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Jun 27

Infinitowice v 1.0

Infinitowice v 1.0

For MP
Very interesting area
Many trees
Field of small, medium and large
Cows, chickens, sheep
exchanged texture


Download: Infinitowice v 1.0 []
Download: Infinitowice v 1.0 []

Jun 27

Haupeltshofenmap v 5.0 Profi Plus

Haupeltshofenmap v 5.0 Profi Plus

Dear LS-gamer. Today I want to introduce my map. ‘ve Thought long and hard whether I should upload it because it is a converted Starndardmap. Before re all say “not again a converted standard map” only once look, then download and then Urteielen. Who does not want to, they will not load. Is my first map so do not judge strictly as please. So now to the map. The farm was transformed. The cow pasture has become a breeding station for cows and pigs with BGA. You have two pig farms (Marhu of course) and four large silos with 1,000,000 liters. The manure pile were opened also to 1,000,000 L capacity. Corn can be stored and picked up only at the Kuhweider. Who the large, three-axis feed mixer has Kuhn_SPV_XL Wirde (here on MH) pleased. Of course, the Watermod of Marhu was installed. But it is still the old version. And of course the food storage of frisco0177 is also installed.

The sheep pasture remained in place but has a small BGA silos to get to so that it is attractive. The Big BGA migrated with the silos to the other side of the river. The silos there are 1,500,000 L capacity.

The road network was expanded. Approx. 90% of the paths are now fixed. Thanks to azte1978 for the super street kit. The traffic (splines) has more than doubled. Was very much work.

All fields have been revised and created new fields. The trees were grouped in small forests. I like it better. The fields are not exactly friendly helpers. So just twice themselves around sow and then let the workers work.

Many new drop points were inserted. They are placed so that they can be approached with sehrgut Courseplay. Pigs can be sold on the land trade, the butcher and the restaurant. The prices were adjusted to the reality of the hard mode. ‘ve Chosen the current prices on the Internet and then accordingly changed the trigger factor in the sale. But beware: in the real prices in € / quintals are given. Have them in € / liter equivalent (density and soweiter)

Schweinemast marhu
Watermod marhu
Gartencenter BauerBernd
Waschanlage Buchhauer

Download: Haupeltshofenmap v 5.0 Profi Plus []
Download: Haupeltshofenmap v 5.0 Profi Plus []

Jun 27

hagenstedt new beta map v 1.0 Beta

hagenstedt new beta map v 1.0 Beta

It is in this Map to a standard map Changed

BGA Replaced

Cow and sheep pasture laid to courtyard (where there hinn field was No. 14)

All free shelters Removed

Bull Barn Installed

New Chicken Coop

Big cow and sheep pastures

Court Umzeunt

Stored goods only with one bucket EntnehmbahrGülle and manure storage on the farm

Limited access to one entrance to the courtyard

Mistplatte Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 von Bruse
Bullenstall Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 von mariodieck
Futterlager Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 von frisco0177

Download: hagenstedt new beta map v 1.0 Beta []
Download: hagenstedt new beta map v 1.0 Beta []

Jun 23

Nederland v 1.3 MP

Nederland v 1.3 MP

Hello Everyone,
Here is a new version of my Map. Netherlands V1.3

I changed the map to make it more fun for everyone remains Its a Dutch map with ditches, maybe a little too much and too shallow but I have the map to my own choice.

I wish you much fun with the new version.

What have I done to the new version:
– botom grass texture
– Soil texture
– Stable Pigs on the farm with function
– Garden Centre where you can sell the manure and grass
– Milk to catch up on the farm and road transfer to the milk factory
– New BGA installation
– Pigs sell at factory
– Load manure by the stable
– Watering the cows and sheep
– Pda map is numbered

What is present:
– Dutch Farm
– Camp where you can mow the lawn and the grass hope can deposit
– Mil factory Campina.
– Factory where you can sell the wool and crops.
– Shop with launch vehicles are ready.
– Cows, Shelves, Chicken eggs you can sell at the point of sale.
– There is a train ride
– Balloon
– Village
– Large storage.

