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Mar 10



The La Ferme Limousine 2015 Map by Haryseb is now available for the Farming Simulator 15.

The Mod (zip package) can be release on other sites, but only using the original download links !!!

Requiered mod :

In package :
RollandV52 -> ( in-packge)
UrususN70_FM -> ( in-packge) -> ( in-packge)

Crédit: ( For full credits see the Credit.txt or Pdf )
– Marhu : Map SchweineZucht (porc), Map WaterMod, Milk, CompostMaster
– Andy : CompostMaster
– Vertex Design: AnimationMapTrigger, bâtiments,
– Daniel “Desperados93″: time control door
– TMT : Guelle-Mist-Mod
– sirrobin & modeleicher: Luzerne Klee
– heady : batiment BGA
– Paulo5090 : Batiment Coop Céréal Prem’s
– Team FRABEL : Autorisation de conversion Rollandv52
– KillerCrock88: pour les Videos de présentation

3 farms
120 areas
Many forestry areas ( ALL trees can be chopped down )
3 traders
1 traders Kalk
2 Biogas plant
Animals: Cows, chickens, Lamb
Finer texture angle on the fields
Manure mod and CompostMaster
Green manure mod compatible
Chopped Straw Mod compatible
Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potatoes, sugar beet, Sunflower, Luzerne, Sorghum.

Download: LA FERME LIMOUSINE v1.0 []

Jan 04

The Great Smoky Mountains FS 15

The Great Smoky Mountains FS 15

Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains. The terrain is hilly and unforgiving. Do you have what it takes to tame the mountains and become the most respected farmer among the locals?
This map is the standard size with various field sizes. You will find all of the default animals, and crops, plus soybeans. Chopped straw, and the SOLID (only) manure mod has been added.

Sellpoints Include:
Tractor supply (woodchips) (You also may purchase trees, seeds, and fertilizer here)
Hanson Feed Mills
Cherokee Mills
Farm Shop (eggs sell here, as well as an atm, help, seeds, and fertilizer)
Train Depot (Working Train)
Log Mill (Working Train, or sell by placing lumber in pond)
Bassest Auction (Wool sells here, you may also buy seeds and fertilizer)

You can use any point in the stream in the map to refill your water tanker
Bales can be sold in the back of the Farm Shop (the sellpoint, not the tractor dealer) or at the BGA.
Milk is sold automatically at the default time

You must Unzip the contents inside to your mods folder.
Inside you will find 6 files
1 – The Map
2- A front loader bucket for handling all things in the map
3 – A mod that will add multifruit to your default equipment.
4 – Manure Mod
5 – Chopped Straw
6 – Green Direct Cut. You can cut crops while they are still growing. So you can forage harvest your corn while it is still green, before it dries out to be shelled.

Logging is a huge part of the mountains, and you will find hours of fun in this map. We have a massive forest full of trees, rocks, and challenging terrain. You can cut all tree’s in this map.

Download: The Great Smoky Mountains FS 15 []

Jan 02

Poebene15 v1.0 Multifruit

Poebene15 v1.0 Multifruit

The Po Valley – A large piece of flat land in Central Italy
On the map are 23 Fields must buy your 4 and meadows and forests that you own.
There are 10 points of sale where can deliver you thought about your products
Was installed
Water-Mod Trenke
Cows Sheep Chickens
Cattle fattening
The map has 6 fruits
All fruits can be stored on the farm
The PDA works on F9 and also the Farzeuge-reset is (Dealer)
Attention All fields are grubbed and squirted – even after the first harvest you need only grow and squirt
It was also a place Wennig kept free so that you can accommodate your placeable Obiekte.
The rot was abgestellt.Ansonsten is everything as it is in LS15.

Is required slurry manure mod
Modpack for fruits
Also, I would like to thank
DDS Modding – Ronny
The gamblers Click
See for yourself what you could do more.
Wishes or suggestions as always to me by PN – will try to fulfill all when it comes.
MFG Walter
PS A word thing
As gamers we have our own Click TS3 address: 213202206102: 2500
if you want to play with us you are welcome to stop by

Download: Poebene15 v1.0 Multifruit []

Nov 30

Bummis multifruit v1.1.1

Bummis multifruit v1.1.1

Hi there,
I hereby present to you, the first Multifruchtmap in LS 15th
Installed in addition to the standard fruit millet, spelled, rye and oats.
The map is still a beta but fully functional. To find sale prices and stock for the new fruit you just need to press F9 in the game.
There are 2 texture warnings in the log but which are not relevant game. If you have a large powerful GRKA, the two textures in the foliage folder as save dds.
All equipment needed for the harvest can be found at
And now have fun with the map!
MfG Bummi.

