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Jul 31

Knuston Farm extended final

Knuston Farm extended final


Knuston Farm is a farm about quarter of a mile away from my house, they farm on land that is slightly hilly with large open fields. They predominately grow the usual Wheat, Barley and Canola and some times beans, its a big farm and part of a larger group that farm around different parts within a 10 mile-ish radius. This map has carefully been made to replicate the terrain, layout and feel of real life.
I have done this by using tools such as Google and Photoshop, knowing the default map is 2km by 2km, I was able to use Google images in Photoshop to depict layers to help quickly create a scale map making sure everything is spot on.

Need to know
This map was finished off using the new version of Giants editor and will require your game to be updated with the latest patch BETA. Having a quick search in the forum will guide you to the right place. This map and as always has been aimed at creating luscious scenery full of greenery just like in life, so the use of trees, bushes and hedges is very high and in fact there is near on or about 3000 trees in this map, so please understand that a decent computer will be needed. Though with that in mind the latest patch helps massively.

This version has a setup more closer to that of my FS2011 version, I have ditched the mill/Industrial zone. I have done this because of space and other ideas and not to mention there isn’t a mill or industrial area in real life within the area, that said the farm layout and size means putting the sell area and as a grain dryer means there is a reason to use and isn’t to out of character. The animal zones are however all separated and the shop is at the mansion house call it a working from home business.

Anything special
Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
Old water mill with moving wheel and water splashes/mist
Few natural sounds added
All foliage textures have been adjusted

Final edit changes
Largest field split into two
Lots of texture changes including sky
Farm layout altered with lots of new clutter and tyre tracks etc.
A few lakes added
Bale sale trigger made the size of bale shed
Fuel tank now has correct attributes so fuel trailers can be filled

Download: Knuston Farm extended final []
Download: Knuston Farm extended final []

May 12

Rislisberg Valley v2.0

Rislisberg Valley v2.0

Welcome to Rislisberg! This time it is a smaller map of my production.
About the map I worked the longest. It’s the best of my other works.
An interesting area and the landscape is made from my imagination.

- Start vehicles.
- 25 fields
- Land Commercial
- Cows, sheep, chickens
- 1 farm / village
- Crops are almost ready for harvest
- Good for low poly Pc `s
- River and railroad tracks
- New interesting textures and more …

Download: Rislisberg Valley v2.0 []
Download: Rislisberg Valley v2.0 []

Apr 08

Big X 650 little Beast v 2.0

Big X 650 little Beast v 2.0

Big X 650 little Beast v 2.0

Speed 30 km / h Adjustable tow hitch, added counterweight. Simple wheels, dual wheels and tracks. Includes two reapers; corn and energy willow.

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: Kyosho’s Modfactory

Download: Big X 650 little Beast v 2.0 []
Download: Big X 650 little Beast v 2.0 []

Jan 07

Nieciekawa Mapa v4.0

Nieciekawa Mapa v4.0

On the map HAS BEEN rebuilt one of the farms. Connected field, removed the tracks, added more vegetation. The map contains the gates opened to the press, buying boxes, traffic and supersilo trigger.
Requested mod:

Autor: ZeFir
Edit: airidzius15

Download: Nieciekawa Mapa v4.0 []
Download: Nieciekawa Mapa v4.0 []

Dec 24

CP Curse MIG Map v1.2

CP Curse MIG Map v1.2

MIG Map Madeln Germany Celle region
+) Abfahrkurse all fields to Hofsilo (Full Auto)
+) Abfahrkurse all fields for BGA silo 1,2,3,4 (Full Auto)
+) Potatoes and turnips leave all fields for Hofsilo (Full Auto)
+) Selling rates of all fruits at all points of sale ( Fully Automatic)
+) With Trailer loose straw shut all the fields for food storage (Full Auto)
+) Fertilizing all fields of artificial fertilizers or syringe Hoftrigger (Full Auto)
+) Mowing lawns with Krone Big M500 13.2 m, 12.5 m swaths and shut to the yard and feed storage silos 1,2,3 (Full Auto)
Attached +) Automatically filling in all courses ( where images are placed tank )
All courses sin with standard Maschienen park retracted for all fields a Feldgrentze exists so that you can generate your own field courses for another working width
(but respectful courses obliquely across the fields is generated so ) all fields have field courses with 40m and 24m
Exact description as listed courses are combined in the attached PDF file
+ PDA are visual fields and meadows of numbers that are registered and collects at Red Umramte fields are joined to form a composite.

