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Sep 30

Ropa Big Bear Überladewagen für LS15

Ropa Big Bear Überladewagen für LS15

Ropa Big Bear LS15


sohooo wir haben den Ropa Big Bear für LS15 konvertiert.

Was ist der Ropa Big Bear?

Es handelt sich hier um einen Überladewagen für Erdfrüchte (Kartoffeln und Zuckerrüben) welcher für den Amerikanischen Markt gebaut wurde.
In Europa laufen z.Z 3 Maschinen soweit ich informiert bin.

Wir haben den BigBear bereits für LS13 gebaut und lediglich für LS15 konvertiert.
Entsprechend ist er vom Design und der Textur her vielleicht nicht “UpToDate” aber da es mittlerweile den Ropa Euro Tiger
Rübenernter gibt, sollte man auch einen passenden Überlader haben
Es handelt sich hier überings um die v1.1 des Models welches nie veröffentlicht wurde!
Das Script ist von Upsidedown geschrieben worden.


– Waschbar
– volle Beleuchtung
– erstmals Tracs (Kettenlaufwerk) an einem Anhänger
– Überladen von Kartoffeln und Zuckerrüben
– Befüllen erst möglich wenn in Arbeitsstellung (Überladearm ausgefahren)
– Fahrspuren
– Feldstaub
– animierter Schmutzlappen hinten
– Füllvolumen an Euro Tiger angepasst

Getestet im SP/MP und auf dem Dedi Server…Fehlerfrei!

Dieser Mod ist nicht CP fähig.

Modell,Textur : FSM-Team

Script : Upsidedown

Download: Ropa Big Bear Überladewagen für LS15 []

Sep 28



Two harvester:
Euro-Tiger V8-3 CL harvesting sugar Beet
Euro-Tiger V8-3 XL K Potato

Speedometer and tachometer
Animation part harvester
Opened the door
IC – Control
Dust from the wheels
Traces of wheels
Dirt / washable
Capacity – 29,000 liters
Also included are two header: for potatoes and sugar Beet

Download: ROPA EURO TIGER PACK V1.0 []

Apr 01

SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control v2.0.x

SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control v2.0.x

– Upgraded to FS15 and changed quite a bit.
– Doubled resolution of ‘soil pH’ levels.
– Changed fertilizer concept to ‘nutrition N & PK’.
– Added extra herbicide types for weed germination prevention (for +3 days).
– Added ‘soil moisture’, so water also affect crop yields.
– Fully grown weed will wither when all ‘nutrition N’ have been used up in the area.
– Restricted switching spray-type on sprayer only when near a fertilizer tank (or similar fill-trigger.)
– Translations by; DD ModPassion, Gonimy_Vetrom, Iscarriah, mngrazy, Ziuta.

Mod description
‘SoilMod’ is a mod, for maps that have been correctly prepared, which attempts to add;
– custom control of growth, so it is following the in-game time,
– a proper use for lime/kalk, as soil pH is now included,
– manure must be ploughed/cultivated to take effect,
– automatic weed propagation and usage of herbicide,
– and a few other effects.

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Sep 08

Niva AgroPack v1.4

Niva AgroPack v1.4

Niva AgroPack v1.4 for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 – kombain Niva UK 5 Mähdrescher NIVA SK 5 Harvester NIVA SK 5. Maize grain for direct cutting; working width 4,1m. Suspended swather ZHVN-6 is designed for cutting breads and rolls with the formation of separate cleaning. Header GWN-6. Stacker Kopnitel. PUN-5 Pun-5, PICK ROLL Pickup platform Aufnhameplatform.

