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Jan 14

Sheepfold v 1.0

Sheepfold v 1.0

Sheepfold v 1.0

Sheepfold for sheep. Doors open and close by pressing “O”. The light automatically.

Installation using GiantsEditor 5.0.3

Requires patch 2.0 and MapDoorTrigger v 4.0

Wildfuchs, John Deere 6930, Giants

Download: Sheepfold v 1.0 []
Download: Sheepfold v 1.0 []

Sep 04

Sheep farm

Sheep farm

Sheep farm is a slightly detailed map but very fun to play on,I suggest you use small or/and old equipment. This map is based on a medium sized farm Somewhere in the UK,It is very hilly so watch out for bales rolling about.There is also a large livestock market and grain sell point next to it. This is also my first official map release.This map is fully intended for small farming and for this game to be fun so sorry if there is not much detail


Download: Sheep farm []
Download: Sheep farm []

Dec 21

Westcreek Farm FS 2015

Westcreek Farm FS 2015

Westcreek Farm Farming Simulator 2015

Today I present you Westcreek Farm, There is a pretty lake that you will just love and want to stay with, This is a fictional Map,made from my mind and Imagination. There’s plenty of pretty places you will like so I hope you just fall in love with it!
Westcreek Farm Has 17 fields,5 Grass fields and 12 Arable fields, Two farms, One arable / dairy and one Chicken / sheep. Three spots you could do Forestry. Two crop sell points.ATM,Gas station, Church, Bio-gas plant and Wood chip plant, Logging Sell point and so on..

Map Maker: Benw11

A big thank you to The Mappers Paradise team, For helping me out with the map..
Ni Modding
El Cid
LJW Modding
Mfg Bernascht

Download: Westcreek Farm FS 2015 []

Dec 09



The farm is the You take on embedded in a beautiful landscape. Here one might almost go on holiday ..

However, the holiday falls unfortunately flat. Because there is a lot to do. It applies the animals (cows, cattle, pigs, lambs, chickens, broilers and sheep) to supply, and to designate the 24 fields and 4 meadows.

This of course has to lime at Raiffeisen seeds, fertilizer and as needed purchased and in the are temporarily stored Hofsilos.

All stables (also the cowshed) must remove manure regularly, so that the animals can reach in a relaxing environment their slaughter weight or give good milk for the dairy.

The Ortliche butcher would be coming back to your reared with love animals for slaughter.

The bakery , the brewery and the dairy must be supplied with raw materials to produce goods for the local Lidl supermarket.

The hops for the good Jogi beer can be bought at Raiffeisen. Here also the Mühlbetrieb is settled that produces the flour for the bakery. Even the local biogas plant will go into operation.

There are on the map, a sugar factory where you put your beets can sell and where you can also pick up in return lime.

And at Mc Cain Post your potatoes get rid of that are so popular in your place.

You have also taken three greenhouses where you’ll cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes growing.

You can achieve this (which you only local governing gas station get) supply them with seeds, fertilizer, water and diesel.

Then you have, of course, also a nursery which every now and then would be of you grass, slurry and manure get to but of course only if you have enough left of it.

In the Raiffeisen You can also get rid of your over retarded straw and sheep’s wool and wood chips, they take you, and of course thanks.

You read already, There is plenty to do, wirs tackle.

BlueIce team G4F Tobi1986

Download: VOSS VILLAGE MAP V 1.0 PART1 []
Download: VOSS VILLAGE MAP V 1.0 PART2 []

Nov 18



– There is a large flat map with fields, forests un Wiesen.Zu game beginning you have a field that is already beschtellt.
– The card is, in my opinion, quite clearly arranged and the area corresponding to the “lowlands”.
– The main focus of the card is in the grain production.
– To start the game the ordered field to harvest. The maps helper friendly.
– Forestry can also operate here, of course.
– The streets are of Allee – trees Edged (meaning most of the machines would have “inside control” when there is sailing). If that bother: There are chainsaws
– It is also the “Animal Production” on the map, I hope, come not too short. There are in addition to chickens, sheep and cows, the pig and broiler available.
– Also included cattle trade (this is the pig where “pups” Driving / buy can / must), and the broiler.
– In the BGA can almost all fruit, including the straw, “ensiling”..

Outlets. Building.

