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Jul 31

Knuston Farm extended final

Knuston Farm extended final


Knuston Farm is a farm about quarter of a mile away from my house, they farm on land that is slightly hilly with large open fields. They predominately grow the usual Wheat, Barley and Canola and some times beans, its a big farm and part of a larger group that farm around different parts within a 10 mile-ish radius. This map has carefully been made to replicate the terrain, layout and feel of real life.
I have done this by using tools such as Google and Photoshop, knowing the default map is 2km by 2km, I was able to use Google images in Photoshop to depict layers to help quickly create a scale map making sure everything is spot on.

Need to know
This map was finished off using the new version of Giants editor and will require your game to be updated with the latest patch BETA. Having a quick search in the forum will guide you to the right place. This map and as always has been aimed at creating luscious scenery full of greenery just like in life, so the use of trees, bushes and hedges is very high and in fact there is near on or about 3000 trees in this map, so please understand that a decent computer will be needed. Though with that in mind the latest patch helps massively.

This version has a setup more closer to that of my FS2011 version, I have ditched the mill/Industrial zone. I have done this because of space and other ideas and not to mention there isn’t a mill or industrial area in real life within the area, that said the farm layout and size means putting the sell area and as a grain dryer means there is a reason to use and isn’t to out of character. The animal zones are however all separated and the shop is at the mansion house call it a working from home business.

Anything special
Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
Old water mill with moving wheel and water splashes/mist
Few natural sounds added
All foliage textures have been adjusted

Final edit changes
Largest field split into two
Lots of texture changes including sky
Farm layout altered with lots of new clutter and tyre tracks etc.
A few lakes added
Bale sale trigger made the size of bale shed
Fuel tank now has correct attributes so fuel trailers can be filled

Download: Knuston Farm extended final []
Download: Knuston Farm extended final []

Jul 27

Zetor Forterra Pack

Zetor Forterra Pack

In Pack includes 2 Zetor Forterra Tractors:
– Zetor Forterra 100
– Zetor Forterra 140

– Aloe console
– Lighting v 3.1
– Dynamic camera
– Control panel
– Dynamic Exhausting
– ES Limiter
– Indoor Sound
– Speed display control
– Interactive control
– Interactive window
– Interactive doors
– Manual Ignition
– Drive ground particles
– Animated indicators

Author: Marlin

Download: Zetor Forterra Pack []
Download: Zetor Forterra Pack []

Jul 27

New Holland T8.300

New Holland T8.300

- Ploughing Spec
– Driving Particle System
– Wheel Particle Spec
– Animated Hydraulic
– Lighting v 3.1
– Realistic Indoor Camera
– ES Limiter
– Operating Hours
– Handbrake
– greenstar
– RPM Display Control
– Speed Display Control
– Low Fuel Indicator
– Dynamic Exhausting System
– Extra Weights
– Openable door and rear window
– Dual Wheels. Front and rear
– New Wheels
– New Skin

Authors: Farm Bozza, MFS Team, Ataynã, r0y4ax, Farok, SndGrdn, JDFan

Download: New Holland T8.300 []
Download: New Holland T8.300 []

Jul 16

Feed Storage Mod v 1.3

Feed Storage Mod v 1.3

It has folgendene functions:
– 2 versions (buy & rent version)
– Level indicator in Info Hud
– Grass / hay store / swap
– Straw (barley / wheat) store / swap
– Silage store / swap
– Compound feed store / swap

Authors: frisco0177, mor2000, Jack85

Download: Feed Storage Mod v 1.3 []
Download: Feed Storage Mod v 1.3 []

Jul 16

SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition

SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition

- Capacity: 100000 l
– Loading: wheat, rape, maize, barley, manure, silage, potato, sugarbeet, grass windrow, wheat windrow, barley windrow, chaff, forage

Authors: Feuvictor, getsome 2000

Download: SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition []
Download: SRB 35 Semi Trailer CAT Edition []

Jul 13

Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final

Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final

Hier haben wir für Euch für das Titanium Addon
ein Zusatzaddon.
Dieses Zusatzaddon fügt Euch auf dieser Map die RinderMast und SchweineMast hinzu,
wir fanden dieses Zusatzaddon fügt der Map noch etwas mehr Action hinzu.
Die Schweine und Rinder müssen im Shop gekauft werden, und produzieren bei guter Fütterung weitere Tiere
die Ihr dann am Bahnhof und dem Landhändler verkaufen könnt (wir wissen un real aber auf der Map sind nicht viele Plätze für neue Gebäude).

