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Aug 09

Hagenstedt lands v 2

Hagenstedt lands v 2

Hagenstedt country update to version 2

what i done is resolved all the errors and added a few more things

first off i got a new bale and straw barn with conveyor that works Properly destroy there is a trigger in front of the barn for tipping staw out and another one at the top of the conveyor

load places for the farm have been moved so if you reset your vehicles They Should not get stuck in the bushs

sheep have now got a bigger field to live in that is installed in front of sheep wool collector field, sheep have there own store for grass

cows have there new store for grass and straw near them

moved nearer to farm straw power plant

Which new water tanks the water is free so you don `t have to go all the way to the steam

there is only one thing i could did and did not resolve is the bale conveyor wants to take all the bales at the same time and may get stuck at the top, if this happens just send another one up to unblock it. (Or yourself) If anyone know how to fix it please let me know

pinguar – editor
Ackerscholle – feedback
flexmaster – feedback
marhu – mapsiloband & watermod
borutcebulj – orange shelter
Giants – great editor

Download: Hagenstedt lands v 2 []
Download: Hagenstedt lands v 2 []

Aug 07

Riverside 2013 v 2.0

Riverside 2013 v 2.0

What’s new in v2:
remake main and dairy farm – new buildings
remake The Agripoint – new buildings
update watermod to v3 – now you can use ingame water trailer for refill animal bowl
improve performance
add some sound
add motorboat on river
many minor changes

Profarm Riverside was one of my favorite map in FS2011, and i make this map for FS2013, because Halycon not convert his profarm addon.
Map has all standart FS2013 featurs(except mission’s, because i hate mission’s )
Map has watermod for cow, sheep and chicken(chicken zone accept water and wheat)
Many trees arouns field’s has no collision for using helper mode.
Grain can be sell at big AgriPoint near dealership, and at inn(north of map), egg can be sell also at the inn.
Wool can be sell at shore(on original riverside map mill was there).

map by teccer
NI Modding – lot of map object’s
Bullgore( – paintable tree’s
Marhu – watermod
Frisco0177 – Foragestore
MF 7620 – fence
Javier007 (Big Boss Modding) – bridge
Aerocool1 – railway
eicher – garage(like “chicken house”)
Nick98.1 – signs
Manu ya

Download: Riverside 2013 v 2.0 []
Download: Riverside 2013 v 2.0 []

Aug 06

Southern Germany v Final mit Schweinemast by Chris

Southern Germany v Final mit Schweinemast by Chris

Hi community,

Today I want my you southern Germany Map imagine for the LS13, the map has been built from scratch, is created Hilly there is sufficient start vehicles that can start you immediately all fields stand for immediate harvest (at the court you have to undbedingt first buy the field so you can also reorder your fields).

There are now traffic

Map is SP and MP capable.

In the v2 nothing has been great, I’ve changed out the entire first seen the error are (what I geschaft for the most part), and then we’ll see what can be changed yet

‘ve Fixed all errors except for the UV error

It would all be so by Movable get our SP zocker no problems with the helper.

The unloading of turnips and potatoes I’ve marked with grass when their center because it invites ride it off

At the court are two silos, each with 600,000 L capacity, on the BGA are four silos each with 800,000 L capacity

Ball on sale in the stable yard can be fed normally (straw, grass, mixed ration, Silo)

PDA now works thanks to Meckel has made it for myself .

Completely new designed scenery
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, grass
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
Sale of the eggs in the village
Sale of wool in the village
Biogas plant function
Billinger country trade and where you can sell everything except wool and eggs
Great selection of vehicles starting on your farm
The rot has been turned off
Milk can even be sold
You can only store straw
2 Garaging on the farm
… Various other features of the LS13!

LU Landamann

Download: Southern Germany v Final mit Schweinemast by Chris []
Download: Southern Germany v Final mit Schweinemast by Chris []

Jul 30

GrafschaftDarlaten v 1.0 ohne verotten

GrafschaftDarlaten v 1.0 ohne verotten

Hello people,

here is my new map!

In itself there is nicth much to say.

There are the standart textures.

There are Medium and small fields.

There are chickens and cows.

In sheep has been omitted.

The rot is turned off.


Download: GrafschaftDarlaten v 1.0 ohne verotten []
Download: GrafschaftDarlaten v 1.0 ohne verotten []

Jul 25

Hagen Todt v 1.6

Hagen Todt v 1.6

Wither / weathering off.

Completely ERROR FREE

– There is a redesigned BGA on the farm

– New roads were built

Off rotting / Verfaueln status –

– MP tested
– Other textures were added
– Car Wash (by function)
– Trees for the helpers were removed
– Generally small improvements
– Water in cows and sheep
– Grains for chickens
– Launch vehicles were adjusted
– Sheep grazing is now specially fitted
– 2 pastures on the farm
– Kirchberg was adjusted
– Pigs
– Pigs for sale (at the harbor)
– Aufladerampe to the cow pasture

What’s new?:
– Generally small improvements
– Loading bay at the cow pasture
– Added water for the cows
– 2 new pastures


Download: Hagen Todt v 1.6 []
Download: Hagen Todt v 1.6 []

Jul 25

TSZ v 2.2

TSZ v 2.2

Beautiful map for medium mechinery.


