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Oct 06

Farming Simulator 15 – Discover the brand new WOODCUTTING activity

Farming Simulator 15

This year, the phenomenon Farming Simulator is back with a harvest of new content, vehicles and equipment!

Farming Simulator 15 invites you into the challenging world of farming life, including animal husbandry (cows, chicken and sheep), crops and sales. Manage and develop your farm with new infrastructure in two huge open worlds, including an all-new Nordic environment.

Discover also a whole new activity in Farming Simulator: wood cutting! Manage the forest using the new vehicles and machineries available, such as tree harvesters, chainsaws, chippers and trailers. New big brands from the industry will also be available like New Holland, Ponsse and more! To keep your vehicles clean, use wash stations regularly. Farming Simulator 15 also comes with online modes and services. Manage a farm with up to 15 friends online, or via local network. You can also share mods, vehicles and equipment with players from all over the world, providing virtually unlimited content and countless hours of gameplay!

Oct 06

Farming Simulator 15 – Gameplay Teaser 2

Now we’ve grown our crops, let’s harvest the field! Discover our second Farming Simulator 15 Gameplay teaser, this time illustrating the basics of harvesting your fields, and revealing some more vehicles and tools you’ll use in the new generation of Farming Simulator, such as the imposing CR10.90 combine harvester from New Holland, and its huge Varifeed 41 cutter! This video is a new opportunity to get an extended look at the new graphics and physics engine, the new effects, as well as a getting a glimpse at the new interface!

Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator, on October 30 on PC, and early 2015 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360!

Oct 02

Belarus RKS-4

Belarus RKS-4

Belarus RKS-4 Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 – Potato harvester (2000 liter tank). 27 km/h. Lighting, LEDs headlights and turn signals, counter hectares, working mirrors, tow. Granted benzin666.


Installation: The downloaded file will be copied into a folder under My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\
File Size: 13.63 MB

Download: Belarus RKS-4 []
Download: Belarus RKS-4 []

Oct 01

ANNA Z644 v3.0

ANNA Z644 v3.0

Since I have been self in search of a working potato harvester for my classic car collection recently and had the ANNA Z644 v3 very pledged by PavsonRM me, but notice when loading had he had some mistakes, I have range puts me time and me by Caos worked and him as well as he prepared again. Maybe there is one or the other of him still wants to test. The i3D I have not worked great and also the content of the file, as prevails in my view still some chaos.

It is at the ANNA Z644 to a one-row harvester full!

Download: ANNA Z644 v3.0 []
Download: ANNA Z644 v3.0 []

Sep 30

New Holland TC57 and HEADER PACK

New Holland TC57 and HEADER PACK

Author: Farm Bozza and Alberto Bartchechem

Combine harvester New Holland TC 57 and the platform.
No need to introduce identical to the original, because there are many variants of models and accessories, it should be 2005.
Harvest: corn, wheat, barley, canola, soybeans, black beans, oats, triticale, sorghum, sunflower and rice.

Download: New Holland TC57 and HEADER PACK []
Download: New Holland TC57 and HEADER PACK []

Sep 08

Niva AgroPack v1.4

Niva AgroPack v1.4

Niva AgroPack v1.4 for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 – kombain Niva UK 5 Mähdrescher NIVA SK 5 Harvester NIVA SK 5. Maize grain for direct cutting; working width 4,1m. Suspended swather ZHVN-6 is designed for cutting breads and rolls with the formation of separate cleaning. Header GWN-6. Stacker Kopnitel. PUN-5 Pun-5, PICK ROLL Pickup platform Aufnhameplatform.

Modell: LSSA Modding Team, ALEXANDER (BAUER)
Textur: LSSA Modding Team

Installation: The downloaded file will be copied into a folder under My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\
File Size: 21.57 Mb

Download: Niva AgroPack v1.4 []
Download: Niva AgroPack v1.4 []

Aug 21

IH 1480 Pack More Realistic

IH 1480 Pack More Realistic

This pack contains:
– MR International Harvester 1480 Axial Flow Combine
Engine: 235HP DT-466 C
Grain Tank Capacity: 7500 L
Animated parts
Indoor sound
Straw spec
Hectare counter
RPM display

– MR IH1020 20′ cutter
Working width : 6 m
fruitParticleSystem specialization
fruits: wheat rape barley sunflower

Download: IH 1480 Pack More Realistic []
Download: IH 1480 Pack More Realistic []

Aug 13

IHC 955A (All Wheel Drive) v1.0

IHC 955A (All Wheel Drive) v1.0

Nachdem viele Anfragen kamen, ob ich nicht auch einen IHC 955 releasen könnte, ist hier nun die Anwort. Der IHC 955. Natürlich wurden hier alle Kinderkrankheiten, die der IHC 1055 anfangs hatte, behoben.