– BGA, BIOWERK, biomass heating plant, distillery CARTE CENTER, CEREALS AG, GETRIDESPEICHER, DÜTERBAHNHOF, PRIVATBRAUEREI, shipping company, butchers, transportation company WINDMILL, yard, sawmill, CATTLE MAPKT,
– STUD, Gullie MIST SALE, KARTOFFELFABRIK.WALD HAUS.Tiere Splines.Video Überwachung.Lager.usw.
– A lot of Decorative Objects Still are on the map, for example, installed. Bauhof, zoo, circus, basketball courts, child’s playground, garage, soccer field sawmill and much more …. Let yourself be surprised

Verbaure fruits.

– Standartfrüchte:Weizen.Gerste.Raps.Körnermais.Kartoffeln.Zuckerrüben.Neu:Hafer.Roggen.Dinkel.Tritacale.Sonnenblumen.

What I have built for you?

– Food storage – Hächselgut, mixed fodder, beet, chips, potatoes, straw, silage, grass.
– Slurry manure lime mod – Gene Borg
– Composting – Marhu (potatoes, sugar beets, grass, hay, Hächselgut, straw, manure, compost, wood chips)
– Cows: Grass. Silage.Stroh. Water.
– Sheep: Gras.Silage. Water.
– Chickens: wheat. water.
– Pig: Standart fruits. Water.
– Cattle fattening: Standart fruits. Water.
– Wassermod – Marhu
– Goldcoins – Wishing Well.
– Loaders – Stroh.Gras.
– Compost storage – compost.
Where you can unload what?

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Oct 26

Lakeside Farm V 1.2 HSS Update

Lakeside Farm V 1.2 HSS Update

Version 1.2 HSS update.

You must start a new game for V1.2. Update includes: The map has been renamed to Lakeside as I didn’t realise there was already a map out called Lakeside Farm. I apologies to the mapper. Reworked cow zone and Mix Feeder added. New area created by the lake for goose fattening. Access is tight to use a small trailer. Area Changes in the farm yard. Orchard added with Cherry’s and Plum production. CMP removed and Lakeshore supermarket added. Meat trigger updated to accept goose. Area change at the salad factory. New Storage at the salad factory for potato, steamed potato, compost soil and chaff which also fixes the floating heap and all shovel triggers work perfectly. Greenhouse, potato washer and steamer supply amounts increased. Pallet mover added to the stand alone washer. New Modular storage added in the farm yard for, straw, hay, compost soil, pig forage, beet pulp, chaff, silage, manure, potato, steamed potato, sugar beet, and woodchips. The Farm Silo should no longer call great demand. Forage Silo should no longer call great demand. Seeds2 storage added to the silo’s and tip trigger and unloading trigger. Seed Master Fixed An area was made at the farm for the placeable tomato and lettuce greenhouse from the game instore placeables and they are pre installed. New grass terrain texture and other textures replaced or changed throughout the map. Floating objects fixed. Cow zone water trough fill speed increased. Sheep zone reworked including the navmesh so the animals no longer freeze. Water trough moved. A trailer tip trigger has been added to the BGA sunken tip point, it is small and split in 2 for both hoppers, this may not work well with course play but otherwise works and does it’s job. Church Added with sounding bell on the hour. Many objects from all the past FS games added to yard areas to improve realism. Texture Flicker removed from all building models and MIPS added. Access to the chicken zones troughs improved. Baseball Field dug outs dug out. Tip Grids added to the mixfeeder, potato washers, beetMaster, seedmaster, Mixstation and PigForage Master.All pallet movers are fixed at the salad factory and production will restart automatically on part full pallets. Supply capacity increased and the steamer now will stay in front of the washer feeding it. More 40m spruce trees added around the BGA area to the south. The map file system was re-optimised and 130mb free’d up from v1.1 although a good chunk has been used up by the new models and additions. Tree textures darkened. Distance hills added around the full map. The farms north gate stuck open fixed, Issue was caused by the vehicle shed and load point, both have been adjusted. Beef2 manure conveyor Fixed. There’s more but you won’t notice and I’ve forgotten over the weeks. Credits for the guy’s who created the Mix Feeder system. Bunker: SoftFOX, BigM Mixing station: m4pj3cts Stall: Timber (stall to grab Thank you for sharing with the in the coming Mapper Kit) 131 Rails: BigM, Xentro Feeder: manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM Script: Bluebaby210

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, and Webalizer.

