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Apr 09

GIANT Editor 5.5.0 Beta

GIANT Editor 5.5.0 Beta

GIANT Editor 5.5.0 Beta

Program for creating and editing mods. Beta version for 64 -bit systems. Major changes: added import FBX files , added “noise” and soil erosion , frost added transformation support for Mac OSX.

Ctrl + X – Cut
Ctrl + C – Copy
Ctrl + V – Paste
Ctrl + D – Duplicate
Ctrl + Shift + X – Cut coordinates ( put the cursor in one of the fields Translate / Rotate / Scale and pressing this key combination command ” Cut coordinates ” applies to all values ​​XYZ directly the desired type ) .
Ctrl + Shift + C – Copy coordinates ( put the cursor in one of the fields Translate / Rotate / Scale and pressing this key combination command ” Copy location ” applies to all values ​​XYZ directly the desired type ) .
Ctrl + Shift + V – Paste coordinates ( put the cursor in one of the fields Translate / Rotate / Scale and pressing this key combination command ” Insert location ” applies to all values ​​XYZ directly the desired type ) .
Ctrl + B + LMB – Move an object by moving the mouse over the surface of the card.
Insert – Create a point on the spline .
Delete – Delete object point on the spline .

– Added terrain noise and erosion feature
– Added FBX import
– Added freeze transformations
– Added getting started dialog
– Added version selector dialog
– Added system memory usage to F8 stats
– Added various minor improvements
– Added Mac OSX support
– Fixed viewport and scene graph panel loosing focus when changing object selection
– Fixed crash when using high resolution dynamic reflection maps
– Fixed various small issues

Credits: GIANTS Software GmbH

Download: GIANT Editor 5.5.0 Beta []
Download: GIANT Editor 5.5.0 Beta []

Apr 03

Agrarfrost Final Edition v8.1

Agrarfrost Final Edition v8.1

This final version brings algunas fixes over the previous version. I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience. But good fun!

With improvements in “Map Paradise v1.3″, I could not deploy them on the map Agrarfrost. So I bring to you the revised map. With several new features and improvements.

News as woolpalletcollector, manume mod, vegetation dynamics (correcting the old static where vegetation was not moving).

Added a sugar factory in place of the farm shop, fix the selling price of pigs and implanted a new place to sell solid and liquid manure.

I’m sorry that I do not speak German and express myself accurately. And why use this horrible english.

About version 6.2

Greetings lovers of the simulation. After many requests I bring to you a revised edition of the map Agrarfrost. Now we have the water mod. Also I fear many other improvements and tweaks to make the map even better. Probably this is the final version because I’m working on other maps, and this is already sold out. So, enjoy.

I waited a few months for more news to be added to the game. As we have a strong and active community, many mods started appearing. I wanted to put what I think best on my map so you can enjoy the latest news World Farming Simulator.

The adjustments are modest, but guarantee best fun in the game. For example, I set navmesh creating masks in some objects, so the cows do not pass trees or wooden pillars as it did in the previous version.

The sheds with a discharge station and several central hills being created around you is nothing realistic, however, was one of the ways I have found for you put all their production of straw or grass.

Download: Agrarfrost Final Edition v8.1 []
Download: Agrarfrost Final Edition v8.1 []

Mar 04

Grass texture v 1.0

Grass texture v 1.0

Keep the original files. Not recommended to put on a standard SD. Bet on downloaded maps.

Credits: KIK

Download: Grass texture v 1.0 []
Download: Grass texture v 1.0 []

Feb 02

Farming Simulator 2013 Patch 2.1 Public Beta 2

Farming Simulator 2013 Patch 2.1 Public Beta 2

Farming Simulator 2013 Patch 2.1 Public Beta 2

Set on a licensed game. Who Steam version of the game. We pass on the “download link” and there is a picture look like in the Steam client installed.

