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Jul 13

Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final

Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final

Hier haben wir für Euch für das Titanium Addon
ein Zusatzaddon.
Dieses Zusatzaddon fügt Euch auf dieser Map die RinderMast und SchweineMast hinzu,
wir fanden dieses Zusatzaddon fügt der Map noch etwas mehr Action hinzu.
Die Schweine und Rinder müssen im Shop gekauft werden, und produzieren bei guter Fütterung weitere Tiere
die Ihr dann am Bahnhof und dem Landhändler verkaufen könnt (wir wissen un real aber auf der Map sind nicht viele Plätze für neue Gebäude).

Wir empfehlen Euch unseren Krampe Schweine Und Rinder Transporter (Schweine u. Rinder Transporter)

Download: Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final []
Download: Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final []

Dec 05

Lakepeak Cattle Farm

Lakepeak Cattle Farm

Made by Nublu
Big thanks to Jellebie34 for the idea and Reef for the help.
Thanks to Duarn, Solanz, Wolfheart, Venom and Axel of Sweden for the buildings. Also thanks to Tyler Burgess for the bridge.

Download: Lakepeak Cattle Farm []
Download: Lakepeak Cattle Farm []

Nov 14

Lakepeak Cattle Farm

Lakepeak Cattle Farm

This is the Lakepeak Cattle Farms third edition. It is the final version, for now, because I just want to play the game for a while, have not had time to do that.
Like the first two edition it is based on the original map: original fruit types and a working milk trigger. Fields and roads are on the same places, but changed some of the field sizes. also planted some of them. Changed the farmyards layout and some of the starting equipment. Almost all the original housing and buildings on the entire map are new. Added lots of trees, rivers, ditches and bumps on the roads. Made a new selling point in the port area. Fuel, fertilizer and seed triggers are on the farmyard and as well in the Farmshop. I think I even got the new PDA map working fine. Just go and explorer the map yourself. Also new briefing text and pictures!

There is still one thing…no bottles to pick up. Probably have to raise your reputation manually..

Made by Nublu

Download: Lakepeak Cattle Farm []
Download: Lakepeak Cattle Farm []

Oct 27

Lakepeak Cattle Farm by Nublu

Lakepeak Cattle Farm by Nublu

This is my first map, so nothing fancy about it. Based on the original map. Most of the map is still the same, but I’m going to edit it more in the future, still learning and trying to get the hang of the Giants Editor.
So this map is for farmers who like the original map, but with a few modifications. Everything should be working fine. If someone finds some flaws in there, some feedback would be nice. Still my first ever try on map making.

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Dec 09



The farm is the You take on embedded in a beautiful landscape. Here one might almost go on holiday ..

However, the holiday falls unfortunately flat. Because there is a lot to do. It applies the animals (cows, cattle, pigs, lambs, chickens, broilers and sheep) to supply, and to designate the 24 fields and 4 meadows.

This of course has to lime at Raiffeisen seeds, fertilizer and as needed purchased and in the are temporarily stored Hofsilos.

All stables (also the cowshed) must remove manure regularly, so that the animals can reach in a relaxing environment their slaughter weight or give good milk for the dairy.

The Ortliche butcher would be coming back to your reared with love animals for slaughter.

The bakery , the brewery and the dairy must be supplied with raw materials to produce goods for the local Lidl supermarket.

The hops for the good Jogi beer can be bought at Raiffeisen. Here also the Mühlbetrieb is settled that produces the flour for the bakery. Even the local biogas plant will go into operation.

There are on the map, a sugar factory where you put your beets can sell and where you can also pick up in return lime.

And at Mc Cain Post your potatoes get rid of that are so popular in your place.

You have also taken three greenhouses where you’ll cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes growing.

You can achieve this (which you only local governing gas station get) supply them with seeds, fertilizer, water and diesel.

Then you have, of course, also a nursery which every now and then would be of you grass, slurry and manure get to but of course only if you have enough left of it.

In the Raiffeisen You can also get rid of your over retarded straw and sheep’s wool and wood chips, they take you, and of course thanks.

You read already, There is plenty to do, wirs tackle.

BlueIce team G4F Tobi1986

Download: VOSS VILLAGE MAP V 1.0 PART1 []
Download: VOSS VILLAGE MAP V 1.0 PART2 []

Nov 18



– There is a large flat map with fields, forests un Wiesen.Zu game beginning you have a field that is already beschtellt.
– The card is, in my opinion, quite clearly arranged and the area corresponding to the “lowlands”.
– The main focus of the card is in the grain production.
– To start the game the ordered field to harvest. The maps helper friendly.
– Forestry can also operate here, of course.
– The streets are of Allee – trees Edged (meaning most of the machines would have “inside control” when there is sailing). If that bother: There are chainsaws
– It is also the “Animal Production” on the map, I hope, come not too short. There are in addition to chickens, sheep and cows, the pig and broiler available.
– Also included cattle trade (this is the pig where “pups” Driving / buy can / must), and the broiler.
– In the BGA can almost all fruit, including the straw, “ensiling”..

Outlets. Building.

