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May 24

CLAAS Arion 620 V 2.0

CLAAS Arion 620 V 2.0

Credits: Model: Smety
Textures: Smety
In game: Smety

edit texture
new wheels
dirt wheels
new interior sound

model: Angelus
Textures: Smety
InGame: Smety

Download: CLAAS Arion 620 V 2.0 []
Download: CLAAS Arion 620 V 2.0 []

May 22

Multimap v1.0 BETA

Multimap v1.0 BETA

Hi LS Fans
I want to introduce my map today.
It is the Multimap in beta version . It is a multi-fruit Map with all standart fruits, such as oats , millet, rye, poppy seeds, rice , spelled, soy , sunflower , peas , triticale, wheat Green , red cabbage, white cabbage , carrots, onions , cucumbers and tomatoes.
The map is mostly flat , with a few Erhebungen.Felder are purchasable .
The vehicles will set back , the PDA would have so stimmen.Es are 29 ads in PDA, not which is then excited.
In addition, production facilities for the manufacture of sugar , flour, beer , sausage , dairy and bakery products are installed on the map. From rape and sunflower biodiesel can werden.Dieser can be obtained at gas stations for money.
There is a large warehouse and logistics center to support the harvesting and production of goods and to the markets to verteilen.Es are 3 Edeka markets and an inn.
Also a gravel pit is present on the map, the bulk goods can be sold at the site werden.Die earth at the nursery.
The hops for the brewery you can buy at the port, but be careful at the beginning of the game when there is little money left ist.Der hop is teuer.Der beer sales pays for itself but still.
The map is built specifically for agriculture with great art, such as a logistics vans, only those who take long journeys purchase is at this map richtig.Ich that would play in multiplayer recommend , but who wants it can have only yes versuchen.Es yes not all the fields are ordered.
Therefore, there is also on this map no cows , sheep and chickens . But a pig and cattle fattening to the sausage production sure to stellen.Milch is still produced on a farm with cows not standart . You bring out silage and can get milk for it. Since these cattle throughout the year are out does not produce any dung and liquid manure, who needs it a lot else gets it at the Mastanlagen.Wer feeds animals can still go to the horse farm and bring food out there .

Then you can still at the small mill at the port, country store and at the distillery of his harvest rid of them.
Lots of bells and whistles is not installed , it must also still a lot going werden.Ich embellished on the landscape set up a grill and a bench just not in front of each house , as you in the game anyway can not use and a lot of decoration much power nimmt.Wie already mentioned , it is a beta and there are not yet all things 100 % complete .
Planned things for the next version :
less sales to the kerbside
something more natural , other textures
beautify the land may be somewhat more
Fields slightly hillier
for the future: In the logistics warehouse pallets are stored with the load and be sent können.Verladung with fork lift truck. The function tests for this are already successful.
First of all: Should the Commission come again what does that have to do with agriculture, we have building materials in the LS , such as the fire department Fans.Warum not , a barn can even burn times and also the farmer grows something. Now he produces things that go into the wide world and that too often a logistics trucks and a Lager.Wer does not want to please not only load to complain to , you can also only farmer on the map.
I’ve built the map for me and want to share with you , like in multiplayer .
Also, suggestions and requests from the comments I would like to be incorporated into the next version .

Download: Multimap v1.0 BETA []
Download: Multimap v1.0 BETA []

May 15

Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v 0.99

Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v 0.99

So first time thanks for the motivation of you to build on!

which is to a small update be rewarded for here.

What’s new?

The courtyards again revised the landscape improved and extended to some.

see for yourself

This is one small step closer to the end of the map



boje93.arri, stefzimmermann , silver.