Fixed crash on Window XP when loading large mods/dlcs (2.1)
Fixed animations of ridge markers (2.1)
Fixed visual artefacts when fully steering the Deutz 7545RTS (2.1)
Fixed wrong warnings in log introduced with patch 2.0 (2.1)
Fixed display of some Japanese characters (2.1)
Fixed issues with retina MacBooks (2.0)
Fixed loading of the highest bidder of an auction in a savegame (2.0)
Fixed Amazone UX5200 multiplayer folding issue (2.0)
Fixed Poettinger Eurocat315H folding animation (2.0)
Fixed rare resetting ShopScreen issue when starting new mission (2.0)
Fixed shop brand list issue when loading new mods on second game load (2.0)
Fixed minor AO baking issue on Horsch Terrano (2.0)
Fixed multiplayer between Steam and non-Steam version with the classics DLC (2.0)
Fixed animation issues of the Arcusin AutostackFS63-72 (1.4)
A sell station no longer can have multiple great demands for the same fruit at the same time (1.4)
Fixed threshing of helper with asymmetrical cutters (e.g. Deutz 7545 Maize cutter) (1.4)
Multiplayer Clients now also see the mission goal (1.4)
Fixed unloading particle systems of Krone Emsland and Kröger HKD (1.4)
Fixed ridge markers of Horsch Sprinter (1.4)
Fixed rotation of steering wheel on multiplayer clients of articulated steered vehicles (1.4)
Fixed issues when filling a mixer wagon with a shovel (1.4)
Fixed particle system not stopping when filling Kuhn SPV from bunker silo (1.4)
Fixed price calculation when unloading at the biogas bunker (1.4)
Fixed speed limit warning with Grimme SE 75-55 (1.4)
Fixed irregular speed of the field growth (1.4)
Fixed unloading of the Bergmann Shuttle at cow area (1.4)
Amazone D9 was not raised high enough (1.4)
Tippers sometimes did not close correctly and couldn`t be unloading anymore (1.4)
Fixed problems with the animation of the Grimme Maxtron (1.4)
With a full grain tank, the helper didn`t fold out the unloading belt (1.4)
Fixes issues with sales (1.4)
Fixed issues with direct planting (1.4)
Fixed conflict if multiple vehicles with mouse controls are attached (1.4)
Fixed issues with the mouse controls of the Amazone UX5200 and the Amazone Pantera (1.4)
Fixed synchronization of the eggs, the wool the milk and the productivity of the animals in the multiplayer (1.4)
The fill levels of the animals are no longer limited to 65535 at the multiplayer clients (1.4)
Fix of the problem in multiplayer when Client did not see sown grass (1.4)
Fix of the button “select all mods” that sometimes did not work (1.4)
In the multiplayer disconnecting vehicles sometimes was not correctly synchronized (1.4)
If a vehicle was sold that was currently using the worker, the slot for the helper was not released (1.4)
When activating the helper, some tools were folded (1.4)
Several invisible collision on the map were removed (1.4)
Fixed animation issues of Grimme Maxtron 620 and Grimme Tectron 415 (1.3)
Fixed folding of tools when loading from savegames (1.3)
Fixed visual glitches of several fill planes (1.3)
Fixed issue when selling a vehicle at the selling point (1.3)
Fixed hoses of several implements (1.3)
Fixed Kuhn Primor 3570 with barley straw bales (1.3)
Fixed straw and forage unloading at the cow paddock showing wrong message (1.3)
Fixed several typing errors (1.3)
Fixed extra income of placeable objects when loading a savegame (1.3)
Fixed selective resetting of mod vehicles (1.3)
Fixed brake force of several tools (1.3)
Fixed several issues with cylinders between physics objects (1.3)
Fixed field auctions in multiplayer (1.3)
Fixed ridge marker with tools that can not be lowered (1.3)
Fixed several wrongly place tree collisions (1.3)
Fixed saving of feeding trough fill levels (1.3)

