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Dec 24

Follow Me v2.0.6

Follow Me v2.0.6

Follow Me (v2.0.6)
Remember to check the support topic for any additional information regarding this mod

– Fixed problem with ‘steerable’s that are not ‘drivable’.
– Russian translations updated by Gonimy_Vetrom.
– Upgraded to FS15.
– Shows active ‘leader’ and/or ‘follower’ on screen, when modifier-key is pressed.
– Added map-icon for vehicle when in Follow mode. Inspired by CoursePlay.

Mod description
Have you ever wanted to make a transport convoy, or just be able to; cut grass – dry it – rake it – bale it – pick it up, with multiple tractors all in one go?
With the ‘Follow Me’ mod, a vehicle can be told to follow after another vehicle.

How to use it
Before telling about the controls, here’s a list of known problems that may occur when you use it:
– The speed of followers may not always be 100% accurate as it could be, with regards to how fast/slow they should drive when following the “trail”.
– Some vehicles may start to zig-zag, in the attempt at following the “trail”, due to trying to touch every “trail crumb”. This is most obvious when reaching a turn at high speeds, and trying to “get back on track”.
– Turning on beaconlights, when having set up a circular convoy – i.e. vehicle-A follows vehicle-B follows vehicle-C follows vehicle-A – will make the beaconlights repeatedly turn on and off.

The action-keys, which can be changed in Options – Controls, are defined in two sets:
Myself – For the vehicle the player is driving:
RIGHT CTRL + F = Start/stop following the vehicle that is in front (if possible).
RIGHT CTRL + A/D = Adjust left/right offset when following, in steps of 0.5.
RIGHT CTRL + W/S = Decrease/increase following distance, in steps of 5.
Press-and-hold RIGHT CTRL + W/S to repeat decrease/increase in steps of 1.

Behind – To control the vehicle that is following behind me (if any):
RIGHT SHIFT + F = Stop the follower.
RIGHT SHIFT + A/D = Adjust the follower’s left/right offset, in steps of 0.5.
RIGHT SHIFT + W/S = Decrease/increase the follower’s distance to me, in steps of 5.
Press-and-hold RIGHT SHIFT + W/S to repeat decrease/increase in steps of 1.

Note: Each set of action-keys must use the same modifier-key!
Switching it on/off
Do please note that, when loading a new map or savegame, the vehicles have not yet placed enough “trail crumbs” for other vehicles to follow. So do remember to drive the leading vehicle some distance, before setting up the follower vehicle.
To follow some vehicle, point your own vehicle towards it and press the start action (RIGHT CTRL + F).
If no “trail crumbs” can be found, or the vehicle already is followed by another, a warning will appear and you will have to either move a little bit further towards/back, or change to follow another vehicle.
To stop following, press the same action again (RIGHT CTRL + F).
Distance and offset
The follow distance can be set using RIGHT CTRL + W/S, in increments of approximate 5 meters. Positive values are “keep back” distance (up to +250), and negative values are “in front” (up to -50).
Do please note that vehicles that have no traffic-collision-triggerboxes or not configured correctly, will not be able to detect when/if they collide into the leading vehicle or some other vehicle – so you better set the distance further back.
Left/right offset is set using RIGHT CTRL + A/D, in increments of approximate 0.5 meter.
Equipment/tools handling
If a follower has a turned on round-baler, it will now automatically unload the bale. Please note; primarily only the vanilla Baler script is supported, so some mod balers may not work as intended.

Download: Follow Me v2.0.6 []

Dec 15

Ursus Z 594 v1.0

Ursus Z 594 v1.0

Baler, standard round bales. The min. power: 48 hp .; Speedlimit: 20 km / h;, bale capacity: 3500 l; Price: 40,000 €. Animation unloading bales, new wheels, lighting, trails, washable.

Download: Ursus Z 594 v1.0 []

Oct 21

Farming Simulator 15 – Gameplay Teaser 4

Less than two weeks to go!

In our fourth gameplay teaser, let’s learn about bale handling! Discover in action some of the new vehicles of Farming Simulator 15 that will help you in this task. New Holland’s BigBaler 1290 and Roll-Belt 150, the Liebherr TL 436-7, and many more are revealed in their every detail in Farming Simulator 15’s new graphics and physics engine!

Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator, on October 30 on PC, and early 2015 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360!

Jul 01

Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1

Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1

V1.1: ChangeLog see below
Can be installed over the V1.0 about it
The Lely Welger Tornado winding combination of xyz-spain now for LS13 and real silage bales.
Not only converts LOGFEHLERFREI by LS13 but also thoroughly revised.
The operation has been significantly cleaned up and the scripts made LS13-capable. In addition, I could not help but incorporate some improvements.

The Tornado runs as in LS11 on the standard LS script, so produces real-LS13 bales.
In addition, the winding combination uses the new possibilities of the LS13 data structure for bales like real quantity and content of fruit.
The BALES PRESS generated from grass and hay (for simplifying the processing with the standard diet mixers).
Wheat and barley straw be compressed to the appropriate straw bales. All other Schwadfrüchte be converted in preparation for new fruit varieties to wheat straw.

Winding the combination is much easier to use.
To wrap bales now brings for the first time in the game real benefits:
Straw bales are formed by winding better preserved. To simulate the reduced losses to the available amount of straw bales increased by 20%.
Hay and grass bales, however, are to SILAGE BALES REAL! That if you are the bales in the feed mixer, then its content will be counted as silage.

This works also in the Course Play, but you have to watch out that you can not quickly pressed bales as the combination can wrap.
MP is not tested, should work on the basis of MP-ability of all output scripts but. For feedback with understandable error descriptions I am grateful.
What is even or missing: Variable bale chamber size (real feature of the Tornado). In addition, the script for the turn drawbar is currently disabled.

The mod consists of TWO zip files. Apart from the actual mod from baler and wrapper there is still a small ZusatzMOD “MultiBale”. Its function consists solely as a guide to save and load the contents ball into something more orderly and conflict in any way with the normal LS13 scripts.

Feedback to V1.0:
After I was able to peek only sporadically over the holidays first WOW and thank you for over 10k downloads icon smile Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1
In view of some, certainly not entirely unfounded criticism, my thanks to all that can be helpful and precise objective: but the most icon smile Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 Are special thanks Scalhalh for the helpful feedback!
For the battered Scores I apologize. Something should happen, of course not. To this day, I however do not get reproduced the bug with me. Therefore, thanks to Scalhalh for diagnosis: There crunches either with another mod of virtually the same as the tried MultiBale script or with the Ursus-DLC (which I suspect must somehow Giants and the silage bales to bring Funktionionieren). The DLC was when I getesten the script is not yet online. Nevertheless MultiBale is adapted to it.
Reduced weight
Adapted Attacher
smoothed the whole thing with a bit of downforce
Certainly not perfect fine tuning, but probably about what most envision here. And no, this news does not belong behind a D25 icon wink Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 But even with the larger Papptreckern of Giants they should now run properly.
Sorry, I had meant well and dug out on the last meter the original xyz-high-res textures (which was LS11 overburdened performance technical) while somehow fabricated botch. Should now be fixed including the Pickup – who finds something please make a screenshot.
Ball Size:

War (unfortunately?) Can not fix without scaling the whole combination again. Since the Lely however bales produced in exactly the same size as the LS13-bales I’ve seen no reason not to do that. AND bale press are now about 9% larger than in V1.0. The bales can be captured easily with the round ball collectors now.
Animation film cutter:

Patched half now works again at least after reload.

Patched that no parser errors more likely to be generated.

Why V1.1 and not, as often demanded V2.0? These are all patches and no new features

Development Goals for V2.0 are currently:
PTO correct (patch)
cutting animation (patch)
Variable bale chamber size (feature)
Changeable color film (feature)

Download: Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 []
Download: Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 []

Jun 04



Krone Multi-Windrow Pack V1.0
Pack includes the following implements …
– Krone Big Pack 1290 Square Baler
– Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler
– Krone ZX 550 GD Dual-Purpose Forage Wagon

All mods were pulled from game so these are stock mods (Giants) that were integrated into a single mod.