Download: Nederland v 1.3 MP []
Download: Nederland v 1.3 MP []

Jun 19

Paradise XL v 0.92 beta

Paradise XL v 0.92 beta

agriculture and become a successful farmer. Based on the excellent map KernStadt and using your topography, the map was developed and several new features have been added.

This is version 0.92 of the map Paradise. In this beta we have many new features and functionalities. All known bugs from previous beta found were corrected.

As a novelty the farm has an advanced storage system and production management. In the silos you can store their cereals as wheat, barley, maize and rape. Next, is the storage complex sugar beet and potato. Charging is done with the mats original game. The new features are the new storage systems cut grass, straw and solid manure. All mats feature with particle animation and with many details. One script adds these silos on your PDA so you know how much is being stored.

This map has a complex for raising pigs. 10 sties are interconnected to produce pigs. You must feed the pigs with wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet, potato, grass, silage, mix water. Everything has the right place. As a byproduct of this, you have the liquid and solid manure for sale or application in the field.

The BGA has been expanded and now has eight silos of 2,000 tons each. The silos of silage from the main farm for cows has 1000 tons capacity each.

Several tests were made ??to ensure that the map offers users an enjoyable experience of gameplay. I received many positive feedbacks and requests that the map be released soon. I do not work on any team and so it all depends on me.

No object map was created by me. All objects were downloaded, extracted from the original map or other maps. To my happiness, licenses / permits from other modelers and developers were very quick and all accepted.

The price of the fields is based on the original, so I highly recommend you use the mod Bank to borrow” high value to buy fields for cultivation.

Changelog v0.92:
– Fixed all known bugs in the beta version.
– Creation of pigs Extended Editions (XL).
– Water mod for cows, pigs and chickens (chickens can be fed wheat ‘).
– Sheds for storage of cut grass, straw and solid manure
– Treadmill with particle animation for loading grass, straw and solid manure
– Silos of silage with a new texture
– Sale of manure solids, liquids, pigs and cereals on the railroad
– New milk factory – Map Hangsted v2.
– BGA 8 silos with 2,000 t each
– Cowzone, sheepzone, chocken zone fuller and larger
– Many details on the map in general

– New main farm
– Creation of pigs
– Storage system advanced production
– Large fields for cultivation
– Vegetation alternative with new textures
– Scripts for production management
– Complex mainfarm

Map by Tiago Piloneto

Download: Paradise XL v 0.92 beta []
Download: Paradise XL v 0.92 beta []

Jun 16

Kuhn SPV Tera Ultra v 1.0

Kuhn SPV Tera Ultra v 1.0

The Kuhn SPV Tera Ultra Xtreme Platinum November brings players a little more power.

Too little food for the cows, sheep, or pigs with the Kuhn SPV Tera Ultra no longer an issue.

My 15,000 cows and 10,000 sheep are always provided best.

Use: straw, hay, grass, and silage bales.

Giants Software / Askari

Download: Kuhn SPV Tera Ultra v 1.0 []
Download: Kuhn SPV Tera Ultra v 1.0 []

Jun 16

Sweet Home LS09 Final v 3.0

Sweet Home LS09 Final v 3.0

Now it is here! The Sweet Home map for LS09 LS13
After some time when I could do nothing for you on the map, I have finally managed to get them done.

So much has not changed to the previous version.

It is a bit more vegetation to in order to make the map idyllic. However, not too much,

so that the map is not to heavy performance fails. On the farm was a car wash

built for your machine washable and near the harbor has a sugar factory

their doors open. In the workshop in the yard there is a ramp with repair trigger

if you use the Schadensmod. The cows and sheep consume additional water, and now the chickens

consume wheat.
To fill the soaking with water, you need eg this trailer:

There have also been corrected and changed some small things.

e.g. Driveways on streets where vehicles are bound paved.

The fourth field, which was initially empty, has now been planted with rape, this is in full bloom

and still needs some time to mature.

Nothing has changed at the start vehicles. These are as selected so that their full equal

Start by can. It is not from the beginning, the best of the best. I just wanted you to

then do not. It’s all there but what you need.

