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Jul 29

John Deere 1110D Foresty pack

John Deere 1110D Foresty pack

This is foresty pack,which had these mods.

– John Deere 1110D Forwarder
– Grapple
– New logs,which are easy to handle and you can pick over 5 logs.

(Must add with GE)

There is couple of new scripts.

– Moving seat
– Cranelock

Cranelock means that you can’t use crane if seat is in “transport” position. You need Roate the seat by pressing N or M key. Seat must be roate over 90 degrees and then the crane start working. And steering changes commands when your seat is transport or workposition…I can’t tell that correctly,but you will found out what I mean by testing this mod.

Big thanks to Tvaltra for making cranelock and seat scripts.

John Deere 1110D
Model: Nitrobullx
Textures: Nitrobullx & Ponsse16
Ingame: Nitrobullx & Tvaltra
Moving crane: Zippo
Cranelock & seat: Tvaltra

Download: John Deere 1110D Foresty pack []

Oct 30

Ponsse forest machine

Ponsse forest machine

his is just beta,so there might be some bugs or errors,so place report them to me!
I Need better texture images too.

Some info:
grapple is swinging around
specialization name=”motorized”
specialization name=”steerable”
specialization name=”hirable”
specialization name=”aiTractor”
specialization name=”frontloader”
specialization name=”MidSteering”
specialization name=”wLights”
specialization name=”rpmLimiter”
specialization name=”motorIgnition”
specialization name=”ExtraM”
specialization name=”dynamicExhaustingSystem”
specialization name=”FWCrane”

If you add this to another sites,place remember to add credits!!
This is pack and there somes: Ponsse and grapple.

Model: Motokuski (valmet) Nitrobullx (Ponsse)
Chains: Giants

Download: Ponsse forest machine []
Download: Ponsse forest machine []