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Mar 17

Farmer Set v1.1

Farmer Set v1.1

Here the Bauer Poly 185 TL Bauer Cerres G600, G800 Bauer Cerres
and modified GMK Mod.

IMPORTANT:. With the included GMK Mod the working width of Güllegrubbers work on maps with GMK Mod (see pictures)

In the pack:
Bauer Poly 185 TL
• Price: 48.000 €
• € / day: 50 €
• MP-capable
• Washable
• Able to helper org. Map
• Skin
• Lighting
• 22m working width, filled with manure 19100l
• Working speed 20 km / h
• Log error-free

Bauer Cerres G600
• Price: 19.000 €
• € / day: 10 €
• MP-capable
• Washable
• Able to helper org. Map
• Conversion and Skin
• Lighting
• 6m working width, foldable
• Working speed 20 km / h
• Log error-free

Bauer Cerres G800
• Price: 23.000 €
• € / day 15 €
• MP-capable
• Washable
• Able to helper org. Map
• Conversion and Skin
• Lighting
• 8m working width, foldable
• Working speed 20 km / h
• Log error-free

• Replace the enclosed GMK Mod, this works with a working width of Güllegrubbers on maps with GMK Mod.

• Marhu for the assistance and approval of GMK mods.
• Fendt Fahrer01 for release.
• Nubsi for helping cultivators.
• Unguided for the conversion.

Download: Farmer Set v1.1 []

Mar 10

Papenburg Forever v1.2

Papenburg Forever v1.2

Dear Modgemeinde.
After about 2 months of construction, fummel and test work I want to introduce you a new map.
It is not completely new but united in Papenburg Map Papenburg with the North Bokel. The rest of the map I gestalltet idividuell. It has also maintained a slight hill Lieger some detail. The parts I will expand on the time.
It therefore is a 4 fold map. I have some big dispensed layer trees. Which are only here and there on the edge
The map is planted to 97% precipitable with trees.
Equal first the map is not necessarily what weak computer. But my tester did not complain so they should run well on moderate calculators.
My system for reference: Intel i7 4970K 8GB / Ram 1600 / Geforce GTX 770 2GB Ram / Win 7 64 bit
But the pudding is in the eating.
As a result, I have merged 2 maps and have installed mods and eitliche building has grown to about 490MB the zip. Especially the trees eat a lot of space in the i3d the shapes, the playing sind.Das grown to over 100 MB of performance and load times but technically not a big role.
So we go into detail

-4 Times map with 95 arable land and about 20 meadows
and pig. BGA.Mistlager of BGA
– All dunghill with conveyor belts
– Wool pallets Collector (with auto sale)
– (Can load Sähmaschinenmüssen seeds2) Seedmaster for the production of seed (Pack included)
Kalksilos to kalkkaufen of different stand put on the map (courtyard, harbor, Raiffeisen)
– 5 manure storage
– A wide end farm buildings (usually twice) 2 butchers, 2 biomass heating plants, 1 Raiffeisen mill, 2 Raiffeisen markets, 2 grain storage, etc.
– Slurry, manure, lime mod Wassermod, Choppedstraw
– Fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, beets, potatoes, clover, alfalfa (Multi Fruit modules are included)
– 2 large external Biiogasanlagen
– Surfaces 1-40 hectares

Function grass and corn silos (Chaff):
The silos can do both. For this purpose, you should her fahrsiloextension nutzen.Lest through you what it says. There is only grass or corn silos. You will even remember what go where gehört.Grasilos take only grass and corn silos only maize (chaff) and potatoes (see below)

Even after proofing can see by the color of what grass (dark) or maize (chaff) (light) ist.Das can then very easily using the Mixer feeders (Kuhn) or blade (can record must grass) .And be taken either directly fed or processed at 50% 50% oder60% / 40% or 40% / 60% mixture of compound feedingstuffs werden.Bei addition of 10-20% of potatoes in ensiling can also be removed after fermentation direct compound feed.

