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Oct 11

Peterbilt 378 v1.0

Peterbilt 378 v1.0

The 2007 Peterbilt 379 runs on a Caterpillar C-15 engine with 475 horsepower, Has a front axel capacity of 12,000 lbs. and a rear axel capacity of 38,000 lbs., with a rear end ratio of 3:36.
This truck features a 13-speed transmission, tandem axels and a Pete Flex Air suspension system.

All issues Indicated in the Daycab version’s support topics have been Addressed in this release. Increased camera “pan” added distance. Cruise settings adjusted. And additional missing input bindings l1on script added.

Keep original link. May be uploaded to other sites as long as the original link is used and credits are provided. Edits june not be released.
Copyright © 2013 Lazy Mod Studios & Big Boss modding. All Rights Reserved.

The truck come in Black, Red and Withe, in alternative left you have the red and white ones.

Download: Peterbilt 378 v1.0 []
Download: Peterbilt 378 v1.0 []

Oct 09

Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0

Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0

3 Mods:
1x semi tractor with crane and chainsaw
1x semi logging trailer
1x wood claw

1964 Magirus 200 D 26 AS Forest
In 1944 the engineers at KHD (Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz) constructed mass producable aircooled Diesel engines, no other german company built such engines. In 1951 Magirus introduced a completely re-designed truck series, the production of the allwheel driven “Eckhauber” (sharp edged bonnet) started in 1953.
200 D 26 AS all wheel tractor with Meiller Crane for forest purposes, wheelbase 4200 mm.
With chainsaw onboard!
Logging semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
Semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
For log transport.
Magirus Meiller wood claw
For use with Magirus 200 D 26 SF.

Author 3d model:

Conversion FS2013:

Sven777b, StarT, Manuel Leithner, rafftnix, fireandice, fruktor

chainsaw (Forestmod)
mouse controlled crane
loading logs (Forestmod)
grabbing logs (Forestmod)
load help line (Forestmod)
floating position
animated parts
lights addon
wheel particles
no log errors

Download: Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0 []
Download: Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0 []

Oct 06

Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3 (First Release)

A map with a half and half variety of hills and flat land. The roads are raised with a ditch like effect. This map contains
9 fields (2 owned) and each field has two field approaches diagonal of eachother, approaches can be seen on map view. Points of sale for
crops, eggs and wool. Traffic and milk truck are also included. Also contains the standard crops plus soybean, straw from soybean, sunflower and alfalfa.
Alfalfa is meant to be cut only and used as a grass crop (MultiMowing V 1:01 or similar). There is storage at the main farm for all crops
plus grass, hay, straw, chaff, silage, and forage (no storage for alfalfa unless converted to grass).
There are also different fertilizer triggers for each of the 7 types from the Soil Mod (fertilizer A,B,C, herbicide A,B,C and lime(kalk)).
Also a wash bay, bale conveyor, weigh scale, water station, and extra manure storage is located on the main farm.
Map contains cows, sheep and chickens with water mod for all. Wool pallet collector is also installed.
This isn’t the most highly detailed map loaded with objects but everything that was done I tried to do well. All icons are properly placed where needed.
SoilMod and ChoppedStraw are not entirely necessary mods but without the SoilMod there will be minor warnings in the log.
Also just the zip files are needed from SoilMod– and ChoppedStraw–
If your familiar with the mod this map has the config. xml and lua installed with the needed fruit conversions but one would still need
the mod .
A couple notes: (Main farm shed doors that aren’t open do NOT open but they do offer NO collision.)
(Farm weight scale in multiplayer- weight scale may not work if driven on with tractor that has a front weight attached.)
Hope you enjoy!!!

Download: Green View Farms v3 []
Download: Green View Farms v3 []

Sep 30

Grazyland v1.9 MR

Grazyland v1.9 MR

– Spelled, oats, millet, rye, sunflowers, carrots, onions
– Pigs, cattle fattening
– Traffic lights
– Digital level-Show
– Digital scales
– Car wash
– Village
– Bga
– Traffic, pedestrian, milk truck, zeppelin, wild geese
– Manure manure mod
– Miscellaneous ….

1 times unpack

Download: Grazyland v1.9 MR []
Download: Grazyland v1.9 MR []

Sep 30

Klein Neudorf v5.0 high

Klein Neudorf v5.0 high

Willkommen im schönen Klein Neudorf! Hier finden sie eine Map vor mit vielen Feldern, Details, Bäumen leichten Hügeln und kleinen Dörfern.

Nachdem ich die Alt Nageldorf beinahe fertig hatte wollte ich umgehend eine neue sehr Detailreiche Map enge bauen nach dem Stil der Rootmoss da mir diese damals sehr gefiel. Aber keine Angst dies ist in keiner Hinsicht ein Nachbau lediglich der Landhandel ähnelt der von der Rootmoss! Die Map wurde von mir ziemlich rasch gebaut aber ohne Realitäts- und Detailverlust. Baubeginn war ca. am 5 Mai 2014! Ich denke ich konnte die Map ziemlich Realitätsnah und voll Funktionsfähig gestalten.

