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Oct 06

Lanz D 7506 Ackerluft Pack v1.0

Lanz D 7506 Ackerluft Pack v1.0

Heute möchte ich euch mein D 7506 Ackerluft Pack zur Verfügung stellen.
Der D7506 Allzweck-Bulldog der Baureihe HN3 . Parallel zum D4506 (Baureihe HE) mit der gleichen Zielsetzung neu konzipiert kam er ab 1939 zum Einsatz.
Es sind Versionen in Blau und in Grau

Download: Lanz D 7506 Ackerluft Pack v1.0 []
Download: Lanz D 7506 Ackerluft Pack v1.0 []

Sep 23

Zetor 10540 FL

Zetor 10540 FL

The tractor has:
– Mod plowing
– Mod Brudzeń up.
– Opening the door, the rear window, with the IC
– PowerShaft
– Full lighting
– The dust from the wheels on the
– Dynamic animations exhaust
– Added glowing lights in the cabin of the directions and lights
– ESLimiter and counter moto hours
– Purchased separately Tur
– On the 7 attached console
– On the 5 weights attached to the rear wheels
– Shema and the ability to switch between machines and tractor
– Scales 1: 1
– Fixed many errors in the log

Download: Zetor 10540 FL []
Download: Zetor 10540 FL []

Sep 22

Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0

Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0

Hola, 18000a Hoy les traigo la tolva semillera Gimetal AC Esta la Florerias USAR párr tolva Distintos Trabajos del campo. Cuenta ONU de la estafa tubo animado, el Cual permite ONU vaciado facil de la Misma. Ademas e sta available in varios colores Para Que les Sirvan para Armar Distintos Equipos. Mas this available in precisamente OCHO Tipos de colores Diferentes.
-Características Del mod:
-Capacidad de 18000kg
-Animación del tubo.
-Enganche TRASERO.
-Particles de Descarga.
-Lona lluvia párrafo (cinta Rápido)
-Luces rojas.
-Cultivos: trigo, avena maiz, girasol colza, soja , fertilizante, arroz.

Download: Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0 []
Download: Tolva Semillera Gimetal AC 18000 v1.0 []

Sep 20

Parana Map 2013 Final

Parana Map 2013 Final

The map was reformulated version of the pro FS11 FS13 has some news!
We have two large areas of new planting, to be played with great implemntos,
we have to care for the animals, such as cows and sheep, chickens, purchasable land, a new texture soy in place of canola thanks to Farm Bozza.
Thanks also Jardel Comim for having given me a forcinha map.

Download: Parana Map 2013 Final []
Download: Parana Map 2013 Final []

Sep 20

Paradise Final Edition v5.2

Paradise Final Edition v5.2

Welcome to paradise. Paradise is a farm where you assume the role of a farmer who must manage large businesses to produce ever more. Are available for various crops cultivation, creating a complex for dairy cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. The map also has specific areas for deployment of greenhouses, large local sales cereals, liquid or solid manure produced on the farm.
The main farm FarmPlex was designed to provide the greatest possible convenience. All objects are arranged in a purposeful way. Your organization allows a complete and efficient use of animals on the farm.
See the videos to better understand the operation of the farm.
It was a long way until here!
Welcome to the final version 1.4 of the map Paradise. In this version you will find many improvements and new features. The main one is the new land with all errors corrected (static vegetation). This version of the map is an improved version 0.92 beta. After a long day of tests to arrive at a stable version without errors and now I give to you.
It was a long way so I could complete the map to version 1.3. Tests were many, many changes and adjustments to the map came to you with the minimum of inconvenience. Delivering a good job for everyone to have fun is my only goal. This work would not be possible without the support of all creators of mods.
You will find many new features.
This map has a complex for raising pigs. 10 sites are interconnected to produce pigs. You must feed the pigs with wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet, potato, grass, silage, mix water. Everything has the right place. As a byproduct of this, you have the liquid and solid manure for sale or application in the field.
The BGA has been expanded and now has eight silos of 2,000 tons each. The silos of silage from the main farm for cows has 1000 tons capacity each.