Other FAQ and other explanations follow in the next few days.
Known errors and problems

Download: Papenburg Forever v1.2 []

Feb 17

Norgeholm 2015 v1.0

Norgeholm 2015 v1.0

Die neue Standard-Map mit Multifrucht, Schweinemast, Gründünger, SeedMaster, GülleMistKalk, Güllelager, Pferdehof, EDEKA, Kompostierwerk, WaterMod, ChoppedStraw, DisplayOverview, RealTime, Ballen-, Komposterde-, Stroh, Gras/Heu, Mischfutter-, Silage- u. Saatgutlager, Metzgerei u.v.m.
Wer kennt es nicht, mal spielt eine seiner Lieblingsmap, aber dennoch hätte man das eine oder andere gerne anders. Auch mir erging es als Fan der Volksholm und Holmfarming ähnlich, irgendetwas hatte die eine was die andere Map nicht hatte.
Und so baute ich mir eine komplett neue Standard Map auf, die in einigen Teilen den v.g. Maps ähneln. Aber die meisten Änderungen bzw. Abweichungen der Standard-Map, sind von mir neu aufgebaut, geändert und eingefügt worden. Zudem wurde Wert darauf gelegt, dass alle Äcker wie in der originalen Standard-Map erhalten bleiben. Somit wurde bei Feld 24 nur ein kleiner Streifen und bei Feld 25 etwa 1/3 für den Platzbedarf der Mastbetriebe entfernt.
So ist der Weg zu den Mastbetrieben (Schweine- und Rindermast) eine kleine Schlucht geworden, die von einer Fußgängerbrücke überquert wird. Schweine und Rinder können neben Zuckerrüben, Kartoffel, Weizen Gerste, Raps und Mais, zusätzlich nun auch mit den neuen Früchten Hafer und Roggen gefüttert werden.
Am Bahnhof wurden die Gleise verlängert und der Tunnel versetzt. Eine alte Straßenbrücke aus einem verworfenen Bauvorhaben der Regierung von Norgeholm führt über die Bahngleise zum neuen Gülle-Mist-Ankauf.
Kuh- und Schafweide sind nun neben dem Getreidespeicher, also nicht weit vom Bauernhof.
An der alten Stelle der Kuhweide ist ein Pferdehof für den Ankauf von Stroh, Gras/Heu, Hafer und Zuckerrüben. Bei der ehemaligen Schafweide ist ein EDEKA-Markt entstanden. Hier können Schweine, Rinder und Kartoffel verkauft werden.
Die Map ist vorbereitet für den BunkerSilosHud -, GülleMistKalk-, den ChoppedStraw- und den Greenfertilizer-Mod. Für den BunkerSilosHud-, GülleMistKalk- und ChoppedStraw-Mod müssen nur die entsprechenden Zip-Dateien in den Mod-Ordner kopiert werden – Links zu den Mods siehe unter Mod-Empfehlungen. Der Greenfertilizer-Mod (Gründünger-Mod) ist komplett installiert und erfordert keine zusätzlichen Maßnahmen.

Download: Norgeholm 2015 v1.0 []

Feb 10

LS 2015 Save Editor v4.0.5

LS 2015 Save Editor v4.0.5

The Save Editor is an external program. So you can change the following settings on all maps (also Mod Maps)!!
more / less money
Increase / decrease debt
more / less gold coins
Wheat silo, the barley, Rapssilo, Körnermaissilo, chaff, hay, grass edit
Potatoes stock, sugar beet storage, edit chips
Received fields and also get rid of
Change flock of chickens, sheep population, number of cows
Slurry state, dunghill, edit milk
Game Speed ??scalable (via 120x addition)
Eggs in a backpack, eggs editable in the enclosure
Select, if a tap is available (user request)
Reset all vehicles
Fill up all vehicles, clean all vehicles, a ll vehicles refuel (user desires)
Silage edit (at the BGA and also to the cow pasture)
Change multiplayer settings
You also get a lot of statistics and facts to his score output, such as the completed missions, mileage, equipment, bales …

Step 1: unpack zip file
Step 2: Double click on the exe file

1. Info: Who is the zip in the mod folder and wondering why nothing works, the 2 steps should look again :)
2. Please Note: This is an external program and it can only be opened from the outside game. Therefore: First open the program and change what you want. Then go into the game.
3. Info: Used Windows (usually available, otherwise an update is necessary) with DotNetFramework 4.5 or higher.

Download: LS 2015 Save Editor v4.0.5 []

Feb 07

Wertheim v1.5.1

Wertheim v1.5.1

The landscape of this map is fictitious, the name Wertheim in Germany there. It offers you more than 30 fields
from small to large. Work your way up from small farmers to large farmers alone or with friends high. You can find 2 outlets
cereals, 1 outlet for tree trunks, and 2 outlets for wood chips. The net You can also sell grass.
In the BGA you can sell straw. The old lighthouse is a popular destination for many visitors, even if he does not
more is in operation.

