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Sep 26

Hagenstedt v AIO v2.0 MultiFruit mit BGA Waage and DigitalDisplays

Hagenstedt v AIO v2.0 MultiFruit mit BGA Waage and DigitalDisplays

Here I have for you a little change Hagenstedt a small.

The map has : BGA scale WaterMod v3 , pig , mixing station , food storage , slurry / manure mod wool and pallets collectors, plus spelled, oats , rye and sunflower .

– New BGA installed and Libra

Weizen und Wasser”>- Chicken -> wheat and water

Wasser”>- Cows -> Water

Gras und Wasser”>- Sheep -> grass and water

– Slaughtering of pigs for adoption
– Garden center you can sell manure and manure
– Grass Texture exchanged ( terrain and layers)
– Dirt exchanged Texture
– Barley, wheat , rape, maize , sugar beet and potato texture changed
– Exchanged swath Texture

Exchanged cultivator , plow, Saattexture –
– PDAfix inclusive

– Renewed barley and wheat swath ( had caught the wrong dds files )
– Food storage unloading with movable Plan
– Manure silos exchanged for pigs and cows
– Replaced manure bunker in pigs and cows
– New built BGA and BGA balance with function
– Garages with doors fitted to insinuate your vehicles ( the old garages pretty Giants no goals away)
– Potato and beet unloading added ( also with movable covers)
– Garden center selling station added ( with movable cover for grass , manure and manure silo also moved the tarp )
– Silage silo exchanged in the cow pasture
– Food storage for each variety has a conveyor belt
– Pig and cow manure bunkers have also got a conveyor belt

Download Link 1 With Wither
Download Link 2 No Wither

giants und modder / scripter

Download: Hagenstedt v AIO v2.0 MultiFruit mit BGA Waage and DigitalDisplays []
Download 2: Hagenstedt v AIO v2.0 MultiFruit mit BGA Waage and DigitalDisplays []
Download: Hagenstedt v AIO v2.0 MultiFruit mit BGA Waage and DigitalDisplays []
Download 2: Hagenstedt v AIO v2.0 MultiFruit mit BGA Waage and DigitalDisplays []

Sep 19

Oldbrook v 1.0

Oldbrook v 1.0

Welcome to Oldbrook. Large farm comprising of 20 buyable fields and two more which you already own. There are some grass fields also. Animal zones are chickens,sheep,cows and the pig mod and water mod is included for all zones. The pig farm is on top of the hill where there is a good climb. This is my first map and i wanted to share with everyone.

May not run on lowend computers

This map only works with patch 2


Download: Oldbrook v 1.0 []
Download: Oldbrook v 1.0 []

Sep 13

Alpental v 1.1

Alpental v 1.1

Alpental 1.1

Patch 2.0 is required

But then after a few minor bugs have surfaced , here is the version 1.1 of my all known bugs have been improved.

Old Scores can be used easily . Simply overwrite the old ” ” !

Welcome to beautiful alpine valley .

This map is ideal for single-player , but can also be easily played in multiplayer with your friends .

By creating an interesting design . Running the map on older PC ‘s fluid and smooth.

– Decay is: OFF

– Grain maize can be sold on this map only to the pigs directly or verfütter . There is no storage facility !

– 9 fields from 1 to 6 acres hectares
– Standard fruit
– 3 meadows
– pig
– Watermod V3 (cows , sheep, chickens )
– 2 outlets (including vehicle dealers)
– u.v.m.

Many basic functions you can also refer to the attached images.

Changelog for version 1.1
– Watermod extended to sheep and chickens
– Water can now be filled with the standard trailer
– Fixed Cow & Sheep Freeze
– Potatoes are now reaching the final growth stage
– Various changed collisions
– Improved texture Grasschwad
– ” MapHoseRefStation ” for the Eifok ManureMod added (cows )
– Added sentinels in the PDA
– Added milk tanks and sale

Map by: Elmo

Download: Alpental v 1.1 []
Download: Alpental v 1.1 []

Sep 09

Map Schermbeck v 2.0

Map Schermbeck v 2.0

Welcome to Damm. This card has been completely rebuilt, and the versions of LS2011 but something else, because I impressions of my last visit there was built with. As we all know, it is not possible to recreate a 1:1 area in LS, therefore, some here have been built differently.

There are 6 fields to the start of the game your who manage their work immediately koennt.Desweiteren Tierproduktion.Die the whole milk is as always 2 times Daily from milk truck abgeholt.Es gives some Verkausstellen for the eggs of your Huehnern.Auch, the wool of sold the sheep werden.Die feeding the animals is on the pastures, to angelegt.Zudem are access roads to the pastures, it is now also possible to feed the chickens, and all the animals to water geben.Dazu is a special water trailer used.

I have now beseitigt.Desweiteren me as far as possible the reported errors in this version I have in this version now also a pig farm eingebaut.Ich wants me to SZelle this all the modders whose mods models and I thank you on this map installed habe.Ich wish you all much Enjoy playing the Map.Gruss Rail.

This card is sowhl Singel and multiplayer suitability, deweiteren it is compatible with the 2.0 patch.

An Alle Modder deren Modelle ich auf der Map verbaut habe.

Download: Map Schermbeck v 2.0 []
Download: Map Schermbeck v 2.0 []

Sep 06

Sethowo v 6.0

Sethowo v 6.0

Wonderful, large farm. A large field, cows, chickens, sheep, pigs. Please give a positive evaluation, Should They be I will give another version.

