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Dec 17

People Holm v1.6.2

People Holm v1.6.2

As the name suggests it already guessed, is a converted Bjorn Holm map.

Version 1.6.2:
Map works on Patch 1.2DE !!!
Woolpalettecollector added (thanks to a Marhu)
Seedmaster2K15 offset increased capacity to 10,000
Adapted cattle fattening price and productivity
Flight of dandelions away (thanks to a Marhu, lappyBauer)
From morning around 9.00 clock no more mist – During the day, clear view (A thanks to Inerti)
Seed stock for updated dressed seed.
Several minor changes.

It’s not making the score needed if you have played before the V1.5 or V1.6 or V1.6.1 !!!
Once unzip and replace the existing file with the new one, done!
Do not be surprised, after unpacking is, the map’s 1.5, but it is really so,
is still the 1.6.2!

Necessarily the contained in the mod folder copy! (Marhu, White!)
PDF file with links to the required mods:

Who is older than 1.5 of a version that can possibly take over the game.
Here is a guide of Happy Looser how to take over a game status:

Version 1.6.1:
Map works on Patch 1.2DE !!!
Stained seed stock for seed added (mkausen Thank you!)
2. outlet away at the train yard, the originals now works in MP
Seed stained outlets freight depot and shipping
Seed and fertilizer added at the following locations:
Shipping company, biomass power plant, trucking companies and freight station
Several minor changes.
It’s not making the score needed if you have previously played the V1.5 or V1.6 !!!
Once unzip and replace the existing file with the new one, done!
Do not be surprised, after unpacking is, the map’s 1.5, but it is really so,
is still the 1.6.1!
Necessarily the contained in the mod folder copy! (Marhu, White!)
PDF file with links to the required mods:
Who is older than 1.5 of a version that can possibly take over the game.
Here is a guide of Happy Looser how to take over a game status:
Version 1.6:
Cattle fattening pigs u. Swapped currently 3.2.7 (A thanks to Marhu)
Digital displays added (thanks to a Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster)
Seedmaster added (thanks to Andy1978 A and Marhu)
“Beitzen allows control of all essential
soil and seed-borne pathogens in cereals in the best cultural compatibility, thereby ensuring smooth, healthy stock from the beginning. ”
In no case do the in the mod folder, which can lead to crashes !!!
Display Overview added (thanks to a Blacky_BPG and Happy Looser)
Calling the display Overview with F9 key !!!!
Several minor changes.
And now what everyone wants to read:
It’s not making the score needed !!!
Once unzip and replace the existing file with the new one, done!
Do not be surprised, after unpacking the heist Map 1.5 again, but rightly so,
is still the 1.6!

Download: People Holm v1.6.2 []

Dec 17

Nine Field Map v15.0.1 by Hewaaa

Nine Field Map v15.0.1 by Hewaaa

Fields: 9
Start Vehicles: yes
Missions: yes
Trains: yes
Transport: yes
Pedestrian: yes
Standard functions: yes
Kuhweide: yes
Schafweide: yes
Chickens: yes
BGA: yes
Sawmill: yes
3D trees: 1500
Growth times: standart

Key selling points:
– Agravis
– Net
– DB Schenker
In addition to points of sale:
– Horseback riding (straw purchases)
– KBH (buys manure)
– DB Schenker (sold lime, Kalklager on the farm)
– Fish farming takes corn and gives it after waiting fish out which one sold
– Flour mill takes wheat and flour are based on waiting time, to sell
(Mod beiligend)

In addition, used in construction:
Slurry manure-lime-Mod
chopped straw Mod
Outlets with opening times !!!
Food storage on the farm

Recommended Mod’s:
(Available from
(Available at MH)

Download: Nine Field Map v15.0.1 by Hewaaa []

Dec 01

Klein Neudorf v1.0 fixed

Klein Neudorf v1.0 fixed

E ven in the LS15 is my map again. It has changed a lot but it’s almost like the good old 13er version. One of the major changes is the Kuhhof, which has been completely refurbished. There are as usual 3 yards, sawmill etc …. only the pig I had to do without. The field purchase triggers are still the old but still fully functional. Shortly before the release I also have a new grass texture added since the original is just not nice. When, for example. new textures corn but it is still a V2 indicate this will then fix the final version for this map.
Much more information stehenin the prepared specifically for this map Description:

