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Jan 04

Minimap 2015 v1.0

Minimap 2015 v1.0

Minimap 2015!
A small map, good for single player and multiplayer!
2 big fields and 2 small with grass!
1 Field with maize near the BGA!
1 Field with barley near the farm
Animals : Cows and chickens!
Crops : Original!
New field textures!
There might be some errors with the PDA and some textures!

Download: Minimap 2015 v1.0 []

Jan 02

Knuston Farm for 2015

Knuston Farm for 2015

Knuston farm is a map more or less based on real life, its an area of chosen land from right out of my back door and some where I know like the back of my hand. The main farm in real life is actually called Knuston High Farm and are an old farming business that has been going for a long long time, there business is pretty much arable farming and even though have there own land they also do a lot of contracting around large parts of Northamptonshire. I have kept the map layout as real as possible with all fields being in the correct position by making a map tattoo from a scale 2km by 2km print screen of that area, I have also used a modified version of the DEM for this map. Keeping with real life the map is mostly geared up for arable farming which is obvious from the layout though there is some grass to be cut as well.

How have I done my map and why
After starting various other map projects and failing to complete them for various reasons I decided to ask myself questions over map making, I worked out what I wanted in a map and for what the map would be used for. I did not buy a forestry game so I have not added anything for forestry, I don’t use the BGA features so I have not added them.

Need to know
This map and as always has been aimed at creating luscious scenery full of greenery just like in life, so the use of trees, bushes and hedges is very high and in fact there is near on or about 4500 trees in this map, so please understand that a decent computer medium to high spec will be needed to play on higher settings.

Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
Few natural sounds added
All foliage is altered in shape and size as well as textures changed
Cows, sheep and chickens implemented
Chopped straw mod added, original swathes have also been altered to look more tidy and fuller
Yard cluttered with tools, objects and decals
All gates open and shut manually
100 gold coins to collect
Buyable fields with custom buy signs

Areas of interest

Main Farm
Your main farm for all your arable needs, plenty of sheds to store all your equipment and keep the locked away via sliding doors. Area to store/sell your bales, Dump your grain quickly or tip your load in the appropriate sheds.

Your career start location, a large old cottage style house at the centre of the map. This house features a garage and a large rear garden with plenty of outdoor toys.

You have three locations for animals, all quite close to your main home. A large chicken coop, Sheep can be looked after for the gain of wool, Cows can be milked and looked after to achieve animal bi products to use on your fields.

Market place
This area includes the sell place for all fruits/products of the map, its also the place to buy your new equipment.

Download: Knuston Farm for 2015 []

Dec 24

The Alps v1.031

The Alps v1.031

Wellcome to all-new The Alps map for Farming Simulator 15! Challenge yourself under extreme conditions and proof did-you-can deal with cruel Alpine world. HOWEVER, Alps are not just raw and ruthless. Mountains offers you nicest views you can find and are full of green valleys and white-peak mountains. Grass, cereals, forest and breeding animals are your opportunity to make a fortune and become major Alpine farmer and landowner.
The Alps 15 is remake of LS13’s version of The Alps map.

ZIP size: 355 MB
i3D size: 12 MB
Shapes size: 21 MB
PDA map included
Error-free mod
Middle to high performance PC required
Version changelog

Release version 1.031:
– liquid manure capacity changed to 60.000 liters
– manure heap capacity changed to 100.000 liters
– added grain, potato and sugar beet sell trigger
– added vehicle sell point
– cow navigation mesh adjusted
– vehicle reset point changed
– serveral terrain and texture fixes

For any support and news please visit:
FB: Kirezagar
Website: LS-SLO

Download: The Alps v1.031 []

Dec 24

Save Game Editor LS 2015 V 1.0

Save Game Editor LS 2015 V 1.0

-rewrite all base code
-Automatic detection animals
-support for standard and mod map
-support old Farming simulator 2013 savegame

just press “Load Save Game” button, then locate your save game folder;
set all new value by click and write
Press “Write Changes” button to save modification


Download: Save Game Editor LS 2015 V 1.0 []

Dec 05

Bjorn country v2.0

Bjorn country v2.0

Bjorn country is my first version of the default map. Hope you enjoy.
The map start with no collection of milk so you can sell it yourself with the milk trailer included in the map
The map is a remake of the first default map for the 2015th
The map has got all the livestock on the farm or near.
include storage for all fruits with belts and the manure storage has the bail to manure mod built in to it.
fermenting silos, reshaped main fields, water for animals, and there is my fav part on the farm the bridge Which has water collection under this. So mix station built in to the cow feeding troth, time-controlled gate for the grain elevator Which buy everything Which does not show in the pda.

Download: Bjorn country v2.0 []

Nov 14

WoGC Farming Map v1.2

WoGC Farming Map v1.2

WoGC Farming Map V1.2
The map is currently under construction.
This version of Bjorn Holm was found by WoGC Hosting Adapted and edited so that even large farmers place in the halls.
The Court of Bjorn Holm was Rebuilt so that on the farm all animals-being as well as several large halls.
The v2 is already under construction.