Download: Bummis multifruit v1.1.1 []

Oct 20

Freeland v1.1

Freeland v1.1

Nun zur Map es ist ein umgebaute Neuenburg Am Rhein von BadenBauer
Auf der Map sind Kühe,Schafe,Hühner,Schweine und Rinder
Es ist auf der Map verbaut:
Die Standart Früchte sowie Sonnenblumen,Hafer und Roggen
Eine Bäckerrei wo man Brot bekommt wenn man die Getreide Sorten abliefert und wenn man das Brot bei Lidl abliefert bekommt man Geld das gleiche passiert bei der Brauerei die ebenfals verbaut ist und das Bier kann man nicht nur bei Lidl sonder auch bein Gasthof abliefern.
Eine SchweineMat und eine RinderMast ist auch verbaut.
Es ist ach der ForstMod verbaut.
Verbaut ist auch Chopped Straw Mod GülleMistKalkMod ist verbaut.
multiFruit_V2_2b Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 V 2.0
findet ihr bei Modhoster
Und natürlich braucht ihr ein Drescher der Roggen,Hafer und Sonnenblumen dreschen kann sowie ein Anhänger der die Früchte laden kann.
Und ein wagen der Bier und Brot laden kann so das ihr es zu Lidl fahren könnt ich habe diesen Scania R730 Mit Kühlaufbau V 1.7 findet ihr auch bei Modhoster
Ein Anhänger der Saatgut,Dünger und Kalk laden kann das ihr es von Landhandel holen könnt .

Download: Freeland v1.1 []

Oct 06

Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3 (First Release)

A map with a half and half variety of hills and flat land. The roads are raised with a ditch like effect. This map contains
9 fields (2 owned) and each field has two field approaches diagonal of eachother, approaches can be seen on map view. Points of sale for
crops, eggs and wool. Traffic and milk truck are also included. Also contains the standard crops plus soybean, straw from soybean, sunflower and alfalfa.
Alfalfa is meant to be cut only and used as a grass crop (MultiMowing V 1:01 or similar). There is storage at the main farm for all crops
plus grass, hay, straw, chaff, silage, and forage (no storage for alfalfa unless converted to grass).
There are also different fertilizer triggers for each of the 7 types from the Soil Mod (fertilizer A,B,C, herbicide A,B,C and lime(kalk)).
Also a wash bay, bale conveyor, weigh scale, water station, and extra manure storage is located on the main farm.
Map contains cows, sheep and chickens with water mod for all. Wool pallet collector is also installed.
This isn’t the most highly detailed map loaded with objects but everything that was done I tried to do well. All icons are properly placed where needed.
SoilMod and ChoppedStraw are not entirely necessary mods but without the SoilMod there will be minor warnings in the log.
Also just the zip files are needed from SoilMod– and ChoppedStraw–
If your familiar with the mod this map has the config. xml and lua installed with the needed fruit conversions but one would still need
the mod .
A couple notes: (Main farm shed doors that aren’t open do NOT open but they do offer NO collision.)
(Farm weight scale in multiplayer- weight scale may not work if driven on with tractor that has a front weight attached.)
Hope you enjoy!!!

Download: Green View Farms v3 []
Download: Green View Farms v3 []

Sep 22

La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0

La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0

V1.0 de La Ferme Limousine 2013
Willkommen in der Top Limousin, speziell in der Region Haute-Vienne “Frankreich”.
Sie sind verantwortlich und Inhaber von einem kleinen Bauernhof typisch für Hoch Limousin
Mischen Getreideanbau und Landwirtschaft Rinder / Schafe.
Der Fall hat einen kleinen Bauernhof und Landwirtschaftsgebiet, dass in einem kleinen Ort namens “La Couture” von einem kleinen Fluss “Issoire” gekreuzt
Einige alte Geräte und ein paar Hektar Land und vor können Sie den Vorgang zu starten.
Ich hoffe, dass diese kleine Karte, die Sie mögen. Ich wünsche Ihnen viele schöne Stunden des Spiels.

– 3 Bauernhöfe
– 40 + Anbau Domain
– 3 landwirtschaftlichen Genossenschaften
– 1 Speicher
– 1 Konzession
– 1 Schlachthof
– 1 Lime Karriere
– Eine BGA
– 12 möglichen Kulturen: Weizen, Gerste, Raps, Hafer, Mais, Sonnenblumen, Zuckerrüben, Kartoffeln, Hirse,

Luzerne, Klee, Gras.
– Tiere: Kuh, Schaf, Huhn, Schwein, Rind, Boeuf_F3 -> Verkauf von Milch, Eier, Schweine und Rinder.
– SoilMod installiert
– Dark Night installiert
– Morgen-Nebel installiert
– Gebäude Wald Mod installiert

