About Farming Simulator 2011

The latest version of the best-selling “Farming Simulator” contains plenty of new features and improvements:

Now it’s possible to breed cattle completing a variety of tasks such as feeding the cows or spreading the dung and liquid manure on the fields. By selling the produced milk to the local dairy you earn additional money for your farm.

Another big improvement is the multiplayer mode by which you can manage your farm together with friends over the Internet or local network.

In the improved career mode you take on the role of a young farmer and experience the workaday life in the countryside in a completely adapted and freely accessible farmer’s world. Through several activities such as plowing fields, seeding and baling you build up financial resources allowing you to buy better equipment. Visit the local agricultural machinery store to buy new vehicles and equipment or to sell your old machines.

Choose from many elaborate tractors, combine harvesters and a lot of machines such as plows, seeders, balers and a self-loading wagon. Thanks to the licensing of machinery from leading manufacturers like DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, HORSCH, PÖTTINGER and VOGEL & NOOT you are able to control authentic farming equipment.

And if this variety of machinery still does not meet your needs, you can download plenty of vehicles, equipment and other modifications from the Internet. Because of the improved mod system you are able to install the new content easily and automatically.


Career mode with business section and cattle breeding
Multiplayer mode for playing together with friends over Internet/LAN
Large new vehicle fleet with authentic agricultural machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, HORSCH, PÖTTINGER and VOGEL & NOOT
Lots of sophisticated equipment
Computer controlled helpers
Download of additional machines and maps with automatic mod installation, includes Mod SDK (contains Editor, Exporters and Sample Mods)
Gamepad and steering wheel support

System Requirements (Windows Version):
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor
Nvidia Geforce 6800 Series, ATI Radeon X850, S3 Chrome 430 GT or better (min 256 MB VRAM)
1 GB free hard drive space


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  1. henning

    det bliver fedt 😉

  2. Cosmin

    I need crack for Farming simulator 2011. Please! If you have crack for it send me on mess.

    1. AP

      Farming Simulator 2011 English


      Install instructions:

      1. Extract the rar with Winrar
      2. Mount the iso Run the setup
      3. Copy the DataS.gar from Eng fix map on the disc to game directory
      4. start game use the cd-key from Eng fix on the disc
      5. Play have fun

      1. Robin


        1. xav1998

          yes but if you spend all your money on video games what a waste!!

    2. El_Klazor

      Poor guy… can’t afford a game for 200 $

      1. logan

        its not 200 dollars its 20 to 30 dollars

  3. Lostroads

    I can not get my mods to download on my farming simulator 2011 download game. Why and what can i do ?

    1. new holland fan

      do you have a mac if you do then you cant get mods

      1. Fergie

        Yes you can eeeediot you can get mods for Mac and windows.

  4. Jitsr

    Does anyone know where I can download Farming simulator 2011 (Not Landwirtschaft 2011)


    You’ve got to put your downloaded file(a zip file) in: documents/my games/farmingsimulator2011/mods

    1. Player

      Goes anyone know where I can download FARMING SIMLATOR 2011 [NOT LANDWIRTSHAFT 2011] ????? and what’s about “Farming Simulator 2011 english pack” ??? I try to open it but then opening the window and there was writed :”Farmins Simulator 2011 (english) is not instaled!”………WHY THAT ?????? Answer my someone please it’s importan to me !!

      1. Joe Foley

        You can install that landwirtshaft 2011, just change the DE to EN in regedit… Search google for the proper procedure… Afet EN is changed, download patch 1.4 = fully english

      2. Kalkani

        u can get it on steam in eng

    2. Montana Old Man

      Gamersgate.com will have it for download on November 22, 2010. Amazon.com
      will have the box (PC-CD Rom) version from the UK available on November 11.

  5. OptIMuZ

    Damn! best game EVER MADE!!!:D

    1. Ghost

      yeah agree.so many things you can doo in this game at same time,but i need some more stufs to my mod crane,and the palelifter..hmm it not fit to the pales..and why is all JD machines makes my game lag ?!?!?! hmmm.

