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Jul 16

Dalciowo Map

Dalciowo Map

– 1 farm
– Buying all crops
– Shop
– Milkmaid who receives milk from the farm
– Chicken, geese, ducks, rabbits, guinea
– Selling eggs at a neighbor
– Feeding hens
– Cows that are fed in the barn
– Making in the stable
– Pasture near the farm
– Grass, fed cows
– Manure, liquid manure
– Fertilizers, sprays, fuel
– Lime loaded turem
– Buying bales in the barn
– Super silo
– Hinged door
– Bought box
– 6 Fields and meadow
– Mud on the road
– Cellar in which pour beets and potatoes
– Seeds
– Mod night
– Other scripts

Author: mati4859

Download: Dalciowo Map []
Download: Dalciowo Map []

Jun 21

Ingo Map v3.0

Ingo Map v3.0

-Where one sugar factory in V2, there is now a market
Chickens running around the yard to box 16
-Kuhzone was changed, straw in the barn abladbar
and general detail work, such as eg. Butterflies, mushrooms, etc.
-Besides the Kuhzone was moved to the Hotel from the farm
And nartürlich is a thank you to the modders whose objects were installed
so, that’s it with the text, the rest you should explore yourself. MfG Ingo210578
one more thing: this Map_V_3 is not yet complete … :)
Comments can be submitted that have a meaning and are Factually, in insults, I will report it purely from the front
So now I wish you all a lot of fun exploring the map … :)

Download: Ingo Map v3.0 []
Download: Ingo Map v3.0 []

Jun 17

Jedlanka v3

Jedlanka v3

Hi I seem to you a map called “Jedlanka”!
Please read the information below :)

Map features:
– Small box
– Farm (grass for the cows in the barn pour)
– Manure and manure v2
– 3D Trees
– New textures
– Dear Wild 3D
– Hilly terrain

The map is the small machine.

Author: MajorKupricz

Download: Jedlanka v3 []
Download: Jedlanka v3 []

Jun 14

Bomford Hedge trimmer

Bomford Hedge trimmer

This is a hedge trimmer which can be used to cut the cuttable hedges on the Broadwoods map by SamN Modding which was part of the Map Mania competition.

Functions are very limited, as it is based on an attachable forage harvester (attachableCombine) It unfolds to one position, and can not be moved then, but it is the right hieght for cutting the hedges. More animations will be added at a later stage depending on its success.

To operate the hedge trimmer, hitch it up, press X to unfold, then B to power it up. It will not unfold if you power it up first. The trimmer also needs to be lowered. It is lowered by default when you attach it, and it will say in the F1 help box if it is lowered or not.

This trimmer cuts hedge, cow parsley (big flowers beside the hedge) and grass, so it can be used on other maps too.

The help box says you can press O to raise the pipe, this does not do anything, and is just there as it is part of the attachableCombine scripts.

Feel free to build on this work and make it better, its kind of an unfinished project, but I need to release it now due to work commitments and the Map Mania voting.

Download: Bomford Hedge trimmer []
Download: Bomford Hedge trimmer []

May 12

Steyr 80 Series v1.0

Steyr 80 Series v1.0

– STEYR 8070:
– Front dish bucket (front box) with hitch
– STEYR 8080: – Front hitch with weight
– FL-console
– STEYR 8090: – Front Linkage + PTO klapbar
– Common FEATURES: – IC control,
– Animated tank, temperature, speedometer
– Fender degradable (from the outside with “R” KEY)
– Duals (fade in) front / rear BUTTON 7/8
– Working light, front / rear
– New Sounds
– And much more.

green builders

Download: Steyr 80 Series v1.0 []
Download: Steyr 80 Series v1.0 []

Apr 02

JoPimMap v6.0

JoPimMap v6.0

It is a converted Hagenstedt!

39 fields
Sale stations:
– Port
– Land Commercial
– Schlachhof
– Restaurant
– Freight station
– Garden Centre
– spinning
– mill
( – Dairy )
3 Mähbare meadows
2 Start fields
Pig and cattle fattening
Cattle grazing on the farm
small BGA on the farm
large BGA zukaufbar
Abbreviations to section 8 and to the freight depot
Rounder fields , adapted to landscape
Open slaughterhouse of 6-22 clock
Garages and warehouses with gates to open ( key o)
Small Field border huts with trigger to fill the fertilizer and Saatmaschienen
Mixing stations with rotating and extendable Entladerüssel
( To achieve Tend to your livestock with water to more productivity) WaterMod
Wool pallet stocker
feed storage
Scoreboard with Silofüllständen
Many storage facilities on the farm for a large fleet
Manure and slurry sale at the Regional Trade
Manure, straw and Heuverkauf at the garden center
Fillable farm diesel tank
Dynamic diesel prices ( see prices at petrol station)
Car wash and gas station next to large agricultural machinery dealers
Only Mähmissionen available
Wither is OFF
Away Some collisions at field Middle trees

Changelog from v5.1 to v6.0:
Adapted of landscape
Feed storage rebuilt ( No stock more for feed , as can also be tilted back into the compound feed plant back )
Silage sales away (This again is the price at the BGA silage no longer in the basement )
Built fence at the country store
Start vehicles changed little
Removed more collisions of field Middle trees
PDA display for straw and Heuverkauf disabled , thus no great demand more then
Here and there a few little things

Required Mods:
Transportation for pigs and cattle
Tipper can load the manure , silage and mixed feed
Slurry manure transporter for sale

Patch 2.0 or higher nessesary

To use the large BGA you will first need to buy ( this is done by you buy box 6) , Sales Trigger is located right in front of the roller door of the BGA .
The slaughterhouse only works in two shifts , so it is open only 6-22 clock . A delivery outside the opening times is not possible.
To use the Hoftankstelle these must first be filled with diesel
The washer only works with washable mods !