-all 3 species
-3 Yards
-3 Villages
-2 Woodlands
-about 40 fields
-Startfahrzeuge Etc …

B34STx, The Green Flash, Farmer 14, Katsuo, martinbigM500, takermaco, marcolussi, Roman @ k , King Kalle, xXMalleXx, 7930Powr, Kalle, Fatian, Jauch Paule, Typho0n, Sepple, Silas770 And more and I thank them but I no longer unfortunately out could. But still a big

Download: Klein Neudorf v1.0 fixed []

Nov 14

WoGC Farming Map v1.2

WoGC Farming Map v1.2

WoGC Farming Map V1.2
The map is currently under construction.
This version of Bjorn Holm was found by WoGC Hosting Adapted and edited so that even large farmers place in the halls.
The Court of Bjorn Holm was Rebuilt so that on the farm all animals-being as well as several large halls.
The v2 is already under construction.

What is planned for v2:
Pigs come to
Map triggers are inserted,
The farm is once again rebuilt and slightly enlarged,
Forest Place is set up,
and so much more
let yourself be surprised.
My special thanks to modders with:
My special thanks to modders with:

The map must not, I repeat not, without my permission, be made in other forums or hosters available.

The map must not, I repeat not, without my permission, be made in other forums or hosters available.

Download: WoGC Farming Map v1.2 []

Oct 30

Westerrade v1.2 MR

Westerrade v1.2 MR

First I want to thank all
Have people to thank the Stetz Me page were to build this map, especially with my teammates, Alex2009, Jabba42 of FSM, Upside Down and the entire Gaming4Fun team who always had an open ear and always helped us without hesitation .An thanks also go to all the modders and scripters whose objects, textures or scripts I have installed.

now to the map:
The map is a (as good as it was possible for me) real replica of the beautiful calm sunny place Westerrade in Schleswig Holstein.Auf the map there is a lot to experience new, be it buildings, objects, etc …..

Below is the links to the galleries: L

On the map there is:
Kartoffelhof including our potato cleaning plant
(Fillable Only with the trailer)
Main Courtyard
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle
Fruit varieties: standard + clover and alfalfa
Installed Soilmod or GülleMistKalkMod
Chopped Straw Mod is installed
Installed slurry storage to Wald2
Scale with statistics
2 forests for Forstmod (no trees pre-planted)

Box sale is also at HaGe: You must set the boxes on the tape, then they are transported into the building and come back out again empty (for purified and stored in crates potatoes you get about three times)
When Aunt Emma ye your pigs,
Cattle, eggs and wool los

New in V1.2:
First of all reported bugs have been fixed
Grain storage is now recognized by CP
Expanded ClipDistancLua again
Inczeased slurry storage volume

Since there has been a small old farm in the village in which I have installed a storage location:
There you can store their straw, grass, silage, seed, fertilizer and lime.

Seed, fertilizer and lime can be found on the tube again.

Straw, grass silage and you have to refer to the feed mixer or a suitable shovel

Water is available only at the storage space, the barn or the sheep farm

HaGe there can sell you your cereal
There are only HaGe seed, fertilizer and lime
(Liquid fertilizer and seed pallets behind the building, are for where to dig too lazy)

Lime is only for shoveling
Below you can you still a spreader Download with her the dirt where dirt accumulates in the sorting sprinkle onto the pitch can if you want and use as organic fertilizer. But you can also sell on the LU Hof him

Download: Westerrade v1.2 MR []

Oct 20

Forest Map v2.1 mod chopped

Forest Map v2.1 mod chopped

Author: Marshmallow, Mr818vario

changes 19/10/2014
– Mod chaff
– Better liquidity maps
– New, better pda
– Fixed icons in pda
– New textures
– Removed plant Randgrass

Welcome. I present to you my newest map – Forest Map v2. Was based on the map Nordeifel v0.98 by Mr818vario (thanks for the permission to edit). It does not have any errors in the log. As for the number of buildings and size of the map runs very stably and smoothly. It is both the smocne computers and the weaker ones.

