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Jun 07

Franconia Map v1.6

Franconia Map v1.6

Endlich ist es so weit und ich darf euch mit großer Freude die Frankenland Map präsentieren! Die Map basiert auf der Westfalen Map von pAre, hier nochmal ein Dankeschön an ihn für die Freigabe!
Vorne weg gleich mal der Hinweis auf meinen Blog ( Dort habe ich für euch eine Art Bilderanleitung bereitgestellt, wo ich die einzelnen Höfe und Einrichtungen mit ihren ganzen versteckten Funktionen vorstelle.
Natürlich habe ich auch extra ein Video gedreht, das euch einen guten Überblick über die Map liefert.
Wenn ihr Fragen zur Map habt, oder gröbere Fehler finden solltet, schreibt bitte einen Kommentar unter den Mappost auf dem Blog. Hier auf ModHoster werde ich sicher einiges übersehen!

Das erwartet Dich auf der Map:
– 124 Felder
– 28 Wiesen
– 14 Fruchtsorten: Weizen, Gerste, Raps, Gras, Mais, Roggen, Hafer, Sonnenblumen, Triticale, Sudangras, Luzerne, Kartoffeln, Rüben und Klee
– Mais in Reihensaat
– Gülle- , Kalk und Misttextur auf den Felder
– green_windrow für multiMowing
– Verrotten deaktiviert
– multiTerrain
– 4 Höfe (1 normal, 3 basierend auf Schweinemastscript)
• Rindermastbetrieb
• Schweinemastbetrieb
• Biobetrieb
• Milchviehbetrieb
– 2 Biogasanlagen
– 1 Lohnunternehmen
– 2 externe Hallen , eine mit Fahrsilo
– 3 funktionierende Waagen
– Kuh- und Schafsweide
– Hühner
– Windkraftanlagen
– Strom- und Telefonüberlandleitungen
– 2 Dörfer
• Schmalach
• Wüstendorf
– Gewerbegebiet mit BayWa, LIDL, ALDI, Molkerei und mehr.
– Neubaugebiet Lehrberg
– See
– Verkehr und Fußgänger
– An jedem Gülle-/Gärrestelager Schlauch attachbar

Download: Franconia Map v1.6 []
Download: Franconia Map v1.6 []

Jun 06

NoName Map v2.0 fix

NoName Map v2.0 fix

Hi folks here the long-awaited NoName Map of Agi me ;)
I also still recommend the alternative Tipping Mod!
If enough Fails exist. What I hope not: D. there will be a v2!
Aja at court No. 1 must man the grain into the hall the man tilt the silos filled the stand at court. Zb:. To feed. Or simply to grain storage.

Download: NoName Map v2.0 fix []
Download: NoName Map v2.0 fix []

Jun 04

U.S. Hill v1.0.2

U.S. Hill v1.0.2

om my memory. Kansas area.

What else is interesting on the map?
– Cows
– Silos suitable for crops
– Appropriate machinery to start game on the map
– Manure mod
– Water mod
– Alternative tipping

On the map there are no serious errors. If you have suggestions for the next version witch fixes, please contact us.
I hope you enjoy our map Because We spent a lot of time on it :)

Download: U.S. Hill v1.0.2 []
Download: U.S. Hill v1.0.2 []

Jun 04

Big European Map v2.0

Big European Map v2.0


Beta 2
The beta 1 and 2 encompass the complete remodeling of the main farm and add new features to the map. All objects have license and can be found on the respective websites.
The credits are still being drawn up and the final version may change.
You will find a new farm, more modern and more feature version 1.0.

General characteristics of the map:
– Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
– MapSiloBand v2.5.2
– WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1
– Schweinemast v1.0.3 (pigs)
– RinderMast V 1.0 (beefs)
– WaterMod v3.0.1
– MischStation v2.3.6
– Oberthalbacher Landhandel rebuild v 1.0
– Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture
– Gülle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0
– New cowzone, refurbished, new barn.
– new farm silos (complet pack v2)
– Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0

Models, objects, scripts from:

For you to enjoy all the features of the map, you need:

ManureMod: (Open the file, click on Mod, extract the file inside your map folder).


Welcome to the farm of the highest technology in the world!
Here you can explore the various areas of agriculture and become a successful farmer.

Final version 1.0:
-> Help Icons Fixed Position
-> Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
-> Pesticide Station and seedStation
-> Signs
-> Conversion textures
-> Land with grass texture
-> Fixed several bugs
-> new cowsilos (6 total)
-> new hall, Pole Barn on the cowplex
-> Special care of the landscaping
-> new constructions
-> Elimination of problematic objects

All these possibilities require in some cases the use of special equipment and the technical field to achieve 100% yield:
cattle needs to be well supplied with a balance of pasture, hay and silage.
The fields need to be sprayed to achieve 100% of production.