Wir empfehlen Euch unseren Krampe Schweine Und Rinder Transporter (Schweine u. Rinder Transporter)

Download: Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final []
Download: Westbridge Hills cattle and pig Final []

Jul 03

New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR

New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR

New Holland TM is the successor to the M/60-series. The appearance which barely changed at all, but the doors were now whole glass and the device control panel was new. The engine were a six-cylindered, 7.5 liter Ford turbo diesel, and what rated (ISO) at 147/2200 hp / rpm for the TM150. Lifting power of the TM150 were 8435kg, and it had the standard PTO speeds of 540, 750 and 1000th


Real Lights – You’ll need, it’s on the Internet
Manual Ignition
Cab and seat suspension
Animated Front Suspension
Indoor Sounds
Interactive Control
ESLimiter and Operating Hours
Dynamic Camera
Wheel Particles
Moving Interior Parts
Buyable dual wheels
Buyable front loader brackets – Stand next to the tractor at the shop and press ‘B’!
Real Lights – You’ll need, it’s on the Internet
Washable – BJR-Edition

3D model JoXXer
Texture: JoXXer and AzoaX
Ingaming: JoXXer
Sounds: EddieVegas

JoXXer: BJR_DynamicCamera, BJR_ComfortSuspension, BJR_MovingPartsInterior, BJR_DriveGroundParticles, BJR_BuyableLoaderBrackets, BJR_DashboardIndicators, BJR_PivotingAxle as well as Modifications to most scripts
Facebook: Interactive Control, ControlPanelAttacher, ESLimiter and Operating Hours, Indoor sounds, Washable, BuyableWheels and Wipers
fruktor: Real Lights
model eicher: realExhaustParticleSystemV3
Templaer, Henly20, XENTRO: ManualIgnition

Special thanks to the BJR Modding test team:
EddieVegas, Marxtai, Dave_Boughen, Hitperson, theSeb, Wiliam, snapper, 07lthorne, Rustydog, Connor tindall, Jd boy 635, napalm, Oliwrighty, Russ and Superbrian91.
Without synthesis people this mod be nowhere near the quality it’s AT

Download: New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR []
Download: New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR []

Jul 01

Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1

Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1

V1.1: ChangeLog see below
Can be installed over the V1.0 about it
The Lely Welger Tornado winding combination of xyz-spain now for LS13 and real silage bales.
Not only converts LOGFEHLERFREI by LS13 but also thoroughly revised.
The operation has been significantly cleaned up and the scripts made LS13-capable. In addition, I could not help but incorporate some improvements.

The Tornado runs as in LS11 on the standard LS script, so produces real-LS13 bales.
In addition, the winding combination uses the new possibilities of the LS13 data structure for bales like real quantity and content of fruit.
The BALES PRESS generated from grass and hay (for simplifying the processing with the standard diet mixers).
Wheat and barley straw be compressed to the appropriate straw bales. All other Schwadfrüchte be converted in preparation for new fruit varieties to wheat straw.

Winding the combination is much easier to use.
To wrap bales now brings for the first time in the game real benefits:
Straw bales are formed by winding better preserved. To simulate the reduced losses to the available amount of straw bales increased by 20%.
Hay and grass bales, however, are to SILAGE BALES REAL! That if you are the bales in the feed mixer, then its content will be counted as silage.

This works also in the Course Play, but you have to watch out that you can not quickly pressed bales as the combination can wrap.
MP is not tested, should work on the basis of MP-ability of all output scripts but. For feedback with understandable error descriptions I am grateful.
What is even or missing: Variable bale chamber size (real feature of the Tornado). In addition, the script for the turn drawbar is currently disabled.

The mod consists of TWO zip files. Apart from the actual mod from baler and wrapper there is still a small ZusatzMOD “MultiBale”. Its function consists solely as a guide to save and load the contents ball into something more orderly and conflict in any way with the normal LS13 scripts.

