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Feb 19

2007 Peterbilt 379

2007 Peterbilt 379

The 2007 Peterbilt 379 runs on a Caterpillar C-15 engine with 475 horsepower,
has a front axle capacity of 12,000 lbs.
and a rear axle capacity of 38,000 lbs.,
with a rear end ratio of 3.36.
This truck features a 13-speed transmission, tandem axles and a Pete Flex Air suspension system.

This mod contains two separate trucks in the same zip file and does not require unpacking.
One truck is street truck.

The second truck is has a logging “Head-ache” rack behind the cab.

This truck will connect to 5th wheel trailers with joint types “semitrailer” and “trailer”.
It has been tuned specifically to work with the Merritt grain trailers by Lazy Mod Studios and will also work with all in game Giants semitrailer’s trailer.

MP ready. Error free logs. 1:1 scaling based off manufacturer’s dimensions. Original High Quality Model created in 3ds Max by Isotope.

New for fs2015
Color changing
dynamic tracking wheels

Keep original link. Do not upload to other sites without permission. Edits may not be released.
Copyright © 2013 Lazy Mod Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Map is Everywhere USA 2015 WIP.

Download: 2007 Peterbilt 379 []

Jan 04

The Great Smoky Mountains FS 15

The Great Smoky Mountains FS 15

Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains. The terrain is hilly and unforgiving. Do you have what it takes to tame the mountains and become the most respected farmer among the locals?
This map is the standard size with various field sizes. You will find all of the default animals, and crops, plus soybeans. Chopped straw, and the SOLID (only) manure mod has been added.

Sellpoints Include:
Tractor supply (woodchips) (You also may purchase trees, seeds, and fertilizer here)
Hanson Feed Mills
Cherokee Mills
Farm Shop (eggs sell here, as well as an atm, help, seeds, and fertilizer)
Train Depot (Working Train)
Log Mill (Working Train, or sell by placing lumber in pond)
Bassest Auction (Wool sells here, you may also buy seeds and fertilizer)

You can use any point in the stream in the map to refill your water tanker
Bales can be sold in the back of the Farm Shop (the sellpoint, not the tractor dealer) or at the BGA.
Milk is sold automatically at the default time

You must Unzip the contents inside to your mods folder.
Inside you will find 6 files
1 – The Map
2- A front loader bucket for handling all things in the map
3 – A mod that will add multifruit to your default equipment.
4 – Manure Mod
5 – Chopped Straw
6 – Green Direct Cut. You can cut crops while they are still growing. So you can forage harvest your corn while it is still green, before it dries out to be shelled.

Logging is a huge part of the mountains, and you will find hours of fun in this map. We have a massive forest full of trees, rocks, and challenging terrain. You can cut all tree’s in this map.

Download: The Great Smoky Mountains FS 15 []

Jan 02

FDR Liebherr Black Logging Edition v4.0

FDR Liebherr Black Logging Edition v4.0

V4 Changes

– Increased Machine Height
– Greatly Increased Grapple Strength + Weight
– Fixed Braking causing machine to slide
– Lifted tires (can now clear old stumps without hang)
– Fixed Minor control and Collision issues

Unpack .zip to your mods to use

Download: FDR Liebherr Black Logging Edition v4.0 []

Dec 17

Liebherr 900 (Black Logging Edition v2.0)

Liebherr 900 (Black Logging Edition v2.0)

I edited a mod originally created by Ombelis
I lifted the cab up higher for loading trucks, extended the boom lift range, added new paint job, bigger tires, removed stabilizers, Changed camera POV, made the grapple more responsive, tons of other things.
Inside the zip is a guide to changing the controls if you don’t like the inverted axis

Download: Liebherr 900 (Black Logging Edition v2.0) []

Dec 16

T908 LOGGER V1.0

T908 LOGGER V1.0

T908 KENWORTH NEW ZEALAND styled logging truck with matching trailer which will be released when have time any feedback would be most welcome enjoy!!

