How To Install Mods

When you download a mod file it will usually come in one of three file types.

1. EXE – These are the easiest to install. Once the file has downloaded just double click on it and when it runs it will install itself, done, run the game and test it.

2. RAR – These are compressed files, these can contain any files or folders which have been compressed to make downloading quicker. When the download finishes you need to extract all the files within the rar file. You will usually end up with either exe files or zip files. RAR files are also used for the map downloads and will usually require extracting to your data folder.

3. ZIP – These too are compressed files. Check to see what files are contained within them. If there are zip or exe files then these will need to be extracted and exe files run. If a zip
file contains the mod itself then the zip file needs to be copied into the mods folder of the game.
XP: User\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\Mods
Vista: Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\Mods.
Don’t forget that if you have the German version the folder names will be slightly different.

Windows XP and later will open zip files but you will need Winrar or a similar program to open rar files. These programs will also work with zip files.

Only ZIP files will work in the mods folder. RAR files will not work.

If you dont have winrar here is downloads link: Press here to download WinRaR.

Here is video how to install mods:
Thanks to: James Biddulph


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  1. Joe

    Hi, I have windows 7 installed, and just installed Farm Sim 2011. There does not seem to be a MODS file anywhere…so please anyone, tell me how to do the installs (mods) for Farm2011 running under Win7. Thanks

    1. Thomas

      press the windows button and search for mods

    2. Jordy

      Dear Joe Go To your documents and look for my games
      and there is a map called farming simulator 2011 go into it there is a folder called mods i had this 2 i have windows 7 to

      1. Jason

        Thanks buddy!! You ROCK!!

    3. Katana

      the path in Win7 is:

      C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods

      Hope this helps… :)

      1. Erik

        hey, i did download farming simulater 2011 and there is no mod folder :O

        1. thomas

          you haven`t played the game, if you do the map exists

    4. jackbotwright

      help help whats the best way to download or unzip the folders!?!?!?!?!?!

      1. ollie

        new holland combie nhcr 9090 v11 multfruit ls 2011

    5. jessica

      how did u get ur compter to load the game?

      1. henk

        iets gedouwlaud mmar doet het niet

    6. Eightball

      Hi farm simulator comrads, sumone please email me@ with answer for my question or here is fine also…
      on farm simulator 2011? Plz give me step by step for cat tractors logging equip. And trucks with trailers…. Thanku all

    7. neuille

      3-My Games
      5 mode
      telecharargements touts tes mode cic

  2. Simone

    You will find the mods folder under the following adress:
    Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/Mods
    Inside there is where you need to have the downloaded mods…

  3. Matt

    I have extracted the mod files( zip ) into the mods folder, but they don’t appear in the game,( fm2011) please help, its really frustrating

  4. Simone

    If the mods are the new one for Farming Simulator 2011, and you copy the Zip file inside the folder “Mods” following Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/Mods
    So it should work

    1. Robin

      1. Unzip the zip file (if its a zip)

      2. Farming simulator 2011 has 2 locations where are stored the files..

      – First the place where you installed your game installation..
      – Second (on Vista and windows 7(win xp i dont know)
      “Mods” following Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/Mods

      3. Place the full MAP from the zip (you could rename if you want to) inside de MODS folder of : “Mods” following Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/Mods

  5. juris

    how you can put a new map?

    1. Tijn

      put in mods folder start new game and select difficulty an then choose your map!

  6. Haraye

    Fascinating, guide marked, many thanks a ton.

  7. Samudra

    Helpful, book-marked, many thanks a ton.

    1. garrettfick

      could some one call me at 405 269 5263 plz need help with mods ty

  8. mat

    For the new maps, do they go directly into the
    Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/Mods folder, or do they need to go into another location?

    1. john

      hey jordy im new to the downloadin mods thing and i wondered if u could give me a tip or two and the other day downloaded a truck mod and it is in a folder on my pc but not in the game can u please help me.

  9. juris

    Why can buy only 10 cows? this is very stupid

  10. Seppe

    How can i see my cows??

  11. paddy

    i have downloaded the mods i wanted but there is no mod folder in the farming simulator 2011 folder..the mods are zip files and the only things that are inside the fs 2011 folder is farming simulator 2011 and farming simulator 2011 on the meb..can sumone please help me

    1. john

      jordy im sorry if i cause u any trouble.

