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Aug 24

Fuhrmann Map Edited v2

Fuhrmann Map Edited v2

This is a reprint of the map Fuhrmann. The topographic map has a
completely flat. Surrounded by mountains with many trees, the vast
cultivated fields of corn, canola, barley and wheat stretch to the map
surrounded by a lush vegetation of trees varied.
Many problems were found and corrected in the original version of the map map name.
I am not satisfied with the map, I did a remake of my taste.

-> New texture (soil and fruits).
-> New time of growth.
-> New BGA by Bullgore (BGA errors were corrected).
-> New COWZOONE – Main Farm with:
-> New cowzone
-> Large garages
-> Station grains:
-> Unloading grain
-> With the grain loading “supersilo” (culture just select and load)
-> Seed loading station
-> Fertilizer Station
-> Station pesticide
-> Home to live!
-> Inventory Manure mat for easy loading
-> Silos of grass and corn silage
-> 7 large sheds for cattle (closed)
-> 2 Bale store
-> New undidade gans of silos, elevators, mill, small farm (original)
-> New Parmalat milk factory (you need to manually collect the milk.
-> New “panel” of trees for long distances

X Removal of many objects of the original map
Decreased map01.i3d x 90MB to 60MB

-> new texture
-> new complex
-> new cowzone
-> bug fixed
-> new PDA

Cultures: wheat, barley, rape, maize, grass.

MAP: fireman1997
Edited by Tiago P.

Download: Fuhrmann Map Edited v2 []
Download: Fuhrmann Map Edited v2 []

Aug 24

Jokineva Edit

Jokineva Edit

Hello! This is my edit of the Jokineva Map by ValtraN111. I have changed the textures and added a couple of new fields.

Some of the features:
-Realistic grass cutting
-Realistic testures
-Silos for riginal fruits. (There are also rye, oat and sugarbeet.)

You need BGA-mods to make this work.

ValtraN111 for the map and Farmari99 for the edits
Textures: ValtraN111
Objects: ValtraN111, Venom, Haasa90 + others.

Download: Jokineva Edit []
Download: Jokineva Edit []

Aug 23

Highlands Pass

Highlands Pass is a big map with a hilly landscape.

This map is ideal for you if you are looking for a map were you can do big logging operations in the south of the map

If you got tired that you can start loading the sand in the Quarry up north and let trucks haul it south.

We also made equipment to work on the map:
- Constructionpack
- Trucks
- Loggingpack

Additional Notes
This map does not contain a farm, but it still holds the standards fruits and the new fruit sand.

Author: RTH29 & Laurens96

Download: Highlands Pass []
Download: Highlands Pass []

Aug 23

Gilibert 1800pro

Here is a Gilibert that I have edited !
Edit: Wheels, different plane for more realism
Fruits: rape, wheat, corn, barley, manure, silage, grass

Credit for the trailers goes to Giants for creating them.
fanfans2r1000 for info for edit.
Edit pack : Nocsy
Script edit: Clampit
edit : balow67

Download: Gilibert 1800pro []
Download: Gilibert 1800pro []

Aug 21



For Farming Simulator 2011
Map no animals (cows).Production of alcohol: beer, wine, plumsBrandy
The map contains the following crops: barley, wheat grass, apples, pears, plums, green grapes, blue grapes

and hops.
apples, pears, plums:needsSeeding=false
green grapes, blue grapes : allowsSeeding=true
Map includes the following modes:
Brewery-input: hops and barley. Output: Radegast (beer)
Composting: Input-barley straw, wheat straw and grass. Output-manure.
Distillery: Input-apples, pears, plums. Output-plum.
Agrofert: sale and purchase of crops.
Winery: Input-green grapes, purple grapes. Output-wine
Garden center: sales of manure and fertilizer.
Apiaries. Input sugar (buy at Agrofert). Output honey.
Mill: Input-barley, wheat. Output-flour.
Kaufaland-buys: flour, honey, beer, wine, plumsBrandy.
Pub-buys: beer, wine, plumsBrandy.
Refinery: Input-rape (buy Agrofert) Output – diesel.
Waterworks: Input-diesel, Output-water (watering trees in the orchard)
machines required packed
Purchase-buys crops.
Description in PDF

Map and building – Koudelka
Production mod- Defender

Download: FruitsMap []
Download: FruitsMap []

Aug 19

Mountain Home V1.1

Mountain Home V1.1

And finally MountainHome v1.1 has arrived. A lot of work was done. All of textures were changed and the Silage silos were fixed. I have added parallax map to some objects and trees so they look better. Also i have added some cows in the stall and also they can be feeded with that feeding mod. I have deleted much of the objects because they were to high polyed so it was laggy, now the i3d file is around 18,7 mb.
Terrain textures were changed with better one and also field textures were changed and they have new normal maps and parallax maps. Also i have fixed the bale destoyer trigger.

Fruits are original.

Old Tractor Team – Pjurgelj
MiguelFontanar1 – Spain Is Diferent
Some objects also out of Spain Is Diferent
Some oreginal objects – GIANTS Software

Download: Mountain Home V1.1 []
Download: Mountain Home V1.1 []

Aug 19

Lemken 27 MTS

Lemken 27 MTS

A massive seeder perfect for large tracts of land.It seeds all major fruits with an capacity of 9 tons and is nearly 27 metres in width.


Download: Lemken 27 MTS []
Download: Lemken 27 MTS []

Aug 19

Holton Farm

Holton Farm

Holton Farm is a small british arable and cattle farm. With 10 fields Holton Farm is easy to manage in single player.

Features -
- Manure Mod
- Traffic
- Original Fruits
- 10 fields
- Bale Mod
- Small old british yard
- Grain must be stored in the sheads using tip alternative
- Store equipment on the old land behind the yard while the sheads are full of grain during harvest

Triggers -
- Seed – Farm Yard
- Spray/Ferti – Farm Yard
- Manure – Farm Yard
- Slurry – Farm Yard
- Fuel – Farm Yard
- Bale trigger – Old land behind the yard in the cattle feed ring
- Grain sell – Farm Yard next to the cattle pens

You need the FMC map trigger.


Download: Holton Farm []
Download: Holton Farm []

Aug 19

Metsjo MetaX

Metsjo MetaX

Thank you for downloading this mod!
Here is a Annaburger that I have edited to a metsjo !
Edit : Wheels, different plane for more realism
Fruits : rape, wheat, corn, barley, manure, silage, grass, fertilizer

Model Dump: fly-master/xandl1
Model Suspension and wheels: xandl1, balow67
Texture: xandl1, balow67
Ingame / Script: xandl1/SFM-Modding (TowBall)
edit: balow67

Download: Metsjo MetaX []
Download: Metsjo MetaX []

Aug 16

6 Tonen trailer – Upgraded

6 Tonen trailer - Upgraded

I have added a reflection so it looks more like real metal. All planes were changed so they look more realistic than normal.
Also i have added washable specialization for tires

Maize, Chaff, Silage, Grass, Wheat, Sunflower, Oat, Rape, Barley, Mohn.

Textures: Kara$1395
In-Game: Kara$1395&Erwick3
Upgraded by: Pjurgelj from Old Tractor Team

Download: 6 Tonen trailer – Upgraded []
Download: 6 Tonen trailer – Upgraded []

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