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Oct 01

La Have Animals v 2.1 PIGS WATERMOD

La Have Animals v 2.1 PIGS WATERMOD

bonjour a toutes et tous

ceci est une map d origine modifier comprenent le multifruits “IMT” (cranberry, feedingbeet,hemp, sorghum,sunflower) avec l’elevage de cochons et l eau pour les animaux.

certaines modification ont ete apporter sur la hauteur des andains et aussi sur les triggers.


Download: La Have Animals v 2.1 PIGS WATERMOD []
Download: La Have Animals v 2.1 PIGS WATERMOD []

Sep 13

La Plaine Agenaise v 1.1 multifruits pigs cow wate

La Plaine Agenaise v 1.1 multifruits pigs cow wate

cette map est multifruits (fruits d origines + cranberry,feedingbeet,oat sorghum,hemp, sunflower)tous le materiels est disponible dans la partie mods de votre jeu.Celle ci fonctionne avec le patch BETA3


Download: La Plaine Agenaise v 1.1 multifruits pigs cow wate []
Download: La Plaine Agenaise v 1.1 multifruits pigs cow wate []

Dec 09



The farm is the You take on embedded in a beautiful landscape. Here one might almost go on holiday ..

However, the holiday falls unfortunately flat. Because there is a lot to do. It applies the animals (cows, cattle, pigs, lambs, chickens, broilers and sheep) to supply, and to designate the 24 fields and 4 meadows.

This of course has to lime at Raiffeisen seeds, fertilizer and as needed purchased and in the are temporarily stored Hofsilos.

All stables (also the cowshed) must remove manure regularly, so that the animals can reach in a relaxing environment their slaughter weight or give good milk for the dairy.

The Ortliche butcher would be coming back to your reared with love animals for slaughter.

The bakery , the brewery and the dairy must be supplied with raw materials to produce goods for the local Lidl supermarket.

The hops for the good Jogi beer can be bought at Raiffeisen. Here also the Mühlbetrieb is settled that produces the flour for the bakery. Even the local biogas plant will go into operation.

There are on the map, a sugar factory where you put your beets can sell and where you can also pick up in return lime.

And at Mc Cain Post your potatoes get rid of that are so popular in your place.

You have also taken three greenhouses where you’ll cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes growing.

You can achieve this (which you only local governing gas station get) supply them with seeds, fertilizer, water and diesel.

Then you have, of course, also a nursery which every now and then would be of you grass, slurry and manure get to but of course only if you have enough left of it.

In the Raiffeisen You can also get rid of your over retarded straw and sheep’s wool and wood chips, they take you, and of course thanks.

You read already, There is plenty to do, wirs tackle.

BlueIce team G4F Tobi1986

Download: VOSS VILLAGE MAP V 1.0 PART1 []
Download: VOSS VILLAGE MAP V 1.0 PART2 []

Dec 08



A – Sell Woolpalet.
B – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
C – Production Kalk.
D – Fabric Cement.
E – Sell wood.
F – Buy tree planting.
G – Production Hops.
H – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
I – Sell Wood.
J – Fabric Beer.
K – Point for limestone and gravel.
L – Point for sand.
M – Factory Cement.
N – Terrain for greenhouses, trees,…
O – Flour Cooperative.
P – Factory Bread.
Q – Factory Bottles.
R – Factory Paper.

Modell, Desing, Modified Vehicles, Tested: Vanquish081

Textures: Google, cgtextures.
Hud Fruit: Jakob Tischler
SeedMaster2k15, Michsattion v3, watermod,fermentingsilo – Marhu
Schweine und Rindermast – Mannie313
Lamb1 – jojo800
GuelleMistKalk – Mannie313
Hühnermast, Gülle Lager Mod – Farmer_Andy
SiloKalk – Danny681
Medianera – Germany Community Group / martinbigM500
Puente Tubo – Pisty
Tienda Vehículos – Pisty
Pared Piedra – Pisty
DistanceHills – Mailman (ModsWatend)
medstreet_o, greekHouse – EpicPrydaMods
Blockhaus – möchtegernbauer
High Watchtower – Hawkeye
Das LS-Landtechnik Team!
Edificios – ysup12
ARC – 170 – Jetstorm_477
Inland – Himmi
Fruit Textures – Eribus, LwFarming, brzeziol, ZeFir, Tessmann85, jakub227, mor2000.
AdditionalFruitTypes – Jakob Tischler
Entertainment – J seba
Deljanka – Myjaki (Carretera vieja)
Montantes – TracMax & Inmanuel
Señales – Nick98_1
wasserabnahme2 – Mostwanted
ZuckerfabrikVLS13 – Schwedenkopf
Script Rolltor, opentrigger & door Sektionaltor, fabric beer – Blacky_BPG
GasStationTrigger Extended – tobiasgo
fabric beer and cement – Pleasant Valley Mods
Grain Bin Pack – ThompsonM06
wohnblock – admin
Graffitis –, Vanquish081
Animation Map Trigger – Xentro –
Pogruzka – Vorota, Alexx79, VAHA
Dekalb SeedCompany – MBJ, Süsswassermatrose (for quarry by vanquish081)
Compost Soil – Idee und Modelle: Andy1978
Hallenset – Modelle, Texturen, Ingame: Katsuo Script: Xentro
Script for door opening hours – Desperados93
Huge Mill: container yard: Zippo, Silo: Sim3.09S
RC Circuit: Eva (3dwarehouse)
Billboard: Hiijinx
Olive trees: Rosenthaler_ROS
Housing High Low Poly – GoldFox
Base building for Harinsur – möchtegernbauer
Base building for Polvillo – Pucksta – PMP, Gebäude & Objekte von Giants (LS13+15)
MixFeeder – Bluebaby210 mod-portal


