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Sep 30

LMS Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn SRW

LMS Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn SRW

Presenting the Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn edition SRW Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel by Lazy Mod Studios:

The Dodge 3500 Laramie Longhorn edition Ram by LMS is perfect for checking on your fields in style and comfort, or hauling equipment, supplies, or livestock utilizing either the bumper hitch or bed mounted gooseneck hitch. You can also haul bales, small implements or equipment on the Hillsboro flatbed. Use the front mounted winch to rescue vehicles and equipment from the mud, rivers or that may have gotten stuck on rocks or ridges.

Features include:
*manual ignition (BJR)
*parking brake
*flip out side mirrors for towing
*operable hood with detailed engine
*detailed in cab view
*operable winch – capable of stationary winching or powered “snatch out” pulling
*functioning selectable 4 wheel drive
*dynamic exhaust
*engine brake aka “jake” brake
*wheel dust particles
*trailer tow package for both gooseneck trailers and bumper pull trailers
*washable dirt textures
*beleuchtung V3
*strobe lights
*turn signals
*fog lights
*bed light
*object bed attacher

*Model and AO texture created with MAYA

Left Signal=”KEY_KP_1″
Hazard Signals=”KEY_KP_2″
Right Signal=”KEY_KP_3″
Fog lights=”KEY_KP_4″
Bed lights=”KEY_KP_5″
Strobe lights=”KEY_home”
Manual ignition=”KEY_y”
4×4 selection=”KEY_KP_0″
Tow Mirror flip=”KEY_KP_8″
Hood open/close=”Key_KP_7″
Engine brake=”Key_KP_Enter”

Winch Operation:
Hook Attach=”KEY_9″
Cable UP=”KEY_z”
Cable Down”=”KEY_x”
Cable Left”=”KEY_j”
Cable Right”=”KEY_k”
Cable IN”=”KEY_n”
Cable Out”=”KEY_m”

Model & Texturing: mwlacy
In Game & Scripts: BigCountry
Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD
Specialization scripts: V2 by modelleicher & Made by Case_IH_MxU135 | FIX and V4 by DragonLord2007/modhoster,
Sven777b, BJR-Templaer-Henly20-Xentro, Manuel Leithner, Amarlich, Marcu Hedblom a.k.a Xentro, fruktor,
Headshot XXL & Gorli, Geri-G, Peter J, Heady, Twisted GA

Download: LMS Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn SRW []
Download: LMS Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn SRW []

Jul 01

Leveler Novac LL50 V 1.0

Leveler Novac LL50 V 1.0

All hydraulic structures. Working width mt. 5:00

Hydraulic opening of the sections, axle telescopic hydraulic blade height 1.00m, n ° 2 rockers with 2 wheels, mechanical jack lateral inclination of the blade, hydraulic rod cradle, hydraulic variation in the incidence of the blade, independent hydraulic system for laser control systems , lighting, minimum pulling power 135 HP.

I know, it’s a little useless mod since there’s no dynamic terrain on FS 13 but I think that’s pretty cool.

So we did hope you enjoy it

Download: Leveler Novac LL50 V 1.0 []
Download: Leveler Novac LL50 V 1.0 []

Jan 16

Dolina Rolnikow v2

Dolina Rolnikow v2

Map of Farmers Valley property!
The map contains two farms, chickens, cows and large fields
Prohibition Edition
The prohibition to change the link
Pulling ban models with a map!
Enjoy the game!

Download: Dolina Rolnikow v2 []
Download: Dolina Rolnikow v2 []

Mar 02

Tractor pulling sled v 1.0

Tractor pulling sled v 1.0

Hello, this is the sled as you know it from ls 11 I have only just changed that he works in ls 13th


Download: Tractor pulling sled v 1.0 []
Download: Tractor pulling sled v 1.0 []

Dec 21

Fendt 924 Vario

Fendt 924 Vario

The new Fendt 924 Vario is a leader in the tractor market. With 240 horsepower, it offers

a tremendous pulling power and efficiency, and intelligently converts it into pure efficiency.

With powerful arguments, the new 924 Vario also advertises for your business as a leader.

Reverse Drive

File size:
10.3 MB

Urmod: surrealcrash
Konvertiert für LS13: Kyosho’s Modfactory

Download: Fendt 924 Vario []
Download: Fendt 924 Vario []

Dec 09

CLAAS Axion 950

CLAAS Axion 950

Eight successful years on the market speak for itself: CLAAS has established itself across Europe within a short time as a major tractor manufacturer. This year with the new CLAAS AXION 900 expands the family of large tractors in the area more than 400 hp. With its enormous pulling force, the ease of use and a variety of intelligent systems opens the AXION 900, a broad range of applications for the highest standards and will quickly become a permanent fixture.

Model: Smety
Textures: Smety
In game: Smety

Download: CLAAS Axion 950 []
Download: CLAAS Axion 950 []

Oct 29

Claas Lexion420 And c600

Claas Lexion420 And c600

Here I have a Claas convertiert Lexion420 + c600 cutting out Ls11

The mod contains the following error:
– No Pipepartikelsystem
– No Straw particle system (swath and chaff)
– Almost black cab windshield
– During start pulling on a little too fast

Urmodder Drescher und Schneidwerk: Siwus

Download: Claas Lexion420 And c600 []
Download: Claas Lexion420 And c600 []

Oct 04

Fendt farmer 311 lsa v2

This is bjornys lovely fendt farmer 311 lsa that i got permission to edit.

ES limiter
Lightscript v3.1
Double wheels front activate with 5
Double wheels back activate with 6
Ao Texture
PTO attacher

the slight pulling to right

run sound
removed the front hydraulic

fendt farmer 311 lsa: bjorny
edits and fix: Hedmarken modding

Download: Fendt farmer 311 lsa v2 []
Download: Fendt farmer 311 lsa v2 []

Aug 15

HAMI Hurricane Jeep

HAMI Hurricane Jeep

This and the new hemi jeep hurricane
It is equipped to accomplish great tasks like pulling trailers large and small, can also drag up some plows and implements
downforfe made ​​alert by thor script (by anggelBad)
has the functions of transportation low and high by pressing (5) transport down to small trucks and trailers button (6) High transportation for large trucks and plow also has high and low headlight and fog light arrows reverse and Giroflex to use map orange season or place your map in your mods folder and enjoy

theaylton victor12yers anggelBad

Download: HAMI Hurricane Jeep []
Download: HAMI Hurricane Jeep []

Nov 03

Samson SG-23 Liquid Manure Spreader

Samson SG-23 Liquid Manure Spreader

Larger Boom, Raises and Lowers, ParticleSystem working, Fillarm Holder, Scripts

Fill Arm, Got rid of a bunch of extra un-needed objects in the i3d file. (basically rebuilt)

Remaining Issue:
Pulls to the right when pulling…can’t figure out why, tried a bunch of stuff including new wheels but still pulling…

Model: Acid_Burn84© , Arnold , Tymo, Outlaw
Script: Giants
Ls 2011: oothomsen
Ingame: oothomsen
reskinn by: ottopersson97

Download: Samson SG-23 Liquid Manure Spreader []
Download: Samson SG-23 Liquid Manure Spreader []

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