  12. d.lauren

    why i can’t see any mods?

    i have win xp, and i have decompressed zip file in mods fold but i can’t see them

  13. Barre

    Hi, I would like you to make Zetor 6211

  14. Jeffrey

    how can i mods install on landwirtschafts 2011

  15. Gontard

    Hi i have a RAR mod but i can’t open it,in any case I cannot retrieve the ZIP data.Can you help me

  16. noel

    how can i install maps

  17. paul_cc

    Hi. When i install a new mod and ask my if i whant to replace or rename the file what should i do? sorry for my english, im from romania.

  18. kees

    how can i install maps

    1. david

      copy and paste like the others but some maps dont work ????

      1. romtom

        oui mais les coller ou

  19. damian zimmer

    How do you change the zip files to exe files

  20. Kyle

    is there a way to make the mods form 2009 work in 2011?

  21. Mario

    Hy, can you help me? If i copy ZIP in may mods it will not go! RAR will go?

  22. mido

    How can i see my cows?

  23. simon

    how works sunflower inthe map

  24. Gontard

    i have a rar file with internet explorer icon how i can extract zip files

  25. Eivind

    mod files are in the mod folder, but mods dont apear in game, is there a bug in the game??

  26. kostas

    please post a video how do I install the mod into a file zip.

    1. kalle

      yes post a video how to install a mod!

      1. rob

        go on to youtube and tipe it in

  27. Daniel

    Hey ive got the steam version of farming simulator 2011 HOW DO U DOWNLOAD MODS TO IT???

    1. .n0 m3rcY

      You download the mods you want and place the extracted files into mydocuments\mygames\farmingsimulator2011\mods

  28. Titans

    You have to go into your documents folder, then you just put your zip file in the mods folder there, it should say my games, then farmingsimulator2011, then after opening that file you will see a mods folder, place the zip files there!!!!

  29. wille

    why do you need to download winrar? you only need to download zip-files right??? and then just downloading the mods into zip-file ?

  30. Knut124 - geeZ2theK-

    I extract the files, but when i but them into the Mods folder and run Farming Simulator 2011 – I can’t fint the mods in the shop under the category “Mods” … what do i do wrong ?

    1. Denis

      just put the mode that you downloaded in mods file in rar or zip file
      don`t unpack it then it should work

  31. Knut124 - geeZ2theK-

    And, sone more thing …
    How do i install new maps to Farming Simulator 2011?
    Do i just put t hem in to the Mod map at “My games” ????

  32. wille

    First of all make a copy of your original maps!!!!

    Unzip the Copy the files that are in the folder and Paste them in the correct folder in:
    your_game_directory:\Farming Simulator 2011\data\maps\

  33. esk99

    how do i see my cows

    1. tsounis

      Turn your head TO the top and then jump CLICKING the button w until you reach the other side of the fence SEE YOUR COWS

      1. Dylan

        if you mean how many cows you own, you have to go to your PDA and look for cows owned on the statistics page. you can go into the meadow and over the fence, there won’t be as many cows as you own though.

    2. Jimbo

      Go to the cawshed and look

  34. Jay

    Hi, we bought the Mac-version through Steam. Works fine, but we don’t know how to install Mods. Anyone?

  35. Bob

    how do u install mods on mac

  36. mathz69

    comment je fais sur mac?

  37. francesco

    ciao ragazzi…io non riesco a mettere le mods in farming 2011…mi potete aiutare??….io possiedo windows 7…aiutatemi!!!

    1. francesco

      hello guys … I can not put mods farming in 2011 … can you help me? …. I have Windows 7 … help me

  38. Godzalla

    hi i did that and it works just fine :) thanks alot

    but i have another problem when i buy something from the mods the game became sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow that i can move or walk or do any thing … !!!! can any one help ?

  39. Godzalla

    i checked it now again some things do that and another things do not make game slow … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ozfarmer

      Lag…. Some mods cause lag……

  40. Dylan

    I have the amazon version of Farming Simulator 2011, and I downloaded the mods (rar. files) and put them in My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods for the game but when I went on the game the mods weren’t there. Please help, I’m so frustrated!!!!

    1. Visso

      Need a unrar files and then are taken in Games mod pack.

      1. Dylan

        okay, would zip files work on not?

  41. tsounis


  42. Visso

    I install a mods in mod pack , but a half of combines and other aplications not see in shop when I playing games??

    OS; Win 7 Ult
    Game: FS 2011

    I taken a mods for FS 2011.

  43. noob

    i put mods in zip files in C:\Users\myuser\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods

    but it does not appear in mods section of shop. I’m using windows 7. any hint would be much appreciated, sorry for my english and thanks.