New Features:
Added warning when loading unsupported 3d sound files (2.1)
Added support for retina resolutions on Mac OS X (2.0)
Added new gui skin (2.0)
Added option to scroll through previous chat messages (2.0)
The used mods of a savegame are automatically selected when a multiplayer game is started (2.0)
Added warning if not all mods are installed, that are used in a savegame (2.0)
Added option to disallow multiplayer clients to reset vehicles (2.0)
Added support for dedicated server (2.0)
Added 64bit support (2.0)
Added 16 player multiplayer support (2.0)
Added modDescVersion 13 support (2.0)
Added multiplayer onjoin and onleave messages (2.0)
Added support for mods implements to define their own PTO (1.4)
Added option for mod maps to disable automatic selling of milk (1.4)
Silage now can be put in the feeding trough with a shovel (1.4)
Manure now can be put on the manure heap with a shovel (1.4)
Added parallel guide to all front loaders (1.4)

Development console is scrolled when holding page up/down (2.1)
Improved stability of physics simulation (especially handling of pallets and bales) (2.1)
Greatly reduced game loading time with mods/dlcs (2.1)
Improved network bandwidth usage in multiplayer (2.1)
Reduced CPU load in multiplayer (2.1)
Tuning of SRB35 and BigM (2.1)
Improved Kröger MUK303 discharge animation (2.1)
Last used multiplayer password is saved (2.0)
Added option to save multiplayer filter settings (enable manually in gameSettings.xml) (2.0)
Improved motor start sound of Same Argon3-75 (2.0)
Improved fog transitions when weather turns to rain (2.0)
Bunker silo now only shows 0% if is really empty (2.0)
Optimized online activation to work even with broken network settings (2.0)
Tuned motor sound of CaseIH Quadtrac 600 (2.0)
Optimized network syncronization (5x-10x faster) (2.0)
Performance optimizations from console versions (20%-50% faster) (2.0)
Reduced vehicle, bales and pallets jittering and lag in single and multiplayer (2.0)
Optimized camera handling in general and for articulated vehicles (2.0)
Optimized loading times with new binary format (~30% faster) (2.0)
Optimized shadow split rendering (better quality) (2.0)
Increased multiplayer game name to 23 characters (2.0)
Changed auto aiming of combine pipes to prefer attached trailers (1.4)
Improved the steering behavior when working with the Kuhn mowers (1.4)
Added possibility to attach another trailer to the Lizard bale trailer (1.4)
Multiplayer client now can see the rapeseed table of the cutters (1.4)
Reduced stuttering of the first person view for multiplayer clients (1.4)
When loading a savegame, the implements are no longer always lowered (1.4)
Increased time until helpers of combines continue threshing after they have been partially unloaded (1.4)
Helper of Grimme Tectron 415 now waits to continue working as long as a trailer is in range (1.4)
Added particle system for straw to the Kuhn SPV and the Kuhn Profile 1880 (1.4)
Deactivated rotation of the PTO of the Pöttinger Mex 6 and Eurohit 130A and Kuhn GA4521GM, GA8521 and GF17002 (1.4)
Sowing machines now also remove straw when seeding grass (1.4)
Fixed baletrailer drawbar jittering/moving when detached (1.4)
Added air blower sound to Horsch Pronto and Sprinter (1.4)
Tuned collision detection of Amazon Condor (1.4)
Increased height of Grimme Maxtron 620 unloading belt and removed warning from shop description (1.4)
Tuned position of farm silo tip trigger (1.4)
Tuned vehicle camera collision detection to have less ground intersections (1.4)
Fixed animation issues with the Lemken Juwel 8 (1.4)
Fixed issues when pressing fold and rotate at the same time with the Lemken Juwel 8 and the Pöttinger Servo 6.50 (1.4)
Reduced collision size of player (1.4)
Tuned wheel radiuses of several vehicles (1.4)
Fill level marker of Amazone FT1001 and Amazone UF1801 now is also visible if empty (1.4)
Tuned colors of fruit type display to be better distinguishable (1.4)
Colors of Kuhn vehicles where adjusted to match (1.4)