Download: Lakeside Farm V 1.2 HSS Update []

Oct 05

Ackendorf V 1.0

Ackendorf V 1.0

Here are some facts on the Map:

– New, no conversion!
– Standard Mapgröße
– 62 boxes of different sizes
– Of course, applied fields, therefore only partly friendly helper!
– Purchasable objects such as 2nd Hof, MixFeeder more.
– Logistics Center with production
– Fruit farm production
– To expand, merge or create new fields
– Fertilizer factory with production
– Consecutive production of various commodities.
– For producing goods: lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, mushrooms, plum, cherry, boards pallets, empty pallets, cardboard (packaging) pallets, greenhouse seed, liquid fertilizer, food, meat, compost …
– MixFeeder
– Animated animals
– Ai transport (cars / pedestrians / trains)
– Traffic lights
– Mast equipment V5 (Pigs / bark / sheep / lamb / chicken / cow)
– Egg-laying station
– Drover
– CowWaterMod installed (Keep out separately in mods folder are!)
– Mixing station
– Digital and manual level indicators
– Automatic access control including traffic lights.
Distributed signs with helpful information about the entire map –
– Many new items (shop, sales, etc …)
– 2 BGAs
– 2 sawmills (Standard / Marhu)
– Outdoor silos
– Extensive forest areas
– Manure / dung / Lime Mod (not compatible with SoilMod!)
– ChoppedStraw Mod
– GreenFertilzer Mod
– Intermediate crops clover / alfalfa
– Mapsilobänder for virtually any warehouse
– Manual feed stores
-. Div movable Mapobjekte
– Transport emissions with new merchandise
– Mähmissionen
– Manure storage
– Automatic and manual barriers, gates, etc.

Required Mods:
– MultiMowingMod
– ChoppedStrawMod
– GreenFertilizerMod
– GülleMistMod
– MapBuyableObject v3.3
– MapAmpeln
– 64erFix
– AnimationMapTrigger
– MixFeeder
– Multifruit
– MultiFruitModule_Ackendorf (included with the MapPack!)
-. Reach truck including pallet forks (If the MapPack at!)

Recommended Mods:
– Fortuna Trailer Pack
– StopMilkSale Mod
– AutoCombine

upsideDown, Extended Module by Farmer_Andy

Download: Ackendorf V 1.0 []

Oct 05

Holstein Switzerland V 1.0

Holstein Switzerland V 1.0

Agriculture has always been one of your heart’s desires.
But the rest court in his home village provides barely enough room for your two horses. An expansion of the Court is excluded as a development area has taken the necessary space.
So you have no other choice but to resort to an external homestead.

It is up to you: Do you want to dairy farming, pig or cattle
Focusing. Or would you rather take the sheep or the chicken farm in attack? Or even
nothing of all this? To use the plants for the purely agricultural.

At the beginning you have only a few individual fields that you can plant your.
There will certainly be no easy task. Take heart, you will master it already!


Download: Holstein Switzerland V 1.0 []

Oct 03

Euro Agrar Multifruit V

Euro Agrar Multifruit V


o MixFeeder installed by BlueBaby210 / Mod portal o MilkMax installed by Farmer_Andy at the Dairy (the sales trigger for milk persists) o farm equipment dealer was rebuilt see map: Shopping # landmaschinenhandel_trecker_co o map is prepared for any so that the placeable mods from the “potato cycle” of Farmer_Andy ( can be used pigForage is assumed in the pig o in the office at the Forsthof have 2 monitors to spycams installed Cams to palette collectors on sawmill and Sheepfold (requests for more cams can be routed through the bug tracker like. installed with scales Statistics


Download: Euro Agrar Multifruit V []

Sep 28



The Save Editor is an external software. So you can change the following settings:
Money, debt, gold coins, wheat, barley, canola, grain corn, chaff, hay, grass, potatoes stock, sugar camp, wood chips, Fields, chicken stock, sheep population, number of cows, manure Stand, dunghill, milk, eggs, silage, game speed (even beyond 120x ), tap Remove, fill up all the vehicles, clean, reset, multiplayer settings
In addition, there the Save Editor information about:
Played days, compacted bales, weather, future demands, evaluation, Hofwert and the total value (animals, vehicles, items, storage content), place in the ranking …

Step 1: Right click on the zip file and click “Extract”.
Step 2: Double-click on the exe file.
Prerequisite: The DLL file (s) and the EXE must be in the same directory, but not in a zip folder.

Download: SAVE EDITOR V4.3.2 []

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