  44. rob


  45. taylor

    Hi,I just tried to download a mod a when i go into the game and go to the mods folder on the acctuall game there are no mods there,if anyone can help me i will be greatful :)

    1. Eric

      have you tried to unzip the files in the farming simulator mods folder?

  46. Eric

    Hi i have a question about the new fruits mod, how do i install it? i have tried to put it in the mods map but it didin’t work and i have tried to just put it in the farming simultor 2011 map and it didin’t work please help me?

  47. michiel

    my mods will not work on multyplayer please help

  48. Emil

    How to install a new map

  49. esk99

    how to install zip and rar mods? can you help me?

    1. ih8uall

      dude F you, cant you read you moron????

      1. michiel

        how do you pot the mods on your multypleyer game

  50. tim

    i have download some mods, i putt them in the map MODS, i start my game and i dont have any mod?!?!? its make me crazy plzz help me….

  51. Jimbo

    It is very simple to install mods on this game, what you need to remember though is that you put the file in as a zip file DO NOT extract the file first. Copy the whole zip file into C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods, then when you play the game the mods appear IN THE SHOP when you go to buy a new piece of equiptment, they do not always appear in the mods category in options. If the mod does not appear in the shop under ‘mods’ which is right after ‘Animals’ or before ‘Tractors’then there is something wrong with the mod itself. Another thing to remember is that Rar files should be opened and the Zip files inside that should be copied to the mods folder, Rar files do not work in the game they just hold zip files. Hope this helps you all

    1. michelle


  52. Jimbo

    If you are still having trouble installing mods then let me know and I will do a little video to help you all

  53. Jimbo

    As promised here is a small video hopefully explaining once and for all how to install maods to the simulator. My apologies for the video it was my first attempt at doing one. You can find the video at

    Thank You

    1. Jimbo

      Please note this video is on a free account at the moment until I see how much bandwidth it uses so only look at it if you need to

      1. Jimbo

        I have updated my account and now have more bandwidth you can see more help video’s on my website at this is not a place where you can download mods though, it is a quiz site but I have put these video’s on here for your benefit please do not expect any downloads or anything else other than help video’s.

  54. michiel

    how do you pot the mods in multyplayer my mods wilnot work on multyplayer and in single player well

  55. Jimbo

    I may be wrong, someone correct me if I am but some map files (especially multiplayer maps) should be placed in the mods file as a zip file just like with the model mods. When you chose a new savegame in single player you will get the option to chose the map you want to load (as in the brilliant map named HvorFandenErJeg Map)after you have selected the game difficulty level, I do not know about multiplayer as I have never tried that (I must one day though)

  56. Jimbo

    As a continuance from my last post I have found that if you put any map in the mods folder as a zip file the map then becomes available to you when you start a new savegame. I just found this out by experimenting I do not know if models and the like that are included with the mod will be transfered over with the map, I will play around and see

  57. mario

    come si fa ha giocare in multiplayer usando anche i mods vi prego aiuto!!

  58. jon

    How do i install map mods

  59. Ape

    Are ppl fukkin stupid? READ!!!

  60. Jimbo

    Seems no-one bothers to read even the last couple of replies or you would not need to ask that question look at my entry not 2 messages ago.
    Put the whole map zip file (KEEP AS A ZIP FILE DO NOT EXTRACT)in your mods folder in “My Documents/yourname/My Games\FarmingSimulator2011/Mods then when you start a new savegame in the simulator choose a difficulty level, any maps in the mods folder will be then show up and be available to play, any new models or textures that are available in the map zip file will be available in the game.

  61. RUSTY

    Does any one at all know how to install the mods on a mac ?

  62. ptitbobdu52

    bonjour j’ai telecharger le jeu, jouer au jeu, carriere, facile et la il a commencé à charger mais au bou de30 seconde il dit: “GIANTS game à cesse de fonctioner” qu’est ce qu’il faut faire??

    1. michiel

      can you talk in englisch than i can help you

  63. Jimbo

    ptitbobdu52, Is the game downloaded from a torrent site, in other words is it a pirate if so then buy the original, if it is a genuine game then try uninstalling the game then reinstall. Also check that your system is enough to run the game especially your graphics card.

    Le jeu est téléchargé depuis un site torrent, en d’autres termes est-il un pirate dans l’affirmative, puis acheter l’original, si elle est un vrai jeu, puis essayez de désinstaller puis réinstaller le jeu. Vérifiez aussi que votre système est suffisant pour lancer le jeu en particulier votre carte graphique.