I added the wheelParticle script and edited the XML so implements will accept the following windrows and how they’re treated …
1 – grass_windrow (grass)
2 – dryGrass_windrow (grass)
3 – alfalfa_windrow (grass)
4 – clover_windrow (straw)
5 – wheat_windrow (straw)
6 – barley_windrow (straw)
7 – hemp_windrow (straw)
8 – oat_windrow (straw)
9 – rye_windrow (straw)
10 – millet_windrow (straw)
11 – sorghum_windrow (straw)
12 – triticale_windrow (straw)
13 – dinkel_windrow (straw)
14 – cotton_windrow (straw)
15 – corn_windrow (straw)
16 – maize_windrow (straw)
17 – soybean_windrow (straw)
18 – sudangrass_windrow (straw)
19 – blackeyePea_windrow (straw)
20 – pea_windrow (straw)
21 – rice_windrow (straw)
22 – greenwheat_windrow (straw)
23 – sunflower_windrow (straw)
24 – mohn_windrow (straw)
25 – rape_windrow (straw)
26 – chaff (Loader Wagon Only)

PROTSKROG … you asked for a way to work with alfalfa & clover … well here you go … round baler/square baler/loading wagon … this mod should cover every thing out there I would hope =)

No more excuses … now get back to farming … lol

Credits: Giants – Stock Mods
RealDairyFarmer – pulled them from game, added script, created modDesc, edited XML files, and tested!


May 22

Deutz Compacmaster v 1.0

Deutz Compacmaster v 1.0

Deutz Compacmaster Baler
Capacity 2000 l

Author: xyzspain

Download: Deutz Compacmaster v 1.0 []
Download: Deutz Compacmaster v 1.0 []

Feb 26

Deutz Fahr Varimaster 590 v 2.0

Deutz Fahr Varimaster 590 v 2.0

Deutz Fahr Varimaster 590 v 2.0

Baler round bales (2500 L).

Credits: JoMaule, korn82

Download: Deutz Fahr Varimaster 590 v 2.0 []
Download: Deutz Fahr Varimaster 590 v 2.0 []

Feb 13

Ford 551 v 3.1 (MoreRealistic)

Ford 551 v 3.1 (MoreRealistic)

– Replaced original Giants bales by bales with new texture (original mod bales of straw were all Regarded as by feed mixer)
– Inserted plan for loading progress, now the bale grows with Increasing filling (it vanishes at 99% to be Replaced by bale to unload)
? I did not find pictures in the internet of the real where the baler baling process is shown. Therefore I am not sure if the belts go around the bale during pressing. I omitted examined belts. ?
– Power Take-Off angepasst to LS13
– Added dust (Credit: Manuel leithner, SFM-Modding)
– Added turn lights (Credit: Sven777b)
– Translation to German
– Price set to € 12,800 LS (medium price of used balers taken from internet)

Credits: ccs101 (Original Mod)
Manuel Leithner, SFM-Modding (Fahrstaub)
Sven777b (Beleuchtungsskript)

Download: Ford 551 v 3.1 (MoreRealistic) []
Download: Ford 551 v 3.1 (MoreRealistic) []

Jan 11

Small Farm Implement Pack v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Small Farm Implement Pack v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Small Farm Implement Pack v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

In the pack includes: Bale forks (wheel and telescopic handlers ) , Trailer ( 6519 l . ) For ctand . crops and silage tiller Martin (2,13 m ) , cultivator Nicholson (2,10 m ) , chisel cultivator Tomlin7 ( 2 m ) , chisel cultivator Tomlin3 ( 1m. ) plow McSormick ( 1 m ) , the plow Ferguson2R ( 1 m ) drill for cereals ( 3 m ) , spreader Befco: 262l./7m , spreader Mirra: 750 m l./10 , manure JD34: 6236l./5m trailer with seeds and fertilizers trailed sprayer : 1000l./6m three mounted sprayer : 350 – 500l , trailer for transporting bales (16 pcs. ) baler baler JD24T, rakes NH258 (3,50 m ) , Windrower SIP270 (2,70 m ) mower JD37 ( 2 m ) , mower Ford501 (2,13 m ) , 1387 Bush Hog mower ( 2.10m ) .

Requires patch 2.0 and MoreRealistic Mod

KaosKnite FMC mod

Download: Small Farm Implement Pack v 1.0 (MoreRealistic) []
Download: Small Farm Implement Pack v 1.0 (MoreRealistic) []

Nov 28

More Realistic Package v1.1

More Realistic Package v1.1

Maud makes physics in the game more realistic. In Pak four archives: (scripts improving game engine), (script-in card under MoreRealistic), (standard technique reworked under MoreRealistic), (alternative modes unloading altered under MoreRealistic). Multiplayer support.

