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Oct 20

Freeland v1.1

Freeland v1.1

Nun zur Map es ist ein umgebaute Neuenburg Am Rhein von BadenBauer
Auf der Map sind Kühe,Schafe,Hühner,Schweine und Rinder
Es ist auf der Map verbaut:
Die Standart Früchte sowie Sonnenblumen,Hafer und Roggen
Eine Bäckerrei wo man Brot bekommt wenn man die Getreide Sorten abliefert und wenn man das Brot bei Lidl abliefert bekommt man Geld das gleiche passiert bei der Brauerei die ebenfals verbaut ist und das Bier kann man nicht nur bei Lidl sonder auch bein Gasthof abliefern.
Eine SchweineMat und eine RinderMast ist auch verbaut.
Es ist ach der ForstMod verbaut.
Verbaut ist auch Chopped Straw Mod GülleMistKalkMod ist verbaut.
multiFruit_V2_2b Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 V 2.0
findet ihr bei Modhoster
Und natürlich braucht ihr ein Drescher der Roggen,Hafer und Sonnenblumen dreschen kann sowie ein Anhänger der die Früchte laden kann.
Und ein wagen der Bier und Brot laden kann so das ihr es zu Lidl fahren könnt ich habe diesen Scania R730 Mit Kühlaufbau V 1.7 findet ihr auch bei Modhoster
Ein Anhänger der Saatgut,Dünger und Kalk laden kann das ihr es von Landhandel holen könnt .

Download: Freeland v1.1 []

Sep 24

Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0

Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0

Today we want Templars let you come back a little ..

A Scania heavy duty tower and a Scania heavy duty construction with tarpaulins.

There are always 2.Scania a download always the two belong together the available colors.

Of 4.Packs are in the range, thus each of them wants to invite him to take his matching color.

Installed are the following scripts wheel / handbrake / ES Limiter / Lighting 3.1.

The Scania has to look like the pictures 4.Achsen and these are 2.Lenkbar.

What is satisfied ..

First you have the mod the modder like.

Who does not like him need him not to be charged.

Who has not invited Him should not use the comment function also.

Also something was changed so the settings he no longer stands out front.

The Scania with the tarp is intended to draw from Dolly.

One more thing, there should be users who think I’m going there first attach a trailer which has 500,000 tons of weight so does not benefit from the truck of the site, and then lets out in the comments. These comments will be deleted.

The basic model comes from ETS.

The textures of the interior are almost all taken from ETS.



Download: Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0 []
Download: Scania heavy duty and heavy duty v 1.0 []

Sep 23

Scania R 560 v1.0

Scania R 560 v1.0

Da es doch einige Spieler gibt die den Scania von uns gerne als 3.Achser hätten,haben wir uns kurzer
Hand ran gemacht.
Nun zu den Farben ,wir haben wieder alle 4.Farben gemacht,darum ist die Zip auch etwas grösser.
Es sind also alle 4.Scania in einer zip Datei.
Bitte nach dem runter Laden einmal entpacken.
Beleuchtung 3.1

Download: Scania R 560 v1.0 []
Download: Scania R 560 v1.0 []

Sep 20

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014
by TLS ModdingAndiScaniaMoppel Agricultural Service Möller
You can expect a natural landscape in an idyllic location, a village in the East Prignitz, a place where time stood still ist.Was has changed – New John Deere dealer New BGA changed fields – many upgrades (which in 20 years as modified) – Chopped straw mod installed as standard much more … Just allow your soul, between lakes and fields dangle something and enjoys playing the unique atmosphere of this Gegend.Ihr take over a former LPG which is fully functional and leads them into the modern Agrarwirtschaft.Übernehmt responsibility for the former employee, the animals and the Landschaft.Modernisiert the fleet and enjoy the workflow from seed to harvest.
The map has a few new features erweitert.Eine Pig has been added, the Me livestock system has moved and has been completely erneuert.Der country trade was a more appropriate old grain marketing ersetzt.Es many new farms were created, lanes more realistic, newly created some fields, it is a potato traders to come as a new outlet, the landscape was embellished with lots of little details and enriched by the new village “Tornow”, but let yourself be surprised ….

Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []
Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []

Aug 29

Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0

Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0

Scania P420 Truck with cooling structure

Authors: Hoschi97, HoFFi, DRE3178

Download: Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0 []
Download: Scania P420 with cooling structure v 1.0 []

Jul 16

Scania R730 + Krone 469 Trailer v 1.1

Scania R730 + Krone 469 Trailer v 1.1

– Operate emergency lights and turning lights
– Transporting: straw, chaff, grass, silage, feed, feed mixture of wood chips
– Capacity: 46900 liters

Version 1.1:
– Added ES limiter and Operating Hours

Author: dimanix

Download: Scania R730 + Krone 469 Trailer v 1.1 []
Download: Scania R730 + Krone 469 Trailer v 1.1 []

Jul 13

Thuringia Rhon v0.9 beta

Thuringia Rhon v0.9 beta

The map provides a fictional landscape of the Rhön-Thuringia region dar.

On the map you will find:
– Hilly, large fields
– Baywa
– Raiffeisen
– 2 former LPG plants (arable farm, dairy farming)
– Green compost heap
– Adjusted traffic
– New grass texture
– Exposed dunghill
– 3D roads
– Adapted cow pasture
– 2D/3D trees

What is new?
New silos
New animal production
New textures
New Court
New hoop iron
On all farms 2 and Baywa are stations for your fleet.
The map is also suitable for low-Pc’s because care was taken to clip Distances, texture formats and Ram usage.

– Saroman, Roberto91
– Fendtxylon524
– Various Polish modders

Download: Thuringia Rhon v0.9 beta []
Download: Thuringia Rhon v0.9 beta []

Jul 06

SCANIA R730 V1.1

SCANIA R730 V1.1

Scania R730 mod V1.1 is a “VIP”, but soon will be released on 15 Farming and decided to post the mod.
Good game
If you repost on another website, please keep original download link!.

Vinicius LS
FBT Modding
fw Downloads

Download: SCANIA R730 V1.1 []
Download: SCANIA R730 V1.1 []

Jul 06



The new model Scania with manipulator
Designed for TRANSPORTING logs
Attached to the truck trailer
The manipulator is controlled using the mouse
Support put forward button X
Mod for work you need to install Forest Mod

Author: dimanix

Download: SCANIA R 730 MANIPULATOR V1.0 []
Download: SCANIA R 730 MANIPULATOR V1.0 []

Jun 21

Erlenberg v1.2

Erlenberg v1.2

so die erste Map nach unserer Pause ist fertig.
Willkommen in Erlenberg :)

– Kompletter Neubau
– 23 Felder von denen 12 selbst angelegt werden können
– Produktionsketten für Fisch, Fleisch, Blumen, Zement und Forage
– Unkrautmod
– Viele kaufbare Objekte
– zeitgesteuerte Ereignisse
– Gülle/Mist/Kalk Mod
– eigene PDA Map inkl. neuer Symbole

Bebilderte 11-seitige Anleitung liegt dem Pack bei!
Bitte unbedingt lesen!

Benötigte Mods
– GülleMistKalk Mod
– MapDoorTrigger
– PDAFix
– MapBuyableObjects
– MapSoundTrigger (liegt dem Pack bei!)
– MultiSprayer (liegt dem Pack bei!)
– Fortuna K180 Anhänger ab v1.3!
– Claas Ranger Pack ab v1.2
– Scania R420 Sattelzugmaschine (liegt dem Pack bei!)
– Schmitz Cargo Kofferauflieger (liegt dem Pack bei!)

Optionale Mods:
– Krampe HP 20 v1.1 (zum Transport von Kompost!)
– AlternativTipping Mod
– Mercedes Benz 2548 mit Kofferaufbau (Download nur bei uns im Forum erhältlich!)
– Unser Krampe Trailer Pack (Milch, Wasser, Gülle, Mist und Schweinetransport)

Download: Erlenberg v1.2 []
Download: Erlenberg v1.2 []

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