Nov 23



On the map you will find:

– 3 playable farms (one cow, chickens second, third cereal)
– village
– petrol station
– The storage of manure, fields
– Lime, urine, manure V2
– Small field in time for the Polish hardware and severe series of Ursus
– Purchase and store
– Gates and doors opening to O (mod package)
– A typical Polish climate
– cows
– hens
– NO PIGS – are in V3
– On the map running everything as it should be
– Mud in the fields (note, because hard to leave)
– Pretty river and lakes



Nov 18

MINI MAP V 2.0.0

MINI MAP V 2.0.0

Your grandfather is in the hospital and that you’ve agreed to his court to lead further. If you to you a
large Bauer have worked, you can buy a bigger yard you.

Sectors of the economy: cows, pigs, timber, BGA, Akkerbau

The map is expanded more and more jeh after version.

Required Mods:

– MixFeeder
– AnimationMapTrigger
– AAA_UniversalProcessKit
– MapBuyableObject

Additional mods
– GuelleMistMod

Diese Map darf nicht verändert und neu hochgeladen werden.

Download: MINI MAP V 2.0.0 []

Nov 16



What currency?
Of recurring -Fixed bugs Encountered by players
-Added Traffic
Textures -Optimization
-Reorganization Farm
And -Barrières doors with manual opening (Contremanifestation)
To give -ability pdt pigs and calves beet
-New Textures
-New Animals
-culture oats

Changelog 2.5.1
-The Map will load even if you have the wrong mapdoortrigger. (Necessary for you anyway Wink opening doors).
-Setting Problem linked to the disappearance of seeds2 stock.
-L’hangar Stuck to stabling returned
-The Car will roll over in the middle of the road.
-Setting Water trigger (problem for some people).
-The Geese are now visible as soon as one goes against them.
-Added An ATM on the map (bank).
-You Do not fall on the road out of the shop fir purchases.
-Setting Related field No. 21
-Setting Related problem is an invisible shed.
-The Farm compost pile does not rise more too high.
-The French geese are now everywhere.
-Setting Dear calves, pigs and geese flat rising simultaneously.
-the vehicles purchased appears more expensive Garden center.
-The Cows do not pass above the water trough.
-Setting The seeds2 warning that could occur in some people.
-Setting performance geese.
-Change The texture of silage silo.
– Adjustment related worries mod
-Setting All the problems linked to the calves, pigs and geese.
-The Doors Biocer no longer open to the passage of cars.
-Added Colision various barriers.
-Added Price for biogas in the pda.
-Added Doors to storage sheds.
-Added Tires on silage silos.
-Added A wall at the bottom of a silo beet.
-Setting Various bugs.

FRABEL-Ls Modding Team
fusigrain> silot a beet
Jakob Tischler> additionalFruitTypes upsidedown> addMultiFruit …

Download: BELGIUM DEEP FIXED MAP V 2.5.1 []

Oct 05

Ackendorf V 1.0

Ackendorf V 1.0

Here are some facts on the Map:

– New, no conversion!
– Standard Mapgröße
– 62 boxes of different sizes
– Of course, applied fields, therefore only partly friendly helper!
– Purchasable objects such as 2nd Hof, MixFeeder more.
– Logistics Center with production
– Fruit farm production
– To expand, merge or create new fields
– Fertilizer factory with production
– Consecutive production of various commodities.
– For producing goods: lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, mushrooms, plum, cherry, boards pallets, empty pallets, cardboard (packaging) pallets, greenhouse seed, liquid fertilizer, food, meat, compost …
– MixFeeder
– Animated animals
– Ai transport (cars / pedestrians / trains)
– Traffic lights
– Mast equipment V5 (Pigs / bark / sheep / lamb / chicken / cow)
– Egg-laying station
– Drover
– CowWaterMod installed (Keep out separately in mods folder are!)
– Mixing station
– Digital and manual level indicators
– Automatic access control including traffic lights.
Distributed signs with helpful information about the entire map –
– Many new items (shop, sales, etc …)
– 2 BGAs
– 2 sawmills (Standard / Marhu)
– Outdoor silos
– Extensive forest areas
– Manure / dung / Lime Mod (not compatible with SoilMod!)
– ChoppedStraw Mod
– GreenFertilzer Mod
– Intermediate crops clover / alfalfa
– Mapsilobänder for virtually any warehouse
– Manual feed stores
-. Div movable Mapobjekte
– Transport emissions with new merchandise
– Mähmissionen
– Manure storage
– Automatic and manual barriers, gates, etc.