Buyable fields



Working icons on PDA




No traffic

No chickens, sheeps.

Converted and edited: kazura

Download: TSZ v 2.2 []
Download: TSZ v 2.2 []

Jul 23

Warmia v 5.2 with manure mod

Warmia v 5.2 with manure mod

-cows, chickens, sheeps
-mud on the roads, fields and lakes
-one big farm
-buying fields
-Gates open at key
– Mod watering cows / sheep / chickens (get for it about 10% more milk / wool / eggs)
-manure mod v2
– new textures

-full optymalization
-ATM, pay phone
-selling wool
-clean log


Download: Warmia v 5.2 with manure mod []
Download: Warmia v 5.2 with manure mod []

Jul 23

Vorpommern Map v 2.2

Vorpommern Map v 2.2

Welcome to Mecklenburg Vorpommern!

I bid you welcome to the federal map, expect you are just waiting for you great, wide fields to be farmed. Start your vehicles are not the worst. Schanpp you a vehicle on and off the field.

You need new vehicles? No problem, you buy one and enjoy the way from the small town with a small but beautiful village and through the many avenues through to the dairy farm.

I have a double card size chosen me because the standard is too small. This map just in multiplayer promises much joy and fun.

You can clean out your cows in the stable, and load the trailer or collects the manure in a small silo where I have installed a crap tarp that serves as hiss stock.

Unfortunately, there is little traffic on the map but that can be changed in his savegame for it, there are some DO’s

I would have changed it in the map and I at the Giants forum asked how to do it but it will not go well so everyone must decide for themselves how much traffic he wants.

I would like to again thank the users in playing this map and give me helpful tips.

So here again a few data on the map!

what is it?

There are the following things on the map:
– Purchase of nursery: chaff, grass, manure and straw
– BGA with 8 Silos
– City
– 3 small villages
– Buys you ride Meier wool wool
– BayWa
– Brewery
– Butcher

and much more

On the farm you will find everything you could possibly need:
Food storage
Chickens at home


Download: Vorpommern Map v 2.2 []
Download: Vorpommern Map v 2.2 []

Jul 22

Grazyland v 1.1

Grazyland v 1.1

I hereby present you my map for disposal, the terrain is fictitious.

is my first map so since gracious, I’m open for any suggestions;)

On the map there are chickens, cows, sheep and pigs.

Fields of small to medium size

Outlets are trading country, mill, port, freight yard and garden center

Types of fruit, barley, wheat, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, spelled, oats, millet, rye, sunflowers, carrots and onions.

Transport and milk truck are traveling.

4 Start fields, harvest ready, except the potatoes;)

ps: I’ve sunflower abbreviated PDA in prices because it is otherwise too wide.

the pig is already written above installed and the Water Mod v3

Slurry and manure available for sale

Sunflower yield and adjusted price, as well as carrots and onions

Running scripts:
fruit register

So makes sure that you do not have this scripte in mods folder!

changelog v1.1: added chickens and sheep, as well as selling eggs and wool, dairy exchanged, silage silos fixed, Ball Hall added on the farm, the eggs from the chicken coop chickens are IN! Village added (not yet final), various little things fixed.

Start new game please!

credits geht an alle modder deren objekte verbaut wurden , THX

Download: Grazyland v 1.1 []
Download: Grazyland v 1.1 []

Jul 08

Kleintal Final Map v 3.0

Kleintal Final Map v 3.0

Final Updates:
BGA silos take manure and straw on
Field road network expanded, new Hofsilos for chopped straw and grass hay
Vegetated terrain more new decorative items and much more
Updates: 1.1
Automatic car wash, Straw Plane stable fixed, to trigger gas station, yard can be easily extended with placeable mods now and some more

Welcome to the Kleintal Map
This map has been completely rebuilt and is designed with their size, especially for single player or 2 players in multiplayer.
Overall, you will find 19 small to medium sized fields with the partial boundary post and green stripes (not removable) are separated from each other and thus also to

may be combined in large fields.
! Rot is turned on only for beet and rape, all other types of fruit does not wither!
Medium-sized central courtyard with cow and sheep pasture, free range chickens (not übrfahren).
On the farm you will find a 3-piece silo there silage, straw, grass and hay is stored and can then be easily removed with the mixer
Unloading outlets:
Noem dairy
biogas plant
Train (also wool acceptance)
Marketplace (eggs)

allen Moddern deren Objekte ich verbaut habe

Download: Kleintal Final Map v 3.0 []
Download: Kleintal Final Map v 3.0 []

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