      And i buy 30 cows,but only see 11 cow’s

      and where is my potato machine..lol

      Can any make a map with multifruits in ZIP,NOT RAR.. ???

      And i need a moto cross mashine for driving around ..

      and i need abigger trailer for SHIT…lol,this i have is to small

      And can any make a mashine with a frontgrap and a grap in back,in yellow please..hehe

  6. OptIMuZ

    Hope someone is making a Massey Ferguson 6470 mod!:D

  7. kitsos

    what are the flour pallets for?? if anyone knows plese leave a reply.there is no sale point at the supermarket……

  8. gnjurac

    where I can find patch for MP FS 2011?

  9. STEVE

    what programs do yoou ned to create mods for fs 2011

  10. Johan

    Can anyone make a good mower?:D

    1. cole

      someone should make a JD MOCO like a 956 its an amazing mower we have one for our ranch

  11. jjjjjdhdhj

    i downloaded the one in european language and i have the english patch thing but how do i change it to english / its sord of hard trying to figure out which buttons to mash / can someone pls help me?

  12. marisa

    kk look i have the german version of the game/ i just downloaded the english patch or update and when i opened it it said Farming Simulator 2011 English is not installed/ can someone pls help me? ty for your effort

  13. cole

    I just downloaded FS 2011 and when i open it it comes up to a black screen and freezes. does anyone have any ideas? i am stumped

    1. Ghost

      Do you have the right pc for run this game ? :-) where did you download this game from ? :-)

      1. Ghost

        Or maby try to update your Gf card… :-)

        1. cole

          well i have farm simulator 2009 also but it does the same thing. when it freezes and i start the task manager it says CPU usage 100% and memory usage is around 40% i have a 3 ghz processor i think it might be my graphics card would that effect it?

          1. Jimbo

            Oh yes definately, if your graphics card does not have enough memory or power then it takes it from your computer which slows it down. Also mkodern games require a powerful card I feel that a Radeon 4000 series is enough anything less powerful than this and you are wasting your time.

  14. jazby

    hey, anyboby know how to install map in the game..please reply

    1. Frederik

      You’ll just download it as any other mod you have downloaded preivious and put the Rar-file into the /mods map and use it with WinRar and it should work, when you start a new Game. It did for me.

  15. Cole

    Hey could someone make a JD corn head? i would be very greatful.

  16. Web Hosting

    How much is a seed box?

  17. kim johansen

    were i found the produckt key?

    1. Jimbo

      The product key is on the game box or at least mine was

  18. Khalil

    Make a new Fiat and a Fiat car.

  19. rob

    on the back of the manual

  20. jeff

    Can anyone tell me how to play the game? Farming Simulator 2011 Are they a website where I can download a guide or something to help me understand how to play?


    1. Jimbo

      Simply put you need to plough the field, Cultivate it, seed it, fertilize it, then sit back and watch the crop grow, or better still start on another field. When the crop is fully grown harvest it and either take it and store it in your farm silo’s or sell it at the port, mill or brewery. Then you can start all over again, until your so rich you can buy 2 Volvo cars just like real farmers 😉

  21. lee23

    hey is there any one that makes there mods can you make some of those http://www.doublelglobal.com/products/products.php

  22. Simone


    DO NOT WORK WITH LS2011… is it possible to have something similar??? someone can work on it???

  23. fablagueur


    Je cherche à connaitre le logiciel que vous utilisez pour créer les maps.
    Pouvez-vous me donner son nom s’il vous plait?

    Merci d’avance

  24. nils-olav

    anyone know where I can find a GIANT Editor free which is the same as and pay?

    1. Jimbo

      No the editor only come with the game sorry

  25. Nikolaj

    which program do you use for making your own mods?

    1. Jimbo

      Maya, 3D Max or Blender and a working knowledge of model building should do it.

  26. Ronny

    cannot find MP game – how to get in contact with friends ?
    playing map1.