  64. mario

    dove si scaricano i Mods/DLC non vedo i miei Mod un Multi player aiutatemi

  65. Jimbo

    you download mods and maps from this site look in the Downloads & News section to the right.

    si scaricano le mappe e mods da questo sguardo sito nella sezione Download & News a destra.

  66. Jimbo

    by the way there are no DLC’s for this game just mods and maps, see comments above for installing these to the game. Please do not ask how to install them as people are getting sick of answering the same tired questions over and over again.

    dal modo in cui non ci sono DLC per il gioco solo mod e mappe, si vedano le osservazioni sopra per l’installazione di questi per il gioco. Si prega di non chiedere come installarli come le persone si ammalano di rispondere alle stesse domande stanco più e più volte.

  67. Rex

    Thumbs up to that video. Was one of the best (if not *the* best) walk-through/help me/this is how you do it videos.

    Nice job.

    1. Jimbo

      Thank You we aim to please

  68. Tasha

    Hi trying to install a mod….followed everyone’s instructions on here but it still does not show on he game. I have not unzipped the file as there appears to be not rar files in there. I am using windows 7.

    Can anyone please advise?

  69. Jimbo

    I am not sure about Windows 7 as I have never used it, quite happy with XP for now. But I am sure if you follow my video to the letter it should work, is this just one mod you are trying to install, maybe there is something wrong with it. Try installing a completely different one, one that diffinately works like found on this site of-course, I know this one works because I have installed it on my machine. If that one too does not work then I am sorry but maybe someone who uses Windows 7 can help, failing that revert back to XP.

  70. Tijn

    does ANY1 KNOW how to install fruit?

    1. Jimbo

      It is a very complex job but I will make a video for it and post it soon.

  71. sjirk

    i have downloaded 2 mods and put them into my mods folder but they do not work

    1. Jimbo

      remember the mods are only accessable through the shop ingame in other words YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM IN THE GAME, they do not automatically appear in your farm. watch my video it is what I made it for.

  72. Konjin

    Hi, I downloaded a few mods and putted them in the mod map. They work fine but the only problem I have now is that I can’t see the commands like when I need to connect things or turn the engine on. I also can’t see the PDA with the map shown on.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

    1. Jimbo

      Ok for a start when you need to connect something, like a trailer for instance, just reverse up to the trailer with your chosen tractor until the connect icon appears (this looks like a box with a weird looking G in it, when you see this hit the “Q” key and the trailer will be connected, secondly you will not see the PDA until you ask for it, you do that by hitting the “i” key, thirdly engines usually start as soon as you enter the vehicle using the “e” key, if not then usually but not always there is a help file with the mod this is normally called for with the “0” that is “Zero” key. Hope this helps, by the way the manual that comes with the game explains all this try reading it 😉

  73. Pierre


    Is it possible to install mods on a mac?


  74. jérémy


    moi j’arrive pas a mettre les map comment faire


    1. Jimbo

      Salut faire des cartes est un sujet très complexe, essayez Google recherche l’objet que j’ai fait, vous allez créer et éditer des cartes en un rien de temps.

      Hi making maps is a very complex subject, try google searching the subject as I did, you will be creating and editing maps in no time at all.

    2. guillaume

      moi je narrive a installer les machine

      1. guillaume

        excuse moi jais fait une faute

        1. guillaume

          bonjoure tout le monde comments on fait poure demarre les
          vehicule dans farming simulatore 2011 et aussi comment
          installer les mods farming simulatore 2011 merci poure les merci poure les reponse les gars je vous laisse le nom de
          ma map dany 35

      2. guillaume

        bonjoure tout le monde je recherche que quel quin qui travaille
        serieusment quar jes achter le jeux poure travaille serieux
        ces commentaire sont serieux je ne rigole pas merci poure les reponse

    3. guillaume

      salut jeremy ca te dit une partie en multijoueure

  75. Austin

    How do you install maps??

    1. Jimbo

      Just the same way as you do to install mods, as zip files in your mods folder.

  76. akilla974

    comment installer une nouvelle carte ?

    1. Jimbo

      nous ne sommes pas un site d’aide informatique nous nous occupons de l’aide d’un simulateur de l’agriculture seulement essayer de le googler

      we are not a computer help site we deal in help with farming simulator only try googling it

    2. guillaume

      salut farming simulatore 2011 cest un jeux super

  77. whiskeyhill

    i dont have it under my games how do i get it there

    1. Jimbo

      If you do not have farming simulator in your “My Games” folder then you have installed it wrong or you are using a Mac or Windows 7. You need to find out where on these platforms your mod folder is installed

  78. justin

    i got one mod to work the first one i downloaded , the rest wont work what am i doing wrong?

