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Jun 12

Fendt Vario 724 SCR v 1.1 Sonderlackierungen Set

Fendt Vario 724 SCR v 1.1 Sonderlackierungen Set

Thus LS love farmers,

The Sonderlakierungen the Fendt Vario 724 SCR are set to the dealers.

There are in this upload contain “no” new features, as it has been the John Deere 7R Series. These features will be installed in all but Fendt Vario models from us, they soblad in the 7R Series run correctly.

Are the colors contain:
– Comunal
– Black
– Steel Blue
– Fir Green

This is the fixed version V1.1 of the Fendt Vario 724 SCR (set with all the accessories!) That is, you must unzip the download and select the color that you want!

Fixes for Fendt Vario 724 SCR Profi Plus

Extended cab suspension
Adjust driving behavior
New rear lift (lifts higher)
Adapted diesel consumption
Adapted some Luas
Front loader tools now washable
IndoorCam – Settings are now saved

The 724er is provided as a complete set to the DL. So also here the DL unzip and then copy the mod folder!

AGO has faced the task, the Fendt Vario 724 SCR set at 1:1 scale for new LS13 and on to make one of the most functional and most detailed mods for LS13. Here’s the Fendt Vario 724 SCR in the special paint!

As early as in LS11 V1.0 impressive features have been implemented in the LS13 version that was previously only found in either different mods, or do not even exist. We are proud to be able to say to some extent that we have succeeded, many details, animations and features, such as to make the external IC Control full multiplayer capability! But … as with any V1.0, as we were with this one is not 100% satisfied.

Version 1.0: All animations and functions can be controlle by IC of the cab, or controlled from outside. e.g. Open the bonnet, engine start / stop, doors, windows, roof hatch, cabin lights, rotating beacon, front and rear lift, light, and both PTO, MFWD, etc.

Fully animated cab (levers, buttons, lights and pedals)
Vario-functioning onboard computer (via F3 can further control functions via IC)
In-/Outdoorsound reacts to door and window opening
Adjustable indoor camera (before KP “/” Back KP “*”, Left C “6″, Right K “5″)
Real Cam installed. Camera adjusts to the angle of inclination of MODS
Purchasable second set of tires on aluminum pallet (washable)
Purchasable Cargo 5×90 with 1 bucket, 1 bale fork
Purchasable wheel weights in matching color (on pallet) – Comes in V2.0
Purchasable oil tank (on pallet) – Comes in V2.0
Purchasable AddBlue tank (on pallet) – Comes in V2.0
Helper mode
Attached devices can be raised and lowered by IC control
All-wheel 4×4 (now MP ready)
Manual handling gas (Key_Pad “+, -”)
Dynamic exhaust smoke
DLBA (air brakes) – with a functioning parking brake (does not move, who enabled)
Tire dust
Bunker silo compaction
Original 724er sound
Hydraulic lift front / rear operated from outside via external IC Control

Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

Download: Fendt Vario 724 SCR v 1.1 Sonderlackierungen Set []
Download: Fendt Vario 724 SCR v 1.1 Sonderlackierungen Set []

Jun 12

ClaasHof minimap v 3.1

ClaasHof minimap v 3.1

ClaasHof minimap

version 3.1

To the milk sale:

Since there are still is no functioning milk-Mod, I have added of the Map placeable milk sale trigger. One must set the to the Sell at of the milk factory only. On the yard of the tank trigger is wherever you can Fill up the milk trailers already exists.


– Inserted Feeding trough for silage and mixed feed by the cow shed (I had unfortunately forgotten)
– Silage can now be filled with front-and wheel loaders into the trough
Set tarpaulin from the dung heap of the cows down –
– Adjusted straw trigger
– Pictures added so that everyone knows where what comes back and what where is
– Added some small details

Note: It is a milk Trailer needed intended for sale of the milk. Addiction yourselves a here at Modhoster. Until now, all functioned with me.

Erstellt von ClaasHof
Planung von ClaasHof
BGA by Stonebracker und Big-M-Lord
– Futterlager:
Fuktionen: frisco0177
Sollte ich Modder vergessen haben, bitte eine PN an mich. Dann wird dies natürlich sofort nachgetragen.
Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Download: ClaasHof minimap v 3.1 []
Download: ClaasHof minimap v 3.1 []

May 31



Today i present the default Deutz Agro Farm Frontloader.Some people asked for it.Plus the below Mentioned stuff.

2.Ploughing Spec.
3.Wheel Particle Spec.
3.Driving Particles.
4.Real Exhausting.
7.Foldable Front Hydraulics [5]
8.Manual Ignition [Y]
9.All RadV4 [U]
10.Handbrake [SPACEBAR]
11.Dual Tires [7/8]
12.Light script.
13.ES limiter [KP / +].