– BGA, BIOWERK, biomass heating plant, distillery CARTE CENTER, CEREALS AG, GETRIDESPEICHER, DÜTERBAHNHOF, PRIVATBRAUEREI, shipping company, butchers, transportation company WINDMILL, yard, sawmill, CATTLE MAPKT,
– STUD, Gullie MIST SALE, KARTOFFELFABRIK.WALD HAUS.Tiere Splines.Video Überwachung.Lager.usw.
– A lot of Decorative Objects Still are on the map, for example, installed. Bauhof, zoo, circus, basketball courts, child’s playground, garage, soccer field sawmill and much more …. Let yourself be surprised

Verbaure fruits.

– Standartfrüchte:Weizen.Gerste.Raps.Körnermais.Kartoffeln.Zuckerrüben.Neu:Hafer.Roggen.Dinkel.Tritacale.Sonnenblumen.

What I have built for you?

– Food storage – Hächselgut, mixed fodder, beet, chips, potatoes, straw, silage, grass.
– Slurry manure lime mod – Gene Borg
– Composting – Marhu (potatoes, sugar beets, grass, hay, Hächselgut, straw, manure, compost, wood chips)
– Cows: Grass. Silage.Stroh. Water.
– Sheep: Gras.Silage. Water.
– Chickens: wheat. water.
– Pig: Standart fruits. Water.
– Cattle fattening: Standart fruits. Water.
– Wassermod – Marhu
– Goldcoins – Wishing Well.
– Loaders – Stroh.Gras.
– Compost storage – compost.
Where you can unload what?

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Oct 05

Holstein Switzerland V 1.0

Holstein Switzerland V 1.0

Agriculture has always been one of your heart’s desires.
But the rest court in his home village provides barely enough room for your two horses. An expansion of the Court is excluded as a development area has taken the necessary space.
So you have no other choice but to resort to an external homestead.

It is up to you: Do you want to dairy farming, pig or cattle
Focusing. Or would you rather take the sheep or the chicken farm in attack? Or even
nothing of all this? To use the plants for the purely agricultural.

At the beginning you have only a few individual fields that you can plant your.
There will certainly be no easy task. Take heart, you will master it already!


Download: Holstein Switzerland V 1.0 []

Sep 28



Welcome to the Sarntal Alps!
Hereby I would ever share a preview version of my first map with you. What began with the initial installation of the GE 2 months ago, culminating now in a standalone map.

unique mountain world with large radius (4xMap on 2.5x reduced)
Singleplayer map for beginners and advanced
Focusing on multi-level economic activities (multi use of crop varieties)
Money instead of launch vehicles leaves you free to choose what you want to do first

Integrated Mods:
Cattle fattening 5.0 (Marhu)
Goose Mast 1.0 (Farmer_Andy)
BGA (Manuel_MWT)
Sawmill 2 Rivers (Festus)
Mixing Station (Marhu)
Fruit Farm by Kastor
Apfelmod (mor2000)
Verarbeitung_Verkauf (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Vegetable growing (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Fertilizer & seed production (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Lettuce Trigger (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Compost Master (Farmer_Andy
Milkmax (Farmer_Andy)
Additional fruit: clover (alfalfa) + textures (Gene Borg)
Slurry manure Mod
Trigger Extended

Still needed mods:
Krone Emsland (Multitrailer)
Kotte Universal (liquids)
Fliegl transportation Pack (animals for slaughter)

In addition, helpful:
Telescopic loader bucket

Download: SARNTAL ALPS V1.0 []

Sep 01

Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0

Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0

Jimkerk Presents
Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded
MoinMoin comrades
I’ve got time in my archive gekrammt and an old classic rausgeholt and converted at Ls 15 times
These are the good old LS09 map that I then played ziehmlich long and gradually rebuilt and verbessert.Sie ??is approximately scenic designed as the 09er version 3.8 (Who does not know) but with more forest and some Changes to the field system
Now it comes with all the benefits of Ls 15

-map With standard fruits
-Hof With dairy cattle, sheep, chickens (eggs), pigs, cattle and chicken farming, many warehouses and other things like grain stores, feed stores, wool pallets Collector etc. 4 Silos (default), each with 2700m3 volume with partial coverage
-Chopped Straw
-Gülle Manure and Kalkmod
-upk Milk factory, UPK seed and fertilizer Hall
-Kompostanlage With warehouse (sale at garden centers)
-Bga Incl 2 silos, each with 4000m3 volume +2 bunker incl Slurry containers
-Gülle And manure storage
-more traders Raiffeisen Store (even wool), sawmill, grain storage, biomass heating plant, butcher and Edeka for eggs and other products (Yogurt, cheese etc)
-21 Or .22 arable land and meadows 6


Follow supplements

Known issues:
Currently agrees something nocht with fertilization during harvesting there are stripes or it is not removed, depending on the direction
but I get still in the grip

For other problems or mistakes you can always reach me as per Pn or post it in the comment section
Otherwise, I wish you much fun

Download: Farmers Paradise 09 Reloaded v1.0 []

Jun 03

Iberian Southlan v1.75

Iberian Southlan v1.75

Hi, here is the version for FS15 of Iberians Southland, at present is in beta version, but you can
play with normally.Well, to continuation you can see the different places where you will find
different product for the various production:

A – Sell Woolpalet.
B – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
C – Production Kalk.
D – Fabric Cement.
E – Sell wood.
F – Buy tree planting.
G – Production Hops.
H – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
I – Sell Wood.
J – Fabric Beer.
K – Point for limestone and gravel.
L – Point for sand.

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