  27. hasseman

    I have looked around on the internet how to insert mods in a multiplayergame. But i don’t find anything about that. Someone knows how to do it?

  28. Ced

    Quelqu’un pourrai me dir comment on ajoute plus de cultures dans farming simulator 2011 SVP. Merci

  29. Jimbo

    Have you tried looking in the ‘How To Install Mods’ section of this site, obviously not, why do people want everything given to them without first searching, there is an explanation of what to do it there. TRY LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BEFORE SCREAMING FOR HELP!!!!!

  30. Jimbo

    which program do you use for making your own mods?

    Hi Nikolaj if by this question you mean creating or editing maps, then you use the Giants editor that came with the game, you will find it in the folder called SDK inside the Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 game folder just install it and go. If on the other hand you mean creating a mod from scratch that is a model of some kind then that is a different matter, you need a program like Maya or 3D Max or even Blender and of-course a knowledge of 3D model building, I can recommend Maya 2011. But remember 3D model building is very technical and cannot be done in a couple of hours.

  31. niklas

    can somebady help me with multiplaier??? pleace…. :)

    1. Jimbo

      Maybe if you give the problem in the message someone may help. just saying can someone help will not get much of a reaction. What problem are you having with multiplay anyway.

  32. Jimbo

    Ok I have searched the internet at great lengths to try and find a tutorial for creating/editing the maps files, things like changing fields shapes or crops, adding new roads, etc, in other words editing maps lol. Does anyone here know of a tutorial that could help. I realise it entails changing the .i3d files in wordpad but I do not know exactly what to do. If someone could point me in the right direction for a tutorial I will be grateful.

    1. Jimbo

      I have found out myself how to do this, it was simple (well relatively so) in the end so anyone who wants help just ask.

  33. jimmy

    can anyone make a mod of 1950s john deere and farmall

  34. jimmy

    what hsppen to breeding cattle and business mode that not in the game and was suppose too

  35. Jeremy

    Dude, I can not get the mods on to the game does anyone know a way?????!

    1. Jimbo

      DUDE I took the time to create a video and also pay for a site to host that video simply to let people like you know how to install maps ans#d yet here you are asking how to do it, you probably have not even bothered to look at the “How to install maps” section where everything is explained, you will find the link at the top of this page, PLEASE LOOK AT IT!.

  36. Jeremy

    Do maps go to the game like it should or does it not go like thejohn deere 4440 I downloaded!?

    1. Jimbo

      If you read the page “How to install mods” it will tell you, basically you need to put the maps in exactly the same place and way you install mads, that is to say you copy them AS ZIP FILES into the mods folder in my documents/yourname/my games/farming simulator.

    2. Jimbo

      If you read the page “How to install mods” it will tell you, basically you need to put the maps in exactly the same place and way you install mods, that is to say you copy them AS ZIP FILES into the mods folder in my documents/yourname/my games/farming simulator.

  37. eric33

    il demande une clé comme sur pas mal de site alors si sa vous dis j’ai trouver une clé qui et bonne pour le jeux

  38. Dan

    I purchased the farm simulator 2011 from amazon.com I loaded it on my computer and it asks me for a product key for it will let play it at all. I accepted the licence agreement. I tried the serial number and the bar code off the back of case. What is this? I have been frustrated with having a new game that I cant even play.

    1. Francis Quigley

      “I purchased the farm simulator 2011 from amazon.com I loaded it on my computer and it asks me for a product key for it will let play it at all. I accepted the licence agreement. I tried the serial number and the bar code off the back of case. What is this? I have been frustrated with having a new game that I cant even play.”

      You will find the product key on the back of the manual which was inside the cd case,

  39. nathan

    when i go on to my game no controls come up and the pda dosent work can any 1 help

    1. Jimbo

      What do you mean by no controls appear, and you need to press the “i” key ingame to get the PDA to appear. As far as I am aware there are no controls ingame all movements i.e. drive tractor, walk, tip trailer are all done with key presses only, look in the manual that came with the game for a rundown on these.