Start vehicles / equipment:
– Ursus 15014 (has been requested by my viewers)
– Kroeger HKD302
– Multi Steyr 4115 Forestry
– Stoll front loader FZ
– Stoll Tool Log Fork (Holzzange)
– Stepa FHL 13AK (timber trailer)
– KoeckerlingTrio 300M
– Poettinger Vitasem 302A
– New Holland TC590
– Huerlimann H488
– Poettinger Euro Boss 330T

– High swath

– Grain Silo (courtyard)
– Potato, Beet Chips (courtyard)

Sold at:
– Net (grain, grass)
– Freight station (cereals)
– Wood-export (wood chips)
– Village (wood chips for the houses)
– Sawmill (logs)

– Requires no

– The contents of the map may not be exported and used in other maps. The map can not be changed and re-uploaded.

Working hours:
– Approximately 123 hours

Download: Wertheim v1.5.1 []

Jan 07

UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3

UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3

The UniversalProcessKit (UPK) is not a mod in the actual sense, but it extends to LS15 functionality to make it easier for modders to equip buildings with features. It does not matter if the building is to be placed anywhere or can be installed.
The name is English and is pronounced roughly “Junni-Wörsel Proßess putty”. It literally means “comprehensive processing kit”.
Version: The development of the mod is not finished, I extend it all the time, fixed bugs etc.pp.

To get a glimpse of how it is been used so, here are some links to mods that use it:
– Placeable pile
– Apfelmod
– ROS Fruits And Berries
– ROS warehouses

This kit consists of various modules, whose actions are triggered by the player or which become active depending on the level. It can also be enhanced by self-programmed modules.
The configuration of the UPK mods is controlled solely via User Attributes in the i3d Mapper and “use” Modder the functions easy (as the functions of the Giants scripts also.) – It is not necessary / allowed the UPK “bridge” to.
Admittedly sets the UPK the properties of the modules not completely automatically (it does not know what you’re up to it) and you need to incorporate a bit if you want to use it in your mod. This can of course be connected in the beginning with frustration. Nevertheless, the only alternative would be to program your mod from scratch.
On the GitHub page is a documentary about how modules are, what they do and how to configure them. There are also a number of Beispielmods that show how the configuration is implemented. To create a simple tilting-bearings-filling-Mod is ne matter of a few minutes.
Mods that use the UPK are automatically multiplayer capability.

As Mapper, modders and players alike: Simply put the zip in the mod folder and is good it is not allowed him to maps or mods integrate directly..
Errors / error messages: Since it is not apparent to players if the UPK has an error or the mod has been configured incorrectly, please contact you only the modders do so. He then comes up to me, if it is not on his mod.

Download: UniversalProcessKit v0.9.3 []

Jan 06

Manor Farm v1.0

Manor Farm v1.0

Manor Farm is a small British map.

Info –
4 Arable fields and 6 grass fields.
Cows, Sheep and Chickens.
1 Main yard and a smaller yard for storing root crops and wood chips.
Village with houses, pub, dealership and sell points.
Village pond and a drain running through the map.
Auto opening gates. You must be close to the gate, The triggers are small so the gates do not swing open when just driving past.

Triggers –
Grain Store point – Located in the Centre of the farm yard. To load the grain back into a trailer, Reverse into the shed as you would when storing the grain, look up just inside the shed and you will see a pipe, You can load grain from that pipe as you would in the default maps.
Sugar beet and potato Store point – Behind the village and dealership, There’s 3 brick buildings. Store beet and potatoes in the 2 next to each other and then use the conveyors to load the beet and potatoes back into your trailer.
Wood chips Store point – Wood chips can be stored at the same location as the beet and potatoes, In the small yard behind the village and dealership. Wood chips are stored in the single brick building and can be loaded back into a trailer using the in game bucket.
Silage – The silage pit is located at the back of the yard, Next to the sheep field.
Manure – Next to the cattle shed.
Slurry – Next to the cattle shed.
Seed refill – Inside the workshop.
Fertilizer refill – Inside the workshop next to the seed refill point, Or at the yara tanks across from the cattle shed.
Fuel refill – The fuel tank is next to the yara tanks, Across from the cattle shed.
Chopped straw – Inside the cattle shed.
Cattle feeding trough – Inside the cattle shed.
Sheep feeding trough – Outside the sheep shed, Next to the silage pit.
Wool pallet – Next to the sheep feeding trough, Outside the sheep shed.
Eggs – The chickens are located behind the village at the bottom of the large grass field, You will find the eggs around the straw bales.
Grain and wood chips sell point – Outside the dealership building with the large sell point sign.
? Bale sell point – Inside the dealership building.
Wood/Logs sell point – Next to the grain and wood chips sell point outside the dealership building.
Vehicle/Equipment sell point – Inside the dealership building.
Eggs sell point – Down the side of the village pub.
ATM – Inside the dealership.
Shop triggers – Inside the dealership.
Equipment re-set point – Farm yard.