  79. per steinar

    how to install skins to farming simulator 2011

  80. John

    can someone help me get the mods into the game after u extract them

    1. Jimbo

      Did you not watch the video or even read the how to install mods I do not think so or you would know you do not extract the files they are put in the mod folder as zip files that is how the game reads them.

  81. ricardo

    I have installed the game, but, theres not a folder of the game in my documents> my games? how can i fix it, and install mods?

    1. Jimbo

      You will find the folder in My Documents/yourname/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011 it is called mods, please watch the video it explains it all!

      1. Jimbo

        If you do not have farming simulator in your “My Games” folder then you have installed it wrong or you are using a Mac or Windows 7. You need to find out where on these platforms your mod folder is installed

  82. jack

    when i download a mod it doesnt appear in the game i think iam doing everything right but i dont know

    1. Jimbo

      Watch the video at the top of the page it is what I made it for!

  83. marc

    i downloaded the quad mod and bought it, but it wont start. can somebody please help me??? it says the key is missing. any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. bob

      you press the enter key

  84. dave Munson

    k, i had probs with this for a long time.

    ok, 1#: find a mod that you want to download. 2#: save and download the file to: Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\Mods, thats it, its installed. but the zip file may have to be extracted, (that means that you right click the file and open with winzip, copy and paste the files into the mods folder) you only haft to extract if the download has 4 or less mod files in it.3#: start the game.4#: have fun

  85. James L. Martin

    I am downloading MODS onto a win xp computer but the computer with the game on it is win 7. I am trying to get everything ready so that all I have to do is place them in the right folder and go. The only problem I am having so far is with the RAR files. Win xp does not recognize the file type. Do i have to wait till i am at the win 7 computer with the game on it to extract these?

  86. dave Munson

    idk, i have windows 7

  87. Justin

    ok i have read every postt on here and no help for me i can install mods just fine and play with them in single player jsut fine but i cant even see them in multiplayer so what am i not doing right olaese help this is driving me nuts

  88. Marcus

    how do i unzip .zip files can anyone please help

  89. balu

    i need a key for the game to instal enibody have a key?

  90. Bill

    FS2011- I keep losing all my vehicles and implements after I save, exit the game, and return back to it later. It has happened twice. I have to add a bunch of money in my saved game file and buy everything I want again and stage it to get operating again. Also, I believe the money changes and my stored grains numbers are off each time. I am saving often, and I tried to use back up saved game files, but to no avail. This is very frustrating as it takes several hours to reset. Any ideas?? Thank you!!

  91. Victor

    Hi,I have posted my downloaded map in my mods folder.But it doesn´t come into my fs2011.It´s really frustrating and I don´t know what i would do :( Help,PLEASE :)
    I´m isn´t good at english :)

  92. Victor

    ohh.I almost forgot.Why does my computer start lag and go slow when i installed a mod?And why i´m doing wrong?.I have succied to installed one mod,But i have downloaded alot mod but i cant installed them.I´m gets so ANGRY when it´s not works 😉 😮

  93. valentin

    bonjour j’ai un problème avec mes modes je les est télécharger via uploading
    je les est ouvert après le téléchargement ,je les est copier dans le dossier mods et il n’apparaisent pas dans la boutique je pense qu’il y un bugg pouvai vous m’aider si vous le pouvais

    1. kaled

      tu instale ton jeu . une foi l’instalation terminer tu étin ton ordi puis tu le ralume tu va sur internete et tu tape (farming simulator 2011 mods) tu telecharge un mod quand tu clic sur telecharger si c’est pas un dossier le mod ne marchera pas
      apré tu dans mes documents tu va my games pui sur mods et la tu rentre ton dossier tu peu maitenent lançer ton jeu bonne partie a +

  94. nathan

    how do you download zip file

  95. jason

    Witch WinRaR do i need to install mods?

  96. jason

    i do not get that about the zip files.

  97. Victor

    Hi.I solved my problems :)
    Nathan:Step 1:Open your mod folder.You can find it in documents/my game/farming simulator 2011/mods.Step2:Download a Zip file and it will go to mods folder by it´s self.The file did that for me. :) But i am not 100 procent sure.

  98. sebastian

    this video and some of the comments helps a lot thanks :)

  99. Ray

    How do u change growth times permanently ?????????????? tey change back wen i play the game for awhile…. crops grow way 2 quick…. ????????????????