Modell: LSSA Modding Team, ALEXANDER (BAUER)
Textur: LSSA Modding Team

Installation: The downloaded file will be copied into a folder under My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\
File Size: 21.57 Mb

Download: Niva AgroPack v1.4 []
Download: Niva AgroPack v1.4 []

Jul 31

Soil Management & Growth Control v1.1.0

Soil Management & Growth Control v1.1.0

Note: Only SoilManagement.ZIP and PDAModPlugin_SoilCondition.ZIP are the main changes in this release.
– PDA screen ‘Fruit Effects’ now scrolls, to reveal more crops.
– Overlay HUD icons should now display, particular for ‘kalk’. Also when using the mod.
– A few hardcoded texts moved to ModDesc.XML, so they can be localized.
– Using the localized names for fruits in PDA screens.
– PDA screen ‘Fruit Effects’ split up in columns, and should better illustrate what the crops ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’.
– ModDesc.XML translations for German (by JakobT) and Russian (by Gonimy_Vetrom & VAHA).
– Overlay HUD icons for fertilizer types A,B,C updated by JakobT.
– Prefixed output in LOG.TXT with “SoilMod:”.
– Instructions for map & script translated to Russian, by Gonimy_Vetrom & VAHA.
– A simple graphical illustration of what to look for in ‘SampleModMap – Additions.LUA’.

Mod description

‘SoilMod’ is a mod, for maps that have been correctly prepared, which attempts to add;
– custom control of growth, so it is following the in-game time,
– a proper use for lime/kalk, as soil pH is now included,
– manure must be ploughed/cultivated to take effect,
– automatic weed propagation and usage of herbicide,
– and a few other effects.

PLEASE NOTE! This mod may prehaps not be exactly what you expect or are thinking it is supposed to do. So please be open minded and give constructive critism and/or suggestions, for how to improve future versions of it.

How to ‘prepare’ the map — REQUIRED READING! —

(NOTE: You can skip this, if you have already done this for v1.0.0 of SoilMod.)

The ‘SoilManagement.ZIP’ mod will ONLY work on maps that have been prepared for it. There are required additions to be made in a map’s .I3D and .LUA files, and these can be found in the download when you unpack it.

It is expected that you know how to use a plain-text editor, like Notepad++ (“Notepad Plus Plus”) or similar editor, and are able to navigate in text-files like the .I3D and .LUA files.

Preparing your Map.I3D for SoilMod

The most difficult part is to add the required and correct lines to your own map.I3D file. How to do that is written in the file ‘map – Instructions.txt’, which you can find in the folder containing instructions.

Remember BEFORE you start editing your map, to MAKE A BACKUP of it. So if anything goes wrong you can revert to the last known good working version of it, and try again.

Be aware that the normal map size is ‘x1’ (i.e. have density files of 4096 x 4096 pixels.) Included in the download there are also density files for x.25 (small) and x4 (large) map sizes, where you much explicitly remember to use the correct density file if your map is not normal sized.

Download: Soil Management & Growth Control v1.1.0 []
Download: Soil Management & Growth Control v1.1.0 []

May 07

K 700 A V1

K 700 A V1

Good traktor


rotating kardan
Interactive control
Ploughing Mod
dynamic smoke

Download: K 700 A V1 []
Download: K 700 A V1 []

Jan 31

HollandFarm v4

HollandFarm v4

Here is for everyone the hollandfarm v4 map.
I have build the map from a empty start map.
Ik have already built a hollandfarm map for fs2011 this one for fs2013 is a totaly new map and has nothing to do with the 2011 map.
The name of the map got nothing to do with the name of the map, The map is not based on holland!
I hope everyone will like the map just the liked the 2011 map.

What can you find in the map;
– Biogas
– A large village with new construction
– Small village
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– A Power compagny where you can sell your crops and bales
– 2 Pig stables
– 1 Farm
– Cow zone
– Sheep zone with wool collector
– Lidll where you can sell your Wool, Egs, Pigs,
– Storage for your Crops, Carrots, Onions, Straw, Grass,
– Machine shop
– Countrytrade
– Milk fatory
– Greenhouses in there you can sow and harvest, there is also a point to get water
– Nice surroundings and details

The crops can not die

Advice! Set your settings on low or medium before you start a new game!
Use the latest patch 2.0 otherwise the map will not work!

