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Nov 13

BGA extension v3.0

BGA extension v3.0

At the end of the conversion Marathon: The BGAextension. Welcome to the LS15.

With the BGAextension the operation of a biogas plant in LS life and realism is breathed.

The Mod upgraded the existing building on the standard script biogas plants on BGAextension level. That is it required no changes to the Maps! MP also works.

While the normal BGA was (almost) around it only the sales agent for silage with a bit of scenery, it is with the BGA extension to a system whose operation should be operated with a little common sense and planning.

The operation and information is output to the Befülltrigger for the digestate or walking on the feed chamber. The system is automated in the morning and evening fed by 8 and 20 clock. The amount you can on the control trigger within limits set. Depending on whether you prefer efficient (high Faul grade) or high throughput (more money per time, but less money per substrate used) want to run the plant. Below are also the TS content in the fermenter and the current generator power.
Sell / commissioning

Purchasing and commissioning have been revised significantly from V2.0.

First you have to take the BGA in operation. This happens at the same places as the operation. Thus, a start-up is a fairly expensive operation, and effort means money. This requires a lot of art are made, a pile of paperwork done and last but not least a fair amount of inoculum from neighboring BGAs are rangekarrt. Long story short: It costs money. And not little. But you get a system that is already feeding halfway reasonable and angefängt to produce gas.

Before buying you can select the size of the plant. 100% corresponds to a large courtyard. The value can you between 50% (small courtyard) and 300% (corn extermination factory) vary. Note: For installations> 100% the costs increase significantly! In addition, and just as in real life, the basic remuneration slightly lowered and also no manure bonus granted (see below)

The costs for the commissioning of a 100% Plant are 240,000 €. The first sounds a lot, but has two reasons: First, you do not throw a BGA so on from Jokus and secondly as a plant produces to start filling and start feeding themselves without already a certain amount of gas / money. If you have already purchased the plant in the past and it is a starved “only” costs then reopening significantly less. Fall on Maps with built mapBuyableObjects also the first time only the start-up costs, since I assume that already incurred costs for the acquisition by the MBO.

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Nov 07

BaleFeed Mod v1.0

BaleFeed Mod v1.0

With the BaleFeed-Mod itself bales can also einfüttern or sprinkle without mixer feeders. As almost always, put them into the mods folder and you’re done.

This works (currently) so that the normal FeedingTroughTipTrigger of cowshed, sheep grazing, etc. The bales accept. If you move the bales on a front loader or trailer in the trigger, the contents of the bales is accepted by the trigger and there is space in the barn, then its content will be completely transferred to the Viehaltung and deleted the bales.

It will be taken only whole bales. Currently you can livestock thus overfill something but nothing makes. It lost nothing.

Why this script? Because I found something very silly to me specially to buy a diet feeder to be able anreichen only my sheep hay bales. In real life, this also makes each with front loader + pocket knife. Who wants to produce compound feed, of course, still needs a mixer. For these things are for. But just to open a few bales that’s just complete overkill.

MP is tested on dedi + LAN.

Download: BaleFeed Mod v1.0 []

Nov 05

Netherlands Special v1.0

Netherlands Special v1.0

Hello everyone,
Here is for all of you the Netherlands special V1 map for farming simulator 15th
This map is based on the Netherlands from pictures found on google.
This is a rebuild from the Netherlands Special 2014 map from FS13
There a multiple farms and a contractor so its a good map for multi player.

Extra information;
You can load fertilizer at the country trade.
You can sell straw / hay bales and at the country trade.
You can buy seeds at the country trade.
You can sell your eggs at the coutrytrade
You can buy trees at the countryside trade
You can sell al the crops at the country trade.
Wheat, Barely, Canola, Corn, Potatoes, Sugar beets,
What can you find in the map;
2 Cow farms
Sheep farm
Vehicle shop
Country trade
Crop storage
Potatoes farm
Sugar beet farm
I would like to thank al the modders for using Their objects, buildings, textures ..
I hope i do not forget someone in my credits, if i forgot you i am sorry but i can use it thanks did

Download: Netherlands Special v1.0 []

Oct 06

Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3 (First Release)

A map with a half and half variety of hills and flat land. The roads are raised with a ditch like effect. This map contains
9 fields (2 owned) and each field has two field approaches diagonal of eachother, approaches can be seen on map view. Points of sale for
crops, eggs and wool. Traffic and milk truck are also included. Also contains the standard crops plus soybean, straw from soybean, sunflower and alfalfa.
Alfalfa is meant to be cut only and used as a grass crop (MultiMowing V 1:01 or similar). There is storage at the main farm for all crops
plus grass, hay, straw, chaff, silage, and forage (no storage for alfalfa unless converted to grass).
There are also different fertilizer triggers for each of the 7 types from the Soil Mod (fertilizer A,B,C, herbicide A,B,C and lime(kalk)).
Also a wash bay, bale conveyor, weigh scale, water station, and extra manure storage is located on the main farm.
Map contains cows, sheep and chickens with water mod for all. Wool pallet collector is also installed.
This isn’t the most highly detailed map loaded with objects but everything that was done I tried to do well. All icons are properly placed where needed.
SoilMod and ChoppedStraw are not entirely necessary mods but without the SoilMod there will be minor warnings in the log.
Also just the zip files are needed from SoilMod– and ChoppedStraw–
If your familiar with the mod this map has the config. xml and lua installed with the needed fruit conversions but one would still need
the mod .
A couple notes: (Main farm shed doors that aren’t open do NOT open but they do offer NO collision.)
(Farm weight scale in multiplayer- weight scale may not work if driven on with tractor that has a front weight attached.)
Hope you enjoy!!!

