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Feb 17

John Deere 7180 Kemper Black/Red Edition

John Deere 7180 Kemper Black/Red Edition

Here I have a John Deere self-propelled, whom you have from John Deere colors in original

With his permission, I have the supplied Kemper umgeskinnt (back to original red).

Also, I have the 7180 made for him a nobler “Kemper Edition” design to be missed!
ICh it hope you like it!

The set consists of:
The forage: JohnDerre 7180

Standard features such as rear-view mirrors, turn signals, and RUL Pipelicht.
with dirty skin & washable

380 hp, max speed 40 km / h

Helper operation
Trailer hitch rear tipper with lower drawbar or turntable
Purchase price € 215000.-, maintenance costs € 91.- / day

Kemper maize header: 460plus in original red
with dirty skin & washable
Catchment Animation
Working width 6 meters, foldable, speed limit 10 km / h
Purchase price € 29000.-, maintenance costs € 29 .- / day

Multiplayer compatible: yes
The folder must not be unpacked.

Download: John Deere 7180 Kemper Black/Red Edition []

Feb 10

CLARK Forklift C80 v4.01

CLARK Forklift C80 v4.01

Clark C80 forklift with hydraulically adjustable fork and matching dump bucket.

8 tons deadweight
With up to 8 tons load capacity with a net weight over 10 tons provides the CLARK forklift for almost all heavy applications exactly the right solution for your application.

This is the diesel engine variant and not start with propellant.
With the KW diesel consumption keeps borders and through the torque converter he comes easily from the spot even at full load.

Learn to Mod
Fully Animated
Doors, windscreen wiper, mast, fork, handle … functional
Washable and dirt texture specially adapted.
3D model built from scratch, it is not a simple conversion!
completely new textures
Tire tracks
Seperate camera at the fork
(“Change Device” for controlling) tipper bucket to get in touch with your fork!

Support here
In collaboration with the Urmodder SoftFOX,
Thank you so much
and you have a lot of fun with the truck.

Download: CLARK Forklift C80 v4.01 []

Feb 10

Fligel Timber Tippers v1.0

Fligel Timber Tippers v1.0

Here I have two Fliegl trailer Timber with tilt function.
the normal version 12 m long with tilt function.
8 m version with two axles with tilt function.
The two semi-trailers also come with a clutch at the rear for both types of coupling
Have Fun

Download: Fligel Timber Tippers v1.0 []

Jan 07

AbsetzR Brantner 16000 v1.0

AbsetzR Brantner 16000 v1.0

Here I have the Brantner 3 way tipper on a 5.4 meter setting frame. Suitable for
Capacity: 16000
Cost: 12500
Color choice
Have fun

Download: AbsetzR Brantner 16000 v1.0 []

Jan 05

Krampe Big Body 650S v1.0

Krampe Big Body 650S v1.0

Hi there,
since there is virtually no decent new tipper is so far for the LS15, I have the Krampe Big Body 650S ported from the LS13 once clean.
It is based 100% on the basis scripts of the LS15, but in my opinion completely sufficient for a dump truck.

Features include:
Tire tracks
Dynamic cereals Plane (standard fruits)
Dirt texture (kept simple, not kanns better)
Lighting system
Two-way tipper

Currently, the only known problem: The texture has become somewhat dark after you create the Dirt texture. Who here has a clue why this happens, please feel free to PM me.
Otherwise, I wish you much fun with the mod and I hope that there are no problems with it, otherwise leave note in the comments there. ;)

Download: Krampe Big Body 650S v1.0 []

Jan 02

Iveco Tipper v2.0

Iveco Tipper v2.0

iveco tipper transport wheat, corn, chips dee wood, wood.

Download: Iveco Tipper v2.0 []

Nov 14

MAN TGS 18440 tipper v2.0

MAN TGS 18440 tipper v2.0

hello friends, here are the v2 tipper
– Increased speed and tacho adjusted
– Transport volume adjusted to 8500
– Working headlights, front / rear (keys np 5/6)
– Amaturenbrettbeleuchtung
– Blinker indicator in the interior view
– Attacher “trailerLow” front and rear

Download: MAN TGS 18440 tipper v2.0 []

Aug 13

ZIL Truck Pack v3

ZIL Truck Pack v3

Author: Kovash

From the author: In Version 2.0 and higher. Next update package ZIL, I see that I liked a lot, so I decided to complete and finalized. Namely: Add another 4 models 133VYA ZIL, ZIL ZIL ZIL 4520 541760th 45065 and tried to make a model similar to that of their peers; The long-awaited trailer for “matchlock” as asked a similar body Zilovskoye … as the “body” Savoca tipper 133vya 4520 and which has a capacity of 10 cubic meters to replace the steering wheel, modified suspension (with respect to the new models) is softer; Changed the sound of the engine and acceleration. I hope they will be useful in the household.

