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Jan 20

AR fertilizers and spraying v1.0

AR fertilizers and spraying v1.0

Here I have the pack No.4 for setting frame. This time it’s the Pack AR fertilizers and spraying to 5.4 m setting frame.

-Fliegl Slurry spreader ARflieglVFW20000 working width of 15 m, capacity 20000
-Kotte Slurry feeder capacity 25000
-amazoneUF1801 fertilizer syringe, working width 24 m, capacity 20000

New is the:
– Manure Spreaders Amazone ZGB8200-10 to 5.4 m setting frame
Working width 42 m with a correspondingly higher consumption. Capacity 10800 l,

New devices added schemas.

Download: AR fertilizers and spraying v1.0 []

Jan 11

Hagenstedt 2015 v1.0

Hagenstedt 2015 v1.0

Hagenstedt 2015

Welcome back to Hagenstedt with forestry and many extensions.
Hagenstedt 2015 prepared for the water and lime Mistmod, as well as for the choppedStraw.
Copy out the appropriate mods in your Modsverzeichnis if you want to use these extensions.

You can sell your fruits harvested here:
Mill, train station, Sawmill, harbor, restaurant, general store, grain storage.

Your logs assumes the sawmill at the station, either in the pond or directly on the train you can then send out.
The BGA and a Bioheizwerk for your wood chips are also available for you.

My thanks to the modders who have made also allows your work this Map:
Ticks: Funky
Eiersammelmod: Eisbearg
Grid box / pallet: M-S_Buschi
Slurry manure-lime-Mod, Wassermod, Digital Display, pig, cutting shelter: TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)
Food storage: 1984Fendt936
Cattle barn converted into a sheepfold: LS-Pitstop / Model and Texture: Holli72
Animated Hot Air Balloon: 112TEC | schwaki
Lime Saatfabrik: Jerrico
Forgotten Plants: Eribus
Old Barn Equipment & Ball Freak36558
Butchery: Pandahma
ChoppedStraw: webalizer_ls
Ball bearings: Giants Software – mod Henkie_NL
Silopack: RC-Devil
Scarecrow: Boshetun

Download: Hagenstedt 2015 v1.0 []

Jan 08

Srednia Wies v4

Srednia Wies v4

What map is:
– hens
– Cows
– Pigs
– Manure, Slurry
– Feeding cows in the barn and the Making
– Silos chopped
– Super silo tigger
– Super terrain and climate
– Forests of interesting terrain
– Purchase of cereals
– Well, all I have orginal map

Download: Srednia Wies v4 []

Jan 07

Factory for fertilizer feed diesel v1.3

Factory for fertilizer feed diesel v1.3

Hello, I offer here my little round factory near.
The placement of the “enhancedplace” Mod of Marhu is recommended! Use the “X” button you can switch off and place the factory’s Kolle Sion! For this, the UPK (UniversalProcessKit) is used, both available on Modhoster! For transportation of fertilizer I recommend the Barntner XL Ülw of Rosenthaler! Questions such as eg. “I can not place” or “I can not buy it” are ignored, the if you are too lazy to read this, the can / I do not want to help!
This factory produces its energy, fertilizer, feed, seed and fuel can (Diesel) produce
In the Screenshot’s an image has been added where you can see where the action is to be found!
The possibilities

Product 1:
Produce Fuel -> fuel can be sold or are themselves Uses
Requires rape

Product 2:
Power generation with silage and manure -> Money
Requires silage and manure

Product 3:
Power generation with slurry and manure -> Money and fertilizer
Requires manure and slurry

Product 4:
Producing fertilizer with manure and manure -> Fertilizers and money: fertilizer can be sold at the sale, or you can consume in itself
Requires manure and slurry

Product 5:
Feed production
Requires hay or grass – Silage – Straw

Product 6:
System with water cooling -> Money
Requires water

New Product:
Product 7:
Seed production – Can be Sold or herself Consume
Requires water – wheat or corn – fertilizer
Changes in version 1.2
Diesel price was adjusted, it costs only € 0.009 previously € 1
Manure removal is completely eliminated (it has enough anyway)
Seeds can now put the old manure removal are removed and either be sold to the point of sale you fill your seeder so on!
Changes in version 1.3
Ball shredder for all possible Balen
Map icons for added Golden Abladesymbol for the factory and the tank icon for the point of sale
Seed can now be sold also at the point of sale
The system runs only on 6-20Uhr, except the energy is 24hrs is active
Diesel is now as good as free (€ 0.0009)
Changed from once a minute to Hourly production

Gaints (models)
t2k-lsmodding (thoralf2002, PP);
tech. Objects container by Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2);
fuelStation LS11 unknown; Silos LS11: unknown; Hedge LS11: unknown; Oil tanks: LS11unbekannt;
Special thanks mor2000 with his UPK provides the foundation for such Mod’s !!!

