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Jul 03

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz-Fahr 7545 RTS
He never was one of my favorites, but as I ever am now …. the 7545 RTS. I say it again: lack DF-threshers with chopper I have drangesetzt perforce itself. Because I believe that there are a few gamers who like the brand and think the same as me, I make it available here. I will not make a profession out of it, even here many small naive child wishes á la “Take a XY turn!” Meet.
But to Drescher:
– Chopper (StrawSpec of Templaer) installed: switch with key M,
Added new particle systems for harvesters and grain elevator -
– Tire dust for the ride on fields,
– Installed DynamischerAuspuffqualm (leithner) and RealParticle (Eicher Model) (now he smokes nice when accelerating or changing direction at the headland icon wink Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0
– Sound slightly adjusted (engine, the threshing better now by)
– Replaced the cruel, already LS11-unworthy steering wheel,
– Modified grain tank capacity to 10,500 l (if the Meck-Pomm farmers want to use a 10.20 m-cutting, it is not equal full)
– Grain tank volume is displayed, so you have a view, how far the helper again, while offloading the hanger still on grain silo or other things done
– Something brightened cabin and contoured (here sinks for lack of separate interior texture of each embellishment attempt by amateur means in gross Pixeligkeit) and taken precautions against schmurgelnde, bearings running hot (only practitioners understand icon wink Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0
– Fixed points for particles to Strohschwadablage and Strohhächsler separated and placed a little further for the chopper up and back (finally the straw swath falls in front of the chopper down)
Raycastnode corrected for the new particle systems on the elevator down -
– Turn signal / hazard lights switched with numeric keypad 1,2,3
– Cabin lighting with Numeric Keypad 9

Download: Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 []
Download: Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 []

Jul 01

Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1

Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1

V1.1: ChangeLog see below
Can be installed over the V1.0 about it
The Lely Welger Tornado winding combination of xyz-spain now for LS13 and real silage bales.
Not only converts LOGFEHLERFREI by LS13 but also thoroughly revised.
The operation has been significantly cleaned up and the scripts made LS13-capable. In addition, I could not help but incorporate some improvements.

The Tornado runs as in LS11 on the standard LS script, so produces real-LS13 bales.
In addition, the winding combination uses the new possibilities of the LS13 data structure for bales like real quantity and content of fruit.
The BALES PRESS generated from grass and hay (for simplifying the processing with the standard diet mixers).
Wheat and barley straw be compressed to the appropriate straw bales. All other Schwadfrüchte be converted in preparation for new fruit varieties to wheat straw.

Winding the combination is much easier to use.
To wrap bales now brings for the first time in the game real benefits:
Straw bales are formed by winding better preserved. To simulate the reduced losses to the available amount of straw bales increased by 20%.
Hay and grass bales, however, are to SILAGE BALES REAL! That if you are the bales in the feed mixer, then its content will be counted as silage.

This works also in the Course Play, but you have to watch out that you can not quickly pressed bales as the combination can wrap.
MP is not tested, should work on the basis of MP-ability of all output scripts but. For feedback with understandable error descriptions I am grateful.
What is even or missing: Variable bale chamber size (real feature of the Tornado). In addition, the script for the turn drawbar is currently disabled.

The mod consists of TWO zip files. Apart from the actual mod from baler and wrapper there is still a small ZusatzMOD “MultiBale”. Its function consists solely as a guide to save and load the contents ball into something more orderly and conflict in any way with the normal LS13 scripts.