Required Mods:
– MultiMowingMod
– ChoppedStrawMod
– GreenFertilizerMod
– GülleMistMod
– MapBuyableObject v3.3
– MapAmpeln
– 64erFix
– AnimationMapTrigger
– MixFeeder
– Multifruit
– MultiFruitModule_Ackendorf (included with the MapPack!)
-. Reach truck including pallet forks (If the MapPack at!)

Recommended Mods:
– Fortuna Trailer Pack
– StopMilkSale Mod
– AutoCombine

upsideDown, Extended Module by Farmer_Andy

Download: Ackendorf V 1.0 []

Sep 01

Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0

Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0

Jimkerk Presents
Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded
MoinMoin comrades
I’ve got time in my archive gekrammt and an old classic rausgeholt and converted at Ls 15 times
These are the good old LS09 map that I then played ziehmlich long and gradually rebuilt and verbessert.Sie ??is approximately scenic designed as the 09er version 3.8 (Who does not know) but with more forest and some Changes to the field system
Now it comes with all the benefits of Ls 15

-map With standard fruits
-Hof With dairy cattle, sheep, chickens (eggs), pigs, cattle and chicken farming, many warehouses and other things like grain stores, feed stores, wool pallets Collector etc. 4 Silos (default), each with 2700m3 volume with partial coverage
-Chopped Straw
-Gülle Manure and Kalkmod
-upk Milk factory, UPK seed and fertilizer Hall
-Kompostanlage With warehouse (sale at garden centers)
-Bga Incl 2 silos, each with 4000m3 volume +2 bunker incl Slurry containers
-Gülle And manure storage
-more traders Raiffeisen Store (even wool), sawmill, grain storage, biomass heating plant, butcher and Edeka for eggs and other products (Yogurt, cheese etc)
-21 Or .22 arable land and meadows 6


Follow supplements

Known issues:
Currently agrees something nocht with fertilization during harvesting there are stripes or it is not removed, depending on the direction
but I get still in the grip

For other problems or mistakes you can always reach me as per Pn or post it in the comment section
Otherwise, I wish you much fun

Download: Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0 []

Jul 13

Bjornelux v2.1

Bjornelux v2.1

Welcome back to Bjornelux.

-Milk trigger hose connection by mahru (Trailer needed see recommended mods)
-choppedStraw mod
-GuelleMistKalk mod
-Doors openening and Barriers to open
-Automatic light in the cow stable and on the gates of the main sheds.
-Several light switches to be found on the farm to light up your farm during the night.
-pigs, beef and chicken2
-Aldi accepts eggs and UHT milk
-Butcher wich accepts beef pigs and chicken
-Silostorage on the farm of : Slurry , Water, Lime, Seeds, Fertilizer, Diesel,
-Manure/slurry sell at the newly created GardenCenter
-Feedstorage for Grass, Silage and Straw , Balestorage
-LOTS of additional nature.
-Fields joined and less rectangular, more natural.
-Chicken fattening installation
-Beetcutter to produce Mixed Feed
-UHT milk production
-Soilmod Ready
-and much more….

Log is error Free.
To continue your savegame, read the manual included in the package.
Mods included in the package have to be placed in your modfolder
Vehicle reset point has been replaced next to the Dealership. The strawsellpoint has been moved also; simply follow the signs “Stroverkoop” or you can sell it at the circus and newly created GardenCenter.
At the GardenCenter you will also find seeds, lime and fertilizer that can be bought throughout the normal triggers, or if you want to use the silos on the farm, you will have to get them with a trailer (see needed mods) and dump them in to your silos at the farm
This map is how WE want it and how WE like to play it, there is no mixing station and there will never be one , (we have however added the beetcrusher to create mixfeed from beets), also the possibility of storaging MIXFEED wil not be possible in future releases, as we don’t like that and it is unrealistic for us, but thats a matter of taste.
Thanks to all modders that made it possible for us to create this map. And if you see somthing I’ve built in to the map , and your name is not on the credits, please PM me and I will correct it immidiatly.

Download: Bjornelux v2.1 []

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