Download: ZIL Truck Pack v3 []
Download: ZIL Truck Pack v3 []

Jul 03

Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR

Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR

Dear Agricultural Simulator community,

I hereby present you my version of the standard trailer “Krampe BB” is available.
Since I have adapted it to my taste, I have also permitted to name it after my nick.
The trailer is a true “custom” part that has not everyone in the yard icon smile Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR

In the future, more and more masses must be moved over longer distances in the shortest possible time periods.
The tridem tippers Big Body ® 900 is currently the biggest tippers from the house KRAMPE.
The tub, however, was completely redesigned. Innovative ideas, profound knowledge and rich experience of the home KRAMPE were collected.
Many suggestions from discussions with farmers and contractors were added and which ultimately led to the new boat form.
This offers many advantages:
By the curved design of the side walls and by the particularly narrow configuration of the lateral rod has been brought to an optimum load capacity. Compared to the previous model, the sink in by 8 cm wide.
The cylinder of the hydraulic tailgate are retracted transport position.
The frame crown is above flush when overloading no pivot bearing is in the way. The side walls (St 52, 4 mm thick) are each manufactured from one piece.
By folding of extracting the optimum out of rigidity of the material. Same time, the number of welds and cavities are reduced.
By eliminating unnecessary changes the Big Body ® offers tub by its elegant appearance and also reduces the weight.

It is washable
Hydraulic hoses are coupled
Digital display on the front hanger
tire dust
PTO shaft (also combines with the hour tractors)
Lighting approved according to § 16 KFG
Variable construction: approx 59870 liters without bodywork, and with construction: approx 67000 liters

Multi Fruit Ready:

compound feed

Download: Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR []
Download: Krampe Big Body v 1.0 Beta MR []

Jun 04



The package includes:
Tractor KrAZ 255B1
Tractor KrAZ 258
Tractor with Crane KrAZ 7140H6
KrAZ 256, 8000 liter capacity, performs standard culture, silage, manure, feed mix.
KrAZ 7140S6, 18000 liter capacity, performs standard culture, silage, manure, hay, straw, fodder mixture.
Truck KrAZ 257, 19200 liter capacity, resulting standard culture, silage, manure, hay, straw, fodder mixture can be transported bales.
All machines operate appliances and lights, open doors, windows, hoods, dust from the wheels, dynamic smoke, motor speed control, switchable mirrors, passenger script in MP. 7140 series machines can be washed.
Trailer for trucks Fuhrmann FF 32,000, capacity 40250/40470 l, equipped with removable extended sides and a removable sun roof, has a lock front chassis. Transport standard culture, silage, manure, hay, straw, fodder mixture.

Semi Tractor Trailer to:
Universal semi-tipper Dniester 9523-05, capacity 35000/60000 l, equipped with removable extended sides, carries the standard culture, silage, manure, hay, straw, fodder mixture can be transported bales.
Semi-grain Dniester 93571, 60000 liter capacity, performs standard culture.
Tanksattelaufliegerfür the transport of liquid products, capacity of 52,000 liters, water, milk, sunflower oil transported.
Semi-tanker TZ -22, capacity 22,000 l.
Trailers for transporting equipment CHMZAP 9990th
Semi-trailers for the transport of pigs and calves ODAZ 9976, capacity 40 pigs or calves.
Slurry tank, capacity 57,000 liters.
Semi-timber transport modes. 930702-010, capacity 36 m³ will be useful on maps where there is a mission on the transport of logs and boards.

Credits: Model/Texture/In game: SpeedySC1978, sanya1970, henly20, Norther_Strike, Siwus, Mythbuster, irakls, Koral, Game Kraz (Avalon Style Entertainment), MUK Modding, Crew, Pisty, Kyosho’s Modfactory, Silak_68, werik
Help: AleksBam777
Edit/Scripting: werik, Silak_68
Scripts : Northern_Strike, StarT, Sven777b, fruktor, LSSA Modding Team, Geri-G, Marhu, werik, Silak_68, igor29381


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