  100. Bas

    I have windows 7 but when i put mods in to the mod map i can’t see them in the game. But on my xp they work. Pls help

  101. Nick

    I was wondering why my game lags when i have mods loaded? Plz Help.

  102. sgotthard

    how to install mods in multiplayer??

  103. kev

    hi i downloaded fs 2011. on windows7 but i cannot find my mods folder, ive searched for it as a folder as (mods)nothing came up and i have looked in other files/folders in the farming simulator downloaded area.
    plse help as i dont no what to do now. ty

    1. willie

      I have win 7 and i work with 2009 and 2011 mods same of the mods does not work in

    2. willie

      My Documents:Games:Farming simulator: it will show at the top of the file`s

  104. kev

    right i found my mods file on my game folder after i started a career and saved it. it is totally in a different file but under farming simulator 11 name and my mods wont work

  105. roro

    bonjour a tous j’aimerais intaller une nouvelle carte que j’ai telecharger mes je ne ces pas ou la mettre dans les fichier sa

    1. kaled

      tu va dans mes document pui tu va dans my games puis tu va dans mods est tu rentre tes mods

  106. roro

    bonjour g telecharger une carte est je ne c pa ou la mettre serai t-il possible de m’aider ps:g windows 7

  107. Rodg

    Allo avrey one….i have some problem weet my games….in a midel of the
    game ,about 2.000.000 $ it said ( the giant softwhere stop responding….and some times it said…bad allocation….and i have to delete all my progress or restar again…..if its happen to some boddys pls lat me know…i have allot of mods to …maybe its one off thems to…tks Rodg

  108. Clayton

    hi i downloaded mods dlc pack 1 and 2 they downloaded as exe files i ran them and now they say installain complete but they dont show up in the mods folder i have put them in there as is and in a compreesed foled and also an extracted folder and yet they still wont show up in game

  109. matthew smyth


  110. John

    Just a line to clue you in on a free program. Get 7zip. It is free and works for zip and rar files as well as many more types.

  111. wyatt

    i need hlp i download mods and there in my mods ffolder but ther not in the game when i enter tell me what i am doing wrong please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. axel

    I have like 7 mods and when i bay more then those mods the game starts to lag. anyone know what to do??

  113. Shakes

    Can any one give me a site were I can download mods for Farming simulator 2011 that they know that work… I can’t get the ones I have downloaded to work on my game… Have tried a few bet ma by my are the wrong ones… I have downloaded a few from a Farming simulator site and a few from pirate bay… I would appreciate it a lot… Thanx…

  114. silviu

    Guys, i’ve just saw this video, and as you can see in the start, this guy has the mods sorted nicely in the game categories and not under the MODS folder, example: look where he buys the new holland tractor; it’s in the tractor category and not in the mods category… does anyone now how to do that? i have like 450 mods, all stored in the mods folder and it’s crazy searching for something in there (in fact, i’m not playing anymore cuz of that)…if anyone know, please tell me… thanks in advance!
    here is the video:!

  115. jr grigg

    Why am I not receiving the cows that I buy? How can I buy more equipment for my farm?

  116. matthew garvin

    ok i want to know how to put building on a map

  117. mikki

    How i get my mods to fm 2011 shop there mods? i have there only three tractors but not anything more, how can i see them at the shop

  118. abood

    Dear I want to play this beautiful game and I do I buy from Amazon
    Your opinion or what I do and thank you

  119. Emmettd

    Hi i want to know how to install a building/shed into fs 2011.. there is no map option on my farming simulator folder? thanks

  120. Chris

    Hi I’m really just looking for a mods pack or collection of mods that work really well in multiplayer any suggestions would be great!!

  121. car

    does ANY1 KNOW how to install sheep? can you help

    by the way I have a macbook OS X not a windows 7.


  122. Peter F.

    Hi, is there anyone wo can hepl me with the next problem?
    I reinstalled my legal version of LS2011, updated with the Patch and added some other maps and mods. when the game started up and i wanted to ge to the shop, but “p” dont work, even the PDA “i” don’t work. I also can’t stop the program cause “Esc” didn’t function ( i only can use ctrl++alt+del).
    please can anyone help me???????!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Valentino

    How to make a mod?

  124. mikel carnahan

    i need help installing maps can someone help pleas

  125. Mark

    can i use map mods in singleplayer? if i can, how?


  126. Paul Hopaluk

    there is no mod file . i am trying to install on a mac

  127. cody

    help i can not instail the file some one help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. myles

    Hi dose Farm Sim 11 mods work with farm 09 Gold?