What is planned for v2:
Pigs come to
Map triggers are inserted,
The farm is once again rebuilt and slightly enlarged,
Forest Place is set up,
and so much more
let yourself be surprised.
My special thanks to modders with:
My special thanks to modders with:

The map must not, I repeat not, without my permission, be made in other forums or hosters available.

The map must not, I repeat not, without my permission, be made in other forums or hosters available.

Download: WoGC Farming Map v1.2 []

Oct 30

Westerrade v1.2 MR

Westerrade v1.2 MR

First I want to thank all
Have people to thank the Stetz Me page were to build this map, especially with my teammates, Alex2009, Jabba42 of FSM, Upside Down and the entire Gaming4Fun team who always had an open ear and always helped us without hesitation .An thanks also go to all the modders and scripters whose objects, textures or scripts I have installed.

now to the map:
The map is a (as good as it was possible for me) real replica of the beautiful calm sunny place Westerrade in Schleswig Holstein.Auf the map there is a lot to experience new, be it buildings, objects, etc …..

Below is the links to the galleries: L

On the map there is:
Kartoffelhof including our potato cleaning plant
(Fillable Only with the trailer)
Main Courtyard
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle
Fruit varieties: standard + clover and alfalfa
Installed Soilmod or GülleMistKalkMod
Chopped Straw Mod is installed
Installed slurry storage to Wald2
Scale with statistics
2 forests for Forstmod (no trees pre-planted)

Box sale is also at HaGe: You must set the boxes on the tape, then they are transported into the building and come back out again empty (for purified and stored in crates potatoes you get about three times)
When Aunt Emma ye your pigs,
Cattle, eggs and wool los

New in V1.2:
First of all reported bugs have been fixed
Grain storage is now recognized by CP
Expanded ClipDistancLua again
Inczeased slurry storage volume

Since there has been a small old farm in the village in which I have installed a storage location:
There you can store their straw, grass, silage, seed, fertilizer and lime.

Seed, fertilizer and lime can be found on the tube again.

Straw, grass silage and you have to refer to the feed mixer or a suitable shovel

Water is available only at the storage space, the barn or the sheep farm

HaGe there can sell you your cereal
There are only HaGe seed, fertilizer and lime
(Liquid fertilizer and seed pallets behind the building, are for where to dig too lazy)

Lime is only for shoveling
Below you can you still a spreader Download with her the dirt where dirt accumulates in the sorting sprinkle onto the pitch can if you want and use as organic fertilizer. But you can also sell on the LU Hof him

Download: Westerrade v1.2 MR []

Oct 09

Hemmeland Peninsula v1.0

Hemmeland Peninsula v1.0

Welcome to a special card, Hemmeland Peninsula! Location is very interesting, the map is surrounded in 60% of water.

The card is great. A total of 56 fields and four fields. Fields are medium and small. These larger, there are fewer.
Some are irregular in shape, but most are in the form of a square, so that makes the job easier.
We do not buy boxes! On the farm a place where we buy is all fields. Convenient option, but it requires money. I would recommend chopper and one tractor for sale at the beginning.

There is also a BGA, our farm, country store, an interesting area, start vehicles, animals (cows only), and more …
Works very well on the low poly PC’s.

Download: Hemmeland Peninsula v1.0 []
Download: Hemmeland Peninsula v1.0 []

Sep 20

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014
by TLS ModdingAndiScaniaMoppel Agricultural Service Möller
You can expect a natural landscape in an idyllic location, a village in the East Prignitz, a place where time stood still ist.Was has changed – New John Deere dealer New BGA changed fields – many upgrades (which in 20 years as modified) – Chopped straw mod installed as standard much more … Just allow your soul, between lakes and fields dangle something and enjoys playing the unique atmosphere of this Gegend.Ihr take over a former LPG which is fully functional and leads them into the modern Agrarwirtschaft.Übernehmt responsibility for the former employee, the animals and the Landschaft.Modernisiert the fleet and enjoy the workflow from seed to harvest.
The map has a few new features erweitert.Eine Pig has been added, the Me livestock system has moved and has been completely erneuert.Der country trade was a more appropriate old grain marketing ersetzt.Es many new farms were created, lanes more realistic, newly created some fields, it is a potato traders to come as a new outlet, the landscape was embellished with lots of little details and enriched by the new village “Tornow”, but let yourself be surprised ….

Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []
Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []

Sep 20

Parana Map 2013 Final

Parana Map 2013 Final

The map was reformulated version of the pro FS11 FS13 has some news!
We have two large areas of new planting, to be played with great implemntos,
we have to care for the animals, such as cows and sheep, chickens, purchasable land, a new texture soy in place of canola thanks to Farm Bozza.
Thanks also Jardel Comim for having given me a forcinha map.

Download: Parana Map 2013 Final []
Download: Parana Map 2013 Final []

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