Download: Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v 0.99 []
Download: Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v 0.99 []

May 12

Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1

Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1

NOTE: Reissue Hagenstedt Modified
Here I present to you now the new edition of the Hagenstedt Modified 2013 Version 5 !
There is now no separation between the normal and the MR version of the card , version 5 contains the features of both versions and is fully compatible with the standard version as well as the MoreRealistic version of LS13 . Only when the vehicle packs distinction is made between MR and standard , but it can also be used both at the same time ( MoreRealistic mod but is then also a prerequisite ) .
Who wants to play support with MoreRealistic course required for the More Realistic Mod !
Some of you are probably now first with the eyes roll because of the download size of the files , but to you, please let one be said: This is the last time that there will be such a large download for the HM13 . All updates will only include the map and thus werden.Das much smaller but at the same time means that there will be the vehicles or vehicle packs ONLY in this starter package . There will be no other extra download for the vehicles / equipment !
What is , however, still remain is the fact that I do. Beside the installer for the HM13 also a 7Zip file with offering , Mac OS users can install the card / unpack and thus not use not otherwise What you load you down , so installer or 7Zip archive remains up to you , the contents are the same and also fully compatible with each other !
Mac OS users will be able to unpack the 7zip archive Keka use .
Link to : home forum of Hagenstedt Modified 2013 Link to : Help , Tips and Tricks Topic of HM13
The old rules of Hagenstedt Modified 2013 shall continue to apply , as well as the FAQ and Hilfetips who want to support is welcome to sign up to the forum, who wants to read there just may do well WITHOUT registration or registration but .
This is an extract from the provided text file (but only 7Zip archive , installer includes optional links no TEXT file)
! ! ! ! HAGENSTEDT MODIFIED 2013! ! ! ! !
INSTALLATION ( 7Zip archive)
The files from the directory ” for_all ” unzip into your mods folder!
Decide for a version that you want to play and copies the files from the appropriate directory , ie ” for_standard ” or ” for_mr ” ( standard LS or More Realistic ) in your mods folder ( Complete, MR and Standard Single Package contain only the respective version folder)
You can also optionally the other version additionally unpack it in your mods folder if you want to use these vehicles even that works (Complete only )
! IMPORTANT It should NOT be another card in the mods folder located in this card is unpacked !
It is recommended that the traffic light Mod EVEN in multiplayer mode in the mods folder to ACTIVE (even on a dedicated server) , rather yellow flashing lights as strange ads ( sometimes red , sometimes green sometimes yellow times several at once ), I would think .

Download: Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1 []
Download: Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1 []

May 09

Farmland Map v2.0

Farmland Map v2.0

I present to you the farmland Map By Rene_Farm
So to com I had uploaded the map ever and now they have further optimized bit and bit redesigned and I hope that at least it a couple of appeals .
For Map
The map is a fantasy no original replica of a territory they finalScore
only in my head
You have the choice between the standard fruits and 6 witeren fruits
Spelt Rye Soybeans Sunflower Millet Oats
you have a pig in the court and the cows sheep chickens ( free-running ) are also at the court .
The BGA has 4 large silos and have lots of space around drum for your equipment and machinery .
aufdem hof hall some are disguised for you and the straw sale as a silo .
On the map are Small to Medium Fields , and Full map all the grass is Mähbar .
There are of course some outlets that you can use it and sollt.alles entered on the PDA and various signs also point you to the outlets.
There are, however, in addition to the well-maintained landscape also various small -sized animals that are hiding in the forest or in de rnähe .

Thus there are , among others, as the animals have to bewirthschaften her a lot of field work and in the courtyard are several silos built for the fruits
and unload all of you can silo at large potatoes UDN beets you have to unload the camp as well as grass silage straw mixed ration .
- pig
- New Silos
- Dieverse details for landscape
Some – sale stations Edeka mill Baywa etc.
- 2.Hof with pig
- Großmeztger and a Beautiful Idylisches village where her eggs on the market Sold
and much more.