Feedback to V1.0:
After I was able to peek only sporadically over the holidays first WOW and thank you for over 10k downloads icon smile Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1
In view of some, certainly not entirely unfounded criticism, my thanks to all that can be helpful and precise objective: but the most icon smile Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 Are special thanks Scalhalh for the helpful feedback!
For the battered Scores I apologize. Something should happen, of course not. To this day, I however do not get reproduced the bug with me. Therefore, thanks to Scalhalh for diagnosis: There crunches either with another mod of virtually the same as the tried MultiBale script or with the Ursus-DLC (which I suspect must somehow Giants and the silage bales to bring Funktionionieren). The DLC was when I getesten the script is not yet online. Nevertheless MultiBale is adapted to it.
Reduced weight
Adapted Attacher
smoothed the whole thing with a bit of downforce
Certainly not perfect fine tuning, but probably about what most envision here. And no, this news does not belong behind a D25 icon wink Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 But even with the larger Papptreckern of Giants they should now run properly.
Sorry, I had meant well and dug out on the last meter the original xyz-high-res textures (which was LS11 overburdened performance technical) while somehow fabricated botch. Should now be fixed including the Pickup – who finds something please make a screenshot.
Ball Size:

War (unfortunately?) Can not fix without scaling the whole combination again. Since the Lely however bales produced in exactly the same size as the LS13-bales I’ve seen no reason not to do that. AND bale press are now about 9% larger than in V1.0. The bales can be captured easily with the round ball collectors now.
Animation film cutter:

Patched half now works again at least after reload.

Patched that no parser errors more likely to be generated.

Why V1.1 and not, as often demanded V2.0? These are all patches and no new features

Development Goals for V2.0 are currently:
PTO correct (patch)
cutting animation (patch)
Variable bale chamber size (feature)
Changeable color film (feature)

Download: Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 []
Download: Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 []

Jun 26

Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0

Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0

This is a pack of a Case IH Quadtrac 600 steering chain and a Case IH Quadtrac 600 articulated steering.

The Case IH Quadtrac 600 steering chain was modified so that it is no longer an articulated tractor, but directs with all four chains. So he can be, my discretion under that control better.

The Case IH Quadtrac 600 articulated steering has the standard articulated steering. So everyone has what he wants.

This zip must NOT be unpacked! Simply grab the downloaded file in the modfolder and have fun.

Functions: (Applies course for both)

- Lighting V3.1
– Tire dust on the field and the field due to
– New scheme’s
– Trailer AttacherJoint for “normal” Trailer
– RUL remains off at the
– Work light front, back, left and right (of course separately switched on and off)
– ESLimiter
– Hour counter
– Dynamic exhaust smoke
– Front linkage, this is degradable. If it is abbgebaut, you can not use them.
– New PTO port on the front of the case. (As you face the pictures.)
– Rear view camera, will, if the tractor is selected, 9 on or off with NUM
– Handbrake is released or tightened with spacebar
– Green Star, show yourselves to the level of your trailer, drill, etc. right in the interior.
– Washable

Specifications: (Applies also for both)

Sale price: 359,000 € LS
Daily costs: 450 € LS
Tankfüllvolumen: 1,722 liters of diesel
The key assignment: (these apply to both ^ ^)

Front work light: NUM 4
Work light rear: NUM 6
Work light left: NUM 7
Work light right: NUM 8
FH off or grow: NUM 5
Releasing the handbrake or tighten: Spacebar
Reversing camera to on or off: NUM 9

I hope you have fun with the mod and pictures or videos of course I am very happy.

Download: Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0 []
Download: Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0 []

Jun 21

New Holland T7050 + FL

New Holland T7050 + FL

The tractor has:
- Plowing Mod v2 (F7)
- The moving axis
- Fold just the front and worn tie rod (key 7)
- Open the door and back glass
- Animation pedals clutch, brake, gas, and this jumper reverse
- Front and rear twins (keys m and n)
- Adjustable rear hitch (keys 5 and 6)
- Working lights, turn signals
- Manual firing
- The dust from the wheels on the
- PowerShaftAttacher / PTO
- Es limiter
- Animated hydraulics
- Console to turn on the key (9)
- Purchased separately loader Quicke Q 56 + accessories
- The dust from the wheels on the
- Dynamic animations of smoke
- Scale 1:1
- Updated skin, wheels etc

Download: New Holland T7050 + FL []
Download: New Holland T7050 + FL []

Jun 17

Idaho USA v1

Idaho USA v1

Idaho USA v1

Welcome to Idaho, USA. The farmland here is rich and fertile! This map has all of the main fruits with the addition of oats and soybeans. There are two main farms. One is centralized, more modern and is where dairy cattle are located. The second farm is a bit older and is where you will find all other livestock. There are sheep, chickens, pig and cattle fattening. The livestock farm also contains silo storage for all crops. These silos are not shared with the main farm, so storage on both farms is separate. This means running two different farms as a single player or splitting the farms if playing with a friend.