Sie besitzen in der herrlichen Umgebung 3 kleine Höfe in den Dörfern. Sie können sich entscheiden ob sie alle oder doch lieber einen bewirtschaften wollen, da die Höfe voneinander unabhängig sind. Im 3. Dorf stehen eine BGA die sie regelmäßig mit Siliergut befüllen können, sowie ein Sägewerk und ein Heizkraftwerk. Liefern Sie Getreide beim Landhandel ab, holzen Sie die Wälder ab oder füttern Sie Ihre Kühe! Es steht Ihnen offen welchen Weg sie gehen wollen!!!

– 4 kleine Dörfer
– 3 kleine Höfe
– Kaufbare Felder (reale Preise)
– Schweinemast
– Landhandel
– Landmaschinenhändler
– Sägewerk
– Heizkraftwerk
-2 Waldstücke für den Forstmod
– alle 3 Tierarten
– Über 40 kleine bis mittlere Felder
– Milchtruck und vieles mehr!!!

Download: Klein Neudorf v5.0 high []
Download: Klein Neudorf v5.0 high []

Sep 24

Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0

Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0

Today we want Templars let you come back a little ..

A Scania heavy duty tower and a Scania heavy duty construction with tarpaulins.

There are always 2.Scania a download always the two belong together the available colors.

Of 4.Packs are in the range, thus each of them wants to invite him to take his matching color.

Installed are the following scripts wheel / handbrake / ES Limiter / Lighting 3.1.

The Scania has to look like the pictures 4.Achsen and these are 2.Lenkbar.

What is satisfied ..

First you have the mod the modder like.

Who does not like him need him not to be charged.

Who has not invited Him should not use the comment function also.

Also something was changed so the settings he no longer stands out front.

The Scania with the tarp is intended to draw from Dolly.

One more thing, there should be users who think I’m going there first attach a trailer which has 500,000 tons of weight so does not benefit from the truck of the site, and then lets out in the comments. These comments will be deleted.

The basic model comes from ETS.

The textures of the interior are almost all taken from ETS.



Download: Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0 []
Download: Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0 []

Sep 18

Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP]

Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP]

Hayes Truck 5-axes. Towing ROADS TRAINS and carriage for large machines. recommended adjustable counterweight on the button 5 Very to use with the pack of J & D car. Tested on different cards and PC

J&D Modding

Download: Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP] []
Download: Hayes Road Train v 1.0 [MP] []

Sep 10

Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit

Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit

Wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beet, potato, spelled, oats, rye, millet, Carrot, Tomato, Strawberry are
Harvest ripe soon.
Other fruits are available when needed, but NotE you must harvest them completely or the same fruit
new aussäen.Unterpflügen not work.
Energy pasture, poppy, hops, soybean, clover, alfalfa, sunflower, cotton, triticale, green wheat, turnip greens

Lime, Fertilizer, sand, gravel, earth, beer, water, bread

3DFeldwege, Agrola gas station, railway station, railway crossing, BauernhausV2, Mountain Hall, Biogas Plant (in part),
Boat (yacht), distillery, bridges, CAT garage, drive-through barn, Edeka, farm silos, silos fruit,
Garage02R, New garage, garden centers (part of), House (walkable), cowshed,
Stock standard-lime-Fertilitzer, country store, Landi, Guidance bar, Lighthouse, Lidl,
Stalls, mixing station, Old Streets, butcher, silage mountain, Small Tip Station,
stableGarageNew_v1.3, Straw CHP, straw power plant, tanks truck workshop,
Shelter with spotlights, Waage_24, WATER STATION, ZuckerfabrikVLS13, Wood House,
Washing hall, hall with crane, bakery, brewery (Graf-Arco).
Furthermore, some HD textures are installed.
Unzip the RAR file and the files needed zip steffensLand2014 / dds for the MapViewer in your
Modfolder move.
This map was created with the Gaints editor 5.5.2 64 bit.
Have fun Gray 12

Download: Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit []
Download: Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit []

Aug 29

Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0

Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0

Scania P420 Truck with cooling structure

Authors: Hoschi97, HoFFi, DRE3178

Download: Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0 []
Download: Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0 []

Aug 14

Custom Diesel Truck Flatbed With Stacks v1.0

Custom Diesel Truck Flatbed With Stacks v1.0

This is a Custom Flatbed that i modeled and put some stacks and stuff one. This needs to be put on your truck in Giants editor and it june need resizing DEPENDING on your truck size just change the X, Y, Z of the main transform group for the Flatbed and You Should Be set.

Download: Custom Diesel Truck Flatbed With Stacks v1.0 []
Download: Custom Diesel Truck Flatbed With Stacks v1.0 []

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