Download: Factory for fertilizer feed diesel v1.3 []

Jan 06

Manor Farm v1.0

Manor Farm v1.0

Manor Farm is a small British map.

Info –
4 Arable fields and 6 grass fields.
Cows, Sheep and Chickens.
1 Main yard and a smaller yard for storing root crops and wood chips.
Village with houses, pub, dealership and sell points.
Village pond and a drain running through the map.
Auto opening gates. You must be close to the gate, The triggers are small so the gates do not swing open when just driving past.

Triggers –
Grain Store point – Located in the Centre of the farm yard. To load the grain back into a trailer, Reverse into the shed as you would when storing the grain, look up just inside the shed and you will see a pipe, You can load grain from that pipe as you would in the default maps.
Sugar beet and potato Store point – Behind the village and dealership, There’s 3 brick buildings. Store beet and potatoes in the 2 next to each other and then use the conveyors to load the beet and potatoes back into your trailer.
Wood chips Store point – Wood chips can be stored at the same location as the beet and potatoes, In the small yard behind the village and dealership. Wood chips are stored in the single brick building and can be loaded back into a trailer using the in game bucket.
Silage – The silage pit is located at the back of the yard, Next to the sheep field.
Manure – Next to the cattle shed.
Slurry – Next to the cattle shed.
Seed refill – Inside the workshop.
Fertilizer refill – Inside the workshop next to the seed refill point, Or at the yara tanks across from the cattle shed.
Fuel refill – The fuel tank is next to the yara tanks, Across from the cattle shed.
Chopped straw – Inside the cattle shed.
Cattle feeding trough – Inside the cattle shed.
Sheep feeding trough – Outside the sheep shed, Next to the silage pit.
Wool pallet – Next to the sheep feeding trough, Outside the sheep shed.
Eggs – The chickens are located behind the village at the bottom of the large grass field, You will find the eggs around the straw bales.
Grain and wood chips sell point – Outside the dealership building with the large sell point sign.
? Bale sell point – Inside the dealership building.
Wood/Logs sell point – Next to the grain and wood chips sell point outside the dealership building.
Vehicle/Equipment sell point – Inside the dealership building.
Eggs sell point – Down the side of the village pub.
ATM – Inside the dealership.
Shop triggers – Inside the dealership.
Equipment re-set point – Farm yard.

Download: Manor Farm v1.0 []

Jan 05

Placeable water storage and collection

Placeable water storage and collection

To be placed on a relatively flat surface.
Price $56,800
Daily costs $15
Capacity 650,000

Can load and unload to store water. Also this produces, at no cost to you whatsoever,
an approximate 72,000 liters per day. (Collects the rain and that heavy morning in-game fog!)

Shows fill level display (like the in-game slurry tank) in help box when near.
Note: See store image for load and unload locations.
No activation is required for unloading. (trigger activated)
Activation for loading needed (like the in-game slurry).

Tested- loads and unloads default water equipment.

Note:if using the “time fast-forward mod” it will NOT produce as much water as normal.
The in-game 120x speed will produce as much as it would for 1x speed

Download: Placeable water storage and collection []

Jan 04

AIT Bjorn Holm v1.1

AIT Bjorn Holm v1.1

Hi, we have range of AIT MultiGaming puts us sometimes to a map for LS15 as a basis, we have the Bjorn Holm Map taken from us by Giants and have them extended.
in V1.0 we have added the following:
A port with sale
BGA set to a new location
Farm was converted
new cow and sheep pasture
Sugar beet factory installed
Slurry sale
Edeka sale of eggs and wool
Installed Raiffeisen-market
Some houses were replaced by more beautiful
Milk trigger installed the milk itself away to bring
Dairy is now ARLA with matching symbol on the PDA map
Shop was converted
some fields were placed together or increased
and much more ….