The stave silos found at both farms are functional. They create silage at a certain amount per hour. The garage doors on the farm buildings are functional. Some are automatic and some manual. For the manual doors, approach them on the right side and you will see an indicator in the bottom right of the screen. Pushing “O” will then open the door. The same for closing them. The storage silos at both farms are “All In One”. This means there is only 1 point for loading up your stored grains. When you drive under the overhead silos, you will see an indicator in the main upper left window.

Follow the directions there to select the crop-type and to start/end the grain flow. The loading silo on the livestock farm is inside the barn next to the silos. There are 5 sell points for grain, 2 for potato, and 1 for sugar beets. All sell points are in the PDA and labeled clearly on the PDA map as well. Pigs and wool are sold at the Basset auction. Beef is sold at the Pampalonia slaughterhouse. Manure can be sold at the Garden Center and eggs at the supermarket. Straw/bales can be sold at the Horse ranch. Additionally, straw, manure, grass, and silage can be bought from the BGA for livestock when you are just getting started or running low. (bring your own loading tractor :-)…Here is a link for a Weidemann shovel Multi Fruit bucket that can load out of these sheds.

The map also contains watermod, a carwash, repair shop at the dealership and farm, and woolpalettecollector.

Thanks to DocElyoc for object permissions and Seriousmods/JD4440man for help in testing.

Map credits:
Ranch and Farm Fencing – Sandgropper

Download: Idaho USA v1 []
Download: Idaho USA v1 []

Jun 04

Big European Map v2.0

Big European Map v2.0


Beta 2
The beta 1 and 2 encompass the complete remodeling of the main farm and add new features to the map. All objects have license and can be found on the respective websites.
The credits are still being drawn up and the final version may change.
You will find a new farm, more modern and more feature version 1.0.

General characteristics of the map:
- Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
- MapSiloBand v2.5.2
- WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1
- Schweinemast v1.0.3 (pigs)
- RinderMast V 1.0 (beefs)
- WaterMod v3.0.1
- MischStation v2.3.6
- Oberthalbacher Landhandel rebuild v 1.0
- Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture
- Gülle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0
- New cowzone, refurbished, new barn.
- new farm silos (complet pack v2)
- Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0

Models, objects, scripts from:

For you to enjoy all the features of the map, you need:

ManureMod: (Open the file, click on Mod, extract the file inside your map folder).


Welcome to the farm of the highest technology in the world!
Here you can explore the various areas of agriculture and become a successful farmer.

Final version 1.0:
-> Help Icons Fixed Position
-> Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
-> Pesticide Station and seedStation
-> Signs
-> Conversion textures
-> Land with grass texture
-> Fixed several bugs
-> new cowsilos (6 total)
-> new hall, Pole Barn on the cowplex
-> Special care of the landscaping
-> new constructions
-> Elimination of problematic objects

All these possibilities require in some cases the use of special equipment and the technical field to achieve 100% yield:
cattle needs to be well supplied with a balance of pasture, hay and silage.
The fields need to be sprayed to achieve 100% of production.

General characteristics of the map v1.0:
-> Large tracts of land for a mega production.
-> Fields planned.
-> green vegetation surrounds almost all crops.
-> own site for deployment of greenhouses, stock straw bales.
-> Complex grain storage (silos with elevators and bins for loading).
-> Several points of sales with varying prices.
-> Garage machines with gas station and filling station semenetes, fertilizer and pesticide.
-> Initial daily income of about $ 20,000 / h or $ 480.000/Day for free equipment investment hight-tec.
-> TOTAL AREA: 303,45
-> TOTAL PRICE: 17.897.930,56