  40. nathan

    wat i mean is like it dosent come up like q to attach trailer or anything

    1. Jimbo

      It does not come up as Q if you reverse your tractor or whatever up to the impliment you want to connest a coupling icon appears in the screen to show you can couple up, this looks like a wierd lookin G when you see that icon simply press the ‘Q’ button

  41. XvvMAXvvX

    every-body get the CLAAS MEGA 204! oh yer its a rar file! the easiest way to upload onto the game is download,extract to mods folder,double click the mod downloaded then click once on (…) file folder (WHEN WINRAR COMES UP) then press control and ‘c’ together and then click bye to winrar and right click on the mod the ‘extract here’ and voila!
    I know it sound rubbish and insane but it the easiest way! TRUST ME!!!!

  42. joona

    How to get my game controller in the game .Game controlles would be better to play. must it something to change the game settings.

  43. Corey

    Is there a way to breed the cattle or are they just milk cows? And what about the Lumber mill in the origianl map,,,what is it’s purpose? Any help.

  44. tb

    Hello, I have a complaint about my game I have purchased it twice once on the internet and once on a cd I bought the cd, farming simulator 2011 for windows 7 and i have windows 7 on a dell inspiron 1545 i got the cd downloaded and when i get to the home screen and click on career the screen shows up and it starts loading about half way it says giants engine has stopped working and windows is looking for a solution then it goes away and nothing shows up about the problem and i have tried it 7 times and it keeps doing it im a little ticked off and i want to play this game so i downloaded it on a friends window xp and the game works just fine then i tried it on mine again and it still does not work so ive bought the game twice and i would really like to get it to work. anyone that can help please do i want this to work bad!!!.

  45. ralldo

    i am buying cows ,but cant find them in the game,can anyone please
    tellme how to do this

  46. vali zaq

    how to hire workers what to do to hire them

    1. connor

      press h

  47. vali zaq

    how to hire workers

    1. Jimbo

      When you start to plow/harvest/sow set up the impliment so it is lined up the way you want the impliment to go then simply hit the ‘H’ button, to fire the worker again hit ‘H’ at anytime. Note you can only hire help on certain vehicles/impliments some mods do not have this feature.

  48. Hampus Magnusson

    Behöver koder, någon somm har?

    1. Carotus Gigantus

      Zupelnie sie z toba zgadzam.

  49. tb

    how do you feed haybales to cows?

  50. Simon

    How do men winked

  51. Allen

    Awesome site and full of a ton of awesome mods!!!

    I was wondering if someone knew where the code file for the silage storage was so I can make it accept other silage besides corn, I downloaded a mod that makes other crops into silage and wanna rewrite the code so it will let me unload other things there.

  52. jessie

    people have all ready aksed this but why do i only have 5 cows when i own more then that

  53. janis

    i need cd key,hus help me????

  54. per

    you ned to get money code that is the best sorry but my bat english im

  55. case mxm 155

    can make a CASE CVX 170 original as at real please

  56. Reelcraft A5825 EMP

    Have you seen this new site called facebook. There sure is a lot of people on there. I wonder why it is so popular? Probably just a fad!
    I just don’t understand it!

    Yahoo 2007

  57. kolbász

    yeah this is the cooling game

  58. Ray

    So does anybody no how 2 slow down the crop growth ????… i change it in the xml document an save it but it changes back….. any tips ?????????????????????????????????????/ thanks :)…

    1. NightTrain

      Change file attribute to read only?

  59. me

    how to sell corn silage?

  60. matteo

    yeah this is the cooling game

  61. michael

    how do you make mods what website

  62. jalla

    one question. when i attach the first semi trailer to the truck, i cant get the second trailer on. how do i do that?

  63. jalla

    when i attach semi trailer nr 1 on truck i press q, but i cant attach semitrailer nr 2…. how do i do that, can anyone help me

    1. Mark

      How do you use two implements at the same time on the same tractor? can anyone help me please?