Voraussetzungen: (Das Paket beinhaltet alle notwendigen Mods, es sei denn, MoreRéalistic MapDoorTrigger und alternative Kippen, für sich selbst hinzufügen)
– MoreRéalistic (nicht fourni dans le-Paket)
– MapHoseRefStation
– ZZZ_addMultiFruit
– ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard
– ZZZ_GreenFertilizer
– ZZZ_ChoppedStraw
– PDAMod
– PDAModPlugins_SoilCondition
– SoilManagement
– ForstMod (facultatif) Bâtiment Déjà Installe sur la carte!
– Freelance Modding équipe: SoilMods
– Peter Bull & Gore: Multi Terrain Winkel de détail

Download: La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0 []
Download: La Ferme Limousine 2013 v1.0 []

Sep 10

Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit

Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit

Wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beet, potato, spelled, oats, rye, millet, Carrot, Tomato, Strawberry are
Harvest ripe soon.
Other fruits are available when needed, but NotE you must harvest them completely or the same fruit
new aussäen.Unterpflügen not work.
Energy pasture, poppy, hops, soybean, clover, alfalfa, sunflower, cotton, triticale, green wheat, turnip greens

Lime, Fertilizer, sand, gravel, earth, beer, water, bread

3DFeldwege, Agrola gas station, railway station, railway crossing, BauernhausV2, Mountain Hall, Biogas Plant (in part),
Boat (yacht), distillery, bridges, CAT garage, drive-through barn, Edeka, farm silos, silos fruit,
Garage02R, New garage, garden centers (part of), House (walkable), cowshed,
Stock standard-lime-Fertilitzer, country store, Landi, Guidance bar, Lighthouse, Lidl,
Stalls, mixing station, Old Streets, butcher, silage mountain, Small Tip Station,
stableGarageNew_v1.3, Straw CHP, straw power plant, tanks truck workshop,
Shelter with spotlights, Waage_24, WATER STATION, ZuckerfabrikVLS13, Wood House,
Washing hall, hall with crane, bakery, brewery (Graf-Arco).
Furthermore, some HD textures are installed.
Unzip the RAR file and the files needed zip steffensLand2014 / dds for the MapViewer in your
Modfolder move.
This map was created with the Gaints editor 5.5.2 64 bit.
Have fun Gray 12

Download: Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit []
Download: Steffens Land 2014 v2.1.0.2 Multifruit []

Jun 04

Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit

Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit

Kreis Unna Map

The Unna district located in the center of North Rhine-Westphalia in Arnsberg. Farm and its surroundings are Originated from free imagination

The farm located on the map is modernly furnished and accommodates good modern agricultural machinery with which you can meet the requirements to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier. In addition, amenities 27 Large to medium-sized fields for farming near your yard. A workshop, cow pasture, sheep pasture, pasture chickens and cattle and pig sty complete this farm.

With an additional 10 greenhouses where tomatoes and lettuce grows, more revenue for the company funds are guaranteed. But only if there is enough water for the flourish of these plants in the tanks is present. The equipment for the plant breeding department are housed on-site in a tool shed. A small water fountain is also available.

Note to Mods on the map.
The following mods should not be present in your mods folder:

DamageMod = SchadensMod of (rafftnix, Maxter, model Eicher)
BankOfHagenstedt = The Cooperative Bank of Hagenstedt (MX11)
Mixing station = animal feed mixing station of (Marhu)
Silo Sales = silo contents sell directly from (?)
PDAfix = PDA expansion of (Marhu)
BuyManyAnimals = Fast shopping from animals of (?)

* (?) I do not know who wrote this script, who again please detects contact me, I’m wearing it then.

Who plays the Unna district map, should know that not all mods should be located in the mod folder that are not purely because it could cause problems depending on your computer performance.

I play games and tests are this map a few months and there are no problems, according to me known log.txt. If I invite Traffic mods or other not necessarily common mods in the mods folder, there were always problems with the game stuttering and other unknown problems.

My computer is not the youngest, but when I play according to my information above everything runs fine.

Built include 15 fruit species, which should be enough. I do not know whether, for example, for peas there Erntemschinen and sometimes not at all for rice.

Since it is my first map I’ve made for Farming Simulator 2013, I hope not to harsh criticism of you, but this is like Welcome.

I hope you like it,
Have fun wishes you Bemak

Download: Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit []
Download: Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit []

Jun 02



I’ll make this short and sweet ….
– 3 new crops … Peanuts, Blackeye Peas, and Cotton (Updated to support Missouri USA map)
– Fixed Sugar Beet issue … will now harvest sugar beets without topping them first (good news right?)
– Tweaked some texture diffuse files (scaled them to match up a little better with discharge particles)
If you find a problem … please let me know by posting in the comments section what it is so I can address it immediately … thanks
Go forth …. Download and Enjoy =)

Credits: Mod – dimanix
Everything Else – RealDairyFarmer


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