Download and have a nice ride on the peppy compact machine.


Download: DEUTZ AGRO FARM v 1.0 []
Download: DEUTZ AGRO FARM v 1.0 []

May 06

Deutz Fahr 30M L v 1

Deutz Fahr 30M L v 1

here is due to Deutz Fahr Agrotrn 100MK3 front loader, this is a driving deutz L 30 M.

have fun with the mod


Download: Deutz Fahr 30M L v 1 []
Download: Deutz Fahr 30M L v 1 []

May 01

Filous v 1.0

Filous v 1.0

I have the building at the harbor taken the farm shop set down
roads partially removed
fields at the yard sale is
selling eggs next to chickens
yard silos I’ve tested with cat wheel loaders and I dare chuck can both fully emptied

buchhauer – waschanlage

Download: Filous v 1.0 []
Download: Filous v 1.0 []

May 01

Lizard Ballentransportwagen v 1.3

Lizard Ballentransportwagen v 1.3

This allows you to transport the bales from the field to the farm. To charge the bales, you need a front-or telescopic loader.
Charge quantity: 14 round bales, 36 normal and 10 bales wool pallets.
Processing V1.3: Inspector145

LS2011 Model
– Original script: d47 strawmod
– Universal bale ready, fixed unloading, autoload, safe / trailer load state: Bassaddict
– Woolpallet ready: Steve007

GIANTS Software GmbH

Download: Lizard Ballentransportwagen v 1.3 []
Download: Lizard Ballentransportwagen v 1.3 []

Apr 25

Langendorf low-loader v 1.0

Langendorf low-loader v 1.0

Der Langendorf Tieflader V1.0
Es wird evtl. noch eine V2.0 geben!
Ich fand aber erstmal wichtig , Grobe sachen zu fixen.

Gefixte sachen nach der BETA:

Neue Reifen / Felgen
Animierte Stützen
Normals an der Rampe gedreht
Animationen noch ein wenig angepasst
Gewicht & Fahreigenschaften angepasst
Shop-Beschreibung geschrieben
Preis Angepasst
und sonstige kleinigkeiten die man so nebenbei macht.

Breite: 2,78 Meter
Länge: 14,60 Meter

Modell / AO / Textur : Illuminated, ModdingKüche
Animation: Lindemann / Illuminated
Scripte: Sven777b, Geri-G,

Download: Langendorf low-loader v 1.0 []
Download: Langendorf low-loader v 1.0 []

Apr 19



Today i present you the Deutz Agrotron M620 tractor.It has got Ploughing Spec, Sigma FL included, brand new and dirt textures all around.
People asked for it though very few, nonetheless i have made it a little more interesting.
As usual the below Mentioned features are so there.

1 Ploughing Spec.
2 Washable [Both in about 2 hours].
3-sigma front loader [Included]
4-Real Exhausting system.
Driving 5-particle system.
6-Wheel particle system.
7-Foldable Front Hydraulics [KP_5].
8-Removeable FL attacher [B / X].
9 Switchable Rear Weights [5].
10-duals [7/8].
11-ES limiter [+ / -].

Best regards and i hope you enjoy the ride.


Download: DEUTZ AGROTRON M620 v 1 PSFL []
Download: DEUTZ AGROTRON M620 v 1 PSFL []

Apr 18




Presenting the Lindner Geotrac94 with Ploughing Spec plus Sigma Frontloader.I have added new tires,duals,rims and a different front hydraulic linkages.Both the SIGMA FL and Tractor are washable,gets dirty in about two hours,The dirt textures looks good to me.Retuned the engine slightly to increase the top speed which will save you expensive mission times.
It also has the below mentioned features.
Ploughing Spec.
Sigma Frontloader.
Light Script.
Wheel Particle Spec.
Driving Particle Spec.
Foldable Front Hydraulic Linkage[5].
Dual Tires[7/8]
Removable FL Attacher[B/X]

The Lindner Geotrac might be only 102PS but give it a try.I am sure it will find a space at your dairy.
One more thing it may sound unpractical but it can pull the heaviest loads without breaking a sweat,give
it a try.


Download: LINDNER GEOTRAC 94 []
Download: LINDNER GEOTRAC 94 []

Apr 08

3 point hitch for FL v 2.0

3 point hitch for FL v 2.0

Hello fans,
Today I post the 3-point hitch for the front loader. Resolve any problems and wish of fans were miteingebaut.
Special Ausßerdem as yet. Rotating light that you see when the beacon is activated on the device
Auserdem moreover one for him and one for the front loader Telelader.

Danke buidog_jojo fürs testen
Bauer florider

Download: 3 point hitch for FL v 2.0 []
Download: 3 point hitch for FL v 2.0 []

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