To me and the Com
I know that some maps are not perfect and various errors may still be present that you can give me via message here , of course, tell .
Furthermore, the work of the mappers Moder appreciates the many hours you spend something nice to offer wenns sometimes is not perfect
at my map I hope the poly rate is now lower in the test runs , it was at least for me
through the many details which Mb is very large.
FUET myself is deise map meien best and the log is error free

useful mods
- MultiFriut
- Until Multifriut

Download: Farmland Map v2.0 []
Download: Farmland Map v2.0 []

May 09

Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v0.99

Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v0.99

Hey com
So first time thanks for the motivation of you to build on!
which is to a small update be rewarded for here

what’s new?
The courtyards again revised the landscape improved and extended to some
see for yourself :)
This is one small step closer to the end of the map :)

Download: Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v0.99 []
Download: Kleinaspe goes Hasenmoor v0.99 []

May 05

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V2.0

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V2.0

- Fixed Carrot Fill Plane … it was brought to my attention that I forgot to replace the original (Oops … my bad!)
- Added WheelParticleSpec script … completes the overall realism I think.

I’m finished with this mod unless someone wants some additional crops added to it but it better have more than a few maps that support it for me to even bother wasting my time adding them which is fairly time consuming =)

Download: Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V2.0 []
Download: Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V2.0 []

May 02

PDA Fix v 2.5.2

PDA Fix v 2.5.2

This mod fixes screen PDA.

Added additional cultural support MR, shows prices for all animals correctly.

Credits: Marhu

Download: PDA Fix v 2.5.2 []
Download: PDA Fix v 2.5.2 []

Apr 30

Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31

Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31

Benz Nordwestmecklenburg, so heißt sie unsere neue Map für den Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013.
Benz ist ein kleines Dorf im idyllischen Nordwesten von Mecklenburg, nicht weit entfernt von der Hansestadt Wismar. Die Karte ist getreu der Gegend rundum Das Feriendorf Benz gebaut, die großen Felder und Wiesen sind typisch für diese Region und lassen für Großbauern und Agrarflächendesigner keine Wünsche offen. Es gibt aber auch viele kleine Details die man erst beim genaueren betrachten erkennt. Lassen sie sich von der Landschaftsidylle inspirieren und starten sie in neue Dimensionen der Agrarwirtschaft.
Diese Version ist eine Komplett überarbeitete und neu aufgearbeitete V1 Viele Bugs und Wünsche wurden berücksichtigt!

Auf der Map findet ihr:
- große Felder
- eine Agrargenossenschaft mit Milchproduktion (Kühe sind angepasst)
- Getreidetrocknung
- Zuckerrübenfabrik
- Schweinemast (ohne Schweinemod, dient als Verkaufsstelle für Rüben und Weizen)
- freiliegende Misthaufen
- 3D Feldwege
- kleine Seen
- ausgedehnte Wälder
- 3 Dörfer ( Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow )

-Getreidehalle mit verbautetm SuperSiloTrigger —>>> Wird benötigt! —>>> (
-Sand und Kiesgrube -> Sand kann an der Bausstelle in Benz verkauft werden
-Komplett neuer Hof mit neuer Biogasanlage
-Ei & Wolle kann beim Laden in Benz verkauft werden
-Neue Texturen darunter komplett neue Grastextur!
-Neuer PDA
-Und sonst noch viele neue Details
-Kartoffeln können nun geerntet werden!
-Gülle und Mist mod

- Eckert35
- Polska
- maurermatze
- Eifok
- Fatian
- Rubiks
- Lexion_780
- Patti
- Buschi
- bullgore
-El Cid
- diverse polnische Modder

Download: Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31 []
Download: Benz Nordwestmecklenbug v1.31 []

Apr 25

Small Hagenstedt 2014 v1.0

Small Hagenstedt 2014 v1.0

Welcome to the Small Hagenstedt! They are ambitious, love to sit at the wheel of an agricultural machine and enjoy working outdoors. Then is the Map Small Hagenstedt for them just right.

The farm has been completely redesigned the map was with (highway code) Traffic signs of Nick98.1 equipted lights it also has get (Map lights required). In the city is a is a Skymarkt and a small weekly market added a new Dealer is also recovered. Also, a new country trade has come close to the harbor to. The port was rebuilt and has a ship bekommen.Am station itself an industrial area has settled. On the whole map a texture update was made.

Download: Small Hagenstedt 2014 v1.0 []
Download: Small Hagenstedt 2014 v1.0 []

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