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Jul 08

Case SkidSteer Loader pimped by ModhosterTeamWerkstatt v 2.0

Case SkidSteer Loader pimped by ModhosterTeamWerkstatt v 2.0

This is an SkidSteer Loader from CASE built in 1985. He was switched to Farming Simulator from the Demolition Company by PeterJ. Permission for improving and upload on ls-uk is available.
The modhosterTeam decided to improve the little loader and gave him a new High Tipp Bucket from the Team “Wodka-Bull24″ too. Permission for the Bucket is also available.

We improved the following:
- Scale 1:1
- Engine Sound
- Drinving Behavior (drive carefully with a fully loaded Bucket he can tilt like the original)
- Hydraulik Sound
- High tipp Bucket for the SkidSteer (so you can load almost any trailer you want)
The Bucket is DLC2 and Multifruits ready!
- Dynamik Exaust Flag
- RPM raises if Laoder Arm is moving
- Manuall Work RPM (Key_5)
- Manuall Ignition


Download: Case SkidSteer Loader pimped by ModhosterTeamWerkstatt v 2.0 []

Jul 08

Garden Tractor

Garden Tractor

This is a great garden tractor that is small and compact that can get in places your larger ones can’t. It has a front and rear 3 pt hitch and is a perfect match with the Fresa Agrovil tiller. Have fun with it!

Note: At times, it can be hard to attach anything to it, so you need to get a front loader tractor (or something similar) push down on the front of the garden tractor to lift the rear wheels in the air, get a second vehicle and push the implement under the rear wheels, get back on the garden tractor and attch the implement.
It took me some time to figure out the easiest way to hook something up to it, but its still a hassle. So since I use the Fresa Agrovil on it to mainly till, I downloaded the Auto Attach Mod to make as simple as possible. (IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE AUTO ATTACH MOD, BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE AN IMPLEMENT ATTACHED AND LOWERED ON THE GROUND BEFORE SAVING OR IT WON’T WORK; at least for me it doesn’t)

Model: devilll4
Texture: Benjamin
Script: devilll4

Download: Garden Tractor []

Jul 04

Fendt Vario 820 TMS V2.1.1

Fendt Vario 820 TMS V2.1.1

This is a Fendt 820 Vario TMS for you !

What was the V2 able to do ?
Operating hours
Lighting V3.1
Openable doors and windows
Separately switchable dual tires
Dynamic smoke
Dynamic speedometer
Dynamic RPM
adjustable hitch
Front-Hydraulic collapses when not in use

Differences to the V2 ?
New scin
New tires
New dual tires
Console for Quicke frontloader
.zip-file reduced


Download: Fendt Vario 820 TMS V2.1.1 []

Farming Classics Second Official Expansion Pack

Farming Classics

This downloadable content package (DLC/Addon) is compatible with all Windows versions of Farming-Simulator 2011 (Retail and Download). This extension is not compatible with the Mac version.

The Farming Classics extension contains the following equipment:
Bucher D4000, Bührer RP 21, Deutz D80, Güldner G40, Güldner G40 frontloader with manure fork and shovel, Hatz H340, Hürlimann D110, Lindner BF 450 A, Schlüter Super 1500 TVL Special, FAHR M66 harvester, Bucher TRL 2600 self-propelled loader wagon, Amazone ZA centrifugal broadcaster, Bavarian Plough Factory 3-406 cultivator, FAHR KH4S tedder, FAHR MH650 chaff cutter, Hassia FS sowing machine, Krone Optimat manure spreader, Kuhn FA367 rear mounted mower, Lemken D 27/55 K plow, Pöttinger 300 windrower, Lizard trailer, mobile water tank and wooden slurry tanker.

Manual English

The Farming Classics expansion also contains a vintage styled manual (PDF).

Farming Classics Screenshot

More Screenshots

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DLC 2 – Renewable Energy Pack

This downloadable content package (DLC/Addon) is compatible with all Windows versions of Farming-Simulator 2011 (Retail and Download).