  64. sarah

    i have typed in my product key and the game wont accept it. no next button comes up for me to press. i bought the game from amazon please help its for my boyfriends birthday

  65. hahah

    hello my name is onu bella .

  66. tanka

    how to make a map??

  67. Oliver Andersen

    Kjempe bra spill spesielt 2011 er inpa farming simulator 2011 hver mårran:-) kjempe bra spill!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  68. erling

    i have just downloaded it , but it says please insert game copackt disc into your cd rom, but which program should i drag to my cd room ?? can someone help? plz

  69. berjan

    goeie dag eem hoe gaat ie jonges

  70. Skrapi

    I noticed a couple of posts that had no replies about how to breed the cows or if you even could. When I bought the game, it appears as if you could and even on the website it speaks of “animal husbandry” Does anyone know how to breed the cattle?

  71. millzy

    is there any thing you van do with corn like sell it or somethin?

  72. jim

    the game say business mode and breed cattle. so i play it only have career mode and you cant breed cattle any one know why it is advertise that way . is there a file to get?

  73. Ryo

    I have downloaded the update so i can play online, but it says that Farming Simulator 2011 (english) is not installed.
    What the f*** ????
    somebody was saying that i have to change something En with De in the registry.
    and how the hell can i do this ???
    please, help me.
    Thanks 😀

  74. j

    can anyone make a JD 4720 tractor mod?

  75. marko

    how to get the code from farming smulator 2011 whether we could pomos Blizz free

  76. TURKEY

    Would you help me how downloading this game?

  77. thomas

    I need HELP!!!! I cant figure out how to breed my cows. everywhere tells me i can, but cant do it. also, im trying to figure out how to get new crops!!! anyone who can help, i would appreciate it. fishermanski@yahoo.com

  78. jonas

    hoe of waar kan ik grote hoeveelheden stro verkopen? kan iemand me helpen? mvg

  79. joe

    could some one make a Farmall H or Farmall M or tell me how i could do it thanks

    1. john

      I agree the h,m,450,560,1066,1206,1468 would be nice mods only of some one could make them because
      I don’t have the know how please someone could make it thank you

      1. farmall

        right on man we need some good red tractors m or 560 would be nice

      2. billy

        red power boys m,450,560,1206 are the best farmall tractors around

  80. Bill

    I’ve been playing this game for a while now. All of a sudden my crops are gone that have been planted, and I can’t plant new crops in my career modes. I have reinstalled the game and the patch. Any ideas??

  81. juden

    do you need the same mods as your friend to play with him on multiplayer?

  82. mitch

    so i have the same letters for different functions and its messing me up. i have tried to change the controls and saving it then i go back into it and its the same and the controls and the same as when i started… any way to change it?

  83. domas

    kur iš kur galima atsisiūsti farming simulator 2011 nemokamai ir pilną versija?

  84. calvin

    can someone please tell me what i need to make/create my own mods ?

  85. douwe

    how do you wash vehicles en implements

  86. Roylee18

    douwe – I just let the rain wash off the dirt. There is however a few maps that have a wash station on them, plus there is a pressure washer mod you can download. Don’t recall what the mod is called anymore. There is also a pickup truck that has a washer built into it, but don’t remember what that one was called anymore either.

  87. douwe

    roylee18 – thanks for the advice

  88. benjamin

    hali valaki magyar??

  89. flo

    je viens de télécharger farming simulator 2011 platinium et jai un probleme paske jai pas les nouveaux materiel et tous sa fai comme si javais le normal alors comment faire pour avoir tout sa????? merci

  90. Grace1234

    How do u breed cows??

  91. Cobus

    Can somebody please make a mod for taring your roads and making new roads and a mod like a boat or something like that

  92. SAM

    Why cant i load manure with my tracter/bucket or my loader???? And what can i do with the bio plant???

