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Aug 13

JCB 8310 Fastrac More realistic Final

JCB 8310 Fastrac More realistic Final

Voici mon tout nouveau mods le JCB 8310 fasttrac grey mat edition avec en plus jante noir ( un avantage car les autres JCB sont d’origine )
Il est en more réalistic donc pour pouvoir jouer avec il vous faut le que vous trouverez sur se site.

Description :
– clignotant fonctionnel
– feux avant et arrière fonctionnel
– Option interieur complète
– More réalistic

Download: JCB 8310 Fastrac More realistic Final []
Download: JCB 8310 Fastrac More realistic Final []

Aug 12

Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR

Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR

Here the old well-known Horsch Pronto Pack from LS09/11 . Over the years, the machine has suffered somewhat and is therefore offered as “Used” :)

This machine , with its two annexes AS and RC is the ideal solution for fast high-quality seed.

Functions V6:
– Helfert rdy
– Washable 2.5 hrs
– Lighting
– no-till
– Fuel cap and tank emptying in first-person view possible
– Tank emptying possible on Farmsilo
– Loading under the storage silos , bucket or ULW possible

Want possible with function switch through fruits loading on standard Saattrigger and whether to buy or remove it from the stock –
– From the “Device” sowing machine can lift front attachments and having to cycle through devices without lowering
– 2 different extensions AS and RC
– Multi Fruit : AS- wheat, barley, canola , alfalfa, clover , grass -RC – corn , beet , sunflower
– Field boundaries detection , even for Grass ( does not work on maps with Güllemistmod )

Keyboard layout:
– Key V to lower sowing machine AS or RC to couple
– Key J Couple the key J AS or RC –
– Key K wheellanes
– Key x transport position
– Key M Switch Fruit on Seedtrigger
– Key N exchange between buy seed or from Silo
– Key B sowing machine and cultivator on / off
– Button comma, marker arms left
– Key period . Marker arms right
– Button slash – marker arms transport position
– Key Rshift key + period marker arms automatic change
– Key J tank open Egoperspektive the seed hopper
– Key J + rshift tank empty Egoperspektive
– Press and hold button lshift cultivator is disabled
– Key O You do not have the equipment Duch switch to eg a packer front dig on the tractor, but can raise / lower of the Pronto from the front linkage
– Key Empty the tank at the Q button Hofsilo

Technical Data Pack:
– Polys RC 81123 , AS 50121 , 34854 3500SW
– Polys RC 81123 , AS 50121 , 34854 3500SW
– Vertices RC 100286 , AS 68354 , 38268 3500SW
– Objects INT 61, AS 32, 3500SW 33
– VRam RC 5.7 , AS 3.11 , 3500SW 5.4
– Size Zip 14.78MB

Download: Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR []
Download: Horsch SW3500S Pronto 6AS Maistro 8RC v6.0 MR []

Jul 31

HKL timber v2.0 Kran

HKL timber v2.0 Kran

Here the HKL timber LS13

* Attacher: Hookjoint
* Ballenattacher … FAST keeps everything firmly
* LoadSecuring for trees (Forstmod)
* Washable
* Work light
* … And other little things
* Log: clean … Patch2.0DE_PublicBeta4

Download: HKL Volvo
Download: HKL Trailer
Have fun with it … TheSecretLife

Download: HKL timber v2.0 Kran []
Download: HKL timber v2.0 Kran []

Jul 29

Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0

The map is in 4 farms:
– NW Farm – horses
– NE Farm – hogs
– SW Farm – beef
– SE Farm – dairy, sheep and chickens

– The crops are: wheat, barley, canola (rape), maize, soybean, oat, rye, greenwheat, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, alfalfa, clover grass, potato, sugarbeets, sweet corn, peanut, blackeye pea, carrot, red beets, sweet potato, rice, millet and dinkel
– You can storage dump at all 4 farms, you can only load at the grain complex, grain and the vegetables you have to load at NE farm 3
– You have 3 grain elevators to sell at Pioneer, MFA, Cargill
– The vegetable is sold at the Bed and Breakfast, Hoss supermarket, and farmers market
– There are 2 lakes, Missouri river, creek, 2 trains, 2 towns, airport, manure, mist, kalk mod and weeds

You need to unzip and the the unzip file is a map mod zip file and that need to unzip they are 11 mods. You should have 12 mods total

Author: jb3pc4sale

Download: Four Acre USA Farms v 1.0 []

Jun 07



Here to request a Traverse_Container … WITHOUT real model!

* Bel v3.1
* Working light on the sides
* Animated
* Attacher: telehandler
* Flashing lights
* Ballenattacher … fix (also called container or other) by pressing B
(FAST keeps everything fixed)
* … And other little things
* Log: clean … Patch2.0DE_P ublicBeta4

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife

Credits: Modell/Skin/Bau LS13: TSL


Jun 07

Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0

Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0

Willkommen in Mecklenburg die Dritte und Letzte.
Nach intensiven Tests und einigen Umbauten biete ich euch jetzt die letzte Version meiner Map an.
Die solls dann auch gewesen sein, denn ich werde mich hier aus dem Geschäft verabschieden.