Improved animation of Kuhn GA8521 (1.4)
Added speed limit to all haulm toppers (1.4)
Haulm toppers no longer work if raised (1.4)
Increased time limit of transport missions (1.4)
Running costs of vehicles/buildings/animals are shown in the shop with a cent precision. E.g. important for chicken (1.4)
Updated PDA map of the ModMapSDK to the lasted map (1.4)
Tuned fertilizer usage of Amazone ZG-B 8200 (1.4)
Disabled threshing while cutter is raised (1.4)
Removed jittering of attacher joints on multiplayer clients (1.4)
Added possibility to load wheat and barley windrows in a forage wagon at the same time (1.4)
Tuned traffic vehicles to avoid deadlock situations (1.4)
Tuned ridge markers to create smaller marks on the ground (1.4)
Tuned positioning of fill planes of manure heap and bunker silos to avoid them being invisible with small fill levels (1.4)
Tuned fruit price calculation to avoid long term price drops (1.4)
Improved visibility of fruit state view with color blindness (1.4)
Filling the water trailer at the river now is free (1.4)
Fixed particle system when filling the Lizard WheelLoader from a combine or a silo (1.4)
Fixed slight stuttering when running at constant 60FPS (1.4)
Added power takeoff to Amazone ADP-303 Super (1.4)
Fixed animation of cylinders of the ridge markers or the Amazone ADP-303 Super (1.4)
Optical fill level of the feeding trough now is in a 1:1 ratio to the fill level shown in the PDA (1.4)
The worker no longer uses the ridge markers (1.4)
Fine tuning of the vehicle speed control levels (1.4)
The worker of the Krone Big X stuttered when turning (1.4)
Visual corrections of: Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M620, Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 430 TTV, Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6190 Deutz-Fahr TTV, Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 7250 TTV, Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm 430, Deutz-Fahr Agrovector, Deutz-Fahr 6095HTS, Hürlimann XL130, Kröger HKD302, Amazone Cayena, Krone BigM 500, Pöttinger Servo 6.50, Amazone Profihopper, Agroliner PWS, Weidemann silage cutter (1.4)
Improved visualization of falling sugar beet at the Grimme Maxtron (1.4)
The back wheel of the Grimme Tectron intersected with the body (1.4)
Fixed several shop description texts (1.4)
Collision of the Weidemann silage cutter was too big (1.4)
Fixed wrong animation of the expulsion with the Kotte Garant 19500 (1.4)
Improved braking behavior of several vehicles (1.4)
Adjusted the collision of the Weidemann 4270 CX 100 T (1.4)
Krone XDisc now can be put on the cutter trailer (1.4)
Kuhn GF17002 and Amazone Condor work more reliable (1.4)
Amazone UX 1801 falls over less quickly (1.4)
In the controls menu lift arm was lower arm ingame and vice versa (1.4)
Several small improvements of the map (1.4)
Canola grows slightly higher (1.4)
Improvements of some menus (1.4)
Some vehicle schemas were corrected (1.4)
Added option to avoid the plow creating fields (1.3)
Added possibility to raise the front of the Grimme Maxtron 620 and the Grimme Tectron 415 (1.3)
Added AI helper to the Grimme Maxtron 620 and the Grimme Tectron 415 (1.3)
Added message that straw blowers first need to be filled (1.3)
Added help text if mouse controls are available (1.3)
Added support for placeable objects with physics joints (1.3)
Added controls to only toggle the front light (1.3)
Improved decision making between folding and unfolding (1.3)
Improved visuals of map (1.3)
Improved and fixed some issues of the AI helper (1.3)
Improved several particle systems (1.3)
Improved placement of vehicles at shop (1.3)
Improved sounds of several vehicles (1.3)
Improved shop description of the placeable objects (1.3)
The Grimme SE75-55 and Grimme Rootster 604 no longer can be turned on while folded (1.3)

Credits: GIANTS Software GmbH

Download: Farming Simulator 2013 Patch 2.1 Public Beta 2

Jan 31

Disable Crop Withering

Disable Crop Withering

This mod by Giants switched on all maps from the withering / rotting.