International Harvester Company
Model: 955 mit Fritzmeier Cockpit Kabine
Baujahr: 1982; Motor: 5,9l mit 66KW / 90PS
maximale Geschwindigkeit: 30 km/h
Unterhaltskosten: 37 € / Tag
Maßstab: 1:1

Der IHC 955 wurde von 1977 bis 1982 in Neuss am Rhein gebaut. Insgesamt wurden von der 955er Reihe nur 5.025 Schlepper mit Hinterrad- oder Allradantrieb gebaut. Der 955 konnte mit der Fritzmeier Cockpit Kabine, ohne Kabine, oder ab 1991 auch mit der XL Kabine bestellt werden. Ab 1982 wurde der 955 durch den 956 abgelöst.

3D Model: Kreters-Island
Texturen: Kreters-Island
Copyright © by Kreters-Island

realler Auspuffqualm
Blinker links
Blinker rechts
Rundumkennleuchte (auch über IC Control)
Arbeitslicht vorne (auch über IC Control)
Arbeitslicht hinten (auch über IC Control)
animierte Drehzahlanzeige
animierte Temperaturanzeige
animierte Tankanzeige
reale Geschwindigkeit von 30 km/h (Herstellerangabe)
Animierte Heckscheibe (über IC Control)
Animierte Seitenscheiben (über IC Control)
Animierte Dachluke (über IC Control)
Animierte Türen (über IC Control)
Reale Spiegel einblendbar
Infohud einblendbar
Blinkanzeige nach Anhängeranzahl im Armaturenbrett
Zusatzreifen der IHC 55er Serien können angebaut werden
bewegliches Heckzugmaul
Control Panel Attacher
Indoor Sound
Powershaft Attacher
Patch 2.0 ready
more Realistic (moreRealistic Version)
manuelle Schaltung (mrFullPowershift)
(moreRealistic Version)
Frontlader aus dem Aloe Pack können angebaut werden

Download: IHC 955A (All Wheel Drive) v1.0 []
Download: IHC 955A (All Wheel Drive) v1.0 []

Jul 13

Red Cabbage Pack v1.0

Red Cabbage Pack v1.0

Hello here is the red cabbage Pack for Freimersdorf and all maps is where there are red cabbage
The pack contains the Grimme harvester red cabbage and a crown Emsland to load the red cabbage and the
Standart fruits

Download: Red Cabbage Pack v1.0 []
Download: Red Cabbage Pack v1.0 []

Jul 03

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz-Fahr 7545 RTS
He never was one of my favorites, but as I ever am now …. the 7545 RTS. I say it again: lack DF-threshers with chopper I have drangesetzt perforce itself. Because I believe that there are a few gamers who like the brand and think the same as me, I make it available here. I will not make a profession out of it, even here many small naive child wishes á la “Take a XY turn!” Meet.
But to Drescher:
– Chopper (StrawSpec of Templaer) installed: switch with key M,
Added new particle systems for harvesters and grain elevator –
– Tire dust for the ride on fields,
– Installed DynamischerAuspuffqualm (leithner) and RealParticle (Eicher Model) (now he smokes nice when accelerating or changing direction at the headland icon wink Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0
– Sound slightly adjusted (engine, the threshing better now by)
– Replaced the cruel, already LS11-unworthy steering wheel,
– Modified grain tank capacity to 10,500 l (if the Meck-Pomm farmers want to use a 10.20 m-cutting, it is not equal full)
– Grain tank volume is displayed, so you have a view, how far the helper again, while offloading the hanger still on grain silo or other things done
– Something brightened cabin and contoured (here sinks for lack of separate interior texture of each embellishment attempt by amateur means in gross Pixeligkeit) and taken precautions against schmurgelnde, bearings running hot (only practitioners understand icon wink Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0
– Fixed points for particles to Strohschwadablage and Strohhächsler separated and placed a little further for the chopper up and back (finally the straw swath falls in front of the chopper down)
Raycastnode corrected for the new particle systems on the elevator down –
– Turn signal / hazard lights switched with numeric keypad 1,2,3
– Cabin lighting with Numeric Keypad 9

Download: Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 []
Download: Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 []

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