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Sep 22

Orchard Farm (averycontracting-edit)

Orchard Farm (averycontracting-edit)

well its the same old fruits wheat,barley,osr,corn/maize. the fields havent changed either still medium to large size i have just added a few things like getting rid of a few sheds and adding open and close gates to most of the map i havent changed much on the old orchard farm still has fairly tight gateways.

Map – Taz 5
Base for map and Edits – Russ
Buildings – Modteam

Download: Orchard Farm (averycontracting-edit) []
Download: Orchard Farm (averycontracting-edit) []

Sep 20

Sticky: Kuusivaara -Map [MP]

Kuusivaara -Map [MP]

This is my last map for FS 2011.

-Original fruits (wheat, barley and rape)
-Realistic textures
-Realistic grass cutting
-Working PDA map

The map has also MapBGA Silos, so you have to download BGA mods to make it work correctly. You can get them with other maps. (?)

Farmari99 (me) for the map, Venom, ValtraN111, Kartturi+others for the objects and ValtraN111 for some textures.

Download: Kuusivaara -Map [MP] []
Download: Kuusivaara -Map [MP] []

Sep 20

Volvo A40D Farm Edition – V.0.2 Release

Volvo A40D Farm Edition - V.0.2 Release

Volvo A40D Farm Edition – Dumper for farmer
A realistic frame and a realistic weights, a little bit more powerful than the original (reduce in the next release).
Specialization :
– Hirable
– ArticulatedSteering
– Powershaft
– ESLimiter
– operatingHours
– dynamicExhaustingSystem
Capacity : 48 200
Standart fruits + fertilizer, manure.
One trailer and one lowtrailer attacher at the back.
Free to edit, but please, just improve it

Download: Volvo A40D Farm Edition – V.0.2 Release []
Download: Volvo A40D Farm Edition – V.0.2 Release []

Sep 19

C3T-5.4 Seeder

– Rape
– Maize
– Wheat
– Barley
– Grass

– AO Texture
– Transportmode and Workmode
– Holds 3000L of seeds, barley or wheat
– Price: €19.000

LSSA Modding Team
Model: Stefan, AndreyGunko
Textur: Stefan
Ingame: Stefan
Scripts: Stefan

Download: C3T-5.4 Seeder []
Download: C3T-5.4 Seeder []

Sep 12

Sticky: Manor Farm V2

This is the second part from griff s old farm. I asked to make this second part and he agreed.

I put one brewery and port to his map.
– It is an old farm. You will not be able to find modern fertilizer in this map. You have to use manure or dung. Dont buy a sprayer at the beginning.
– in centre of map is cowzone. I changed it a little. It is not as big as the original. You can keep 8 animals. There is no milkrobot. Everthiny with hands.
– The helper in this map dont have the magic ability to work without fuel and seed. You have to take care about it even when you give your vehicles to your helpers. Better to buy a seedmachine which big capacity that you dont need to fill it again and again.
– There is only original fruits. I think it is enough and dont increase the fun when you have slot of fruits. But you can put more if your want. But I changed prices that everyone is usefull when you sell it in right place. Not like in original game that you only need to use rape.
– Production of milk, prices of milk and production of manure decreased. 20, 50 and 75 %.

Who thinks it was easier to live in old ages could be surprised.
This map needs really hard work.
I wouldn’t suggest to play it in hard level. Normal will be enough for you.

Edit: Gepardo

Download: Manor Farm V2 []
Download: Manor Farm V2 []

Sep 09

Dobrogea Map v1.1

Dobrogea Map v1.1

This is v1.1 of Dobrogea map made by glockshut, with huge fields.Dobrogea is a region of Romania situated between the Danube River and the Black Sea.You have the same grains as in the original map. You can sell production at Silo, Brewery, Port or Train Station.Milk you can sell yourself, all you need is a milktrailer and milk mod installed. Milktruck comes too in case you forgot to sell the milk.You have a new cowzone,new trafficpaths and wind turbines.The farm is situated in the centre of the map.There are only 3 crops planted in the map:corn,grass and wizen,but you can planted all fruits of the original game.

