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Apr 15

Case 620 HDR Dyeable Quad pack v1.1

Case 620 HDR Dyeable Quad pack v1.1

V1.1 no errors, 16.3mb zip for all 4.

Here’s my 4 Case 620 tractors with custom HDR dyeable body textures with no color washout to other parts of body and lights. All are standard power but modified in other ways like tighter turning circles extra axles, dynamic wheels etc. Washable and multiplayer YES. 295000 to buy and 495 daily cost’s.

Download: Case 620 HDR Dyeable Quad pack v1.1 []

Apr 09

NH T8’s HDR Dyeable 10 Pack v1.7

NH T8's HDR Dyeable 10 Pack v1.7

V1.7 No Errors, 43.2mb zip for all 10.

Here’s all of my T8’s in 1 zip with the new HDR Dyeable custom body textures with no colour washout to lights and other body parts.. 6 of these tractor are highly modified and 4 have standard power. 195000 to buy with 195 daily cost’s. Washable and multiplayer YES.

Download: NH T8’s HDR Dyeable 10 Pack v1.7 []

Apr 09

Case IH HDR Dyeable 9 pack V1.4

Case IH HDR Dyeable 9 pack V1.4

V1.4 No errors 42.2mb Zip for all 9.

Case IH all of my 9 custom modified models with Dyeable custom textured HDR bodies with no color washout to the lights. Puma loader and Magnum with front attacher and PTO is included plus 1 standard power Magnum and Puma. Magnums are 195000 to buy with 195 daily cost’s, Pumas are 95000 to buy with 95 daily cost’s. Multiplayer and Washable Yes.

Download: Case IH HDR Dyeable 9 pack V1.4 []

Apr 09

Deutz Fahr 7250 HDR Dyeable 5 pack v1.4

Deutz Fahr 7250 HDR Dyeable 5 pack v1.4

V1.4 No errors, 30.3mb zip for all 5.

Here’s my Deutz fahr 7250’s with custom dyeable HDR body textures, 3 are modified and 2 are modified with standard power. 195000 to buy with 195 daily cost’s, multiplayer and washable YES.

Download: Deutz Fahr 7250 HDR Dyeable 5 pack v1.4 []

Apr 01

SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control v2.0.x

SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control v2.0.x

– Upgraded to FS15 and changed quite a bit.
– Doubled resolution of ‘soil pH’ levels.
– Changed fertilizer concept to ‘nutrition N & PK’.
– Added extra herbicide types for weed germination prevention (for +3 days).
– Added ‘soil moisture’, so water also affect crop yields.
– Fully grown weed will wither when all ‘nutrition N’ have been used up in the area.
– Restricted switching spray-type on sprayer only when near a fertilizer tank (or similar fill-trigger.)
– Translations by; DD ModPassion, Gonimy_Vetrom, Iscarriah, mngrazy, Ziuta.

Mod description
‘SoilMod’ is a mod, for maps that have been correctly prepared, which attempts to add;
– custom control of growth, so it is following the in-game time,
– a proper use for lime/kalk, as soil pH is now included,
– manure must be ploughed/cultivated to take effect,
– automatic weed propagation and usage of herbicide,
– and a few other effects.

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Mar 03

Standard Power Blue New Holland T8’s 4 pack Final Version’s V1.5 Final

Standard Power Blue New Holland T8's 4 pack Final Version's V1.5 Final

V1.5 final No Error’s.
Here I have to share my 4 favourite T8’s in blue all with standard motor, fuel, gear ratio’s and braking settings. All have HDR body, interior and decal textures, Carbon Roofs and Darkened glass, All have tweaked body specular reflections toned down, Hi Hitch so these T8’s work with any trailer or attachment, Dyeable wheels, Over sized radius front wheels, wheel collisions, custom hubs, Tyre tracks & Particles, All have oversized fenders with full rotation, 1 24mb zip for all for machines. All are washable and ok for multiplayer, Cost 195000 to buy and have 195 daily operating cost’s.

Download: Standard Power Blue New Holland T8’s 4 pack Final Version’s V1.5 Final []

Feb 18

Krone BIG L500 Prototype v1.9

Krone BIG L500 Prototype v1.9

Here I have the Krone BIG L500 Prototype you know is for you from LS13.
I take this opportunity to thank usxi7sd for release.
Since I introduced him even as a WIP please I occasionally look over there, that I will note any changes there.
Why is he coming already in alpha status on the DL?
Well I had thought, how can you find bugs better than in a public test.
Therefore, I ask you to take it thoroughly under the magnifying glass in both single player and MP.
If you find any, please post in the WIP section.
The other reason why so early, are in ls15 still nothing like it, let CP so I thought why collect for hours mowing and leave when it thus can make all in one, and even faster, well go up again;-).
More pictures can be found here in the WIP section.