Requires patch 2.0

This is the second release of the “more realistic” full package.
This is the official version 1.1

Please read the embedded manual before posting on the support topic. (v1.1.0.7)
– fixed issue with dedicated server version
– fixed error when using a “no-mr windrower”
– fixed funny bale prices in normal and easy difficulties
– fixed crash when using an attacherJoint allowing lowering but with a “nil” moveTime (badly converted/implemented mod, but issue hard to find)
– add “realEngineSoundVolumeFx” parameter to allow incab sound scripting for modders
– override the “baleValueScale” loading from bales i3d file to be a float instead of an integer.
– some modification to give the possibility of a “follow me ” mod.
– new “AIVehicleUtil.mrDriveInDirection” to replace the default “driveInDirection” for “mr” vehicles.
– AI 3D sound now takes into account volume and pitch variation.
– “steering lock” state is now saved within the savegame
– AWD mode state is now saved within the savegame
– this is now possible to use the shuttle in T1 transmission mode while a speed level is set
– new crops supported : “pea” (combinable peas), “bean” (field bean) and “linseed”.
– better progressivity for brake pedal when playing with a “wheel and pedals” device.
– add the “realBalerWorkingSpeedLimit” to allow modder to specify a custom speed limit for a “mr” baler.
– add the “vehicle.steeringAxleAngleScale#realNoSteeringAxleDamping” parameter to disable the “damping” of steering axle of a trailer
– better compatibility for maps with different triggers for the same station (triggers with and without “appearsOnPDA” like for “SprinHill”)
– no “torque brakedown” when shifting speedlevel
– when setting a speedlevel, the player now have 1s to release the acceleration key before the speedlevel is disabled (you can set the speedlevel while pressing the acceleration key)
– the mission dialog box does not disable the player controls anymore
– starting silos filllevel now take into account “filltype” price per liter. (higher fill level for cheaper products)
– fix the bug with client that could have different sell prices on the PDA than the server
– externalize the “updateSteeringAxleAngle” for attachable so that modders can override it if needed (“steeringMod” for example)
– fix the bug with some “no mr” seeding equipment when filling (“fillType” = only “seeds”, no fruit specified, and so, we don’t know what is the correct price for the seed)
– “realisticCombine” specialization is now more “resistant” to “exotic” combine/harvester mods.
– Fix a rare problem activating the brakepedal all the time (unplugging usb headset while playing)
– New “realAutoDetaching” parameter for “attachable” attacher joint (Example : allow the “cutter” to be detached automatically when the cutter trailer is detached from the towing vehicle)
– “RealisticBallast” specialization is now working for implement too.
– add the “realBalerUseEjectingVelocity” for balers. (v1.1.0.8)
– Fixed the Poettinger Servo 35 plough missing groundReference
– Fixed the Buehrer 6135A (center of mass)
– No more “draft force” for combines header => better harvest speed, no more “over slipping” with combine harvesting uphill, but using a “speedLevel” is now usually required to drive a combine (or you will often experience start and stop behavior, especially harvesting downhill)
– Krone BigX -> move less far away in the headland while turning in hired worker mode
– Lizard header trailer now have rear brakes
– New roundbale collision to avoid too much “free rolling”
– Krone Comprima baler can “overfill” up to 108% now
– Weidemann 4270CX100T : fixed the trailer attacher joint “rotLimit”
– smaller turning radius improvement on many tractors
– trailers unloading discharge rate and pto consumption tuned
– Grimme Maxtron and Tectron lateral slidding fixed
– Fix flickering when playing in 64bits on some models (TTV430 frontloader, 5465H and 7545RTS combines, CIH quadtrack and steiger, Grimme maxtron and tectron, Grimme GL420 and 660, Amazon ADP seeder, trailers, Krone Comprima round baler)
– Fix missing rear light for the Agrovector telehandler
– Attacher joint (cutter type) added to the Lizard cutter trailer (in MP, the cutter can slide on the trailer if not attached)
– Fix Krone BigPack and Comprima missing “realBrakingDeceleration”.

Giants, SFM-Modding, Xentro, Dural

Download: More Realistic Package v1.1 []
Download: More Realistic Package v1.1 []

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