  129. andrew

    how do you create a mod?? how do you download one?

  130. Bruder85540

    Thanks for tutorial !

  131. Daniel

    Morning everyone. I hope I am not a broken record when I ask, does someone have a link to a tutorial on how to create vehicles, or modify existing vehicles? My problem is that I have a recovery crane mod that I should be able to use to drag things from the water, except it only attaches to the front of a trailer, and not the back of one, or to the back of a tractor, making rather useless to get things out of the water. I have read through the posts here, admittedly not too closely, and have not seen a “how to” on creating a mod, or modifying a mod. I have the Giants editor installed and have found the various connection points, but can’t seem to change them in any way. Also for creating, what do people use, Milkshape, Z-Mod or the like? Any and all assistance is appreciated, time to get back to trying to drag things out of the water with a trailer on a crane!. heh.

    1. Daniel

      Oh, and an ammendment, I can sucessfully get and run mods. I have many in operation on my farm currently, (hence the crane) so there is no help needed with that.

  132. danielguest61

    hi all i can install the maps fine and see them but every time i start new game it crashes the game

    can some one help

  133. kieran

    i have a macbook pro and i can’t find the mods folder for farming simulator 2011 can any one tell me where to find the mods folder please

  134. bubba j

    what is an I3D file and why cant i open it? its stopping me from being able to install my mods.

  135. Roylee18

    Bubba J, a .I3D file is the actual model. It can be opened with the Giants Editor. However, you do not need to open it to install the mod. The mod comes in a .zip file.
    Place the .zip file into:
    Windows 7 / Windows Vista – C:\Users\”COMPUTER-USERNAME”\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods
    Windowns XP – I am gunna guess it is located in a similar location inside your My Documents folder.

  136. raul nuñez navaroo

    como le puedo poner las ruedas a un new holland que me viene sin ruedas

  137. alex

    i have copied all my mods to the mods folder but they dont show up on the game.
    can anyone help me??

  138. Derek

    Can ANYONE tell me how to START a custom tractor you added? I added the Case IH 3 pack and none of them will start on their own and I’ve tried every key on here. I found the lights, drawbar, etc. But I cant get them to start up so I can drive them.

  139. SIIM


  140. KENNY


  141. manu

    yo descargo los mods pero cuando juego con ellos,me va todo muy lento.alguien sabe x q es?responder,,,gracias

  142. Elian

    how can i play with the mods in a multiplayer game?
    please help me

  143. bob

    i cant figure how to add mods to the farming simulater 2011 any help how to do it

  144. tristan

    is there a giants editor for mac osx

    please comment

  145. Chase

    Im running mac ios, How do i install maps via steam?

  146. t

    How do you install mods in multiplayer mode?

  147. Dustin

    I recently downloaded Farming Simulator 2011 but I have no mods folder. Suggestions?

  148. sean

    i dont have a clue to intsall maps can anyone help

  149. Christopher

    I have a macbook pro with os x loin and need help installing mods to farming simulator 2011

    1. MPRG69


      the mods folder is here:
      /User/ Library/ Application Support/ FarmingSimulator2011/

  150. Dayton

    how do i get a mod into my mods folder in my document?!?! should i download it or what? I dont know what to do!!

  151. MPRG69


    we can find the mods folder under User/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2011/mods/

  152. ραφαηλ


  153. Josh

    I have windows 7, I have downloaded several RAR files. I can’t seem to get these type of files to install to the game. I looked at the how to install mods tips, it says RAR files are compressed files, how do I extract all of the files?

  154. harley


  155. NotMyRealName

    I cant put my mod into my game nothing happens when I put it in the folder!!!!!!

  156. Steve Snell

    How do I turn off traffic in a map? I have a map that the traffic does not follow the roads and instead run out through my fields. I would like to turn off the traffic. Does this also turn off the milk truck?

    Thanks for the help.

  157. DILLON

    i have a lot of mods i saved to my windows7 laptop and opened the mods and put one of the files from it in to the farm sim mods folder and cant get them to work can anyone help me

  158. Traisman

    Need some help, Loaded a mod in the mods folder, mod name are correct, money not a problem, when running the game and going to the shop the mod show, but if I buy the mod it don’t load. nor does it show that it is sold pc just running. So what needs to be done to buy the truck.

  159. Jholm

    I bought this game on steam. I watched a video showing how to install mods, but i cant find Farming Simulator 2011 at Library/Documents/My games in order to mod the game. What is wrong?:(

  160. bob

    I cant get the game to pause (windows 7) i have already tried changing the key but it wont work! this is really fusterating!!!