Download: Manor Farm v1.0 []

Jan 06

Gorzkowa v2

Gorzkowa v2

Map has been turned over upside down and built completely from scratch.
There’s a bigger farm with fudges in the Small Polish Town.
We’ve tried to add as much detailing in this map so that the insert but also well attended.
There has been a lot of detailing to play on our MAPC caused you even more fun.
Download it and see, is definitely worthwhile.

Small Info:
– Time to ferment plant has been extended
– Can Feed the Cows and Chickens Water
– Old BGA which was not in V1 was built.
– Distillery and I think to sell.
– Manure can be found in the barn and out, also you can find small shelters where you can store everything you do not need on a farm
– Dear simple mud Glade, etc. for the village.
– After the robot you could go something nice to look at \ “find himself \”
– End The maps were made a little nicer than how it was in V1
– Almost all the doors can be opened at the Farm L button
– Doors of collision

NOTE !! You should also download the files to the map !!
Team TLS.

It seems as far as BETA, I checked it in the game, it has no errors in the log. With the rest you will see how to get married. .

Download: Gorzkowa v2 []

Jan 06

Courseplay Manager v0.9.3

Courseplay Manager v0.9.3

The Course Play Manager is the only software that allows you to * the rauszufiltern from a variety of courses right for you.

3 Problems to be solved:
1) You can choose individually, and then you have even the courses that you also want.
2) New courses are in a new file. By replacing the old, all courses were deleted. This program bypasses.
3) You have instant access to more Course, and for individual maps selectable.

Step 1: unpack zip file
Step 2: Double click on the exe file

Download: Courseplay Manager v0.9.3 []

Jan 04

Oberammergau Alps v1.0

Oberammergau Alps v1.0

Ich möchte mich zuerst mal bei allen Objektmoddern bedanken dehren Objekte ich in meiner Map verbaut habe. Ohne euren Einsatz wäre es nicht möglich solche Maps zu bauen. Ich habe versucht alle Modder in den Credits zu nennen. Sollte ich jemand vergessen haben so schreibt mich bitte per PN an, selbstverständlich füge ich euch dann noch hinzu. Der Download hat eine größe von 500MB inkl. der Mods. Die .zip muss nicht entpackt werden. Wem die Datei zu groß ist, bitte einfach nicht laden, ihr müsst das nicht extra dann in den Kommis erwähnen. Ich weiß das das recht viel ist … aber so ist das halt manchmal :-)

Vielen kenne die Map wahrscheinlich noch aus dem LS13. Ich habe versucht das der Charakter erhalten bleibt und trotzdem eure Wünsche zu erfüllen. Der Haupthof ist nun nicht mehr ganz so eng.

In der Map ist verbaut:
– Zugschrankenscript
– Woolpalettecollector
– Mischstation
– Schweinemast
– Rindermast
– Hühnermast (Diese müssen mit Körnermais statt Kartoffeln/Zuckerrüben gefüttert werden)
– Gülle Mist Kalkmod
– Sandmod
– Manuelle Milchabholung und Verkauf
– Watermod

Hier findet ihr zahlreiche Unterstellmöglichkeiten, ein Fahrsilo für Silage, die Mischstation, Futterlager für Kartoffeln – Zuckerrüben – Grass – Heu, Hochsilos für Mischfutter, Tankstellen und die Kuhweide mit Ballenlager.

Hühnermast: Zucht von Hühnern, (Trailer zur Abholung ist unter Mods kaufbar), Manuelle entmistung
Schweinemast: Zucht von Schweinen, Manuelle entmistung
Rindermast: Zucht von Rindern, Manuelle entmistung
Schlachthof: Verkauf von Schwein und Rind
KFC: Verkauf von Hühnern
Bahnhof: Verkauf von Früchten, Sandlager
Sägewerk: Verkauf von Holz (Verkaufstrigger angepasst für große Auflieger)
Gartencenter: Ankauf von Getreide, Grassverkauf, Ankauf von Eiern
Molkerei: Verkauf von Milch
Bioenergie: Verkauf von Gülle, Mist, Heu, Stroh, Grass
Spinnerei: Verkauf von Wolle
Windmühle: Verkauf von Früchten
BGA: Selbsterklärend :-)

Download: Oberammergau Alps v1.0 []

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