Download: CP Curse MIG Map v1.2 []
Download: CP Curse MIG Map v1.2 []

Oct 02

Krone ZX 450 GD PACK v 1

Krone ZX 450 GD PACK v 1

you understand! now no need to do the bales to make feed for cows
with these trailers you’ll easily be collected hay for feed
mind you do not grass hay and

but it is the standard trailers with bug fix

Now when you download hay and unloaded hay and grass is not on standard trailers in the game!

culture: straw grass HAY ( dry Grass )

it is very important to make the feed mixture for the cows!
unnecessarily used to take hay bales you had to do!

also made a version of the trailer on the tracks


Download: Krone ZX 450 GD PACK v 1 []
Download: Krone ZX 450 GD PACK v 1 []

Jun 05

Cat 345B Pack v 2.0

Cat 345B Pack v 2.0

Cat 345B Excavator and Shovel V2.0

All credit for the Mouse Control Function goes to ieg53i, without his efforts this release would not have been possible, thank you ieg53i. I would also like to thank Ghost78 for his support that made this possible
So here is the Cat 345B Excavator and shovel Version 2.0
You need to unzip Cat_345B& and place the two files inside into your mod folder.

Changes in V2.0:

The log file is error free (see attached picture)

Mouse Control
Fixed Lights
Textures adjusted
Shovel capacity = 10,000 Litres
Fruits that it can handle: wheat | barley | rape | maize | potato | sugarBeet | grass_windrow | dryGrass_windrow | wheat_windrow | barley_windrow | silage | forage | chaff | manure

NOTE: Some items could not be completed,
1. Hydraulic sound when using mouse control does not work, the problem is to complicated to fix and wil not be resolved.
2. The weight (mass) is down to 57.18418 this has to be the case to stop the tracks from turning when the shovel is extended and you turn the turret. (Tip: turning the turret slowly keeps it stable)
3. I attempted to rescale the mod but this created many other issues so the overall size is about about a metre over what it should be in real life.

None of the items above cause any errors or effect performance in any way.


Download: Cat 345B Pack v 2.0 []
Download: Cat 345B Pack v 2.0 []

Apr 25

On the walls of Grunwald v 1.0

On the walls of Grunwald v 1.0

After much research and long time in the field of new part of “At the castle wall” what uncovered.Well, it was actually just north of the tracks.You will find there plenty of flora, rolling hills, mountain terrain, wet environment, another farm, additional selling points, and some weird stuff.

What my aim to augment and complement existing well-built map thatwill be pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to play.I guess for the most part I got there.

Map which tested extensively on three computers and is completely error-free

Now a precaution or enticement (DEPENDING how you want to look at it)

-There are plenty of detail with long distances as if clip does not run smoothly on your machine it is time to venture out to the store if you know what I mean. I average 38-42 FPS with 3/4 good computer

Well, that’s that, hope you will dig the map

Download: On the walls of Grunwald v 1.0 []
Download: On the walls of Grunwald v 1.0 []

Apr 11

MAN TGX 18 680 6X6 CRAWLER v 1.0

MAN TGX 18 680 6X6 CRAWLER v 1.0

Decided to make a truck on the tracks

there you are

and this can not in reality but I wanted to play so

I am sharing this with you truck

put the Huskies

to ride through the fields made this truck on the track

with high traffic

edit by dimanix
author: SpeedySC1978

Download: MAN TGX 18 680 6X6 CRAWLER v 1.0 []
Download: MAN TGX 18 680 6X6 CRAWLER v 1.0 []

Oct 20

John Deere 8345R

John Deere 8345R

Welcome to John Deere equipment! If your looking for a great all around tractor today I have just the thing! This John Deere 8345R has just what you need like:
Power Shift Transmission
Addable Weight
Addable Duals
Very Detailed
Great Fuel Economy
180 Gallon Fuel Capacity
345 HP
Light Reflective
Auto Pilot
Move-Able Camera
Moving Shifter, Throttle
Blinkers/Hazard Lights
Dirt Tracks
Work Lights
Front Suspension
Air Ride Seat
Dynamic Exhaust
Interior/Exterior Sounds

Scripts: Knagsted, Balogh2003,, Bassrat, NH G240
Model: Knagsted, Balogh2003,, Bassrat, NH G240
Texture: Balogh2003,, Bassrat, NH G240
LS11 Convert: LSMatzeOst
Edited By: Max900

Download: John Deere 8345R []
Download: John Deere 8345R []

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