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Jul 06



This is the Idaho map with provisions for the new forestry logging mod.

It is exactly the same as the v1.1, but the entire southeast corner up on the mountain has been redone into a logging area.

In addition, the existing BGA plant has installed additional buildings that will accept wood chips for heat generation and a storage for extra wood chips. A sawmill has been built on the small road leading towards the radio mast in the south of the map.

Some new logging roads have been created as well.

Of course, you must have the forstmod file in your mods directory (with the original name, e.g. “aForestMod” for this part of the map to function properly.

Credits to rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertexdesign, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax for the forestry mod.


Jul 03

Deutz d40 4wd v 1.0

Deutz d40 4wd v 1.0

Hi there
am presenting my conversion of deutz d40 4wd.
as a basic model served me deutz d40 4wd v3.1 by ansomale.
(The release I have)

what has changed?
first I tried the texture can improve a little … is obs jetz really managed to argue about it …
-He has installed the new sound
Built-fl (a little too large several things below it)
Lattice wheels
Holders for grid-wheels
New coats on the rims

The front-end loader of deutz is too large, it is clear to me …. only it is after all still ls and I myself like to play with “old” mods, but trz happy to hold higher working heights
for me this solution was perfect …
proposals in several of improvement and a second version I will install a smaller fl.

As I said I got from ansomale the enable!

over of improvement suggestions I am very happy

and thanks to this great ansomale the basic model of the tractor has provided for disposal!

and the circuit still: a lot of fun with the little

Download: Deutz d40 4wd v 1.0 []
Download: Deutz d40 4wd v 1.0 []

Jul 01

Fire Brigade Unimog 1450 v 1.0

Fire Brigade Unimog 1450 v 1.0

Here are 3 Unimog 1450 as Feuerwehrfahrzeuge.Bilder: Pack contents:



4 working lights
Blue light
Martin Horn (GM2297) [Original Sound]
Fully animated blinds (to open from the outside)
Animated flaps (from the outside to open) [Extra Storage and for smaller people practically]
Fold-down ladder
Roof monitor (If the ausssteigen to) [WTLF]
Jet / Quick Attack [WTLF / RIT] (Can be used for washing racoons mods)
Tank WTLF: 4,300 liters
Tank RIT: 1,100 liters

Download: Fire Brigade Unimog 1450 v 1.0 []
Download: Fire Brigade Unimog 1450 v 1.0 []

Jun 21

Erlenberg v1.2

Erlenberg v1.2

so die erste Map nach unserer Pause ist fertig.
Willkommen in Erlenberg :)

- Kompletter Neubau
- 23 Felder von denen 12 selbst angelegt werden können
- Produktionsketten für Fisch, Fleisch, Blumen, Zement und Forage
- Unkrautmod
- Viele kaufbare Objekte
- zeitgesteuerte Ereignisse
- Gülle/Mist/Kalk Mod
- eigene PDA Map inkl. neuer Symbole

Bebilderte 11-seitige Anleitung liegt dem Pack bei!
Bitte unbedingt lesen!

Benötigte Mods
- GülleMistKalk Mod
- MapDoorTrigger
- PDAFix
- MapBuyableObjects
- MapSoundTrigger (liegt dem Pack bei!)
- MultiSprayer (liegt dem Pack bei!)
- Fortuna K180 Anhänger ab v1.3!
- Claas Ranger Pack ab v1.2
- Scania R420 Sattelzugmaschine (liegt dem Pack bei!)
- Schmitz Cargo Kofferauflieger (liegt dem Pack bei!)

Optionale Mods:
- Krampe HP 20 v1.1 (zum Transport von Kompost!)
- AlternativTipping Mod
- Mercedes Benz 2548 mit Kofferaufbau (Download nur bei uns im Forum erhältlich!)
- Unser Krampe Trailer Pack (Milch, Wasser, Gülle, Mist und Schweinetransport)

Download: Erlenberg v1.2 []
Download: Erlenberg v1.2 []

Jun 21

Irrigator Irrifrance Optima 1036 v3.0 MR

Irrigator Irrifrance Optima 1036 v3.0 MR

More realistic mod

Diamètre you tuyau = 110 mm
Length you tuyau = 400 mètres.
Capacite = 18 liters
consommation = 0.01 liters / seconde
Rotation du canon = 180 ° avec possibilité de réduire à 90 °
Déroulement you tuyau avec tracteur

Pour un fonctionnement parfait de ce mod, je vous d’utiliser suggère unique element of the tracteurs MR.
Pour le bon focntionnement de ce mod vous de votre dossier Devez également retirer Mods les versions précédentes de l’enrouleur Optima 1036!

Comment utiliser l’?
Merci de regarder cette video

Download: Irrigator Irrifrance Optima 1036 v3.0 MR []
Download: Irrigator Irrifrance Optima 1036 v3.0 MR []

Jun 17

Idaho USA v1

Idaho USA v1

Idaho USA v1

Welcome to Idaho, USA. The farmland here is rich and fertile! This map has all of the main fruits with the addition of oats and soybeans. There are two main farms. One is centralized, more modern and is where dairy cattle are located. The second farm is a bit older and is where you will find all other livestock. There are sheep, chickens, pig and cattle fattening. The livestock farm also contains silo storage for all crops. These silos are not shared with the main farm, so storage on both farms is separate. This means running two different farms as a single player or splitting the farms if playing with a friend.

