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Oct 28

MPU 150 v 1.0

MPU 150 v 1.0

Archive: two headers ( HA -6 for the harvesting of wheat , barley and grass ; FE- 295 for corn silage ) and a platform for the selection of the pick rolls of straw and grass.
Removes : wheat grass barley grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow dryGrass_windrow maize chaff dryGrass.
Management: In – include header , pickup , shredder ; K- selection include straw ; Z- choice that will fly into the body , or grass silage , harvesting grass and silage first switch button “G” on the pipe , then turn on the unit with a header key ” In ” ; straw for the selection switch on the pick button ” G “, then turn on the straw using the” K ” , well and include pick- key” B “. Wage worker only works on harvesting corn .

МПУ-150: shnurok, balogh2003
Платформа подборщик: shnurok
ЖУ-6: scholl
FE-295: Charly_99

Download: MPU 150 v 1.0 []
Download: MPU 150 v 1.0 []

Sep 21

Wagon Pack v 1.0

Wagon Pack v 1.0

This is the loader wagon pack consisting of a Pöttinger Jumbo 10010 CL, Bergmann Shuttle 900K, Krone ZX 450 GD and Krone ZX 550 GD. This pack does NOT have to be unpacked! Simply grab the downloaded ZIP modfolder and have fun.

What has changed: (Applies to all course trailer for this pack)
- Added silage and compound feed
- Lighting V3.1
- Tire dust on the field and the field due
- New tires
- Features
- chocks
- Independent suspension to all wheels for uneven ground independently of the other tires.
- Einzugsparticle
- Rotating Tines Pickup
- PTO rotates now when the car is switched charge


Pottinger Jumbo 10010 CL:
Purchase price: 39.821 € LS
Daily cost: 80 € LS
Filling volume: 58,300 l / kg

Bergmann Shuttle 900K:
Purchase price: 25.386 € LS
Daily cost: 50 € LS
Filling volume: 44,000 l / kg

Krone ZX 450 GD:
Purchase price: 28.366 € LS
Daily cost: 65 € LS
Filling volume: 48,000 l / kg

Krone ZX 550 GD:
Purchase price: 45.379 € LS
Daily cost: 100 € LS
Filling volume: 60,000 l / kg

Orignal: GIANTS Software GmbH
Umbau: Ifko[nator]

Download: Wagon Pack v 1.0 []
Download: Wagon Pack v 1.0 []

Aug 24

Extreme Baling

Extreme Baling

Heath SuperChaser
Massey Ferguson 2190 Hesston Series
New Holland BB9090
Fendt 12130N
Bale Pusher

SuperChaser Functions & Controls:
Collecting and stacking 10 square bales. Requires full size 120cm x 130cm Hesston bales produced from Extreme Baling #1 balers Massey Ferguson 1290, New Holland BB9090 or Fendt 12130N
Bales: hay, grass and straw bales
Particles: realistic particles for the loading and the unloading procedure
Chassis: Realistic suspension set-up
Realistic operation:
Before unloading you can push the top bales behind for better stacking
After unloading you must move forward, so the spike keep the bales back, so the tines get free and the bed can move to the transport position

Work/Transport position: Key X
Prepare for unloading position: Key B
Unload position: Key B
Abort Unloading: Key B
Unload: Key O (not zero)
Pushing the top bales behind: Key Z

Big Balers Functions & Controls:
Compacting hay or straw to square bales. Produces 120cm x 130cm full size Hesston bales
Animated pickUp. It gathers straw or grass only if it is down
Animated chute. A real chute that gives a realistic bale unloading

Work/Transport position: Key X
Lower/Raise PickUp: Key V
Turn on/off: Key B
Clear the chute for transport mode: Key K
Empty completely the baler to work with other fruit: Key M
Beacon: Key Home
Back work light: Key N
TGA Console: Key O (not zero)

Heath SuperChaser
Model-Textures-Script: Mythos

Download: Extreme Baling []
Download: Extreme Baling []

Aug 18

Sipma Z224 1 v 2.1

Sipma Z224 1 v 2.1

work/transport mode
foldable chute
additional bale chute to load bales directly to trailer
foldable pickup
straw particle system
twine (rope) refilling (every 620 bales)
resetable bale counter
animated parts
real scale (1:1)

Perkins, Burner, Svitch, Sven777b, sven18koehler, J&B Modding

Download: Sipma Z224 1 v 2.1 []
Download: Sipma Z224 1 v 2.1 []

Aug 09

Pottinger wagon v 1.0 multifrucht

Pottinger wagon v 1.0 multifrucht

Have here for you a Pottinger wagon.

