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Apr 02

JoPimMap v6.0

JoPimMap v6.0

It is a converted Hagenstedt!

39 fields
Sale stations:
– Port
– Land Commercial
– Schlachhof
– Restaurant
– Freight station
– Garden Centre
– spinning
– mill
( – Dairy )
3 Mähbare meadows
2 Start fields
Pig and cattle fattening
Cattle grazing on the farm
small BGA on the farm
large BGA zukaufbar
Abbreviations to section 8 and to the freight depot
Rounder fields , adapted to landscape
Open slaughterhouse of 6-22 clock
Garages and warehouses with gates to open ( key o)
Small Field border huts with trigger to fill the fertilizer and Saatmaschienen
Mixing stations with rotating and extendable Entladerüssel
( To achieve Tend to your livestock with water to more productivity) WaterMod
Wool pallet stocker
feed storage
Scoreboard with Silofüllständen
Many storage facilities on the farm for a large fleet
Manure and slurry sale at the Regional Trade
Manure, straw and Heuverkauf at the garden center
Fillable farm diesel tank
Dynamic diesel prices ( see prices at petrol station)
Car wash and gas station next to large agricultural machinery dealers
Only Mähmissionen available
Wither is OFF
Away Some collisions at field Middle trees

Changelog from v5.1 to v6.0:
Adapted of landscape
Feed storage rebuilt ( No stock more for feed , as can also be tilted back into the compound feed plant back )
Silage sales away (This again is the price at the BGA silage no longer in the basement )
Built fence at the country store
Start vehicles changed little
Removed more collisions of field Middle trees
PDA display for straw and Heuverkauf disabled , thus no great demand more then
Here and there a few little things

Required Mods:
Transportation for pigs and cattle
Tipper can load the manure , silage and mixed feed
Slurry manure transporter for sale

Patch 2.0 or higher nessesary

To use the large BGA you will first need to buy ( this is done by you buy box 6) , Sales Trigger is located right in front of the roller door of the BGA .
The slaughterhouse only works in two shifts , so it is open only 6-22 clock . A delivery outside the opening times is not possible.
To use the Hoftankstelle these must first be filled with diesel
The washer only works with washable mods !

Download: JoPimMap v6.0 []
Download: JoPimMap v6.0 []

Nov 05

Winter Valley v 1.0 Snow Edition

Winter Valley v 1.0 Snow Edition

In the mountains because now begins the winter, you can click on this map the streets of the Alpine village of snow free.
This is still on a voluntary basis. There are about every 3 days of snow.
The rest of the map consists of a fictitious hilly area where you can pursue your normal during the field work.
The fields are not all rectangular and must therefore often be prepared for the helper.
You start here already as a medium sized company with a modern fleet.
Look there for 2 farms, one of which is designed as a farm with breeding calves and lambs
The Filltrigger for the milk to the milk tank is installed the cow pasture
There are open spaces with no grass to place the equipment in addition to the pastures of the pups and some open spaces for other mods or placeable buildings ( are marked in orange )
Sold at: warehouse, freight station, Noem, BGA with manure and straw power plant acceptance in the silos and a slaughterhouse for pigs.
At the train beets and potatoes can be unloaded and then loaded into the wagons wheel loader, it then also you get twice the retail price.
The growing season for grass is extremely increased so that you have enough time to also make hay.
All workstations are equipped with enough light so that it is not a problem even at night to work.