The second official DLC Pack from GIANTS Software contains the following equipment: Biogas plant, free placeable wind energy and solar plant, Lizard wheel loader, Bergmann TSW 4190 S universal spreader, Kotte GARANT VTL 19.500 slurry tanker, silage forks and a mobile fertilizer tank.

More Screenshots















Manufacturer LIZGAZ
Type Biogas Plant
Description The biogas plant contains: Fermenter, 3 bunker silos, block heating power plant and a slurry store.







Manufacturer LIZARD POWER Corporation
Type Wind Energy Plant
Capacity 2.5 MW
Description This object can be freely placed on your map (incl. mod maps!).






Manufacturer LIZARD POWER Corporation
Type Solar Plant
Efficiency 18 % / 1 kW/m²
Capacity 45 kW
Description This object can be freely placed on your map (incl. mod maps!).





The wind energy and solar plants can be freely placed on your map.


Manufacturer Lizard
Type G 920
Description Wheel loader








Manufacturer Bergmann
Type TSW 4190 S
Capacity 14,000 l
Description Manure Spreader







Manufacturer Kotte Landtechnik
Type GARANT VTL 19.500
Capacity 19,500 l
Description Slurry tanker







Manufacturer Lizard
Description Silage fork for telehandler and frontloader








Manufacturer Lizard
Description Mobile Fertilizer Tank









All info from GIANTS Sotware. You can buy this pack here.

Jul 01

Claas Liner

Claas Liner

I have make this edit of pöttinger Euro Top

Animated tines
Single lifting / lowering of the centrifugal
Common lifting / lowering of the centrifugal
Ground following the roundabout
Full collision of the vehicle
Prompt and slow-Andre Ausdrehende roundabout (when on and off)
other details

LS Price: 19950 €
Polycount: 36 688

Modell: steyr1 Barei
Textur: Face, BigFarmer145 Barei, borri123
Ingame: Face
Script: Face
Uploader: borri123
edit: borri123

Download: Claas Liner []

Jun 27

New Holland T6030 Delta edit

New Holland T6030 Delta edit

I have put on: pending frontaxel, two bacons, wider tires, new paint on the hood and manual ignition.
The tractor is MP ready, but the host of the game must turn on the tractor otherwise it wont work for the other player.
You can attach frontloader to it, it works good whit Q55loader and Trima +5.0P

Autorzy: Kaziu1551 and Kara$ Autorzy: $ Kaziu1551 and Kara
Poprawki: maciey Poprawki: maciey
Edycja: maciey Edycja: maciey
Edit: Hampan11

Download: New Holland T6030 Delta edit []

Jun 26

Deutz Agrotron 150_7

Deutz Agrotron 150_7

Front, rear and roof windows openable
Tire dust during the ride Ackers
Lighting V3
Hour Meter
Quicke Q55 loader console with mouse control (or hidden)

Modell: Giants
OperatingHours: SFM
Textur: Piepe87
Edit by D4rkfr34k

Download: Deutz Agrotron 150_7 []

Jun 26

ValtraT202 V1 1 Edit

ValtraT202 V1 1 Edit

This is an edit of Hinnerk’s ValtraT202_V1_1

I have added blitz at the roof, new weels, new paint.
I have also added a frontloader attacher for Quicke loaders

Beaconlights: HOME
start: NUM-Enter
Handbrake: Space
Frontlights: F….longlights: Hold F
Worklights Front: NUM-5
Worklights back: NUM-6

All credits for the modell go to Saemo, XarioN and ValtraN111
All credits for the specis go to the original scripters!
Edit: Morty304

Download: ValtraT202 V1 1 Edit []

Jun 24



This is my map Baldavar

- Small and Big farm
- Chicken Farm
- Village
- Train
- River
- Haven
- Multifruit
- Courseplay Ready
- Helping modes Ready

Buildings and Object: original uploaders
Map: Jelle MF

Download: Baldavar []

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