Why I did it because has asked me clod. At diesser place thanks to a clod of Use for testing.

It is the Eicher Wagon but something changed. He is 1-1 in contrast to Eicher loading wagon.

Animated wheel with crank installed. Pickup is animated with Particelsystem but not for rye, spelled Haver and since I have not received any response from Börndi change because of the script.

Makes no errors on the standard map, the log also clean.

If I have missed something please message to me.

You can load straw, hay and grass and rye, spelled and Haver-straw.

Filling volume: 15000l

Price: 9650 € Ls

Maintenance costs: 10 € Ls

Model: Gregor96
LS13: LS-Maximus
Ingame: Ackerscholle
Scripte: Sven777b, Börndi

Download: Pottinger wagon v 1.0 multifrucht []
Download: Pottinger wagon v 1.0 multifrucht []

Jul 30

Crown ZX450 DG v 1.0

Crown ZX450 DG v 1.0

Habe hier für euch den Standart Ladewagen Krone ZX450 GD mit animietem PickUp mit Particelsystem und animierten Kratzboden. Neue Beleuchtung und neue Reifen mit Reifenstaub eingefügt.

Das Ladevolumen habe ich etwas erhöht. Mehr kann ich nicht dazu sagen testet ihn einfach und wenn er euch nicht gefällt könnt ihr ihn ja wieder löschen.

Macht auf der Standart MAP keine Fehler, die Log bleibt auch sauber.

Sollte ich was übersehen haben oder habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge bitte PN an mich.

Man kann Stroh, Gras, Heu Häckslgut laden.

Füllvolumen: 49000l

Preis: 70900 Ls €

Unterhaltskosten: 10 Ls €

Umbaue: LS-Maximus
Scripte: Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Börndi
Model: Giants

Download: Crown ZX450 DG v 1.0 []
Download: Crown ZX450 DG v 1.0 []

Jul 30

PFMZ Z350 3 hurricane packing v 1.1

PFMZ Z350 3 hurricane packing v 1.1

Pack contains:
PFM? Z350 / 3 “hurricane” forage harvester
Z343 cutter for high forage harvesting
Z341 cutter for harvesting low forage
Transport trailer designed to carry PFM? Z341 cutter
Z343 pickup for collecting low forage

Authors: Svitch & Burner & Friends

Svitch, Burner, Marjas, Jincheng

Download: PFMZ Z350 3 hurricane packing v 1.1 []
Download: PFMZ Z350 3 hurricane packing v 1.1 []

Jun 19

Sipma Z279 Red v 2

Sipma Z279 Red v 2


- animerte pickup

- ropes

- Beleuchtung v3

- MP working

- 1:1

- Washable

Modell: Tomy
Ingame & script: Lipa
LS2013: lechu
Edit: Tomy

Download: Sipma Z279 Red v 2 []
Download: Sipma Z279 Red v 2 []

May 29

Fortschritt E 281 pack v 1.2

Fortschritt E 281 pack v 1.2

Here is the continuation of E 281 E 295 pounders from ls11 for corn, E-296 and E294 gps for pick-up there is a 1.2 version and maybe the lezte of me

what’s new:
E 294 pickup with animation
I bit the AI script zusamengewurfelt the shredder now at the end of the field further rausfehrt,
Solte whos at the end are not meher remain
Textures have been cleaned up minimally processed
added plant animation works at Schneider
Tur signals, reverse light and light was added

sven18koehler glaube ich

Fortschritt E281

Download: Fortschritt E 281 pack v 1.2 []
Download: Fortschritt E 281 pack v 1.2 []

Apr 22

Bautz Autonomous FO v 1.0

Bautz Autonomous FO v 1.0

Features and functions:
– Animated Pickup with level compensation.
– Functioning like the original.
– Power adhesion LS13
– Jockey wheel and crank animated.
– Wandet cargo unloading the tailgate
– Loaded with grass, hay and straw

- Largely 1:1

Bautz Autonom LWL Ladewagen:
-Modell, Textur: ansomale; Reifen: Eicher-Fan
Ingame: modelleicher, fendt2000
Scripts: modelleicher(bewegliche PU, Powershaft LS13 Fix),Face(Powershaft) Giants
Umbau LS 13: Einen spezielles Thx an modelleicher für seine Hilfe und Ausdauer.
Ein Thx für die Modscalierung: leider ist mir die helfende Hand Namentlich entwischt. Wird sobald bekannt nachgetragen (sorry)

Download: Bautz Autonomous FO v 1.0 []
Download: Bautz Autonomous FO v 1.0 []

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