Patch 2.1 or higher is required

Giants Software

Download: Disable Crop Withering []

Jan 09

BIG Haupeltshofenmap Multi Fruit v2.0

BIG Haupeltshofenmap Multi Fruit v2.0

Hallo liebe Ls-Gemeinde.
Nach langer Arbeit ist nun die neue Version meiner Haupeltshofenmap fertig. Als ich mit meiner orginal Haupeltshofenmap fertig war, nach ca. 13 Versionen und einem dreiviertel Jahr arbeit, kam mir die super Idee, sie auf 4-fach zu vergrößern und hier ist sie nun. Hoffe sie gefällt euch. Da soviel verbaut wurde (siehe Credits), hier in Stichpunkte, was euch euch wartet:
Multifruit (Roggen, Hafer, Triticale, Dinkel, Grünroggen) Achtung folgender Mod wird dafür benötigt
Gülle/Mist- Mod Achtung folgender Mod wird dafür benötigt
3 Schweinemasten
2 Rindermasten
Kühe, Schweine, Rinder, Schafe, Hühner
6 BGA´s 4 davon mit Waage mit Statistikfunktion
Neuer Stall, neue Hallen, neue Hofsilos
66 Felder zwischen 0,9ha und 153ha, Feldpreise zwischen 18000LS€/ha und 38000LS€/ha je nach Lage, Form, Entfernung usw.,
Woolpalettcollektor, Cow-Watermod, Mapsiloband, Futterlager,
Neues Dorf
Neue Abladestellen
Hafen, Bahnhof usw. Umgestaltet
90% der Felder schon gedüngt, 1 in Besitz
Neue Startfahrzeuge, aber nicht übertrieben
Verkehr läuft, aber könnt die Verkehrsdichte ruhig auf 3 setzten, ist ziemlich viel verbaut
Shop liefert direkt an den Hof
Energiepark für euer Solar- und Windanlagen
Missionen angepasst, sind auch machbar mit Hoflader
Neue Texturen für Bäume, Stäucher, Früchte, Boden, SKY usw.
Silohaufen, Traunsteiner Silos (Achtung, sind zwei getrennte hintereinander), Freilandsilos
Gährzeiten, Wachstumszeiten, Fermentergeschwindigkeit, Füllstände usw. angepasst
Molkerei versetzt, Milchtruck angepasst
Körnermais nur beim Kuhstall ab- und aufladbar, wegen Futtermischwagen
Gartencenter mit Platz für euer Gewächshäuser, mit Mistlager und Wasserbrunnen
Falls ihr noch Fehler findent, schreibt mir einfach. Bin Singelplayer, dadurch konnte im Multiplayer und auf DEDI-Server nicht testen. Wenn ihr das mal könntet und mir dann schreibt, ob´s läuft, währe toll. Würde mich interessieren. Da die Map so groß ist, habe noch nicht alle Funktionen testen können. Aber alle wichtigen Dinge laufen soweit. Danke für´s testen und viel Spass damit.
Wie immer gilt, wem´s nicht gefällt, braucht´s nicht downloaden.
Bilder kommen gleich.

Schweinemast marhu
Rindermast marhu
Watermod marhu
Woolpalettcollektor marhu

Download: BIG Haupeltshofenmap Multi Fruit v2.0 []
Download: BIG Haupeltshofenmap Multi Fruit v2.0 []

Dec 13

Potato Texture v 1.5

Potato Texture v 1.5

potato texture v 1.5

Name Card / textures / foliage
Keep the original files. It is not recommended to put on a standard map. Bet on the downloaded maps.