Required mods;
Water trailer

Map: by Mike
Street pakket: Fatian
pigs stal & Kalf stal: Marhu
Windmill by Manuel
countrytrade by Eifok Team
Rolltor by ie53i
Ropa Halle by Keiner

Download: HollandFarm v4 []

Jan 28

Ropa Euro Tiger v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Ropa Euro Tiger v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Ropa Euro Tiger v 1.0 (MoreRealistic)

Beet harvester (hopper capacity: 40204 l, cutting width: 4.5 m), the trailer for the header. Interactive control “IC” (left door, right window, control header and the unloading conveyor shutdown autoreturn, 5 modes of the wheels), height adjustable discharge dust from the wheels, dynamic exhaust.

Requires patch 2.0 and MoreRealistic Mod

Maciusboss1, Burner

Download: Ropa Euro Tiger v 1.0 (MoreRealistic) []

Dec 09

Ropa BigBear v1.0

Ropa BigBear v1.0

This machine is designed for the American market and large companies . The V1 is a freehand reconstruction , planned and has other versions but come sometime next year when time is :)
So that you so not have to wait so long until the mod someday is completely finished , here is a first version of BigBear .

– Compatible with Course Play
– Compatible with mrAlternativetipping Mod
– Compatible with PlatzierbarerHaufen Mod
– Washable 3 hrs
– Lighting
– Sugar beets , potatoes , onions
– B button working / transport mode
– V key cantilever loading / unloading
– Press O overloading on / off

– 42 910 polys
– 67 839 vertices
– 29 Objects
– 11.79VRam
– Size Zip 5.77MB

LS13 *** Changelog v1 UpsideDown ***
– Scripts
– Adapted Aufklappanimation
– Key transport position / loading position locked when overloading
– Overcharge speed to real time adapted (slightly higher )
– Course ÜLW Play mode: Automatic overload and conveyor belt up / down
– Save / load parameters inserted
– Fruittype / fillType -bugs removed
– Mouse control in and removed again (bug in the Dedi -server , known issue )
Added tipping –
– Tipping only bowed conveyor belt possible ( can not completely suppress , but terminates immediately )
– Changed control (conflict with MR tipping mod)
– …

LS13 *** Changelog v1 Bull Gore ***
– Washable
Revised I3D –
Revised xml –
– Description , shop etc.
– …

LS13 *** Changelog v1 FSM ***
– model
– Texture
– New Main Coli
– Renewed exactFillRootNode
– Changed overcharge rate ( . Of 8000 to 1000 was something out quickly ;))
– Built- floor conveyor and conveyor belt Scrolls
– Cleared out texture directory
Reorient brake light above –
– Realigned chain drives
– New Fruits
– New fruit Plan
– Installed sidelights
– SupportFuß including a small crank animated
– Body re- exported (texture change )
Bel installed v3.1 –
– Own pattern overlay
Created attacher Coli –
– Field / dirt road dust on the chains

– Washable revise texture
– wheel-
– Short Stem
– …

Known bugs V1:
– 50,000 liters of beets over loaded -> 49995 liters in the trailer
– Upper part should open the show only about 5 seconds later than the rest
– What do you still find

V 1.0
Modell: Atabogo
Textur & Animation: Chefkoch
Script & Animation: Upsidedown
Waschbar & XML: Bullgore
Test: Bullgore, Meyer123

Download: Ropa BigBear v1.0 []
Download: Ropa BigBear v1.0 []

Nov 28

Kirovets & T-150 AgroPack v3.1

Kirovets & T-150 AgroPack v3.1

Pack contains: K-700A / K-701 (Unfold: glass and doors); HTZ-17021 / HTZ-17221 (Unfold: hatch, doors, windows, hood sidewall) T-150 (open doors, windows, hood sidewall ).

SFM Moding, Alexander, Bobah17, Anubis95, Max155

Download: Kirovets & T-150 AgroPack v3.1 []
Download: Kirovets & T-150 AgroPack v3.1 []

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