Download: AIT Bjorn Holm v1.1 []

Jan 04

Niederbayern v1.0

Niederbayern v1.0

I have my Lower Bavaria Map converted for the LS 15 and would like to like to offer you to download.
The card itself has remained almost the same, but the train station and the forest part came newly added (all trees were replaced). Revised Here and there a few things and adjusted.
The designed area of ??the map is approximately 1/3 of the Standartmap. I have deliberately kept small, there are a total of 12 small to medium sized fields. The tree textures I have adapted. The look in my opinion now of much more natural. All trees are precipitated.
Manure and Mistmod was installed with self create or adapted textures. Chopped Straw is also included, but is not necessarily required. The same applies to the slurry / Mistmod. Who does not need just get the and from the Modsordner.
On the farm you can sell the Heugebläse in the stable (on the back of the main building) hay and straw. Behind in the same building is the trigger where you will see your money against bales off.
Everything for playing important works in this first version already. Missions and Goldcoins but there is none.
Dealers I have not installed, you will get your machines delivered directly to the court)

Download: Niederbayern v1.0 []

Jan 04

Bjornelux v1.0

Bjornelux v1.0

This is a modified Bjornholm map and my first map. I placed all the animals near or on the farm, and added a lot of nature and details.

What has been built in:
-Milk trigger hose connection by mahru (Trailer needed see recommended mods)
-choppedStraw mod
-GuelleMistKalk mod
-Doors openening and Barriers to open
-Automatic light in the cow stable and on the gates of the main sheds.
-Several light switches to be found on the farm to light up your farm during the night.
-pigs and beef
-Aldi accepts eggs
-Butcher wich accepts beef and pigs
-slurry storag
-Manure sell
-Feedstorage for Grass, Silage and Straw
-LOTS of additional nature.
-Fields joined and less rectangular, more natural.
-and much more….

Tested on a i5 with GTX660Ti and 8gbRam , i5 with gtx750 and 8gb Ram and an i5 with Gtx970 16GB ram. FPS between 40 and 60.
Log is error Free, on dediserver one issue : Too many GRLE files. This is normal since I’ve used a lot off foilagelayers, and it does not give any problems. This can not be resolved (no need for anyway), simply because Giants added a ristriction to the amount of GRLE files.
Signs and names are translated in dutch, as this map was intended to use on our dediserver, and we are all dutch.. But this will not be too much of a problem.
The vehicle reset point has been replaced next to the Dealership. So you will have to go and get your equipement after resetting it. The strawsellpoint has been moved also; simply follow the signs “Stroverkoop”
This map is how WE want it and how WE like to play it, there is no mixing station and there will never be one, also the possibility of storaging MIXFEED wil not be possible in future releases, and no extra conveyor belts(thats why you need a frontloader!), as we don’t like that and it is unrealistic for us, but thats a matter of taste.
I do not force anyone to play it. It is just by our enthousiasm we release it for all you out there.
If you don’t like it , don’t download.
Thanks to all modders that made it possible for us to create this map. And if you see somthing I’ve built in to the map , and your name is not on the credits, please PM me and I will correct it immidiatly.

Map : Chesco
Discription, Translations, artwork, PDA map:

Buildings, Deco and Scripts
seba j
TF3DM, 112TEC|schwaki

Download: Bjornelux v1.0 []

Jan 02

Ulsteinvik v1.3

Ulsteinvik v1.3

Here I present to you my 1.Map.
Since I usually have made only minor modifications, I thought build it by myself a complete map scratch.
I liked the style of Scandinavian Björnholm so I took it for my map.
But see for yourself.
The map is fictitious Originated and mainly suitable Singelplayer,
to plow fields are 6 available about 9 acres.
Changes in Version 1.2
Increased speed roll-up door
Fix field detection in field 1
Waterlilies no longer flicker
Goldcoins now everything collectable
Installed WoolpalletCollector
Away balloon
Box 7 came about with about 3 hectares with diverse terrain changes therefore making the score must be started.

Was installed:
Food storage
Slurry manure sale
Barrier trigger to open the doors and barriers
Recommended Mod Links:
BGAextension Mod–2

Marhu / DTMaster
Chef (FSM)
Blacky BPG

Download: Ulsteinvik v1.3 []

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