Download: Potato Texture v 1.5 []
Download: Potato Texture v 1.5 []

Dec 09

Silent Valley v3.0 by Bandit Extended

Silent Valley v3.0 by Bandit Extended

Silent Valley by Bandit Rebuilt

Hier habe ich die nun wirklich letzte offizielle Version der Silent Valley by Bandit! Durch den Patch2.0 wollte ich die Map ja eh noch auf GE 5.0.3 umkonvertieren, was hiermit auch geschehen ist. Nur konnte ich nicht die Finger davon lassen noch die eine oder andere kleine Veränderung einzubauen! Ich verspreche hiermit das es keine weitere Version der Map aus meiner Hand geben wird!

Patch 2.0 ist erforderlich

! ! ! ein neuer Spielstand zu allen vorangegangenen Silent Valley Versionen ist erforderlich ! ! !

Ich möchte mich vielmals bei allen bedanken, deren Objekte oder auch Scripte ich in der Map verbaut habe!

Des weiteren auch ein besonderer Dank an Böser Ösi von für das erstellen des Videos!

Sollte noch jemand Objekte von sich auf der Map erkennen, dann wird das in den Credits umgehend nachgetragen sowie ich von dem entsprechenden Modder/Mapper oder Scripter eine Info darüber erhalten habe!

was ist auf der Map zu erwarten:
- alle Tore und Schranken sind mit dem MapDoorTrigger-Script versehen
- Schweinemast mit Mistlagerplatz
- Winkeleinstellungen Groundshader geändert (dadurch ist der Boden dynamischer beim sähen, grubbern und pflügen)
- an allen auf der Map befindlichen Hydranten kann Wasser entnommen werden
- Saatgut und Dünger muss am Landhandel oder am Getreidehandel (Farmshop) gekauft werden um es am Hof für die Entnahme zu lagern
- große Spritzen und Düngerstreuer sollten wegen dem Platz auf dem Hof und der Größe der jeweiligen Silos direkt am jeweiligen Verkauf befüllt werden
- nur ein Füllrohr für alle Körnerfrüchte am Hof (Fruchtauswahl mit Taste “O”)
- Händler wurde komplett überarbeitet und an den Händler der OldSilentValley angepasst
- 15 Felder mit Größen von ca. 0,6 bis 2,5 ha
- Missionen und Hufeisen
- Gülle- Mist-Mod mit dezenter performencesparender Textur in Form des Haulm verbaut
- MapHoseRefStation am Kuhgülletank, Schweinemast und BGA Gülletank verbaut

Urmap LS11: wohlstandskind
Edit LS11: Bandit
LS13 und Edit: Bandit
RoadConstructionPackV3: Fatian
Landhandel: PaPa
Landhandel2: Kolbenfresser -TMT-
cowWaterMod V3: marhu
MapSiloBand: marhu
Schweinemast: marhu
PDA-Script: marhu

Download: Silent Valley v3.0 by Bandit Extended []
Download: Silent Valley v3.0 by Bandit Extended []

Nov 28

More Realistic Package v1.1

More Realistic Package v1.1

Maud makes physics in the game more realistic. In Pak four archives: (scripts improving game engine), (script-in card under MoreRealistic), (standard technique reworked under MoreRealistic), (alternative modes unloading altered under MoreRealistic). Multiplayer support.