Download: T908 LOGGER V1.0 []

Oct 09

Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0

Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0

3 Mods:
1x semi tractor with crane and chainsaw
1x semi logging trailer
1x wood claw

1964 Magirus 200 D 26 AS Forest
In 1944 the engineers at KHD (Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz) constructed mass producable aircooled Diesel engines, no other german company built such engines. In 1951 Magirus introduced a completely re-designed truck series, the production of the allwheel driven “Eckhauber” (sharp edged bonnet) started in 1953.
200 D 26 AS all wheel tractor with Meiller Crane for forest purposes, wheelbase 4200 mm.
With chainsaw onboard!
Logging semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
Semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
For log transport.
Magirus Meiller wood claw
For use with Magirus 200 D 26 SF.

Author 3d model:

Conversion FS2013:

Sven777b, StarT, Manuel Leithner, rafftnix, fireandice, fruktor

chainsaw (Forestmod)
mouse controlled crane
loading logs (Forestmod)
grabbing logs (Forestmod)
load help line (Forestmod)
floating position
animated parts
lights addon
wheel particles
no log errors

Download: Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0 []
Download: Magirus Langholz Sattelschlepper v1.0 []

Jul 06



This is the Idaho map with provisions for the new forestry logging mod.

It is exactly the same as the v1.1, but the entire southeast corner up on the mountain has been redone into a logging area.

In addition, the existing BGA plant has installed additional buildings that will accept wood chips for heat generation and a storage for extra wood chips. A sawmill has been built on the small road leading towards the radio mast in the south of the map.

Some new logging roads have been created as well.

Of course, you must have the forstmod file in your mods directory (with the original name, e.g. “aForestMod” for this part of the map to function properly.

Credits to rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertexdesign, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax for the forestry mod.


Feb 04

The Alps v 1.2 Final

The Alps v 1.2 Final

The Alps v 1.2 Final

Beautiful card. Located in the mountains. Culture and Animals standard. There is traffic, the initial equipment. Additionally, you can engage in logging.

The archive map and mod it.

Requires patch 2.0

ZG Team, kirezagar

Download: The Alps v 1.2 Final []
Download: The Alps v 1.2 Final []

Jan 15

McLendon Logging Trailer 1.0

McLendon Logging Trailer 1.0

McLendon Logging Trailer 1.0

Trailer to transport logs.

Solanz, ILWARS, LS2013: Aleksey317

Download: McLendon Logging Trailer 1.0 []
Download: McLendon Logging Trailer 1.0 []

Jun 03

Claas Jaguar 685SL Set v 4.2 Beta

Claas Jaguar 685SL Set v 4.2 Beta

I want to make you my reconstruction of the Claas Jaguar 685SL in a set for disposal.

The set is currently a beta version (because still missing 1-2 scripts).

Once already at this point thanks to the testers: fin50808; SchorschiBW and Meyer123.

All the testers and for me it was complete. Set LOG free entry ..

Are included in this set

Claas Jaguar 685SL
Kemper Corn head series Independent in Claas colors
and a homemade cargo trailers

Claas Jaguar MB Vram = 12:30

Claas Cagro Vram = 3.60 MB

Claas Kemper Vram = 1.60 MB

The whole set is color-matched.
The chopper and the cargo have compl. NEW tire / wheel combinations get,
the cargo was the size of the chopper angepasst.Die formerly existing trailing axle was removed.
In addition to the equipment or grßere minor changes were made.

As in real life it can lead to clogging of the feeder in this Jaguar
the driver should overdo anything. Since then helps only “SCOOTER” and the
Mess of “EXTERNAL” look otherwise you get the machine “NOT” back “READY”.

For wet weather all-wheel V4 was used, the cabin door can be opened
and it can be twins tires off it.

On ES Limiter Operating Hours, and was deliberately omitted.
Since there is already the most important scripts as “Global” Scripts
which protrude into their own respective vehicles.

Claas Jaguar : Urmod von — / dar 11er Umbau von TLS / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede
Kemper Maisgebiss : Urmod von — / dar 09er Umbau von Lordtex / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede
Claas Cargo : Urmod von Repi ehem. MRA Modding / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede

Download: Claas Jaguar 685SL Set v 4.2 Beta []
Download: Claas Jaguar 685SL Set v 4.2 Beta []

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