Download: JoPimMap v6.0 []
Download: JoPimMap v6.0 []

Mar 25

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0

Power: 240 l / c, speed: 85 km / h Manual ignition, six-speed manual gearbox ( Kl.5/Kl.6 ) , handbrake , sound, mirrors, tow hitch . Opened the door ( inside and outside ) , hood opens manually (Num.8), animation dashboard fan mudguards . Lighting fixtures, high beam , cabin lighting , controlled spotlight- seeker emergency gang , turn signals, the dust from the wheels , washable .
Body volume : 17,500 l .
Transporting wheat, barley, canola , corn , potatoes, sah.sveklu , millet , rye , poppy seeds, soybeans, spelled , oats, grass, hay, straw , fodder corn , silage , fodder , manure .

The game requires a license


Modell by Marc85
AttacherSetRpm by Sven777b
Beleuchtung311 by Sven777b
controlI3DAnim by Sven777b
Beifahrer by Alex2009
Rotors by Alex2009
DrivingParticleSystem by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
ES-Limiter by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Lanes by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Washable by Manuel Leithner
Wipers by Manuel Leithner
Gearbox6 by Blacky_BPG
VehicleControls by Blacky_BPG
ParkingBrake by Blacky_BPG
RadsturzV2 by modelleicher
realExhaustParticleSystem by modelleicher
realSteerAngles by modelleicher
manualIginition by Xentro
MMSuchlicht by MMAgrarservice
ShowHelp by Skullman
Sound by Templaer
WheelDirtSpecialization by John Deere 6930

Download: Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0 []
Download: Ural 4320 SLP Edition v 1.0 []

Feb 18

MTZ stogomet & PTS furgon Pack v 1.0

MTZ stogomet & PTS furgon Pack v 1.0

MTZ stogomet & PTS furgon Pack v 1.0

In the pack includes Stogomet based on MTZ-80 and two trailers Title: MTZ-stogomet (dimensions tailored to the real / -) Title Box (dimensions tailored to the real / -), intended for the carriage of: straw, grass and silage.

Unzip the archive.

The game requires a license


MTZ-stogomet: Model / Textures / The Game: ALEXANDER (BAUER), Resize (/ -): ANDREI1994
Title Box: Authors: LSSA Modding Team, implementation in FS2013/redaktirovanie: ANDREI1994

Download: MTZ stogomet & PTS furgon Pack v 1.0 []
Download: MTZ stogomet & PTS furgon Pack v 1.0 []

Feb 02

ModCommander v 1.6.1

ModCommander v 1.6.1

ModCommander v 1.6.1

Description ** **
With this application you can easily change
path to the directory of all mods and mods on and off individually.

How to use ** **
Starting with the fact that the program is started for the first time:

– Go to the directory:
1. Put all the fashion in the new request catalog
2. Start ModCommander
3. Via “…” Button select the new directory; Select Active
4. Click Save

– Turn on and off mods
1. Choose your mod directory (if you want to use the default, simply check the box “Active”)
2. If necessary, click the “Update”
3. Select events to list
4. Click “Enable” and “Disable” to turn on and off mods

This software is provided “as is”. You use it at your own risk.

You need. NET Framwork 3.5. Windows XP users must
download and install it manually:

Changes ** 1.6 **
Version 1.5 has not been released, so I have listed here are just two versions: 1.6 * – comparison and may be downloaded from Mod to Servers 1.5 – Fix:. Column width in the main window has been initialized correctly nich. – Fix: Several Italian translation added – Fixed: display or hide a note in the start dialog does not work correctly in some cases – Fixed: Additional information is not updated correctly – New translations: French and Spanish – New icon – fashion and can include off in the details pane (user request) – Automatic updates when “Show names” is checked. – The results window is displayed in which the saving modes used (purchased) is. – No matter what list you double click on the record, you can dialogue is always in the details all in turn. – Performance and stability improvements – Fixed some minor bugs – French translation improved (Merci ZeParker07)

Download: ModCommander v 1.6.1 []

Jan 30

Bednar Airtec seeder for Xerion v1.0

Bednar Airtec seeder for Xerion v1.0

Prototype of a Airseeders with saddle tank for the Xerion Saddletrac 3800
Direct seeding, fertilizing function. Seeding and fertilizing in one operation without prior tillage. Working width of 13.5 m.
Maintenance 11 € / day
The mods based on the standard features of the Giants, that is, the Cart is virtually filled with seed and the Fertibox serves as a sprayer and is filled with Fertilizer.
(The mod there is not real, therefore prototype)

Beta version (it’s not animated anything

siwus, knagsted

Download: Bednar Airtec seeder for Xerion v1.0 []

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