General characteristics of the map v1.0:
-> Large tracts of land for a mega production.
-> Fields planned.
-> green vegetation surrounds almost all crops.
-> own site for deployment of greenhouses, stock straw bales.
-> Complex grain storage (silos with elevators and bins for loading).
-> Several points of sales with varying prices.
-> Garage machines with gas station and filling station semenetes, fertilizer and pesticide.
-> Initial daily income of about $ 20,000 / h or $ 480.000/Day for free equipment investment hight-tec.
-> TOTAL AREA: 303,45
-> TOTAL PRICE: 17.897.930,56

NOTE v1.0:
field 01 = 3.133.670/4000 = 783,4175 = 78,35 ha. PRICE = 4.621.199,07
field 02 = 6.155.425/4000 = 1538,85625 = 153,89 ha. PRICE = 9.076.660,19
field 03 = 1.349.568/4000 = 337,392 = 33,73 ha. PRICE = 1.989.445,37
field 04 = 364.521/4000 = 91,13025 = 9,11 ha. PRICE = 537.321,30
field 05 = 347.717/4000 = 86,92925 = 8,70 ha. PRICE = 513.138,89
field 06 = 493.678/4000 = 123,4195 = 12,34 ha.PRICE = 727.831,48
field 07 = 293.358/4000 = 73,3395 = 7,33 ha. PRICE = 432.334,26

Map: Tiago Piloneto (FBT Modding)
Seed bags with original logos:
Map MR Hagenstedt v 3 by Jabba42 and Sylvio86

Farm silos:
Map Mecklenburg Vorpommern
by:Tommy_r and Maurermatze

Beta v0.8
General characteristics of the map (including the game farming Simulator 2013).
-> Major crops for cultivation of wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet and potato.
-> Investment in clean and renewable energy:
-> A biogas plant
-> Torres Wind Power
-> The Solar Panels
-> Investment in greenhouses for growing tomatoes, lettuce and herbs
-> Investment in honey production
-> Investment in the dairy sector, milk cows
-> Investment in sheep
-> Create some chickens

NOTE v0.8:
Time of growth (solution = increase)
form ms min/stages min h
2.4e+007 = 24000000ms = 400min/4 = 100min = 1h40min
4.82+007 = 48000000ms = 800min/4 = 200min = 3h20min
7.2e+007 = 72000000ms = 1200min/4 = 300min = 5h

The solution was quite simple. Increase the time for growth stage (5h). The same used on other maps.
However, you must put the game time in the real time and plant growth in slow.

Beta v0.9
I come here to clarify that all the bugs have been fixed map successfully.
However, one problem still persists. He is known and does not compromise the quality of the game:
The texture of the silo should be DXT3, because the stairs. But I can not apply this kind of texture that the stairs are silos and “brilliant.” Not applying DXT1, the stairs are filled with black.

The only solution is to open the mod in 3Ds or Maya and to separate silos of stairs. Thus, in silos applies DXT1 DXT3 and down the stairs.

-> Help Icons Fixed Position
-> Water and seed Tiggers
-> Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
-> Pesticide Station and seedStation
-> Land with dirt texture
-> Fixed several bugs
-> Conversion textures
-> Reshaping objects in 3ds
-> Eggs in the right place
-> Painting the ground (in some parts)
-> Optimization of the textures (ls2011)

NOTE v0.9:
I come here to clarify that all the bugs have been fixed map successfully.
However, one problem still persists. He is known and does not compromise the quality of the game:
The texture of the silo should be DXT3, because of the stairs. But I can not apply this kind of texture.” Applying DXT3, the stairs are filled with black.
The only solution is to open the mod in 3Ds or Maya and to separate “silos” of stairs. Thus, applies in the silos DXT3 and DXT3 on the stairs.

Download: Big European Map v2.0 []
Download: Big European Map v2.0 []

Jun 04

Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit

Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit

Kreis Unna Map

The Unna district located in the center of North Rhine-Westphalia in Arnsberg. Farm and its surroundings are Originated from free imagination

The farm located on the map is modernly furnished and accommodates good modern agricultural machinery with which you can meet the requirements to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier. In addition, amenities 27 Large to medium-sized fields for farming near your yard. A workshop, cow pasture, sheep pasture, pasture chickens and cattle and pig sty complete this farm.