SETH farmerPoul

Download: Sethowo v 6.0 []
Download: Sethowo v 6.0 []

Sep 05

Hagenstedt lands multifruit v 1

Hagenstedt lands multifruit v 1

Hagenstedt_lands_multi_fruit is a remake of the original map but with more fruits

the added fruits are sunflower oat soy bean greenwheat there is pigs on the farm sheep are near by with the new wool collector station and the cows are also near the farm with there water mod and nice working are in front of there cow shed for the mixing station. other buildings include the slaughter house you can also sell pigs at the freight yard the grain mill got moved over slightly to make space for bigger fields. new refinery where the cows used to be.some fields got deleted while other ones go bigger. village center got new selling point.

new silos for new fruits on farm as well as silo silage and ramp

includes a multi fruit Deutz combine and Krampe BBS trailer

Deutz 7545 combine was edited for this map so this means that it has all the proper grain tanks and particles also comes with 2 different cutters. it also produces straw bales and hay bales.

normal crop cutter for all crops and straw bales and a grass cutter for hay bale making.

grass that the combine putts in his tank can not be used to feed animals with it is grass not grass_windrow

*how to make bales*

with no cutter on the combine press B to turn the press on then attach the cutter

grass cutter = Haybales crop cutter = Haybales very good for mixing station

unpack to 3 files to your mods folder


Download: Hagenstedt lands multifruit v 1 []
Download: Hagenstedt lands multifruit v 1 []

Aug 29

Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4

Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4

The village Byurtini version 1.4, all standard culture you can sell everything, dung, manure, straw, grass. Added warehouse for the storage of grass, straw, fodder, hay and silage. 24 fields of 8 acres to 80 acres, chickens, sheep, cows, Mission. Were added to a large garage and a lot of s / x tools modified and grain warehouse added turnips, four seats sales. Added 2 barn, 2 carport for storing bales of them is for the sale of bales near a gas station, you do not reduce the width of streets, highways now with a trace, however. Missions to earn not bad for the purchase of new equipment.

win27 giants

Download: Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4 []
Download: Byurtini Switzerland Map v 1.4 []

Aug 28

New Hagenstedt v 3.5

New Hagenstedt v 3.5

I revised the map again, and I have made a couple of changes (see changelog)



sugar beet

Cars: Do you have a fleet of old Maschienen (Free DLC – Classic agriculture is Required)

Change list:
Reduces footprint of the farm
Hen gates, silos, shelters, garages, and sheds removed and replaced with new objects
Fenced yard shot and
Sliding Doors Installed
Changed harvest storage on the farm and built (It is for loading a front loader with a Multifuitschaufel required)
Moved cow pasture and pasture for sheep farm
Chickens in the yard free-running
Food storage in the cow pasture Installed
Liquid manure and manure pit in the cow pasture Installed
Wool range is outside the hut in the sheep pasture (parking was not made visible bahr)
4 fälder changed using mähbereitem lawn
pig Installed
Butcher opposite the agricultural trade Installed
Installed new Bga
Removed and Replaced free shelters Duch lawn
Installed Watermod cow for cows, chickens and sharpness
Advertising Signs Installed
Local Childer Installed
Start Cars Modified
Listed prices and sales outlets (port, railway station, country store and restaurant)
Adapted PDA

Map SampleModMap
Umbau von Kai Lemanski

Download: New Hagenstedt v 3.5 []
Download: New Hagenstedt v 3.5 []

Aug 28

Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0

Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0

For the collector of wool range Marhu, I have a double pallet forks for my carved Agrovector. For me, the look untergordnete played a role.

The two pallet forks are adjusted to the distance of the Abstellfächen range of wool collector.

Since I’m unfortunately not the powerful scripts that double fork unfortunately has no collapsing function to save space on the Verladetrailer. I push the pallets together after the deposed himself, which also goes quite well.

A beauty is not the double fork, but it’s just practical, and that’s why I went mainly.

Maybe one or the other “sheep farmer”, the fork may indeed need.

Have fun at the sheep breeding;-)

Nur Giants für die original Acrovector Palettengabel.

Download: Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0 []
Download: Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0 []

Aug 15

KreisSegeberg v 1.0

KreisSegeberg v 1.0

Moin, I hereby present to you the Segeberg map.

With traffic and the milk truck picks up the milk.

The card is suitable for vintage fans and large-scale farmers, has small and large fields and farms.

Starts as your contractor, with your own yard.

To get rid of your well-earned money, you can buy and hochakkern you the true landowners all farms and BGAs!

There you have a total of 15 villages, 126 fields,

6 yards, Dairy Farm (main courtyard) with cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.

1xRinderzuchtbetrieb, 1xPferdehof, 1 pig, 1xSchäferhof, 1xGeflügelhof.

10 Unloading: 3xBGA, Edeka market, forwarding, bakery, Saatproduktionsgesellschaft,

Mill, nursery, slaughterhouse for disposal.

It is, of course, ERROR-FREE, and runs on both my laptop

2x 2.3 GHz, 4GB RAM and ATI graphics card 512er,

as well as in my office computer,

2x 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM and Nvidea graphics card 128er,

with various mods in multiplayer almost flawlessly.

(A few small jerks gehöhren easy to do so)

The expression stretcher PDA map with place names and numbers and fields

a PDF with Besitsverhältnissen and prices of farms and fields,

are found in the MapZIP under BITTEOEFFNEN!

Download: KreisSegeberg v 1.0 []
Download: KreisSegeberg v 1.0 []

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