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Jun 16

THW GKW Cran Seilwinde

HKL LS08: steyr1 & Face
HKL Script: Hoschiander
HKL Script anpassung: Repi
Umbau zu Feuerwehr: Tniercke
letzte Aenderung:Bauer Wolle
Umbau zum THW GKW:Bauer Wolle

Download: THW GKW Cran Seilwinde []
Download: THW GKW Cran Seilwinde []

Sep 23



Forestry Pack 10

Key Updates

– New Logging Truck With stackable Tandem Trailer
– New FifthWheel Truck
– New Grapple Loader with Dangle Style Head
– All Machines have reworked images for store
– Fixed inability to fuel some machines
– Fixed most errors (only a few minor ones left)
– Adjusted Weights and Collisions for better control
– Adjusted Tree Cutting and grab collsions
– Overall well rounded improvements to all machines
– Updated Logos and minor Texture Fixes


May 28

Farm Lindenthal v1.0 Fix

Farm Lindenthal v1.0 Fix

Hello & welcome to the farm Lindenthal Map 2015
Although the name is the same as in LS 2013 is a completely new map,
which has nothing in common with the old version.
Since I am a notorious single player, I have the card kept relatively small. What does that mean?
The Map has only 7 fields, is created helper friendly and there were only for me
necessary mods installed. So if you expect a card are installed on all current mods fingers should be away from the download. All others who like it, I wish a lot of fun while working.
So now a little more detail: There are cows, chickens, and sheep, which can be found in the vicinity of the farm. The pig is located in the southwest and the battle mature animals may be sold in the village at the butcher.
The milk is collected at midnight but you can also deliver even the country trade. It is worth your StopMilkSale
what you can find here…45c6a63ff4d1863 . In terrain of Landhandel You can also straw, both loose and also sell in bales.
On the farm you will find fertilizer, seed and two Kalksilos to your fields to provide them with lime.
There are also seed and fertilizer at the regional trade and garden centers. Moreover, it is possible in the GC deliver its wool.
The supermarket is buying your potatoes and the weekly market is one the eggs go.
There is a Erdfruchthändler where you can sell potatoes and sugar beets, as well as a
Mill assumes that all grain crops.
When biomass heating plant you can also get rid of straw bales next to the wood chips.
There are also a BGA and a little forest is also installed.

Download: Farm Lindenthal v1.0 Fix []

Jan 06

Gorzkowa v2

Gorzkowa v2

Map has been turned over upside down and built completely from scratch.
There’s a bigger farm with fudges in the Small Polish Town.
We’ve tried to add as much detailing in this map so that the insert but also well attended.
There has been a lot of detailing to play on our MAPC caused you even more fun.
Download it and see, is definitely worthwhile.

Small Info:
– Time to ferment plant has been extended
– Can Feed the Cows and Chickens Water
– Old BGA which was not in V1 was built.
– Distillery and I think to sell.
– Manure can be found in the barn and out, also you can find small shelters where you can store everything you do not need on a farm
– Dear simple mud Glade, etc. for the village.
– After the robot you could go something nice to look at \ “find himself \”
– End The maps were made a little nicer than how it was in V1
– Almost all the doors can be opened at the Farm L button
– Doors of collision

NOTE !! You should also download the files to the map !!
Team TLS.

It seems as far as BETA, I checked it in the game, it has no errors in the log. With the rest you will see how to get married. .

Download: Gorzkowa v2 []

Jun 02



I used to be in search of a good Fendt Farmer 306 I have found only 309 and 312, I thought I’d build me just one that satisfies my desire and it turned out to

He has:
to öffnede windows and doors
KMH script
toggle animated parts
a few decals in the interior
fully animated heckhdraulik
and all this without error

Creditis: modelleicher mtopcagic thw helfer saarmodding eifok schlueterfan 1977 lechu arena

Download: FENDT FARMER 306 LS V2.1 []
Download: FENDT FARMER 306 LS V2.1 []

May 02

MV on the Baltic Sea v1.0

MV on the Baltic Sea v1.0

Good day ,

The last few days I’ve cleared out my computer from my Ls mods. And I came across this map that I built a few months ago , but never was 100 percent ready. The terrain on the map is as far removed . In principle missing something feituning as the set of triggers or small field adjustments a few Stellen.Die or a different texture also has png or jpg format. The map itself is already playable, but should still required after the final finish I bekommen.Da me out of the Ls – scene so slowly pull back I want you to not withhold the map. This is in my opinion better than they just throw it away .

Map Description
The map is built in the MV style . It reflects the northwest Mecklenburg again and is right on the Baltic Sea. There is a beautiful estate in bulk Walmstorf , a former old Lpg , a slowly decaying small farm and a new biogas plant on the map. There is a large sea beach with camping , some large and small villages , a country store a lot of arable land and grassland and many water holes , power poles , etc. There are several ways small fields and large fields . The landscape is quite hilly and is well suited for medium to large engineering.

Download: MV on the Baltic Sea v1.0 []
Download: MV on the Baltic Sea v1.0 []

Apr 05

Mengele Einachser v 1.0

Mengele Einachser v 1.0

Capacity: 11500 liter.
Transports: wheat, canola, corn, barley, straw, potatoes, sugar beets, grass silage, manure.

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: Hoschi97, Butters/BTS, THWHelfer

Download: Mengele Einachser v 1.0 []
Download: Mengele Einachser v 1.0 []

Mar 16

Bulldozer v 2.0

Bulldozer v 2.0

The game requires a license

Credits: Boby-2000, thw helfer, marv1991

Download: Bulldozer v 2.0 []
Download: Bulldozer v 2.0 []

Feb 25

Renault 8014 v 2.0 TW

Renault 8014 v 2.0 TW

Renault 8014 v 2.0 TW

Speed ​​43 km / h Open rear window, realistic exhaust, dust from the wheels, improving light.

The game requires a license

Ford Fan

Download: Renault 8014 v 2.0 TW []
Download: Renault 8014 v 2.0 TW []

Sep 20

Benz North West Mecklenburg v 1.0

Benz North West Mecklenburg v 1.0

Benz Northwest Mecklenburg , it is our new Map for Farming Simulator 2013.

Benz is a small idyllic village in the north-west of Mecklenburg , not far from the city of Wismar . The card is built true to the area around The Village Benz , large fields and meadows are typical of this region and allow for large-scale farmers and agricultural area designers nothing to be desired . But there are also many small details that can be seen only at a closer look . Let yourself be inspired by the idyllic landscape and launch them into new dimensions of agriculture.

On the map you will find :
– Large fields
– An agricultural cooperative of milk production (cows are adapted)
– Grain drying
– Sugar beet factory
– Pig ( without Schweinemod , serves as a point of sale for beet and wheat)
– Exposed dunghill
– 3D lanes
– Small lakes
– Vast forests
– Is rotting out !
– 3 villages ( Benz , Gamehl , Karlsow )

New in V1
Refinished field margins –
– PDA made
– Modified canola texture
– Lebändiger ( more vegetation grass, trees , …)
– Colli added at the pig farm in verkaufsstrigger
– Biogas plant
– Flawless


Download: Benz North West Mecklenburg v 1.0 []
Download: Benz North West Mecklenburg v 1.0 []

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