Requires patch 2.0

This is the second release of the “more realistic” full package.
This is the official version 1.1

Please read the embedded manual before posting on the support topic. (v1.1.0.7)
– fixed issue with dedicated server version
– fixed error when using a “no-mr windrower”
– fixed funny bale prices in normal and easy difficulties
– fixed crash when using an attacherJoint allowing lowering but with a “nil” moveTime (badly converted/implemented mod, but issue hard to find)
– add “realEngineSoundVolumeFx” parameter to allow incab sound scripting for modders
– override the “baleValueScale” loading from bales i3d file to be a float instead of an integer.
– some modification to give the possibility of a “follow me ” mod.
– new “AIVehicleUtil.mrDriveInDirection” to replace the default “driveInDirection” for “mr” vehicles.
– AI 3D sound now takes into account volume and pitch variation.
– “steering lock” state is now saved within the savegame
– AWD mode state is now saved within the savegame
– this is now possible to use the shuttle in T1 transmission mode while a speed level is set
– new crops supported : “pea” (combinable peas), “bean” (field bean) and “linseed”.
– better progressivity for brake pedal when playing with a “wheel and pedals” device.
– add the “realBalerWorkingSpeedLimit” to allow modder to specify a custom speed limit for a “mr” baler.
– add the “vehicle.steeringAxleAngleScale#realNoSteeringAxleDamping” parameter to disable the “damping” of steering axle of a trailer
– better compatibility for maps with different triggers for the same station (triggers with and without “appearsOnPDA” like for “SprinHill”)
– no “torque brakedown” when shifting speedlevel
– when setting a speedlevel, the player now have 1s to release the acceleration key before the speedlevel is disabled (you can set the speedlevel while pressing the acceleration key)
– the mission dialog box does not disable the player controls anymore
– starting silos filllevel now take into account “filltype” price per liter. (higher fill level for cheaper products)
– fix the bug with client that could have different sell prices on the PDA than the server
– externalize the “updateSteeringAxleAngle” for attachable so that modders can override it if needed (“steeringMod” for example)
– fix the bug with some “no mr” seeding equipment when filling (“fillType” = only “seeds”, no fruit specified, and so, we don’t know what is the correct price for the seed)
– “realisticCombine” specialization is now more “resistant” to “exotic” combine/harvester mods.
– Fix a rare problem activating the brakepedal all the time (unplugging usb headset while playing)
– New “realAutoDetaching” parameter for “attachable” attacher joint (Example : allow the “cutter” to be detached automatically when the cutter trailer is detached from the towing vehicle)
– “RealisticBallast” specialization is now working for implement too.
– add the “realBalerUseEjectingVelocity” for balers. (v1.1.0.8)
– Fixed the Poettinger Servo 35 plough missing groundReference
– Fixed the Buehrer 6135A (center of mass)
– No more “draft force” for combines header => better harvest speed, no more “over slipping” with combine harvesting uphill, but using a “speedLevel” is now usually required to drive a combine (or you will often experience start and stop behavior, especially harvesting downhill)
– Krone BigX -> move less far away in the headland while turning in hired worker mode
– Lizard header trailer now have rear brakes
– New roundbale collision to avoid too much “free rolling”
– Krone Comprima baler can “overfill” up to 108% now
– Weidemann 4270CX100T : fixed the trailer attacher joint “rotLimit”
– smaller turning radius improvement on many tractors
– trailers unloading discharge rate and pto consumption tuned
– Grimme Maxtron and Tectron lateral slidding fixed
– Fix flickering when playing in 64bits on some models (TTV430 frontloader, 5465H and 7545RTS combines, CIH quadtrack and steiger, Grimme maxtron and tectron, Grimme GL420 and 660, Amazon ADP seeder, trailers, Krone Comprima round baler)
– Fix missing rear light for the Agrovector telehandler
– Attacher joint (cutter type) added to the Lizard cutter trailer (in MP, the cutter can slide on the trailer if not attached)
– Fix Krone BigPack and Comprima missing “realBrakingDeceleration”.

Giants, SFM-Modding, Xentro, Dural

Download: More Realistic Package v1.1 []
Download: More Realistic Package v1.1 []

Nov 18

Prokopovka v 1

Prokopovka v 1

Prokopovka map is based on maps of Warmia v2.5. Culture standard. Pets are standard.


Download: Prokopovka v 1 []
Download: Prokopovka v 1 []

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