Download: Winter Valley v 1.0 Snow Edition []
Download: Winter Valley v 1.0 Snow Edition []

Oct 08

Andres Big Map v 1.0

Andres Big Map v 1.0

Hello and MoinMoin
Welcome to Andres Big Map .
with feed mixing plant , food storage and WoolPalette Collector.
I brought you something beautiful and that a 4-fold map, which in addition to the standard fruit has 16 extra- fruits . (so you have to do well ) .
The extra- fruits I will not say much , let yourself be surprised . What I can say is , there are plenty of outlets, which, unfortunately, something goes on the PDA, where you have 21 pages to browse through. Could not prevent . So now to the map and the map has about 50 fields from 5.5 to 220 acres. You are 5 fields in and near a farm field on the BGA (Attention very large). For the fruits are in the yard unloading and I have distributed some delivery locations on the map. For the fruits of the earth there is also a dumping ground where the fruits can load it back onto a conveyor belt.
On the farm you will find a camp for fertilizer and seeds which you can store here . What I wanted to say to store fertilizer or seed , you first need to go to the country store and buy it , because it is only when land commercial seed and fertilizer.
To find in the yard are still the cows , sheep , chickens and a pig .
A small investment for feed you will find on the farm , as a new warehouse for grass, straw , silage, compound feed and Hächselgut . Since the yard is very large, so I’ve built some shelters . It should , I think rich . What is it satisfied ? There are some areas of grass which are mähbar and some where no grass to be mowed. What you will definitely notice is that there are some vacancies on the map . This I have the Deco As for Placeable freigelassen.Was objects on the map so I have kept something back, it is too little Wemm can indeed bring some Placeable objects purely because of there are so quite a few .


Download: Andres Big Map v 1.0 []
Download: Andres Big Map v 1.0 []

Oct 02

Audi A4 Quattro towbar v 1.1

Audi A4 Quattro towbar v 1.1

This version has fixed steering wheel, first right door.
ADDED: Trailer hitch – tow bar, blinkers, reverse lights.

In general no errors, only one texture warning.

There is thus at audi model without trailer hitch that i have uploaded before.

Trailer hitch 3d model from google 3DWarehouse


Download: Audi A4 Quattro towbar v 1.1 []
Download: Audi A4 Quattro towbar v 1.1 []

Sep 13

Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2

Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2

This final version brings algunas fixes over the previous version. I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience. But good fun!

With improvements in “Map Paradise v1.3″, I could not deploy them on the map Agrarfrost. So I bring to you the revised map. With several new features and improvements.

News as woolpalletcollector, manume mod, vegetation dynamics (correcting the old static where vegetation was not moving).

Added a sugar factory in place of the farm shop, fix the selling price of pigs and implanted a new place to sell solid and liquid manure.

I’m sorry that I do not speak German and express myself accurately. And why use this horrible english.

About version 6.2
Greetings lovers of the simulation. After many requests I bring to you a revised edition of the map Agrarfrost. Now we have the water mod. Also I fear many other improvements and tweaks to make the map even better. Probably this is the final version because I’m working on other maps, and this is already sold out. So, enjoy.

I waited a few months for more news to be added to the game. As we have a strong and active community, many mods started appearing. I wanted to put what I think best on my map so you can enjoy the latest news World Farming Simulator.

The adjustments are modest, but guarantee best fun in the game. For example, I set navmesh creating masks in some objects, so the cows do not pass trees or wooden pillars as it did in the previous version.

The sheds with a discharge station and several central hills being created around you is nothing realistic, however, was one of the ways I have found for you put all their production of straw or grass.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this release.

My sincere thanks to Marhu for your mods available publicly so we can all use, contributing to the diversity of creative mods.

People like you deserve a good dedication. Thank you for your mods and scripts.

I would like to also thank BernieSCS – your whole team modelers and designers – for your attention on providing two unique objects of your map OGF FSM AUSTRALIEN MAP.

Thanks also to everyone who liberarm your mods for use on the map Agrarfrost Final Edition.

