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Jul 29

Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

The map is in 4 farms:
– NW Farm – horses
– NE Farm – hogs
– SW Farm – beef
– SE Farm – dairy, sheep and chickens

– The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel
– You can storage dump at all 4 farms, you can only load at the grain complex, grain and the vegetables you have to load at NE farm 3
– You have 3 grain elevators to sell at Pioneer, MFA, Cargill
– The vegetable is sold at the Bed and Breakfast, Hoss supermarket, and farmers market
– There are 2 lakes, Missouri river, creek, 2 trains, 2 towns, airport, manure, mist, kalk mod and weeds

You need to unzip and the the unzip file is a map mod zip file and that need to unzip they are 11 mods. You should have 12 mods total

Author: jb3pc4sale

Download: Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0 []

Jul 22

Kleine SF 065 MR

Kleine SF 065 MR

– Lighting v 3.1
– Driving particle system
– Real exhausting particle system
– Washable
– Capacity 32600 l
– Fruits: potato, sugarbeet, onion, carrot

Download: Kleine SF 065 MR []
Download: Kleine SF 065 MR []

Jul 03

Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR

Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR

Dear Agricultural Simulator community,

I hereby present you my version of the standard trailer “Krampe BB” is available.
Since I have adapted it to my taste, I have also permitted to name it after my nick.
The trailer is a true “custom” part that has not everyone in the yard icon smile Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR

In the future, more and more masses must be moved over longer distances in the shortest possible time periods.
The tridem tippers Big Body ® 900 is currently the biggest tippers from the house KRAMPE.
The tub, however, was completely redesigned. Innovative ideas, profound knowledge and rich experience of the home KRAMPE were collected.
Many suggestions from discussions with farmers and contractors were added and which ultimately led to the new boat form.
This offers many advantages:
By the curved design of the side walls and by the particularly narrow configuration of the lateral rod has been brought to an optimum load capacity. Compared to the previous model, the sink in by 8 cm wide.
The cylinder of the hydraulic tailgate are retracted transport position.
The frame crown is above flush when overloading no pivot bearing is in the way. The side walls (St 52, 4 mm thick) are each manufactured from one piece.
By folding of extracting the optimum out of rigidity of the material. Same time, the number of welds and cavities are reduced.
By eliminating unnecessary changes the Big Body ® offers tub by its elegant appearance and also reduces the weight.

It is washable
Hydraulic hoses are coupled
Digital display on the front hanger
tire dust
PTO shaft (also combines with the hour tractors)
Lighting approved according to § 16 KFG
Variable construction: approx 59870 liters without bodywork, and with construction: approx 67000 liters

Multi Fruit Ready:

compound feed

Download: Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR []
Download: Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR []

Jun 02



Hier einige Planen von den Standard- und Multifrucht-Früchten. Alle gleiche Skalierung, randlos, 512×512 im DDS- und PNG-Format.

English: Some textures. All same scale, borderless and 512×512 pixels.

Folgende 22 Fruchtsorten sind dabei: apfel, barley*, birne, carrot, cucumber, greenwheat*, kalk, kies, kirsche, maize*, millet*, onion, orange, pea, pflaume, potato*, rape*, sand, soybean, sugarBeets, tomato und wheat*.

* Diese Planen sind soweit ich mich erinnern kann nur leicht veränderte Giants-Texturen.

Die Texturen (sofern nicht von Giants) dürfen ohne meine Einwilligung in Fahrzeugen und Maps verwendet werden.

Credits: mor2000
Einige der Texturen sind nur leicht veränderte Giants-Texture


Jun 01



Krampe BS900 MultiFruit – Beta Sample
– Just one of 4 trailers (pack) that I’ve been working on for months.
– Completely gone through all the textures and particles and re-photoshopped 95% of them.
– Add missing xml code and fixed numerous errors.
– Everything has been tested except the following … any windrow that isn’t Wheat, Barley, or Grass … plus Grit, Red & White Cabbage … everything else has been tested quite extensively =)

Fruits supported are as follows ….
1 – Wheat
2 – Canola
3 – Corn
4 – Barley
5 – Chaff
6 – Potato
7 – Sugar Beets
8 – Oat Windrow
9 – Rye Windrow
10 – Hemp Windrow
11 – Pea Windrow
12 – Soybean Windrow
13 – Triticale Windrow
14 – Dinkel Windrow
15 – Wheat Windrow
16 – Barley Windrow
17 – Grass Windrow
18 – Cotton
19 – Blackeye Peas
20 – Peanuts
21 – Plums
22 – Kohlrabi
23 – Cherries
24 – Hops
25 – Strawberries
26 – Apples
27 – Manure
28 – Silage
29 – Lime
30 – Fertilizer
31 – Seeds
32 – Dinkel
33 – Hemp
34 – Oat
35 – Millet
36 – Sorghum
37 – Carrots
38 – Poppy
39 – Rye
40 – Soybean
41 – Sunflower
42 – Triticale
43 – Peas
44 – Sand
45 – Gravel
46 – Grit
47 – Onion
48 – Rice
49 – Redcabbage
50 – Whitecabbage
51 – Greenwheat
52 – Cucumber
53 – Tomato
54 – Forage
55 – Forage_Mixing

The crazy part is … most of these crop have their own custum fillPlanes, particles, etc. … yeah … that’s a boat load of work on top of that these tippers have 3 discharge areas (use toggle-tipping mod to check them all out).

If you could test the additional windrows for me and let me know if they work correctly … I’d appreciate it.