NOTE v1.0:
field 01 = 3.133.670/4000 = 783,4175 = 78,35 ha. PRICE = 4.621.199,07
field 02 = 6.155.425/4000 = 1538,85625 = 153,89 ha. PRICE = 9.076.660,19
field 03 = 1.349.568/4000 = 337,392 = 33,73 ha. PRICE = 1.989.445,37
field 04 = 364.521/4000 = 91,13025 = 9,11 ha. PRICE = 537.321,30
field 05 = 347.717/4000 = 86,92925 = 8,70 ha. PRICE = 513.138,89
field 06 = 493.678/4000 = 123,4195 = 12,34 ha.PRICE = 727.831,48
field 07 = 293.358/4000 = 73,3395 = 7,33 ha. PRICE = 432.334,26

Map: Tiago Piloneto (FBT Modding)
Seed bags with original logos:
Map MR Hagenstedt v 3 by Jabba42 and Sylvio86

Farm silos:
Map Mecklenburg Vorpommern
by:Tommy_r and Maurermatze

Beta v0.8
General characteristics of the map (including the game farming Simulator 2013).
-> Major crops for cultivation of wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet and potato.
-> Investment in clean and renewable energy:
-> A biogas plant
-> Torres Wind Power
-> The Solar Panels
-> Investment in greenhouses for growing tomatoes, lettuce and herbs
-> Investment in honey production
-> Investment in the dairy sector, milk cows
-> Investment in sheep
-> Create some chickens

NOTE v0.8:
Time of growth (solution = increase)
form ms min/stages min h
2.4e+007 = 24000000ms = 400min/4 = 100min = 1h40min
4.82+007 = 48000000ms = 800min/4 = 200min = 3h20min
7.2e+007 = 72000000ms = 1200min/4 = 300min = 5h

The solution was quite simple. Increase the time for growth stage (5h). The same used on other maps.
However, you must put the game time in the real time and plant growth in slow.

Beta v0.9
I come here to clarify that all the bugs have been fixed map successfully.
However, one problem still persists. He is known and does not compromise the quality of the game:
The texture of the silo should be DXT3, because the stairs. But I can not apply this kind of texture that the stairs are silos and “brilliant.” Not applying DXT1, the stairs are filled with black.

The only solution is to open the mod in 3Ds or Maya and to separate silos of stairs. Thus, in silos applies DXT1 DXT3 and down the stairs.

-> Help Icons Fixed Position
-> Water and seed Tiggers
-> Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
-> Pesticide Station and seedStation
-> Land with dirt texture
-> Fixed several bugs
-> Conversion textures
-> Reshaping objects in 3ds
-> Eggs in the right place
-> Painting the ground (in some parts)
-> Optimization of the textures (ls2011)

NOTE v0.9:
I come here to clarify that all the bugs have been fixed map successfully.
However, one problem still persists. He is known and does not compromise the quality of the game:
The texture of the silo should be DXT3, because of the stairs. But I can not apply this kind of texture.” Applying DXT3, the stairs are filled with black.
The only solution is to open the mod in 3Ds or Maya and to separate “silos” of stairs. Thus, applies in the silos DXT3 and DXT3 on the stairs.

Download: Big European Map v2.0 []
Download: Big European Map v2.0 []

