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Sep 01

Krone Easy Collect 3053 v1.0

Krone Easy Collect 3053 v1.0

this is my first mod for the LS15.
The Type 3053 is fictitious and hat no real role model.

This bit I have rebuilt from Giant, now it is about 16.8 meters wide.
The odd new Klapanimation, as well as the catchment animation has been adjusted.

Outside were no Colys installed for various reasons, thus the Häkseln works with Play Course also.

In a second version, I would like the whole embellish anything, but can you häkseln way.

Cost: 86,000 euros
Maintenance: 150 euro per day

The file simply slide into the mod folder and you’re done.
Multiplayer should be compatible, but I have not tested.

Download: Krone Easy Collect 3053 v1.0 []

May 28

Marumer Map v1.0

Marumer Map v1.0

Here is the new MarumerMap, ready for ’15. An original map made by me, Daederick. Inspired by the region I live in, Groningen, Northern Netherlands!

Major Changes since the ’13 version:
Redesigned the complete village
Made it into a 4 farm map, excellent for multiplayer, with a Cow farm, Sheepfarm, Arable Farm and Contractor
Replaced all the ’13 trees with ’15 trees
Redesigned some fields, making it from 142 to 129 fields.
Added room for 79 plots of forests, divided in little blocks of landvarying between coniferous, dedicious and mixed forests
Replaced the old rocky dyke with a completely new climbable, mowable dyke, one with some actual size!
Added extra shops to sell grain to!
Added dirt roads with actual badly shaped bumps and holes in it, for extra realism.
Added Speedbumps to some roads (I DO NOT KNOW the author of the model, sadly!)

Integrated Mods:
Chopped Straw

Download: Marumer Map v1.0 []

Apr 21

Map Podgorze v1

Map Podgorze v1

Foothills map maintained in the Polish climate
Map with a nice landscape with narrow and winding roads, waterfalls and rivers
Irregularly shaped fields partially flat area partly mountainous
Several forests to logging buying-and shop opened and closed at different times

The map contains:
– The map is MULTIPLAYER
– Lime fertilizer and seeds with a spoon loaded in procurement
– Separate silos on a farm in lime, fertilizer, grass, beets, potatoes, seeds, cuttings, silage and straw
– Reset the farm machinery
– Feeding and turn down the barns
– Pulled out in the barn manure that can be stored in a heap
– Feed mixing, doors and gates open at key
– Compost + 4 Dünger Mod
– Mod manure lime
– Mod water
– Milk Mod
– Mod sand
– Composting
– Two buying-grain and one for potatoes and beets
– Purchase chips and tree
– Mod chopped
– The traffic and pedestrians
– Fields to buy
– Map has no errors in the log

Download: Map Podgorze v1 []

Apr 15

Case 620 HDR Dyeable Quad pack v1.1

Case 620 HDR Dyeable Quad pack v1.1

V1.1 no errors, 16.3mb zip for all 4.

Here’s my 4 Case 620 tractors with custom HDR dyeable body textures with no color washout to other parts of body and lights. All are standard power but modified in other ways like tighter turning circles extra axles, dynamic wheels etc. Washable and multiplayer YES. 295000 to buy and 495 daily cost’s.

Download: Case 620 HDR Dyeable Quad pack v1.1 []

Apr 09

NH T8’s HDR Dyeable 10 Pack v1.7

NH T8's HDR Dyeable 10 Pack v1.7

V1.7 No Errors, 43.2mb zip for all 10.

Here’s all of my T8’s in 1 zip with the new HDR Dyeable custom body textures with no colour washout to lights and other body parts.. 6 of these tractor are highly modified and 4 have standard power. 195000 to buy with 195 daily cost’s. Washable and multiplayer YES.

Download: NH T8’s HDR Dyeable 10 Pack v1.7 []

Apr 09

Case IH HDR Dyeable 9 pack V1.4

Case IH HDR Dyeable 9 pack V1.4

V1.4 No errors 42.2mb Zip for all 9.

Case IH all of my 9 custom modified models with Dyeable custom textured HDR bodies with no color washout to the lights. Puma loader and Magnum with front attacher and PTO is included plus 1 standard power Magnum and Puma. Magnums are 195000 to buy with 195 daily cost’s, Pumas are 95000 to buy with 95 daily cost’s. Multiplayer and Washable Yes.

Download: Case IH HDR Dyeable 9 pack V1.4 []

Apr 09

Deutz Fahr 7250 HDR Dyeable 5 pack v1.4

Deutz Fahr 7250 HDR Dyeable 5 pack v1.4

V1.4 No errors, 30.3mb zip for all 5.

Here’s my Deutz fahr 7250’s with custom dyeable HDR body textures, 3 are modified and 2 are modified with standard power. 195000 to buy with 195 daily cost’s, multiplayer and washable YES.

Download: Deutz Fahr 7250 HDR Dyeable 5 pack v1.4 []

Apr 01

Placeable Carwash

Placeable Carwash

Hi LS community
here I have a placeable wash for you.

NOTE: requires large area!

With this you can wash your vehicle without Kärcher. Washing process takes about 1 minute. Prices vary depending on number of contaminated equipment, degree of soiling and cleaning speed set in the vehicle.xml (but are quite realistic)

The mod has a relatively realistic animation (traffic lights, gates, washing brushes, sound and particles).

On entering the hall up to the front of the washing machine, animation and cleaning starts.