Urmodder: ego
Umbau der Hofes und BGA: Galli84
Traktorhalle: Richi*3 / Stormbringer
Durchfahrhalle: Burn out

Download: Sweet Home LS09 Final v 3.0 []
Download: Sweet Home LS09 Final v 3.0 []

Jun 15

Novgorodovka v 3.0

Novgorodovka v 3.0

Maude “Novgorodovka v3.0 GLOBAL” for Agriculture / Farming Simulator 2013 – Culture: oats, wheat, potatoes, beets and corn. Since rape is not growing in our area, I replaced it with reeds. (If you want to cultivate sugar cane, he is seen as culture). There are liquid and solid manure. Cows, sheep and chickens are on the map. Home technology is not, so take the credit.


Download: Novgorodovka v 3.0 []
Download: Novgorodovka v 3.0 []

Jun 07

EinHektarLand v 1.0

EinHektarLand v 1.0

Hi everyone. I sat down again and created a small map that matches perfectly with the classics of agriculture but also to larger machines.

With a good acres of land, as the name suggests, and short distances is also with old tractors to reach all wonderful.

All the standard features of the LS are integrated. Bulk material can be sold at the station, eggs and wool to the small hut behind the villa. The milk truck travels to you on the court and gets the …? Right! Milk! Chickens, sheep and cows of course there are.

The farmhouse is newly modeled in 3ds Max and shape to the North German Hall houses. In the nave, you will find the potato and beet stock, which can only be discharged with a shovel.

All the grass can be cut and used for silage. Everything else You may discover itself.

Diese Map wurde selbst erstellt.

Download: EinHektarLand v 1.0 []
Download: EinHektarLand v 1.0 []

Jun 05

Maier Ling yard v 3

Maier Ling yard v 3

It is a modded standard map with some tags around the country to make life more realistic.

Please have a look at the description carefully to avoid questions about unötige.

(It is NOT a new version of this map geben.Der old score can not be applied because a lot has changed even in the countryside.)

What was done:
01, A new farm with new shelters has emerged.
02, The cattle and sheep is now on the farm.
03, It was inserted a pig.
04th The village was Shrinks.
05th Fields have been enlarged and it created new ones.
06th The port and the railway station were changed slightly.
07th New stores were built.
08th More trees and grass so that the landscape is realistic.
09th A EDEKA market was built in the village.
10th A place for Purchasable building was built in the sheep pasture.
12th Fleet was again Revision.

But looks best himself what all has been changed.

Outlets for raw materials are:
01, Getreide,Raps,Mais,Kartoffel,Rüben (Dorfzentrum)”>Country trade -> cereals, canola, corn, potato, turnip (village center)
02, Getreide,Raps,Mais,Eier,Kartoffeln und Rüben (Richtung Hafen)”>Raiffeisenmarkt -> cereals, canola, corn, eggs, potatoes and beets (towards the harbor)
03, Getreide,Raps,Mais,Kartoffeln,Rüben”>Port -> cereals, canola, corn, potatoes, beets
04th Getreide.Raps,Mais,Kartoffeln und Rüben (Richtung Hafen)”>Station -> Getreide.Raps, corn, potatoes and beets (towards the harbor)
05th Getreide (Dorfzentrum)”>Mill -> Grain (village center)
06th Wolle (Dorfzentrum)”>Spinning -> Wool (village center)
07th Schweine (Dorfzentrum)”>Slaughterhouse -> Pigs (village center)
08th Kartoffeln und Rüben (Dorfzentrum)”>EDEKA -> potatoes and beets (village center)

(The pigs must be lined and supplied with water)

(The milk is collected from the dairy every morning and evening Credited)

At the country store and the Raiffeisenmarkt is possible to refuel and for the purchase of seed and fertilizer.

Very important:

Pigs can not be bought. You must breed your pigs by the

Pigs fed with feed. You can then later the pigs

transport to the slaughterhouse where you then also get money for.

The map folder must be unpacked and all the mods contained therein Copies must be in the mod folder.

The map is absolutely without error (log is clean) and has been extensively getästet on mehrern Different test computers.

Similarities with other maps are good opportunities since I got myself out of ideas other maps. (Construction of Map 4 months)

Big Mike Farmer

Download: Maier Ling yard v 3 []
Download: Maier Ling yard v 3 []

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