Changelog v1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4
– Original triggers map for potatoes and sugar beet in grainstation avoid lag and no errors in the log (1.4)
– removed balloons map (1.4)
– new selling point of grass in the garden of the farm (manure plus solid and liquid) (1.4)
– Fixed problem when you unload beet or potato warehouse in the main farm their FPS drop (1.4)
– Removed a box in the middle of the field 17 (1.4)
– fixed carrer start veicles (1.4)
– GreenHouse area (1.3)
– LoadPlaces corrected (1.3)
– viewdistance all objects revised (1.3)
– Fixed price of pigs for sale (1.3)
– Added by WoolPalletCollect Marhu (1.3)
– Price adjustment on the railroad (1.2)
– New railway with better organization and new objects (1.2)
– New manufacturing milk (1.2)
– Fix various bugs and small in general (1.1)
– Reorganization of the main farm (1.1)
– New mapSiloBand by Marhu – last version (1.1)
– Alternative version with manureMod (1.1)
– Added power station in BGA (1.1)
– Fixed serious problem with land (texture and foliage) (1.0)
– New storage system to cut grass and straw (1.0)
– Fix bugs in general for the final version 1.0 (1.0)
– New PDA (1.0)
– Loadplace to reset your vehicles (1.0)
– New silo for solid manure with higher capacity and effects (1.0)
– Product loading ramp near the silo manure (1.0)
– Charging Mat for solid manure (1.0)
– New enhanced complex:
COWPLEX, SiloPlex, SheePlex, ChickenPlex, PigPlex (1.0)
– Storage complex machinery, equipment and supply pump (1.0)
– Adjust the viewdistance to enhance performance (1.0)

General characteristics of the map
Create cows, sheep, chickens and pigs
Cultivate large fields
Fields optimized for use intensive courseplay
System of production management
Feed system – the objects arranged strategically for mass production of different animals
Sell your produce dung solid and liquid, their pigs and their grain yields in different outlets map
Alternative landscape, much more diverse
New texture makes the map even more beautiful
Watermod for your animals, including pigs
Manure mod, pigs, woolPalletCollect, alternative silos (manure, grass, straw), large fields,

Download: Paradise Final Edition v5.2 []
Download: Paradise Final Edition v5.2 []

Sep 08

Niva AgroPack v1.4

Niva AgroPack v1.4

Niva AgroPack v1.4 for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 – kombain Niva UK 5 Mähdrescher NIVA SK 5 Harvester NIVA SK 5. Maize grain for direct cutting; working width 4,1m. Suspended swather ZHVN-6 is designed for cutting breads and rolls with the formation of separate cleaning. Header GWN-6. Stacker Kopnitel. PUN-5 Pun-5, PICK ROLL Pickup platform Aufnhameplatform.

Modell: LSSA Modding Team, ALEXANDER (BAUER)
Textur: LSSA Modding Team

Installation: The downloaded file will be copied into a folder under My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\
File Size: 21.57 Mb

Download: Niva AgroPack v1.4 []
Download: Niva AgroPack v1.4 []

Aug 24

Idaho, USA v1.1 – SMAGC Edition

Idaho, USA v1.1 - SMAGC Edition

This is blueweb’s base Idaho_USA_v1_1 map with the SoilMod added to it.

Unzip the downloaded file and put the 7 zip files in your mods folder. This is all the required files for the SoilMod to work. You should visit the below links to learn what the SoilMod does and how to use it. The included map file in this download has all the steps completed to install the SoilMod and it has been tested and verified to be working. Test Setup was an empty mods folder execpt these 7 zip files. There were no errors generated in the logfile.txt after running the map through several growth cycles.

Original Description:
Welcome to Idaho, USA. The farmland here is rich and fertile! This map has all of the main fruits with the addition of oats and soybeans. There are two main farms. One is centralized, more modern and is where dairy cattle are located. The second farm is a bit older and is where you will find all other livestock. There are sheep, chickens, pig and cattle fattening. The livestock farm also contains silo storage for all crops. These silos are not shared with the main farm, so storage on both farms is separate. This means running two different farms as a single player or splitting the farms if playing with a friend.

The stave silos found at both farms are functional. They create silage at a certain amount per hour. You can fill them via their augers and they have level indicator pipes to see fill levels. The garage doors on the farm buildings are functional. Some are automatic and some manual. For the manual doors, approach them on the right side and you will see an indicator in the bottom right of the screen. Pushing “O” will then open the door. The same for closing them. The storage silos at both farms are “All In One”. This means there is only 1 point for loading up your stored grains. When you drive under the overhead silos, you will see an indicator in the main upper left window.

Download: Idaho, USA v1.1 – SMAGC Edition []
Download: Idaho, USA v1.1 – SMAGC Edition []

Jul 31

Knuston Farm extended final

Knuston Farm extended final


Knuston Farm is a farm about quarter of a mile away from my house, they farm on land that is slightly hilly with large open fields. They predominately grow the usual Wheat, Barley and Canola and some times beans, its a big farm and part of a larger group that farm around different parts within a 10 mile-ish radius. This map has carefully been made to replicate the terrain, layout and feel of real life.
I have done this by using tools such as Google and Photoshop, knowing the default map is 2km by 2km, I was able to use Google images in Photoshop to depict layers to help quickly create a scale map making sure everything is spot on.