Changelog v7.1 and 7.2
– Fixed pit discharge wheat/grass straw and solid manure (v7.2)
– Original triggers map for potatoes and sugar beet in grainstation avoid lag and no errors in the log (v7.2)
– Fixed problem when you unload beet or potato warehouse in the main farm their FPS drop (v7.2)
– Added water station to feed the animals and use in greenhouses (v7.2)
– fixed problem with woolpalletcollector (v7.2)
– Fixed issue with static ground (v7.1)
– Added sugar factory (v7.1)
– Fixed selling price of pigs (v7.1)
– Added new sheds manure, straw and grass (v7.1)
– Mats with new scripts (v7.1)
– corrected animations (v7.1)
– Manure mod added (v7.1)
– Added woolpalletcollector (v7.1)
– New gardencenter (v7.1)
– New details (v7.1)
– Bugs fixed (v7.1)

Map based on PE2013 map:
Creating the map for ls09 – NewMan Converting the map to ls11 – Pan Prezes 2013 map version by Michael DK aka KillRoya
edited by Tiago Piloneto

Download: Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2 []
Download: Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2 []

Sep 10

BMW 535i v 1.0

BMW 535i v 1.0

This is BMW 535i car .. year of production 2010. Lots of detail interior.

Model is from google 3DWarehouse, model authors are labassiry, DennisP, tm


Download: BMW 535i v 1.0 []
Download: BMW 535i v 1.0 []

Sep 06

Dodge Charger 1969 v 1.0

Dodge Charger 1969 v 1.0

1969 Dodge Charger American muscle car.

Model from google 3DWarehouse.

Model can open doors (numpad 4 and 6) and bonnet (numpad 8). Car has a lot of detail.


Download: Dodge Charger 1969 v 1.0 []
Download: Dodge Charger 1969 v 1.0 []

Aug 29

Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4

Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4

The village Byurtini version 1.4, all standard culture you can sell everything, dung, manure, straw, grass. Added warehouse for the storage of grass, straw, fodder, hay and silage. 24 fields of 8 acres to 80 acres, chickens, sheep, cows, Mission. Were added to a large garage and a lot of s / x tools modified and grain warehouse added turnips, four seats sales. Added 2 barn, 2 carport for storing bales of them is for the sale of bales near a gas station, you do not reduce the width of streets, highways now with a trace, however. Missions to earn not bad for the purchase of new equipment.

win27 giants

Download: Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4 []
Download: Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4 []

Aug 18

Archipelagos v 1.0

Archipelagos v 1.0

A beautiful map with some islands. On the main island is the shop, warehouse, and LU. Of course, the BGA must. There’s an island for cows, one for the pigs, and one for the grain farmer. An island is for vessel traffic.


Download: Archipelagos v 1.0 []
Download: Archipelagos v 1.0 []

Aug 06

Hagenstedt grandfathers dream v 2.0

Hagenstedt grandfathers dream v 2.0

Hagenstedt grandfather’s dream v 2.0!

WITH GE 5.0.3 created or saved! Does patch 2.0

Here I present you my modified Hagenstedt Map ready for download, is LOGFEHLERFREI and includes a number of changes around the yard, I werde.Verroten you list them for the most part once is out!

It has done new flavors!

2.0 changes:
The hated by many so-harvest storage is out!
Instead, there is now a machine shop with integrated silos!
-At the point of harvest camp is now a washing machine with function! (Do not worry, the more free space will be used.)
-A new way was berreitet for BGA
-The file name and ingame name was adapted from “Meine_Kreation” to Grossvaters_Traum
-The new Woolcollector of Marhu has arrived in the map!

1.7 bug fixes and changes:
Vehicles “slip” no longer in the buildings around
– “Migraine textures” removed
Assembly lines are now loaded on the feed warehouses to facilitate
(Conveyor belts for manure are planned, but made only at the time and did not bitching)
-Minor cosmetic surgery

1.6 bug fixes:
-Invisible Collision on Oldie yard was removed
Chickens now remain on the ground
-All the eggs should again have ground under my feet: D
My now-Begin with the right box, not with box 13
Gas station on modern farm was offset by a small piece because it could lead to errors at this point with the reset function
-No more straw in the air (straw tilt the cowshed is mitverschwunden, but does not change the functionality or Strohverfüttern,’m happy to open for tips by PN)
PDA Map renewed or updated.
And other unobtrusive beauty fixes.

Fortis Voluntas

Download: Hagenstedt grandfathers dream v 2.0 []
Download: Hagenstedt grandfathers dream v 2.0 []

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