– 1 large farm
– Village with pedestrian traffic
– Traffic
– 2 biogas plants
– Chickens, sheep, cows
– Net shop
– Mod lime and manure v2
– Mode of pigs
– Stations with trains running train and ramps
– Cultivation loaded aurochs (lime also)
– 3 buying-crop (2 trains at the station and one in the village)
– The place of the forest and on buildings to Forest fashion
– New plants and textures
– Road signs
– Gates and doors opening to the key
– Hilly terrain
– Orlen petrol station
– A large machine shop
– Seed shop and dairies
– Children budowalny
– Pitch soccer ball

Thanks to Mr818vario for permission to edit

Required fashion:
1) (the module manure and lime v2)
2) (gates open on the key)

File size: 172.30 MB

Download: Forest Map v2.1 mod chopped []

Sep 30

Grazyland v1.9 MR

Grazyland v1.9 MR

– Spelled, oats, millet, rye, sunflowers, carrots, onions
– Pigs, cattle fattening
– Traffic lights
– Digital level-Show
– Digital scales
– Car wash
– Village
– Bga
– Traffic, pedestrian, milk truck, zeppelin, wild geese
– Manure manure mod
– Miscellaneous ….

1 times unpack

Download: Grazyland v1.9 MR []
Download: Grazyland v1.9 MR []

Sep 30

Four Acre Farms SMM

Four Acre Farms SMM

This a 4x map, It just a different look and place here in and around in Missouri and states that the Missouri runs thru. I call it Four Acre Farms because it has 4 farms satting on acres.
The map has 4 farms, Farm 1 has new beef, guellepott, smm fertilizer, herb with lime stations. Farm 2 has the dairy, sheep and chickens with guellepott. Farm 3 has the pigs, SMM fill station and has a guellepott with the farm storage and loading silos for peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, sweet potatoes, red beets, sugar beets, potatoes, and sweet corn. Farm 4 has horses and the other stuff that I mention and you can dump at all 4 farms all crops at the farm dump.
You have a new Biogasanlage. You have a Four Acre Farms office that you will start off at. I put greed guelle pots and lagoons around the map so you can buy liquid manure without having livestock to start off. You still have the grain complex right across from the office and the dealer is on the other side of the carwash, and the BGA is start north of the office just down the hill.
I also added a mixing station with extend boom and swivels, I also added the a placeable one so if you need more than one you can put where needed.
I change the placeable beef and swine buildings to brick ones. red brick is swine (pigs) and the white one is for the beef. They are still in the same place as before.
The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel.
You can only pick up the crop to sell at the grain complex. and the vegetables at the Farm 3. You can reload seeds, fertilizer, lime, and herbicide and the Sinclair station in the NE area of the map.

Download: Four Acre Farms SMM []
Download: Four Acre Farms SMM []

Sep 23

Minnesota Map v4.0

Minnesota Map v4.0

This is a map that Me and jstewart_321 worked on just for fun and it is baised off a real place in Minnesota along with some made up parts along the way. Notice this is only V1 because not everything is perfect. Please respect our work of trying because this was built just for fun with about 18 hours of work into it… This is a map wit decent sized fields and has 3 planted off the bat Maize, Wheat, and Potaoes. This map also includes the watermod for cows and has pigs aswell along with an auction house when you start you start with nothing so this map is mainly for mods!

Download: Minnesota Map v4.0 []
Download: Minnesota Map v4.0 []

Sep 20

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0

Bantikow Reloaded 2014
by TLS ModdingAndiScaniaMoppel Agricultural Service Möller
You can expect a natural landscape in an idyllic location, a village in the East Prignitz, a place where time stood still ist.Was has changed – New John Deere dealer New BGA changed fields – many upgrades (which in 20 years as modified) – Chopped straw mod installed as standard much more … Just allow your soul, between lakes and fields dangle something and enjoys playing the unique atmosphere of this Gegend.Ihr take over a former LPG which is fully functional and leads them into the modern Agrarwirtschaft.Übernehmt responsibility for the former employee, the animals and the Landschaft.Modernisiert the fleet and enjoy the workflow from seed to harvest.
The map has a few new features erweitert.Eine Pig has been added, the Me livestock system has moved and has been completely erneuert.Der country trade was a more appropriate old grain marketing ersetzt.Es many new farms were created, lanes more realistic, newly created some fields, it is a potato traders to come as a new outlet, the landscape was embellished with lots of little details and enriched by the new village “Tornow”, but let yourself be surprised ….

Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []
Download: Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v1.0 []

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