Was ist jetzt mit der map:

Also es sind noch ein paar Umbauten passiert.
Auf dem Hof sind die Lagermöglichkeiten ein bisschen umher gewandert.
Die Lager für Runkeln und Zuckerrüben sind ins Freie gezogen, so wie es jeder Bauer bis heute macht.
Kartoffeln haben jetzt eine ganze Halle für sich.
Fast alle Lagerplätze sind gekennzeichnet mit Schriftzug.
Am Hof links am Seeufer ist noch ein Platz zum Heulagern dazu gekommen. Ersichtlich durch Dreibeine auch Heuhocken genannt.
Alle Planen sollten nun gehen.
Trafficverkehr ist mir nicht mehr negativ aufgefallen und wenn sich ein Wagen mal irgendwo fest fahren sollte, so ist der Alkoholpegel wohl schuld
oder es wird wie im wahren Leben mit dem Messer zwischen den Zähnen gefahren.
Wen’s stört, der sollte sich das selbst richten.
Tiersplines sollten auch funktionieren.
Texturen und Modelle sind nach dem Gefallen des Erbauers ausgewählt worden und damit muß jeder leben oder es solls lassen.
Bilder zu den Abladestellen sind korrigiert und als zip in der Gesamtzip bei gelegt.
Also zip entpacken und die Map in den modsordner.
Es sind keine besonderen scripte verbaut, ausser die,die für den Betrieb der einzelnen mods durch seine Erbauer vorgegeben sind.

Download: Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0 []
Download: Welcome to Mecklenburg v5.0 []

Jun 04



JCB is best known for their excellent construction machinery. However, with the Fastrac concept, the company has revolutionised the agricultural tractor the way they revolutionised construction machinery before. The combination of high road speeds and a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution makes the JCB Fastrac a worthy rival of more established brands. The JCB Fastrac 8310 delivers 306 horsepower.

Notable features on this tractor include:
– Washable
– Road speed up to 70 kph.
– Attachable front weight.
– IC controls.

Helpful Hints
Make sure you have installed the LATEST stable Patch!
Find it at Farming Simulator Updates

Credits: By euroDZN (peterj and sam123) and jhoracio

MR Conversion and Tuning by Dural

We would like to thank NI Modding very much for all their help. A special thanks goes to the camera man.

Also, thanks to Manuel Leithner for several of his scripts and to Blackburner for the Digital Display Fillamounts script.

Download: JCB FASTRAC 8310 MR []
Download: JCB FASTRAC 8310 MR []

Jun 04

Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit

Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit

Kreis Unna Map

The Unna district located in the center of North Rhine-Westphalia in Arnsberg. Farm and its surroundings are Originated from free imagination

The farm located on the map is modernly furnished and accommodates good modern agricultural machinery with which you can meet the requirements to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier. In addition, amenities 27 Large to medium-sized fields for farming near your yard. A workshop, cow pasture, sheep pasture, pasture chickens and cattle and pig sty complete this farm.

With an additional 10 greenhouses where tomatoes and lettuce grows, more revenue for the company funds are guaranteed. But only if there is enough water for the flourish of these plants in the tanks is present. The equipment for the plant breeding department are housed on-site in a tool shed. A small water fountain is also available.

Note to Mods on the map.
The following mods should not be present in your mods folder:

DamageMod = SchadensMod of (rafftnix, Maxter, model Eicher)
BankOfHagenstedt = The Cooperative Bank of Hagenstedt (MX11)
Mixing station = animal feed mixing station of (Marhu)
Silo Sales = silo contents sell directly from (?)
PDAfix = PDA expansion of (Marhu)
BuyManyAnimals = Fast shopping from animals of (?)

* (?) I do not know who wrote this script, who again please detects contact me, I’m wearing it then.

Who plays the Unna district map, should know that not all mods should be located in the mod folder that are not purely because it could cause problems depending on your computer performance.

I play games and tests are this map a few months and there are no problems, according to me known log.txt. If I invite Traffic mods or other not necessarily common mods in the mods folder, there were always problems with the game stuttering and other unknown problems.

My computer is not the youngest, but when I play according to my information above everything runs fine.

Built include 15 fruit species, which should be enough. I do not know whether, for example, for peas there Erntemschinen and sometimes not at all for rice.

Since it is my first map I’ve made for Farming Simulator 2013, I hope not to harsh criticism of you, but this is like Welcome.

I hope you like it,
Have fun wishes you Bemak

Download: Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit []
Download: Kreis Unna Map v1.0 Multifruit []

May 05

Hesseling Bale Trailers

Hesseling Bale Trailers

After you bale your hay, straw and grass, you’re left with a lot of bales on your fields. Transportation of bales is one of those jobs that often needs to happen quickly and efficiently, usually because you’re in the middle of your harvest season. These bale trailers allow you to do just that: move large loads of bales quickly and efficiently.

– Rear hitch for adding an additional trailer to your train.
– Large load capacity, high speed tyres allow you to move your bales fast.
– Universal lock script.

Download: Hesseling Bale Trailers []
Download: Hesseling Bale Trailers []

Mar 26

Müthing Mulcher v 1.0

Müthing Mulcher v 1.0

Müthing Mulcher v 1.0

Mulcher – chopper. Universal tool for grinding various cultures and crop residues, for faster and better them rot. In archive two mounted Mulcher: chopping stubble crops and grass. Working width: 3.3 m Washable.

Unzip the archive.

The game requires a license

Credits: Namreh78

Download: Müthing Mulcher v 1.0 []
Download: Müthing Mulcher v 1.0 []

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