifugal broadcaster, Bavarian Plough Factory 3-406 cultivator, FAHR KH4S tedder, FAHR MH650 chaff cutter, Hassia FS sowing machine, Krone Optimat manure spreader, Kuhn FA367 rear mounted mower, Lemken D 27/55 K plow, Pöttinger 300 windrower, Lizard trailer, mobile water tank and wooden slurry tanker.

Manual English

The Farming Classics expansion also contains a vintage styled manual (PDF).

Farming Classics Screenshot

More Screenshots

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DLC 2 – Renewable Energy Pack

This downloadable content package (DLC/Addon) is compatible with all Windows versions of Farming-Simulator 2011 (Retail and Download).

The second official DLC Pack from GIANTS Software contains the following equipment: Biogas plant, free placeable wind energy and solar plant, Lizard wheel loader, Bergmann TSW 4190 S universal spreader, Kotte GARANT VTL 19.500 slurry tanker, silage forks and a mobile fertilizer tank.

More Screenshots















Manufacturer LIZGAZ
Type Biogas Plant
Description The biogas plant contains: Fermenter, 3 bunker silos, block heating power plant and a slurry store.







Manufacturer LIZARD POWER Corporation
Type Wind Energy Plant
Capacity 2.5 MW
Description This object can be freely placed on your map (incl. mod maps!).






Manufacturer LIZARD POWER Corporation
Type Solar Plant
Efficiency 18 % / 1 kW/m²
Capacity 45 kW
Description This object can be freely placed on your map (incl. mod maps!).





The wind energy and solar plants can be freely placed on your map.


Manufacturer Lizard
Type G 920
Description Wheel loader








Manufacturer Bergmann
Type TSW 4190 S
Capacity 14,000 l
Description Manure Spreader







Manufacturer Kotte Landtechnik
Type GARANT VTL 19.500
Capacity 19,500 l
Description Slurry tanker







Manufacturer Lizard
Description Silage fork for telehandler and frontloader








Manufacturer Lizard
Description Mobile Fertilizer Tank









All info from GIANTS Sotware. You can buy this pack here.

Jun 24

Kyllingstad 3000L

Kyllingstad 3000L

My first mod, a Kyllinstad 3000L slurry tanker!
This mod have been made in Google sketchUp 8


Price in shop; 15000$
Holds 3000L

Model; Takk
Ingame/convert; Morten R. / M.R mods
Texture; Google SketchUp 8
Wheels; Stianby

Download: Kyllingstad 3000L []

Jun 11

Pleasent Valley V2

Pleasent Valley V2

This is the V2 of Pleasent Valley by “The_Game”.

This is the revised version of my Pleasant Valley map. Most of the map has stayed the same
with the exception of the following.Since several of you asked about the ablity to sell manure I added a
second tank at the cattlezone for liquid manure.This is not for filling your tankers for spreading on your fields
it is for filling up a tanker or trailer and taking it for sale ate the new sell point. The regular liquid
manure tank is still at the cattlezone for filling your liquid manure spreaders. I also totally redesigned the
the old mill sell point and made it smaller and a bit more tidy. Here you can sell all crops, hay bales and manure
with the exception of milk, this can be done at the back of the dairy still.

silos by me TheGame modified from a google sketchup model by PAUL SINAGRA
Beehives by siraly0211
Blimpscreen by unknown
Ballenschredder 2011 by sprengi

Download: Pleasent Valley V2 []

May 08

NC 2050 Slurry Tanker

NC 2050 Slurry Tanker

SCR Modding proudly presents: NC 2050 Manure Tanker.

Years of experience and a reputation for quality have produced a range of Slurry Tankers from 900 gallons (4050 ltrs) to 4000 gallons (18,000 ltrs) that have NC’s superior build, quality and design standard.

- 2,050 Gallon capacity
- Hydraulic brakes fitted as standard
- Heavy duty construction throughout
- Level indicators fitted front and back
- Full lighting kit
- Fully multiplayer compatible

Created by SCR Modding
Model and Texture: Olii
Ingame: Russ
Beleuchtung v3 (Script) by Sven777b
PowerShaft (Script and model) by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

Download: NC 2050 Slurry Tanker []
Download: NC 2050 Slurry Tanker []

Apr 13

Rusty Slurry Tanker

Rusty Slurry Tanker

Here is my rusty slurry tanker. You can use it spread slurry (Liquid manure)on your fields.

Model, skin and ingame: PeterJ
Reskin: JD6820Driver

Download: Rusty Slurry Tanker []
Download: Rusty Slurry Tanker []

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