The stave silos found at both farms are functional. They create silage at a certain amount per hour. The garage doors on the farm buildings are functional. Some are automatic and some manual. For the manual doors, approach them on the right side and you will see an indicator in the bottom right of the screen. Pushing “O” will then open the door. The same for closing them. The storage silos at both farms are “All In One”. This means there is only 1 point for loading up your stored grains. When you drive under the overhead silos, you will see an indicator in the main upper left window.

Follow the directions there to select the crop-type and to start/end the grain flow. The loading silo on the livestock farm is inside the barn next to the silos. There are 5 sell points for grain, 2 for potato, and 1 for sugar beets. All sell points are in the PDA and labeled clearly on the PDA map as well. Pigs and wool are sold at the Basset auction. Beef is sold at the Pampalonia slaughterhouse. Manure can be sold at the Garden Center and eggs at the supermarket. Straw/bales can be sold at the Horse ranch. Additionally, straw, manure, grass, and silage can be bought from the BGA for livestock when you are just getting started or running low. (bring your own loading tractor :-)…Here is a link for a Weidemann shovel Multi Fruit bucket that can load out of these sheds.

The map also contains watermod, a carwash, repair shop at the dealership and farm, and woolpalettecollector.

Thanks to DocElyoc for object permissions and Seriousmods/JD4440man for help in testing.

Map credits:
Ranch and Farm Fencing – Sandgropper

Download: Idaho USA v1 []
Download: Idaho USA v1 []

Jun 17

Cargo Bull S KO Cool v1.0

Cargo Bull S KO Cool v1.0

Schmitz CargoBull S.KO-Cool “Forbidden Mods”

Modell: Hoschi97; Umbauten und Skin: Hoschi97

Verbaute Funktionen:
Beleuchtung V3.1.2 (Sven777b); DrivingParticleSystem (Manuel Leithner);
WheelParticleSystem (?); MooringBlocks (Geri-G); toggleAnimatedParts (Sven777b).
Patch 2.0 oder höher wird benötigt!

Der Schmitz CargoBull S.KO-Cool ist beladbar mit folgenden Gütern:
Mais, Kartoffeln, Karotten, Zwiebeln, Gurken, Tomaten, Äpfel, Kirschen,
Pflaumen, Erdbeeren, Blumen, Fisch, Fleisch, Whiskey, Bier, Konserven,
Brot, Zucker, Mehl, Milchprodukte, Wurst und Backwaren.

Download: Cargo Bull S KO Cool v1.0 []
Download: Cargo Bull S KO Cool v1.0 []

Jun 15

Vila Chisel SXH 3 13 v 1.0

Vila Chisel SXH 3 13 v 1.0

Very good friends of Modhost.

We present the second mod fire Vila Agricultural Machinery

Big Boss Modding in collaboration with the company Vila agricultural machinery will do about 100 mods.

Now for the features of this.

Transport width: 3.50 meters
Working width: 3.25 meters
Number of arms 13
Recommended Power: 120 hp

Daily upkeep: $ 20 / day

Special thanks to Vila Agricultural Machinery Company For their assistance in this great project.

Download: Vila Chisel SXH 3 13 v 1.0 []
Download: Vila Chisel SXH 3 13 v 1.0 []

Jun 07



OEB present our [MR] Front Weight

It has been designed to with a base weight of 800 kg’s and then with each added block adding 200 kg’s.
With 7 added weights this goes up to a total 2200 kg’s.

Each weight block is added using [MR] Add Ballast Script (NumPadEnter) and can be adjusted to suite each application or variation needed.

AS with all [MR] mods please make sure to be using the latest version of Dural’s [MR] game engine :

Features :
– Adjustable
– Washable

Credits: OEB Modding


Jun 07

Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0

Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0

Willkommen in Mecklenburg die Dritte und Letzte.
Nach intensiven Tests und einigen Umbauten biete ich euch jetzt die letzte Version meiner Map an.
Die solls dann auch gewesen sein, denn ich werde mich hier aus dem Geschäft verabschieden.

Was ist jetzt mit der map:

Also es sind noch ein paar Umbauten passiert.
Auf dem Hof sind die Lagermöglichkeiten ein bisschen umher gewandert.
Die Lager für Runkeln und Zuckerrüben sind ins Freie gezogen, so wie es jeder Bauer bis heute macht.
Kartoffeln haben jetzt eine ganze Halle für sich.
Fast alle Lagerplätze sind gekennzeichnet mit Schriftzug.
Am Hof links am Seeufer ist noch ein Platz zum Heulagern dazu gekommen. Ersichtlich durch Dreibeine auch Heuhocken genannt.
Alle Planen sollten nun gehen.
Trafficverkehr ist mir nicht mehr negativ aufgefallen und wenn sich ein Wagen mal irgendwo fest fahren sollte, so ist der Alkoholpegel wohl schuld
oder es wird wie im wahren Leben mit dem Messer zwischen den Zähnen gefahren.
Wen’s stört, der sollte sich das selbst richten.
Tiersplines sollten auch funktionieren.
Texturen und Modelle sind nach dem Gefallen des Erbauers ausgewählt worden und damit muß jeder leben oder es solls lassen.
Bilder zu den Abladestellen sind korrigiert und als zip in der Gesamtzip bei gelegt.
Also zip entpacken und die Map in den modsordner.
Es sind keine besonderen scripte verbaut, ausser die,die für den Betrieb der einzelnen mods durch seine Erbauer vorgegeben sind.

Download: Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0 []
Download: Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0 []

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