The mod has been tested in single player as well as multiplayer with various vehicles and always worked flawlessly.

Vehicles can be washed up to a length of 20 m. Height limit 4.20 m and width restriction about 4 m.

Until now I have not found any vehicle, whether standard or Mod, which doesn’t fit in the car wash. Even the CASE IH AXIAL-FLOW 9230 inclusive 3162 DRAPER 45FT still fits on the length, if you drive through up to front.

Even large appliances such as Kuhn FC and Horsch Pronto 10030 and Maestro are not a problem.

For the reapers an extra cleaning point is available, where you can clean them automatically. (put Cutter on shelf, drive vehicle away, go to the Control Panel, “O” key and the washing process begins after cleaning stop with “O” and the price will be deducted from the account).

The hall is illuminated at night.

The washing procedure in the hall only works if you drive in by the ENTRY, so enter the wrong way does not work.

Since there is no PDA icon for washing in the game, I think at least, I put additionally roadsign into the mod with bilateral labeling to indicate the way to the car wash.

The area where the plant is located, should be reasonably flat, because it can be quite steep else.

I hope I have not forgotten essential.


Mod name: placeableCarwash

Authors: 112TEC | schwaki

Date: 03/2015


Model washing machine: basic model Internet Fund

Traffic sign: partially Nick98_1

Rest: DIY 112TEC | schwaki

Script: 112TEC | schwaki (wash formulas based and UPK Mod of MOR2000)

Animation and Ingaming: 112TEC | schwaki


For me, the log is error-free!

Have fun with it!

1. Publication only with original download link. NOT a substitute Link

2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or parts of the mods.

Releases I reserve on request.

Download: Placeable Carwash []

Apr 01

Multifruit Cutters v1.0

Multifruit Cutters v1.0

Was ist neu? V1.0
Der Name ist neu, Der Mod heißt ab sofort zur besseren Verständlichkeit MultiFrucht Schneidwerke bzw. Multifruit Cutters.
Ab sofort unterstützen die Getreideschneidwerke Hafer und Roggen und die Maisschneidwerke für die Drescher haben ein Einzugspartikelsystem für Sonnenblumen erhalten.

Die Idee zu diesem Mod ist entstanden, als wir auf der Holzhausen Map Multiplayer spielten. Nico zu mir: “Hier läuft was falsch!” Ich dazu: “Einzugspartikelsystem?” Er so: “Jo…” Ja so laufen bei uns die Multiplayer Sessions, trocken, klare Ansagen und jede Menge Kalauer. Aber egal, zurück zum Thema. Nachdem wir letzten Freitag (Kalenderwoche 2/2015) dann um 21 Uhr zu Ende gezockt hatten, machte ich mich an das Thema. Einige Moddesc Einträge waren harte Arbeit. Aber wir sind vorwärts gekommen und unter Mods sind die von uns modifizierten Schneidwerke unter der Kategorie Schneidwerke oder der jeweiligen Marke verfügbar. Ich habe es extra so gemacht, dass sie im Shop unter Modschneidwerke gleich am Anfang gelistet sind. Zudem habe ich die Schneidwerke möglichst effektiv sortiert, nach Preis und Leistung. Dieser Mod ist fehlerfrei, wir haben alles durchgetestet und keine Fehler entdeckt.
Changelog Multifruchtschneidwerke V 1.0
– Anpassung der Partikel-Animationen (Einzug der Pflanzen) der Originalschneidwerke an individuelle Fruchttexturen der Wunschmap
– Anpassung der Partikel-Animationen (Einzug der Pflanzen) der Originalschneidwerke an Hafer, Roggen und Sonnenblumen
– Anpassung der Unterhaltskosten
* Sampo-Rosenlew C6 14FT
* Capello Quasar HS 16R
* Krone EasyCollect 1053
* New Holland 980 CF12R

Download: Multifruit Cutters v1.0 []

Mar 31

BigFarm v1.2

BigFarm v1.2

Here i present my new map BigFarm. I build this map without google or photos.
I build the map pure for courseplay, so who is a fan of courseplay this map is pure build for this
Also its good for multiplayer. On the pictures you can see where are the triggers are.
You also can find a picture of the map.
Why did i not have planted any trees around the fields? This is because i wanted to have clear surroundings for Courseplay.

ChangeLog v1.2,
– Fixed the Numbers above the doors off the pig and beef
– Fixed the grid at the countrytrade
– Fixed the issue with the Chickens
– Added Fattend Chicken stable
– Added new textures, Wheat, Barley, Canola, Manure and Lime

What can you find in the map,
– On the start point of the farm where you start you can find Machine halls and storage for Potatos, Sugarbeets and woodchips.
Also you can find Seeds and Fertilizer. You can feed the chickens with Grain and Water.
– On the other side of the farm you can find storage for Barley, Wheat, Canola and Mais. And you can find a Mixing Machine and Storage for
Grass, Silage, Stro Manure, mixing feed and Chaff. There are 4 Chaff silos on the farm.
– You can Find multiple anmimal, Cows, Sheeps, Chickens, Calfs and Pig’s.
– You can collect and sell the milk by yoursels.
– Biogass.
– MilkFactory.
– Vehicle Shop.
– Sawmill for selling Woodchips and Logs.
– Slaughterhouse.
– Storage pit for liquid manure.
– Forestry area.
– 10 buyable fields and you own field 11 and 3 grass fields.

Download: BigFarm v1.2 []

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