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Feb 05

Case 1265 Early Riser v 1.2

Case 1265 Early Riser v 1.2

Case 1265 Early Riser v 1.2

Seeder. Sows and makes fertilizer. Fertilizers do not need to refuel. Seeder dressed Carts. No seed selection. Than to refuel, and then sow.
Capacity: 8000 liters.
Working width: 24 m
Sowing wheat, oats, barley, canola, sunflower, Mohn, rice, soybeans, peas, carrots, potatoes, grass, corn, corn, sugar cane, sugar beet, cotton, rye, green wheat, sorghum.

Archived drill and Carts.

Knagsted for the original 1760 12 row planter
SndGrdn for the update to my edit of the row to a 12 row 24
Albert L for his 2013 conversion of the 1760 12 row that I used as a map to convert this beauty
Script adaptation fs13; jeremytyler662

Pertard Interbenne:
Original created by:
Model: Kevin353, net.NEO
Skin: net.NEO
Ingame, Script: hz888, Tibcsi

New Script: Satis
Model Support stand: sandgroper
Ingame / MP test: Satis + Satis’s evil twin.
fs2013 convert: Satis
Case Conversion: ttchevyhd

Download: Case 1265 Early Riser v 1.2 []
Download: Case 1265 Early Riser v 1.2 []

Jul 15

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1973 v 1.0

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1973 v 1.0

This is my new mod. It’s the Chevy Camaro Z28, second generation. The second-generation Chevrolet Camaro is a pony car by the Chevrolet division of General Motors produced for the 1970 through 1981 model years. It was introduced February 26, 1970. It was longer, lower, and wider than the first generation Camaro. GM engineers have said the second generation is much more of “A Driver’s Car” than its predecessor.

The 1973 model year incorporated standard impact-absorbing front bumper system to meet new no-damage standards in 5 miles per hour (8.0 km/h)NHTSA safety legislation.

Power was down due to new emissions standards, with the top-rated 350 cu in (5.7 L) V8 producing 245 hp (183 kW; 248 PS) in the Z28. The engine also switch from solid-lifters to hydraulic tappets. Air conditioning became available as an option with this engine. The Z28 option could be ordered on both the sport coupe and LT models.

Other changes included a new console-mounted shifter for automatic transmissions similar to the Rally Sport Shifter used in Pontiac Firebirds replacing the Buick-like horseshoe shifter of previous Camaros, and the reintroduction of power windows to the option list for the first time since 1969, with the switches mounted in the console.

I have added some weight to this car for better handling and slower acceleration. On the other side I have took away some power. Now the handling of a car is improved and it isn’t so fast like my other cars were (top speed is still 100kph as it was, but this car won’t reach it easily). Car has high detail Interior and exterior design!

Car has original V8 sound.

Moving on to functions. Car has openable doors, bonnet and trunk.
press 8 for open bonnet
press 5 for open trunk
press 4 for open left door
press 6 for open right door


emo panda

Download: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1973 v 1.0 []
Download: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1973 v 1.0 []

Mar 06

Traffic Trucks – Pack_01 – SndGrdn

Traffic Trucks - Pack_01 - SndGrdn

This is a pack of Pickup Trucks that I’ve converted to trafficVehicles. All credit goes to original modelers!
These trucks follow the same traffic rules as the default vehicles, they yield right-of-way, stop at intersections…took me a while to figure this one out…….
Just put this mod in your mods folder and if you have traffic turned on the game will load these trucks as traffic.

You can not buy this mod.
You can not drive these trucks.
This mod will not show up in the store.

All specializations/scripts have been removed.
No need to unpack…Just put downloaded .zip file into your mods folder. == DO NOT RENAME ZIP FILE == loading script will not work if you do.
All models have been G.E. 4.1.9 optimized and textures scaled down where possible.
Thank you goes out to “hellhawk005” for the suggestion to put these truck into a pack.
Note: Dodge pickup takes a few seconds to load…does not seems to cause lag once loaded.

Ford F350 Model: coolbeans
Chevy Avalanche Model: Sergey54Rus
Dodge RAM 1500 Model: Kamis,Jurik
traffcVehicle conversions: SndGrdn

Download: Traffic Trucks – Pack_01 – SndGrdn []
Download: Traffic Trucks – Pack_01 – SndGrdn []

Sep 23

Hot Rod Garage pack

Hot Rod Garage pack

My little “hot rod garage” pack, that includes:

-Garage (based on real one in Eastern Finland)
-1962 Chevrolet Corvair van
-Frame of old bike
-Rusty Chevrolet C10 wreck
-Rusty Chevrolet El Camino wreck
-Rusty “old Ford” frame
-Old Futurliner consept truck made by GM
-Few hubcabs to hang on walls
-Hydraulic jack
-Frame of old Finnish moped
-Hot Rod (“Racer”)
-Hot Rod (“Black One”)
-Hot Rod (“Pickup”)
-Rusty Hot Rod wreck
-Steering wheel to wall or table etc.
-Chevy Van

Thats almost everything, as far as I can remember. Every vechile is undriveable, but if someone want’s to go further, packet also includes Sketchup models for those. Also everything may be modified freely.

Wolfheart aka Peelo

Download: Hot Rod Garage pack []
Download: Hot Rod Garage pack []

Mar 03

Chevrolet Bel Air 1957

Chevrolet Bel Air 1957

3DModel: ZXT
ingame: Farmer

Download: Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 []
Download: Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 []

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