  93. rob noble

    hi can eny 1 tell me how to get more seeds in the game as im sick of the 4 that u get thanks

  94. qwes123

    can someone make a fodder wagon plz

    P.S can someone tell me how to make mods and maps plz

  95. Hans DK

    Hey i need a map there is big enough for 4 player, 2 combine drivers 1 truck driver 1 Tractor with grain cart with pipe. we just want a awsome map were we can play a diftrend role eacht. please reply if u know a map for this.

  96. ian hutte

    y cant i get my farming simulatr to download to my computer so i dont have to have the cd in

  97. Jon

    Does anybody know where I can find a mod to harvest watermelons and pumkins?

  98. Jeffrey Koops

    I cant find the product key! It says its on the back of the manual, but the game didnt come with a written manual its one you look at on the PC. So where do i find it ?

    1. Jon

      I think you should have received an email that gives you the product key for online purchase. Check your inbox

      1. Glenn M.

        There should have been a paper in the case itself that has the product key on it.

  99. zayne

    please help does anyone know how to manually start a tractor on this game i just got this game and its pissing me off.

  100. Riley

    I need a map thats based on Minnesota. please… i cant make it my self because Im not that smart. thank u

  101. jim

    Hello guys can anyone tell which is the KP key?

  102. Jim

    Can anyone tell me what is the KP? Some mods want it to work.

  103. TOMI

    I need a map thats based on Minnesota. please… i cant make it my self because Im not that smart. thank u

  104. Jim

    Can you make a mod for John Deere 965? Thanks 😉

  105. eddy

    Hello how to be able to install(settle) packs on farming simulator on 2011 cr all the rest I know how to make him(it). Thank you

  106. farming man 63

    what do you do with the pallets everwhere please help…. thank you.

  107. danny

    can someone make a terex tl 100 shovel please thanks

  108. Timoni

    All of the data on my game has been lost, but it is still in the encoding. Someone please help…

  109. charlie

    Does anyone on here know how to put in the cheat code for money. Ign says to click on the folder for it and click on your saved game and change the name but I can’t even find that to change the name. Please help!

  110. leandro

    hola como puedo hacer para que funcione el juego en multijugador….

  111. Tanka a traktoros

    Miez gecik hehe szar vah miez ez nem a Mod namen te morejá

  112. james

    for some reason i will try to cultivate a field and nothing will happen does anyone know how to fix these

  113. nick

    how do u breed cattle?? please tell me

  114. Nick

    When you play Farming Simulator do you need windows internet or any internet? Someone write back Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. nicolas

    Avec quel logiciel faite-vous les mods ?

  116. pleasehelp

    at some places at the standard map are some emty pallets and yellow containers, what can we do with that? can somebody please tell me that? Greetz

  117. JONAS

    I have a problem normal in the left corner of the screen there is a place that say where the button fore
    but this black spage is gone how i get it back?

    1. Marty

      If you haven’t figured it out yet, try pushing f1. that will make that appear and disappear.

  118. Ghost

    salut a tous amis agriculteur, si vous voulez farming simulator 2011 en francais cracker aller voir sur youtube
    themarvelman5 il a fait un tuto pour le télécharger et y jouer gratuitement et en francais !!

  119. cjcat

    how do i cut down trees, or can i?

  120. FORK


  121. brodie

    why wont it let me download mods help me or tell me how to do it please!!!!!!!!!!!111

  122. Marty

    I am having problems with my ESC button not working while I am playing the game so i am unable to save my progress. The ESC button works on other programs on the computer. Just not on any of my farms. Thanks

    1. Marty

      Also I can’t get my PDA working. When i press I to bring it up it doesn’t do anything.

    2. Greg

      I have the same problem since I downloaded Flatlands Final. Everything works just fine in Flatlands but when I go back to another saved game the pda, store, esc and other keys do not work. What I do is start Flatlands check that the keys works, abort the game and load the game I wish to play. Everything works fine but I do not know what the problem is so if you have downloaded a map lately try what I described above. I hope it helps.

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