I released this early so you have something to use with the John Deere 9770 STS & Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit while I’m working on the other 3 tippers =)

Credits: Tipper Mod – Dimanix
New Textures, Particles, Code Correction, Testing, etc. – RealDairyFarmer


May 28



Multi fruit trailer
Fruit types are as follows:
wheat rape maize barley chaff manure silage potato sugarbeet grass_windrow forage wheat_windrow barley_windrow tomato onion cucumber carrot apple (Apple) sunflower
Capacity 100,000 Liters
This mod is by No Means original all i have done is add some new fruits and change the wheels to match the kenworth truck Cat.
original mod which created by getsome2030 and was kind enough to allow me to post my version with the new fruit types
All new fruit types have fruit planes and particle system, please forgive me for the apple particle it’s atrocious but it is what i had available at them time.
All credit for original trailer other then my small Refinements goes to getsome2030, thank you GFor to outstanding mod and Allowing me to post my small Refinements

Credits: Getsome2030


May 22

Multimap v1.0 BETA

Multimap v1.0 BETA

Hi LS Fans
I want to introduce my map today.
It is the Multimap in beta version . It is a multi-fruit Map with all standart fruits, such as oats , millet, rye, poppy seeds, rice , spelled, soy , sunflower , peas , triticale, wheat Green , red cabbage, white cabbage , carrots, onions , cucumbers and tomatoes.
The map is mostly flat , with a few Erhebungen.Felder are purchasable .
The vehicles will set back , the PDA would have so stimmen.Es are 29 ads in PDA, not which is then excited.
In addition, production facilities for the manufacture of sugar , flour, beer , sausage , dairy and bakery products are installed on the map. From rape and sunflower biodiesel can werden.Dieser can be obtained at gas stations for money.
There is a large warehouse and logistics center to support the harvesting and production of goods and to the markets to verteilen.Es are 3 Edeka markets and an inn.
Also a gravel pit is present on the map, the bulk goods can be sold at the site werden.Die earth at the nursery.
The hops for the brewery you can buy at the port, but be careful at the beginning of the game when there is little money left ist.Der hop is teuer.Der beer sales pays for itself but still.
The map is built specifically for agriculture with great art, such as a logistics vans, only those who take long journeys purchase is at this map richtig.Ich that would play in multiplayer recommend , but who wants it can have only yes versuchen.Es yes not all the fields are ordered.
Therefore, there is also on this map no cows , sheep and chickens . But a pig and cattle fattening to the sausage production sure to stellen.Milch is still produced on a farm with cows not standart . You bring out silage and can get milk for it. Since these cattle throughout the year are out does not produce any dung and liquid manure, who needs it a lot else gets it at the Mastanlagen.Wer feeds animals can still go to the horse farm and bring food out there .

Then you can still at the small mill at the port, country store and at the distillery of his harvest rid of them.
Lots of bells and whistles is not installed , it must also still a lot going werden.Ich embellished on the landscape set up a grill and a bench just not in front of each house , as you in the game anyway can not use and a lot of decoration much power nimmt.Wie already mentioned , it is a beta and there are not yet all things 100 % complete .
Planned things for the next version :
less sales to the kerbside
something more natural , other textures
beautify the land may be somewhat more
Fields slightly hillier
for the future: In the logistics warehouse pallets are stored with the load and be sent können.Verladung with fork lift truck. The function tests for this are already successful.
First of all: Should the Commission come again what does that have to do with agriculture, we have building materials in the LS , such as the fire department Fans.Warum not , a barn can even burn times and also the farmer grows something. Now he produces things that go into the wide world and that too often a logistics trucks and a Lager.Wer does not want to please not only load to complain to , you can also only farmer on the map.
I’ve built the map for me and want to share with you , like in multiplayer .
Also, suggestions and requests from the comments I would like to be incorporated into the next version .

Download: Multimap v1.0 BETA []
Download: Multimap v1.0 BETA []

May 15

Volvo NL 12 + Trailer v 2.0

Volvo NL 12 + Trailer v 2.0

Volvo NL 12 Truck with Trailer
Trailer can by load: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, drilling, manure, silage, grass, grass windrow, wheat windrow, barley windrow, cotton, greenwheat, mohn, oat, rice, rye, sunflower, soybean, triticale, carrot, cucumber, tomato, onion, dinkel, millet


Download: Volvo NL 12 + Trailer v 2.0 []
Download: Volvo NL 12 + Trailer v 2.0 []

May 12

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2
– Added Cucumbers, Peas, and Tomatoes
– Tweaked existing FillPlanes & Particles since the last version.

Lets see …. this bad boy can now harvest the following crops:
1 – Sugar Beets
2 – Carrots
3 – Onions
4 – Cherries
5 – Plums
6 – Apples
7 – Strawberries
8 – Kohlrabi
9 – Hops
10 – Peas
11 – Cucumbers
12 – Tomatoes

I could easily add Red/White Cabbage but since it won’t render correctly I’m not going to since I have to make them nonrenderable (… bugs the crap out of me to release something that doesn’t fully work … only the Particle and FillPlane would be visible). To be honest, I couldn’t find to many maps that support those crops so there’s another good reason =)

Download: Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2 []
Download: Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2 []

May 12

Lemken 27 Fert

Lemken 27 Fert

– Capacity – 8000l
– Width – 27m
– Dungeon Crops: All standard Crops + Sunflowers, soybeans, sorghum, millet, oats, rye, triticale greenwheat Dinkel, rice, carrots, onions, cotton, poppy, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, white / red / cabbage, sugarcane, mushrooms , coffee, apples, hops, honeymelon, grapes, eggplant, hemp, cherries, plums, strawberries and kohlrabi.

Download: Lemken 27 Fert []
Download: Lemken 27 Fert []

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