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Oct 04

John Deere Aircart and Seeder_SndGrdn Edit

I’ve added a telescopic rear hitch that will allow you to connect two seeders to the aircart. I also added a rear hitch to the seeder so you can transport the cart and both seeders to the field with one tractor. This idea and rear crane assembly is from “Levi the Goat”‘s “RAI Big Farm Seeder” just implemented on a bit smaller scale…

Accepted fruitTypes: Wheat, Barley, Rape, Fertilizer, LiquidManure, Oat, Soybean, Pea, Rice, Mohn

– Added telescopic rear hitch assembly
– Converted all textures/images to dds format
– GE 4.1.9 Optimized
– Log File is Error Free

New Key Assignments
HUD – LeftAlt 0
Extend Rear Hitch – ]
Retract Rear Hitch – [

1) aiLeftMarker and aiRightMarker are set by the width of the rear hitch…So if you are using a single seeder but have the rear hitch extended and hire a driver it will leave a strip of unseeded ground for each pass. Make sure you have the rear hitch fully retracted when using a single seeder and using a hired driver.
2) Sometimes when a hired driver finishes, they don’t seem to be able to figure it out and will just keep driving around in circles. It only happened twice while testing so not sure how big a deal it is…
3) Automatic Markers have been turned off by default…Can still be enabled with Key KP_0

Model, Texture, Script and Ingame by Knagsted
Iveco Crane Working Script by Zippo

Download: John Deere Aircart and Seeder_SndGrdn Edit []
Download: John Deere Aircart and Seeder_SndGrdn Edit []

Sep 15

RAI Big Farm Seeder

RAI Big Farm Seeder

135′ Wide. 28200 Split capacity. Made for those LARGER fields!
wheat barley rape fertilizer liquidManure oat soybean pea rice mohn maize sunflower carrot cotton greenwheat sugarbeat.


Knagsted: Original Mod and scripts
Levi The Goat: New models, Script tweeking
Icrane LUA, ? Some pics included

Download: RAI Big Farm Seeder []
Download: RAI Big Farm Seeder []

Mar 27

Sticky: Banjo Farms

Banjo Farms

Welcome to Banjo Farms. This map is roughly based on a place where i lived as a kid. This is where i learned to raise some tobacco. the fields an goat trail are really close to what there was at that time. Most of the buildings are based on real building.
There are working traffic an milk truck. The cows are there to.
there are just the 4 basic crops on this map.

Ok there are 2 farms on this map. Banjo Farm is the smaller farm, its up in the hills. the roads are tight an rough, an not the kinda tight you are used to. the fields are small to medium, I will reccomend small to medium sized equipment for Banjo Farm. there is fuel, seeds an fertilizer. The bale trigger is in the end of the barn closest to the fuel barrell. there is a hay field up the hill behind the house, it has 2 pole barns for storing your hay.

Now the bigger farm is across the river, it has medium to large fields. it also has 5 or 6 hay fields, they are all over the place.. there is several Barns for parking your equipment in scattered all over the farm, also there is a fuel trailer up by one of them since its so far from the house. there is fuel, seeds an fertilizer here on the farm. this farm also has the manure an liquid manure on it.

You can sell your crops at Riders Grain Mill up on the hill, you can also buy fuel there since its a long haul from either farm. You can buy seeds an fertilizer at Willies feed store. You can buy all your equipment at Mutt’s used tractor sales. But dont go on Sunday he is watching Nascar.

There is a low an high def version of this map in this download. the only difference in them is on the low def version the textures are default. the only errors i am aware of is due to some of the buildings not being textured on the inside. but they do not effect the game play.


Download: Banjo Farms []
Download: Banjo Farms []

Mar 01

Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira

Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira

Forest/campaign type:
This is an edited of the great HawkHillMap V.1, made by Mickr4, it has 12 Fruits (4 normal + potatos, green wheat, SugarBeet, sunflower, cotton, SoyBean, pea, and oat). Lot of vegetation, forestry area, great atmosphere airplane + traffic + boats, the pda work perfectly, you can store/sell all the available crops, there is 4 selling places where you can sell almost everything as well to fertilizer and seeds. You have a new construction site where you can sell manure. You can sell manure and liquidmanure. Added a Barn XXL, farm animals (goats), there is a nem farmShop, two edited H-Store’s, a gasstation, a Zone Recovery and a lot more.

It’s based on the original map but almost unrecognizable now.
Lots of re-texturing to be prettier was be done by Mickr4.
Highly likely to overpower weak computer (sorry for that but that’s the price of the realism…)

You will need a Harvester/trailers compatible with the fruits that you want to harvest “not included”.

An edition of the Hawk Hills Map V.1 by Mickr4, that was Based on the Wopito Map. I have pumped everything that i found over the internet and tough was cool and included it in this map..

Download: Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira []
Download: Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira []

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