Improvements since v1.0:
new trees
new fields planted
added shippath
new Gas Tank
marked trigger space
added collectable bottles feature

Dealer- hinrich0815,glockshut
Simple streets-Giants with Glockshut texture
Bga- DLC2 Pack with texture made by seeandrax

Download: Dobrogea Map v1.1 []
Download: Dobrogea Map v1.1 []

Sep 07



This is my first map edit of the default map.You have medium-large square fields.Fruits are original plus oats,greenwheat,tee,mohn,luzerne,
cotton and sunflower.
The seeds,fertilizer,fuel triggers are at the farm.Multisilo,bale shredder and new equipment shop are also located at the farm.The cowzone
is situated up northwith silage dump and grass unloading.You can fill liquid and solid manure and sell it.There is no milktruck the milk
Down south at the brewery you have all three sell points BREWERY-MILL-PORT.The sell point in front of the brewery is BREWERY SELLPOINT
the point on the rightside is MILL SELLPOINT and the smaller sell point is PORT SELLPOINT.
I created this map with the helper mode function in my mind so most of the fields are square or rectangular in shape and the trees dont have
collisions.The fields have both flat and sloping terrain,the field in the east have some steep slopes and mud holes.
It is roughly 280 hectares or 700 acres according to the pda.I hope u will enjoy it.
PLEASE READ-Not tested for mp-No roads or traffic-Very few buildings.MY MAIN FOCUS WAS ON FARMING AND FARMING.

MODS NEEDED-SUPERSILO TRIGGER AND PDA MOD for Workers/MultiFruit put them in ur mods folder.

Extra Fruits-Seederman
Base map-Ace Uk
Birch tree pack-Giants Skin: Farmari99
Meadow diffuse-masam/wopito
Silageberg-fendtfan1996 alias fendtfan96
Multisilo-model Maca/script Defender
John Deere Dealership Store-Made by TROLL711 —Credits-To—Deere And
Mud-by: Diops33
Grass textures-Giants, The920Power
Trees-GKM Map

Download: BishnoiLands []
Download: BishnoiLands []

Sep 07

Agricultural Iceland Map V1.0

This is a converted standard map, where only the farm and surrounding area have been changed. A V2 is in the making, as said by original creator Galli84.

Original description:
“Converted standard map. Yard and surrounding area rebuilt, added BGA.
This is my very first map, find my degree only to purely mapping. I have tried to make the farm and its surroundings, as idyllic as possible.
For criticism, I always have an open ear, the map is supposed to eventually be improved.

You may like to incorporate your ideas with. Are they good, I’ll try to implement.

– The two BGA files are included in the pack.

BGA by Heady, no DLC2 needed.
Fruits: Default fruits; Barley, Grass, Maize, Rape, Wheat.

Trees: Cherez
BGA building kit: Manuel
Grain storage: Desperados93
Floor plates: Tackleberry
Map builder: Galli84
My apologies if you’ve been forgotten.

Download: Agricultural Iceland Map V1.0 []
Download: Agricultural Iceland Map V1.0 []

Sep 04

Somerset farm v2

Somerset farm v2

Welcome to somerset farm. This is an edit of fergie farm v2. It now has 14 fields on a more hill terrain. There is a new yard withmore sheds and most importantly, grass and maize triggers!! I would recommend the massy 240 pack for this map as if you had any bigger a tractor you would crash. This map has all the origonal fruits plus sugerbeet and potato which can be sold at the shed in the village. This map has tight concrete lanes to traverse with small machinery. If you want to combine use a lizard or modteams new holland Clayson. With thanks to JosephMcDyre98 for making the base of this map. In this v2 edit the silage clamps have been fenced off with barbed wire. Also watch out for the gate at the front of the yard which has a bit too much power!.

Old Yard: FMC
Triggers: BlackBurner
Bridge: dodo27
Cow Meadow:Wolverine/Giants
Old Tank:?
Little Old French Farm:Duarn
Slurry Pit: Ar1g3
Slurry Store:wiliam 7530
Old Country Wall: Willjsavage
Cattle Feeder:Deutz Fahr UK
Maison03: Duarn
Wire: kaosknite
base: JosephMcDyre98
Edit: Philip Horler

Download: Somerset farm v2 []
Download: Somerset farm v2 []

Sep 04



– Removable flap
– Attacherjoint for the Pitchfork of Burner
– Tilt-able
– Price: €1400
– Volume: 1500L
– 1:1 Scale
– Locks when transporting palets
– Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, manure, grass, dryGrass

Model: Michl2
Textur: Michl2
Ingame: john deere 1020
Script: modelleicher, fendtfahrer95, Geri-G, desperados93

Download: Grondbak []
Download: Grondbak []

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