Feedback to V1.0:
After I was able to peek only sporadically over the holidays first WOW and thank you for over 10k downloads icon smile Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1
In view of some, certainly not entirely unfounded criticism, my thanks to all that can be helpful and precise objective: but the most icon smile Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 Are special thanks Scalhalh for the helpful feedback!
For the battered Scores I apologize. Something should happen, of course not. To this day, I however do not get reproduced the bug with me. Therefore, thanks to Scalhalh for diagnosis: There crunches either with another mod of virtually the same as the tried MultiBale script or with the Ursus-DLC (which I suspect must somehow Giants and the silage bales to bring Funktionionieren). The DLC was when I getesten the script is not yet online. Nevertheless MultiBale is adapted to it.
Reduced weight
Adapted Attacher
smoothed the whole thing with a bit of downforce
Certainly not perfect fine tuning, but probably about what most envision here. And no, this news does not belong behind a D25 icon wink Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 But even with the larger Papptreckern of Giants they should now run properly.
Sorry, I had meant well and dug out on the last meter the original xyz-high-res textures (which was LS11 overburdened performance technical) while somehow fabricated botch. Should now be fixed including the Pickup – who finds something please make a screenshot.
Ball Size:

War (unfortunately?) Can not fix without scaling the whole combination again. Since the Lely however bales produced in exactly the same size as the LS13-bales I’ve seen no reason not to do that. AND bale press are now about 9% larger than in V1.0. The bales can be captured easily with the round ball collectors now.
Animation film cutter:

Patched half now works again at least after reload.

Patched that no parser errors more likely to be generated.

Why V1.1 and not, as often demanded V2.0? These are all patches and no new features

Development Goals for V2.0 are currently:
PTO correct (patch)
cutting animation (patch)
Variable bale chamber size (feature)
Changeable color film (feature)

Download: Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 []
Download: Lely Welger Tornado v 1.1 []

Jun 26

Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0

Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0

This is a pack of a Case IH Quadtrac 600 steering chain and a Case IH Quadtrac 600 articulated steering.

The Case IH Quadtrac 600 steering chain was modified so that it is no longer an articulated tractor, but directs with all four chains. So he can be, my discretion under that control better.

The Case IH Quadtrac 600 articulated steering has the standard articulated steering. So everyone has what he wants.

This zip must NOT be unpacked! Simply grab the downloaded file in the modfolder and have fun.

Functions: (Applies course for both)

- Lighting V3.1
– Tire dust on the field and the field due to
– New scheme’s
– Trailer AttacherJoint for “normal” Trailer
– RUL remains off at the
– Work light front, back, left and right (of course separately switched on and off)
– ESLimiter
– Hour counter
– Dynamic exhaust smoke
– Front linkage, this is degradable. If it is abbgebaut, you can not use them.
– New PTO port on the front of the case. (As you face the pictures.)
– Rear view camera, will, if the tractor is selected, 9 on or off with NUM
– Handbrake is released or tightened with spacebar
– Green Star, show yourselves to the level of your trailer, drill, etc. right in the interior.
– Washable

Specifications: (Applies also for both)

Sale price: 359,000 € LS
Daily costs: 450 € LS
Tankfüllvolumen: 1,722 liters of diesel
The key assignment: (these apply to both ^ ^)

Front work light: NUM 4
Work light rear: NUM 6
Work light left: NUM 7
Work light right: NUM 8
FH off or grow: NUM 5
Releasing the handbrake or tighten: Spacebar
Reversing camera to on or off: NUM 9

I hope you have fun with the mod and pictures or videos of course I am very happy.

Download: Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0 []
Download: Case IH Quadtrac 600 v 1.0 []

Jun 21

Region of Kansas v1.8

Region of Kansas v1.8

I make a card, hope you like it.
The U.S. vasado in regions Sindo is dedicated to the U.S. state of Kansas and anger after letters in different parts of the country.

The main features are:
- 10 fields
- If the purchase agricultural fields
- No Red Harvest
- Two silo discharge areas
- Ships in breeding pigs
- From animals
- BGA large capacity but small
- You have 7 new cultures:
- Cucumber
- Tomatoes
- Oats
- Rye
- Millet
- Sunflower
- Green wheat field

several silos
aquatic animals
the sale of slurry and manure in the spring
I hope to spend many hours this card
In this new version of the animals and food near the gas station, mixer and recorded will be replaced by another.

Download: Region of Kansas v1.8 []

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