Here are some key numbers:
New Tip animation known as the Wagon from LS15.
New Exhaust system also consists LS15
New Beacon Lights

From V2:
IC Control
Manual ignition

Planned Futures see WIP
Fruit Type: grass_windrow
Capacity: 80000
Price: 158500
DailyUpkeep: 276
Polys: ca 57326 “in the v2 will they be reduced further goal is to get below 50,000.”

Changelog v1.9:
Customized new texture comes with V2
No flashing sticker more.
Steering axles
Fixed a bug with black cabin.
Preparation for Interactive Control
Mirror adjusted.
RPM & km / h display.
Adapted transport position of the mower
Crome effect removed.
Consumption adjusted.
Preparing for rear view camera “comes with V2″.

!WARNING! From now on all Request info etc on our forum handled!
Likewise, the mods or the download link there!
Thus, the plays happen from there, just info / updates etc are only locate there.
I would also point out to you that I, a survey was started in to be voted how to react when it is full, please vote there until 10.01.2015. !!!

Download: Krone BIG L500 Prototype v1.9 []

Feb 10

Horsch Multiplough and Terrano v1.0

Horsch Multiplough and Terrano v1.0

I don’t do request’s usually but this was pretty cool, I now it’s been done before but here’s mine.. Horsch Multiplough based on the Terrano5fm, Custom made plough blades, Dyeable wheels, HDR Textures, soil animations and particles. Multiplayer and washable Yes. Terrano5FM cultivator is also included in 1 7mb zip. This mod has turned out really well. Price for the Multiplough is 25000 and the Terrano5fm is 15000. Both have operating speeds of upto 24KMH.

Download: Horsch Multiplough and Terrano v1.0 []

Jan 20

GARANT VTR 25.000 light aluminum v1.52

GARANT VTR 25.000 light aluminum v1.52

This is a guarantee Kotte 25m³ Triedem Aluminum barrel.
The summary is based on the originals tandem barrel, Hackstedt has rebuilt it.
Although it is made of aluminum, but you need to watch at full barrel, pushes the weight
you around the tractor. Therefore is not for the mini straightener.
Price: € 120,000.00
Daily reasonable expenses: 95,00 €
Frame and tank made entirely of aluminum – weight savings over steel construction in about 2.5 to 3 t
Container inside and outside KTL coated, color upon customer request
hydraulic drawbar suspension system with ball Rockinger for up to 4 t support load
Forced steering in conjunction with BPW forced steering axle GSL
Air suspension in connection with original BPW axles, to 60 km / h
Front axle by venting the air bellows of the first axis
Tire pressure control system (optional)
Top-cylinder for weight transfer to the tractor (optional)
The mod can be hosted on any other website !!!!!!!!

Download: GARANT VTR 25.000 light aluminum v1.52 []

Jan 02

New Holland T832 EvoXtreme 620 V1.12 Fix

New Holland T832 EvoXtreme 620 V1.12 Fix

V1.12 this verion has 3 small log fixes, The attatcher 0 log error, The Dirt Normal path fix and the store width to 2^n log errors. Thanks to whoever guest is for pointing the attacher error which shows only in DEV mode. I’m aware that this applies to the other EvoX T8’s and will fix them shortly.

Ok Folks this is what I suppose the EVO tractor was leading upto. Enjoy here on MODHUB.

As Requested.

This has a custom rear hub that you can see between the rear wheels. Each rear wheel is independently Dynamically loaded and has tyre tracks, particles, It’s own full range of settings just the same as the original 2 rear wheels. You will see the differential effects working between them when tight turning. No messy code or errors.

Introducing the New Holland T8320 620EvoX with the motor specs from the T9.565 producing 620+ BHP. This was based on the old EVO600 but as requested a rear high implement attacher has been fitted. The glitch when working with the Kuhn tedder not reaching operating height is fixed. Tested with all other implements and trailers ok.

EvoXteme V1.11. 95000 to buy, 95 Daily cost’s, Dyeable wheel colours, Washable Yes, Multiplayer Yes. Road Speed restricted Yes 61KMH, Wider front tyres and fenders. Fender rotation increased when steering, Rear Tyre radius reduced from the original EVO. All Rear arms and attacher heights have been modified for all implements to work as they should. Brakes, RPM, torque, suspension and steering settings have been modified from the original Evo.

Download: New Holland T832 EvoXtreme 620 V1.12 Fix []

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