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Feb 19

2007 Peterbilt 379

2007 Peterbilt 379

The 2007 Peterbilt 379 runs on a Caterpillar C-15 engine with 475 horsepower,
has a front axle capacity of 12,000 lbs.
and a rear axle capacity of 38,000 lbs.,
with a rear end ratio of 3.36.
This truck features a 13-speed transmission, tandem axles and a Pete Flex Air suspension system.

This mod contains two separate trucks in the same zip file and does not require unpacking.
One truck is street truck.

The second truck is has a logging “Head-ache” rack behind the cab.

This truck will connect to 5th wheel trailers with joint types “semitrailer” and “trailer”.
It has been tuned specifically to work with the Merritt grain trailers by Lazy Mod Studios and will also work with all in game Giants semitrailer’s trailer.

MP ready. Error free logs. 1:1 scaling based off manufacturer’s dimensions. Original High Quality Model created in 3ds Max by Isotope.

New for fs2015
Color changing
dynamic tracking wheels

Keep original link. Do not upload to other sites without permission. Edits may not be released.
Copyright © 2013 Lazy Mod Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Map is Everywhere USA 2015 WIP.

Download: 2007 Peterbilt 379 []

Feb 10

Fligel Timber Tippers v1.0

Fligel Timber Tippers v1.0

Here I have two Fliegl trailer Timber with tilt function.
the normal version 12 m long with tilt function.
8 m version with two axles with tilt function.
The two semi-trailers also come with a clutch at the rear for both types of coupling
Have Fun

Download: Fligel Timber Tippers v1.0 []

Dec 15

Audi Allroad v1.0

Audi Allroad v1.0

This is Audi Allroad from LS13, to LS15 (Request).
The Audi allroad quattro is an automotive nameplate used by the German automobile manufacturer Audi, a division of the Volkswagen Group since 1999. Audi has utilised the name “allroad quattro” to signify semi-offroad ability on two of its mainstream model lines.

Audi Description:
Trailer hitch for trailer.
91580€ in game

Download: Audi Allroad v1.0 []

Dec 05

Kogel timber semi trailers v1.0

Kogel timber semi trailers v1.0

Model, textures Repi
Ingame, animations: Repi
Alcoa Wheels: funker
Decals: funker, Repi

The model is 1: 1 !!!

Length: 13,62m
Width: 2.55m
Height: 3,95m

Polys vehicle: 56280
Price: € 58798 LS
Upkeep: 48 € LS
ZIP Size: 8.20 MB

With almost 14m length of the semi-trailer Kögel offers the transport of different
long logs. He is drawn either with a dolly or a truck.

I wish you much fun with the mod!

MfG Repi

Download: Kogel timber semi trailers v1.0 []

Nov 04

Beacon Light Mod v1.5

Beacon Light Mod v1.5

BeaconLight Mod from AlfamoddingTV

Hello, people,
today I would like to present you my BeaconLight Mod.
One adds this Mod to the standard truck 2 Beacon lights.
And the Fliegl low loader an Beacon light.

please unpack (BeaconLight Mod Please unpack into the LS 15 Mods Folder.

– Man TGS with Beaconlight
– Fliegl Semitrailer with Beaconlight
– Man TGS with Lightbar ab V1.5
– Ponsse Buffalo with Beaconlight ab V1.5
– Ponnse Scorpionking with Beaconlight ab V1.5
– Fliegl Timber Runner with Beaconlight ab V1.5

Color at Trucks avaible at V1.5!!!

Modell and Data: Giants Software
Edit: AlfamoddingTV

Lightbar: Chrille154

Download: Beacon Light Mod v1.5 []

Oct 20

Randon BiTrem grain semi trailers v1.1

Here a BiTrem grain trailer of Randon
Capacity 48,000 L each for wheat rape barley and grain maize.
Daily maintenance: € 5

This Bitrem trailers are ideal for anyone wanting to transport the large amounts of grain as can be put together so well wheeled road trains.

Download: Randon BiTrem grain semi trailers v1.1 []

Oct 09

Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0

Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0

3 Mods:
1x semi tractor with crane and chainsaw
1x semi logging trailer
1x wood claw

1964 Magirus 200 D 26 AS Forest
In 1944 the engineers at KHD (Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz) constructed mass producable aircooled Diesel engines, no other german company built such engines. In 1951 Magirus introduced a completely re-designed truck series, the production of the allwheel driven “Eckhauber” (sharp edged bonnet) started in 1953.
200 D 26 AS all wheel tractor with Meiller Crane for forest purposes, wheelbase 4200 mm.
With chainsaw onboard!
Logging semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
Semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
For log transport.
Magirus Meiller wood claw
For use with Magirus 200 D 26 SF.

Author 3d model:

Conversion FS2013:

Sven777b, StarT, Manuel Leithner, rafftnix, fireandice, fruktor

chainsaw (Forestmod)
mouse controlled crane
loading logs (Forestmod)
grabbing logs (Forestmod)
load help line (Forestmod)
floating position
animated parts
lights addon
wheel particles
no log errors

Download: Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0 []
Download: Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0 []

Oct 02




Download: SCHMITZ CARGO BULL v1.0 []
Download: SCHMITZ CARGO BULL v1.0 []

Sep 22

Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0

Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0

Hola, 18000a Hoy les traigo la tolva semillera Gimetal AC Esta la Florerias USAR párr tolva Distintos Trabajos del campo. Cuenta ONU de la estafa tubo animado, el Cual permite ONU vaciado facil de la Misma. Ademas e sta available in varios colores Para Que les Sirvan para Armar Distintos Equipos. Mas this available in precisamente OCHO Tipos de colores Diferentes.
-Características Del mod:
-Capacidad de 18000kg
-Animación del tubo.
-Enganche TRASERO.
-Particles de Descarga.
-Lona lluvia párrafo (cinta Rápido)
-Luces rojas.
-Cultivos: trigo, avena maiz, girasol colza, soja , fertilizante, arroz.

Download: Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0 []
Download: Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0 []

Jul 16

SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition

SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition

– Capacity: 100000 l
– Loading: wheat, rape, maize, barley, manure, silage, potato, sugarbeet, grass windrow, wheat windrow, barley windrow, chaff, forage

Authors: Feuvictor, getsome 2000

Download: SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition []
Download: SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition []

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