With an additional 10 greenhouses where tomatoes and lettuce grows, more revenue for the company funds are guaranteed. But only if there is enough water for the flourish of these plants in the tanks is present. The equipment for the plant breeding department are housed on-site in a tool shed. A small water fountain is also available.

Note to Mods on the map.
The following mods should not be present in your mods folder:

DamageMod = SchadensMod of (rafftnix, Maxter, model Eicher)
BankOfHagenstedt = The Cooperative Bank of Hagenstedt (MX11)
Mixing station = animal feed mixing station of (Marhu)
Silo Sales = silo contents sell directly from (?)
PDAfix = PDA expansion of (Marhu)
BuyManyAnimals = Fast shopping from animals of (?)

* (?) I do not know who wrote this script, who again please detects contact me, I’m wearing it then.

Who plays the Unna district map, should know that not all mods should be located in the mod folder that are not purely because it could cause problems depending on your computer performance.

I play games and tests are this map a few months and there are no problems, according to me known log.txt. If I invite Traffic mods or other not necessarily common mods in the mods folder, there were always problems with the game stuttering and other unknown problems.

My computer is not the youngest, but when I play according to my information above everything runs fine.

Built include 15 fruit species, which should be enough. I do not know whether, for example, for peas there Erntemschinen and sometimes not at all for rice.

Since it is my first map I’ve made for Farming Simulator 2013, I hope not to harsh criticism of you, but this is like Welcome.

I hope you like it,
Have fun wishes you Bemak

Download: Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit []
Download: Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit []

Jun 02



For some time, since I wish for a new clamp, where it is only from a certain level to Durchfahrsilo, I finally built one and textured. The silo can be if you purely tilts the first trailer rear used as Durchfahrsilo.


Price: – LS €
Upkeep: – LS €
Volume: 300 000 liters
Polys: 5.7 k polygons (with all triggers)
Objects in the i3d: 11
Files in rar: 7
File size: 5.42 MB

1x Fahrsilo Diffuse: 4096 × 4096 (when necessary scale)
1x maize Diffuse: 512 × 512
1x silage Plane Diffuse: 256 × 512

Credits: Modell: Fendtfan1
Textur: Fendtfan1
Ingame: Fendtfan1

Download: FAHRSILO V1.0 []
Download: FAHRSILO V1.0 []

Jun 01



Here’s a KalkSilotrailer from GDR times LS13 (NO accurate replica) …

* Fruits: wheat barley rape maize fertilizer lime oat rye sunflower
* Capa: 35,000
* Washable
* DrivingParticleSystem
* Bel v3.1
* Co-steering axle last
* … And other little things

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife.

Download: KALK SILO TRAILER V1.0 []
Download: KALK SILO TRAILER V1.0 []

May 27

Tebbe ST 450 (MR)

Tebbe ST 450 (MR)

Tebbe ST 450 More Realistic Silo Trailer

Capacity 40000 l

Authors: BM Modding, BadMax

Download: Tebbe ST 450 (MR) []
Download: Tebbe ST 450 (MR) []

May 26

Polish farm v2

Polish farm v2

Author: Galxy
A big help: Bolo

Map features:
Manure-Mod v2
Slurry-Mod v2
Lime-Mod v2
-Super Silo

-Chickens, Cows
-Dynamic texture lands
-Trees 3d
-2 Playable farm
-Polish climate
-All you need tigrry
-Interesting terrain
-Silos for silage
-Realistic Skins Crops and Plants
-The door opens on the button? For?
-Cool sounds
-and many more will see how get married.

Download: Polish farm v2 []
Download: Polish farm v2 []

May 23

The East in Transition v 1.0

The East in Transition v 1.0

Hello Com,

I hereby want to introduce you my new map.

Here is a map with small to large fields, it manages a former LPG operation, which is under construction. My latest has been a BGA waiting to be fed, the old piggeries were nuked for economic reasons and built new ones. Yes, and now to the cows, as the money has not quite enough, except for the new beef cattle barn, a feed store and flexi mixing station.

SO dear friends that I’ve re-installed?

Slurry, manure and Kalkmod


Pigs and cattle fattening (thanks Marhu)

– New crops (oats, hemp, rye, sunflower, clover and alfalfa)

So folks that’s it again from my meager description,

mfg hirsch6920

vertexdesign (Futterlager,Scheune,Traunsteinersilo,etc)
JauchenPaule (Werkstatteinrichtung, Werkstattkran, etc)

Download: The East in Transition v 1.0 []
Download: The East in Transition v 1.0 []

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