  161. Aaron

    can you install mods if you got the from either steam or gamersgate

  162. Ryan

    I have windows 7 and i go to open but it is on the wrong thing to open with what does it have to be on to work on fs11

  163. Arye

    I have windows 7 and I put a few mods in the mods folder. Here is the path of where I put the files “C:\Users\computer1\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods” . I unzipped all the files but kept the zipped folders too. I made sure to unzip all the folder withing the main folders that may have been zipped. So for example, I have I download it, save it to my mods folder, then unzip but still keep the original zipped folder. I then go into the now unzipped folder, and unzip any sub-folders that are zipped. None of the mods I downloaded contained .exe files. So based on the directions above, which I followed completely, I should see the mods in my game. But I don’t see any of the mods. Please help me.

  164. DILLON

    do mods only work on fm platinum????????????????

  165. Roylee18

    No, mods will work on all versions of Farming Simulator 2011. The maps that require the BGA you will need the expansion/DLC pack though.

  166. Jordan

    How do you put things in your mod folder?

  167. Roylee18

    Your mods folder should be located in one of the following locations, depending on your operating system.
    “COMPUTER_USER_NAME”\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods
    My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods

    All you do is place the .zip file in that folder, unless the download says to do otherwise.

  168. james henson

    i have downloaded some items and they have an i3d file? how do i open and send to mods folder?

  169. Adam

    Hey i downloaded this game from steam and cant seem to find the mods folder. anyone help?

  170. larry

    how the fuck do i install this fucking mods to my game been trying for days

  171. gary

    how can i get new buildings and machinery in fs2011?

  172. Roylee18

    When you download a mod, you will get a .zip file. For the most part, all you do is simply drag the .zip file into (on Windows7)
    C:\Users\ *YourPCusername* \Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\mods

    Sometimes you will get a .zip file that has additional .zip files inside of them. Open the main .zip file and place the other .zip’s into the folder above.

    Note: Other versions of Windows may place the folder somwhere else. To locate it, just search for “FarmingSimulator2011”. When you find the right folder, it will contain a few folders, and “mods” will be one of them(should be the first one).

  173. lars erik

    in the map mod, it stands “this map is empty”

  174. tanner

    i have win 7 and when i download mods i can not find them in my folders

  175. JASON


    1. derek

      I have windows 8 I need help to tried think of doing it like old windows but cant find the game file to add it please help

  176. james

    when i download a mod it turns up as a zip file when i go to open it in the zip program it will open up i save it to the mods folder but it doesnt appear in the game what am i doing wrong?

  177. alex

    this is alex weis
    would some body help me out with the the mods on here i down load the z-zip folder for this but when i down load the tractor that i want it won,t go in the mod folder it,s been saying open me so i did it did nothing am i doing something wrong here is my email address please write me back pleasse?

  178. alex

    can somebody please help me on here see i download the z-zip folder for the mods on here when i download the tractor that i want it say open-me ra so i did but it did nothing here is my email address please write me back please alex

  179. alex

    can some body please hepl me on here i down load the z-zip foder for the mods but when i download the tractor it say open-me raso i did it did nothing am i doing something wrong with this please help me

  180. Robert

    Could anybody help me out please, i don’t know how to install the DLC “Farming Classics” which happens to be for free up on the official site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With Kind Regards

  181. Leyton

    What about if you have a Mac (computer) what do I do?????!!!!!$

  182. Leyton

    Can you help please???!!!

  183. Louie

    Hi all

    I am having trouble with windows 8 I down load the mod copy it to the mods folder an it still dosent show up in the game it shows in the mod folder its like it dosent read the folder

    1. jason


  184. Alice

    I need a safe “mods for Digger Simulator 2011” download, since to my surprise this simulator is so incomplete. The “mods for Digger Simulator 2011” that I checked, downloads a program that download viruses to a PC. I had to take time to run a full scan and delete the website, cookies and shortcut. I shouldn’t have to go through this every time I download what looks like a legitimist programs and that is why I won’t hardly download programs that should be OK such as the “mods for Digger Simulator 2011”. I’m very disappointed because there is no option in Digger Simulator 2011 not to mention the deception on the case showing both a large digger and a roller. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. donald

    Where can I find the mods for the lowboy and other trailers on the 2013

  186. jason


  187. dustin

    My Pda button, escape/pause button, and dealership button do not work. What do i do it only does it on modded maps?

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