May 12

Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1

Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1

NOTE: Reissue Hagenstedt Modified
Here I present to you now the new edition of the Hagenstedt Modified 2013 Version 5 !
There is now no separation between the normal and the MR version of the card , version 5 contains the features of both versions and is fully compatible with the standard version as well as the MoreRealistic version of LS13 . Only when the vehicle packs distinction is made between MR and standard , but it can also be used both at the same time ( MoreRealistic mod but is then also a prerequisite ) .
Who wants to play support with MoreRealistic course required for the More Realistic Mod !
Some of you are probably now first with the eyes roll because of the download size of the files , but to you, please let one be said: This is the last time that there will be such a large download for the HM13 . All updates will only include the map and thus werden.Das much smaller but at the same time means that there will be the vehicles or vehicle packs ONLY in this starter package . There will be no other extra download for the vehicles / equipment !
What is , however, still remain is the fact that I do. Beside the installer for the HM13 also a 7Zip file with offering , Mac OS users can install the card / unpack and thus not use not otherwise What you load you down , so installer or 7Zip archive remains up to you , the contents are the same and also fully compatible with each other !
Mac OS users will be able to unpack the 7zip archive Keka use .
Link to : home forum of Hagenstedt Modified 2013 Link to : Help , Tips and Tricks Topic of HM13
The old rules of Hagenstedt Modified 2013 shall continue to apply , as well as the FAQ and Hilfetips who want to support is welcome to sign up to the forum, who wants to read there just may do well WITHOUT registration or registration but .
This is an extract from the provided text file (but only 7Zip archive , installer includes optional links no TEXT file)
! ! ! ! HAGENSTEDT MODIFIED 2013! ! ! ! !
INSTALLATION ( 7Zip archive)
The files from the directory ” for_all ” unzip into your mods folder!
Decide for a version that you want to play and copies the files from the appropriate directory , ie ” for_standard ” or ” for_mr ” ( standard LS or More Realistic ) in your mods folder ( Complete, MR and Standard Single Package contain only the respective version folder)
You can also optionally the other version additionally unpack it in your mods folder if you want to use these vehicles even that works (Complete only )
! IMPORTANT It should NOT be another card in the mods folder located in this card is unpacked !
It is recommended that the traffic light Mod EVEN in multiplayer mode in the mods folder to ACTIVE (even on a dedicated server) , rather yellow flashing lights as strange ads ( sometimes red , sometimes green sometimes yellow times several at once ), I would think .

Download: Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1 []
Download: Hagensted Modified 2013 v5.0.1 []

May 02

SP 11 v 1.0

SP 11 v 1.0

Coupling hitch 11 meter folding. Locked wheels. Gives you the opportunity to hook up four parallel four-meter unit.

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: LSSA, Edit: Kovsh

Download: SP 11 v 1.0 []
Download: SP 11 v 1.0 []

Apr 21

Case IH Magnum Pack v 3.0

Case IH Magnum Pack v 3.0

Lighting fixtures, manual ignition, all wheel drive , realistic exhaust, dust from the wheels for road and separately for the field , clean, cabin noise insulation , plow script speed indicator and engine speed in the cockpit, a new instrument panel , improved illumination devices indicator light and turns in the cockpit, decomposed dimensions and opens the car door , the animation front axle suspension and cab driver’s seat , the ability to carry a passenger, front mounted folding hinge , new skin “Magnum Silver”. For 370 models purchased additional wheels that get dirty , they are sold on pallets under the tractor .

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: Giant, jenya_it

Download: Case IH Magnum Pack v 3.0 []
Download: Case IH Magnum Pack v 3.0 []

Apr 10

John Deere S680 & S670 v 1.0

John Deere S680 & S670 v 1.0

In Pak three combine harvesters : John Deere S680 ( wheeled and tracked ) and John Deere S670, grain header John Deere 640D (12,2 m ) , grain harvester John Deere 640FD (12,2 m ) , grain harvester John Deere 640FD Orbital Reel (12,2 m ) with a locking two carts to transport headers . John Deere S680- STAND : 547l / s Max speed : 25km / h Hopper Capacity : 14100l . John Deere S670- STAND : 431l / s Max speed : 25km / h Hopper Capacity : 10400l . Manual ignition , ES Limiter, Gas Limiter, digital speedometer and tachometer, hectare counter , hour meter . Soundproofing , switchable chopper reel adjustment , adjustable header. Interactive control (IC), steering column adjustment , lighting fixtures, emergency gang , turn signals. Animation headers , pedals , joystick , stairs bunker. Beacons , the dust from the wheels crumple culture. Cdvoennye wheels for JD 680 ( purchased separately ) , the header is removed following crops: wheat , canola, barley, sorghum , oats, and rice coya .

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: Julian11, Rafazr

Download: John Deere S680 & S670 v 1.0 []
Download: John Deere S680 & S670 v 1.0 []

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