Download: Green View Farms v3 []
Download: Green View Farms v3 []

Sep 30

A Hagenstedt v0.5

A Hagenstedt v0.5

I know another edited Hagenstedt. Since this is my first mod I wanted to keep it simple and make sure I was able to upload a mod. It took me years to figure out how to work with Giants Editor. Thanks to forum help and tutorials I ‘m finally able to present a map. Hope you enjoy.

New grass, maize and potato textures by zefir POLAND. I added feed by storage pwl8600. The feed shed is by Neurotek. There are 2 one at mainfarm the other at cow farm. Changed fields now there are 40 so removed collision of trees by fields 13 14 15 16 20 21 Added a few farmer short cuts, 2 near cow barn, 1 to freight yard, field 1 to 7 and 1 field from 38 to sheep farm. way added manure mod by TMT. Added 2 hay / straw barns to sell hay and straw bales, grass seed, chaff, ie grass, drygrass, wheat and barley_windrow. 1 at cow farm and sheep farm at first So chaff added to Bio Fuel. Beefed up all windrows and thickened grass.

Milk and pick up missions are quietly working, all things from original Hagenstedt are working. All default crops are used.

Download: A Hagenstedt v0.5 []
Download: A Hagenstedt v0.5 []

Sep 18

Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP]

Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP]

Hayes Truck 5-axes. Towing ROADS TRAINS and carriage for large machines. recommended adjustable counterweight on the button 5 Very to use with the pack of J & D car. Tested on different cards and PC

J&D Modding

Download: Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP] []
Download: Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP] []

Sep 15

Brantner Z18051 Trailers Pack v 1.0

Brantner Z18051 Trailers Pack v 1.0

The Pack contains the turntable version and a matching tandem version

– Lighting v 3.1.2
– Driving Particle System
– Wheel Particle System
– Variable Body (Cover on / off mixable)
– Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugarbeets, potatoes, maize, chaff, manure, grass, hay, straw, silage, compound feed, oats, rye, spelled, millet, sunflower, onions, carrots, seed, fertilizer, lime, wood chips

Authors: Hoschi97, speedy77, madabub (NKB Modding), Giants, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Geri-G, Fruktor

Download: Brantner Z18051 Trailers Pack v 1.0 []
Download: Brantner Z18051 Trailers Pack v 1.0 []

Sep 08

Dodge Ram 4×4 Forest v1.0

Dodge Ram 4x4 Forest v1.0

Manufacturer: Dodge Ram 2500
Engine: 5.7L HEMI V8, 350 hp / 257 kW, 509 Nm at 4200 r / min
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Fuel consumption urban transport \ highway \ combined (estimated)
17.8 L / 100 km \ 12.8 L / 100 km \ 15.6 L / 100 km (5.7L / 2WD)
Regular Cab (2-door) / Long box with an exterior length of 5,834 mm


For the transport
Potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, sugar beets, oats, rye, barley, spelled, sunflower, turnip greens, cherries, apples, plums, onions, strawberries, pears, cucumbers, oranges, tomatoes, fruit wine, jam, carrots, chopped, silage, hay, grass, straw
Important: Patch 2.1 required at least
What is needed is the Forstmod.

Download: Dodge Ram 4×4 Forest v1.0 []
Download: Dodge Ram 4×4 Forest v1.0 []

Sep 08

Case IH Jumbo

Case IH Jumbo

Author: TSL

Maximum speed: 42 km/h, the volume of the body: 47300l. Digital speedometer and tachometer, compass, front linkage, tow bar, mirror (LMB / RMB), adjustable front flap, rotary axis, dynamic exhaust. Used for selection of rolls of hay, straw, grass, and also for the transportation of wheat, barley, maize, silage feed, wood chips, feed, manure, potato and sugar beet. Unloading animation and wings, leaves traces on the road after leaving the field. Luminaires, gang emergency blinkers, flashers, dust from the wheels, washable. For version 2.0 and higher of the game.

Download: Case IH Jumbo []
Download: Case IH Jumbo []

Sep 06

Hilken HI 2250 SMK v 1.1 Blue

Hilken HI 2250 SMK v 1.1 Blue

– Capacity 18500 l
– Tandem suspension with swing axle
– Light script
– Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potatoes, sugarbeets, grass, hay, straw, silage, mixed ration, manure, fertilizer, wood chips

Authors: mailman, Sven777b

Download: Hilken HI 2250 SMK v 1.1 Blue []
Download: Hilken HI 2250 SMK v 1.1 Blue []

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