Need to know
This map was finished off using the new version of Giants editor and will require your game to be updated with the latest patch BETA. Having a quick search in the forum will guide you to the right place. This map and as always has been aimed at creating luscious scenery full of greenery just like in life, so the use of trees, bushes and hedges is very high and in fact there is near on or about 3000 trees in this map, so please understand that a decent computer will be needed. Though with that in mind the latest patch helps massively.

This version has a setup more closer to that of my FS2011 version, I have ditched the mill/Industrial zone. I have done this because of space and other ideas and not to mention there isn’t a mill or industrial area in real life within the area, that said the farm layout and size means putting the sell area and as a grain dryer means there is a reason to use and isn’t to out of character. The animal zones are however all separated and the shop is at the mansion house call it a working from home business.

Anything special
Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
Old water mill with moving wheel and water splashes/mist
Few natural sounds added
All foliage textures have been adjusted

Final edit changes
Largest field split into two
Lots of texture changes including sky
Farm layout altered with lots of new clutter and tyre tracks etc.
A few lakes added
Bale sale trigger made the size of bale shed
Fuel tank now has correct attributes so fuel trailers can be filled

Download: Knuston Farm extended final []
Download: Knuston Farm extended final []

Jul 13

Kernstadt ForstMod v2.52

Kernstadt ForstMod v2.52

Hallo liebe MH Community,
endlich ist es soweit, hier nun die V2.52 für euch.

!!!!!Bitte lest die Beschreibung!!!!!

Zur Geschichte:
Da in der Region Kernstadt die Wirtschaft top ist, hat die EU euch Millionen an Fördergeldern gegeben. Dadurch konnte der Hof komplett modernisiert werden. Desweiteren sind zwei neue Dörfer entstanden. Bachfeld und Tannenhausen. In letzterem befindet sich noch ein kleiner Hof.

-einige Felder sind bepflanzt und bereit zum ernten
-Standard, Dinkel, Hafer, Roggen, Hirse, Sonnenblumen, Zwiebeln und Karotten sind verbaut
-Schweinemast, Rindermast, Wassermod, Woolpalettecollector,Kaufbare Objekte uvm.
-3 neue Verkaufsstellen: Industriekomplex, Pferdehof, Schlachterei,Forstbetrieb,Bhf-verkauf
-neue Bga mit einem Fassungsvermögen von je 480000l pro Silo
-Zweiter kleiner Hof
-Zwei Forstgebiete
-Befahrbarer Händler mit Reparatur Möglichkeit bei Verwendung vom schadenmod
-Patch 2.0 Ready

Download: Kernstadt ForstMod v2.52 []
Download: Kernstadt ForstMod v2.52 []

Jul 03

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz-Fahr 7545 RTS
He never was one of my favorites, but as I ever am now …. the 7545 RTS. I say it again: lack DF-threshers with chopper I have drangesetzt perforce itself. Because I believe that there are a few gamers who like the brand and think the same as me, I make it available here. I will not make a profession out of it, even here many small naive child wishes á la “Take a XY turn!” Meet.
But to Drescher:
– Chopper (StrawSpec of Templaer) installed: switch with key M,
Added new particle systems for harvesters and grain elevator –
– Tire dust for the ride on fields,
– Installed DynamischerAuspuffqualm (leithner) and RealParticle (Eicher Model) (now he smokes nice when accelerating or changing direction at the headland icon wink Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0
– Sound slightly adjusted (engine, the threshing better now by)
– Replaced the cruel, already LS11-unworthy steering wheel,
– Modified grain tank capacity to 10,500 l (if the Meck-Pomm farmers want to use a 10.20 m-cutting, it is not equal full)
– Grain tank volume is displayed, so you have a view, how far the helper again, while offloading the hanger still on grain silo or other things done
– Something brightened cabin and contoured (here sinks for lack of separate interior texture of each embellishment attempt by amateur means in gross Pixeligkeit) and taken precautions against schmurgelnde, bearings running hot (only practitioners understand icon wink Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0
– Fixed points for particles to Strohschwadablage and Strohhächsler separated and placed a little further for the chopper up and back (finally the straw swath falls in front of the chopper down)
Raycastnode corrected for the new particle systems on the elevator down –
– Turn signal / hazard lights switched with numeric keypad 1,2,3
– Cabin lighting with Numeric Keypad 9

Download: Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 []
Download: Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 []

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