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Mar 10

New Holland CR 6.90 v0.6 BETA

New Holland CR 6.90 v0.6 BETA

Hey again, another New Holland item coming up! This time it’s thye New Holland CR 6.90.
NOTE: this is an early BETA version, there is quite a few graphical issues with this vehicle that needs to be sorted out, mainly the grain bunker needs to be fixed (new models for the doors if I can manage that, re-fit all hydraulic parts and tweak the animation).
No new features, but all standard features such as folding/unfolding, dirt is still working.
So what have I done? I’ve used the CR 10.90, but shortened its rear end and grain bunker, reshaped exhaust pipe, replaced the doubble fan with a single fan and another thousand minor tweaks.

Short info:
401 horsepowers (also smaller fuel tank and lower fuel consumption compared to the CR 10.90 of course)
11500 L grain tank
Standard speeds
Low compaction tires (900mm wide)

Download: New Holland CR 6.90 v0.6 BETA []

Feb 17

Norgeholm 2015 v1.0

Norgeholm 2015 v1.0

Die neue Standard-Map mit Multifrucht, Schweinemast, Gründünger, SeedMaster, GülleMistKalk, Güllelager, Pferdehof, EDEKA, Kompostierwerk, WaterMod, ChoppedStraw, DisplayOverview, RealTime, Ballen-, Komposterde-, Stroh, Gras/Heu, Mischfutter-, Silage- u. Saatgutlager, Metzgerei u.v.m.
Wer kennt es nicht, mal spielt eine seiner Lieblingsmap, aber dennoch hätte man das eine oder andere gerne anders. Auch mir erging es als Fan der Volksholm und Holmfarming ähnlich, irgendetwas hatte die eine was die andere Map nicht hatte.
Und so baute ich mir eine komplett neue Standard Map auf, die in einigen Teilen den v.g. Maps ähneln. Aber die meisten Änderungen bzw. Abweichungen der Standard-Map, sind von mir neu aufgebaut, geändert und eingefügt worden. Zudem wurde Wert darauf gelegt, dass alle Äcker wie in der originalen Standard-Map erhalten bleiben. Somit wurde bei Feld 24 nur ein kleiner Streifen und bei Feld 25 etwa 1/3 für den Platzbedarf der Mastbetriebe entfernt.
So ist der Weg zu den Mastbetrieben (Schweine- und Rindermast) eine kleine Schlucht geworden, die von einer Fußgängerbrücke überquert wird. Schweine und Rinder können neben Zuckerrüben, Kartoffel, Weizen Gerste, Raps und Mais, zusätzlich nun auch mit den neuen Früchten Hafer und Roggen gefüttert werden.
Am Bahnhof wurden die Gleise verlängert und der Tunnel versetzt. Eine alte Straßenbrücke aus einem verworfenen Bauvorhaben der Regierung von Norgeholm führt über die Bahngleise zum neuen Gülle-Mist-Ankauf.
Kuh- und Schafweide sind nun neben dem Getreidespeicher, also nicht weit vom Bauernhof.
An der alten Stelle der Kuhweide ist ein Pferdehof für den Ankauf von Stroh, Gras/Heu, Hafer und Zuckerrüben. Bei der ehemaligen Schafweide ist ein EDEKA-Markt entstanden. Hier können Schweine, Rinder und Kartoffel verkauft werden.
Die Map ist vorbereitet für den BunkerSilosHud -, GülleMistKalk-, den ChoppedStraw- und den Greenfertilizer-Mod. Für den BunkerSilosHud-, GülleMistKalk- und ChoppedStraw-Mod müssen nur die entsprechenden Zip-Dateien in den Mod-Ordner kopiert werden – Links zu den Mods siehe unter Mod-Empfehlungen. Der Greenfertilizer-Mod (Gründünger-Mod) ist komplett installiert und erfordert keine zusätzlichen Maßnahmen.

Download: Norgeholm 2015 v1.0 []

Dec 24

Farming Simulator 2015 – UPDATE 1.2 VERSION

Farming Simulator 2015 – UPDATE 1.2 VERSION

Farming Simulator 15 Update 1.2
– Improved vehicle handling
– Improved locked differentials (e.g. improves handling of Ponsse Scorpion)
– Dragged tools no longer jump randomly
– Improved physics of cranes
– Jenz chopper works more reliably
– FSI ST65T works more reliably
– Cuttings trees works more reliably
– Trees in multiplayer stutter less
– Vehicles stutter less when moving trees
– Defoliaging trees is correctly synchronized in multiplayer
– Trees are worth less, especially when selling entire, non-defoliaged trees
– Log forks can now hold single trees
– Vehicles stop less quickly when releasing the acceleration pedal
– Various visual improvements to the vehicles
– Various smaller functional improvements to the vehicles
– Performance and memory usage improvements
– Added additional costs if the AI helper brings its own seeds, fertilizer etc.
– Various improvements to the AI helper
– Fixed moved vehicles when loading a savegame
– Improved the geometry of the bunker silos
– Reduced the enormous time bonus for missions
– Fixed wrong assignments of statistics values
– Various translation fixes
– Improved controls with gamepads or steering wheels
– Increased the capacity of the manure heap
– Mods now have the possibility to show the current time on the indoor hud
– Reduced the costs when using the high pressure washer
– Added automatic creation of Humboldt notch with the chainsaw, so that the trees fall in the direction of the cut
– Added option to disable Adaptive VSync
– Added option to disable the AI traffic
– Added option to change the time it takes until a vehicle is dirty
– Increased maximum cut length of Ponsse Scorpion to 8 meters
– Reduced loading times when using mods

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Dec 02

Manually Abbunkern v1.2 Final SP

Manually Abbunkern v1.2 Final SP

With this mod you can abbunkern push of a button for all threshers.
It bothered me is that you always load evenly react very quickly to a trailer.
Works the way, definitely not in multiplayer because I currently do not have any option for normal MP tests.
Have fun with it!

First anticipated, this version was now really as I upload them tested and works perfectly in the following cases:
– Beet and potato harvesters
– Combines
– Attached harvesting equipment
– Chopper (remain unchanged, was observed)
– Helper operation

Changelog V1.2:
– Store-pic changed in dds format
– Files are now packaged as ZIP * eyes * torsionally
– General bugfix regarding the helpers

Download: Manually Abbunkern v1.2 Final SP []

Nov 13

BGA extension v3.0

BGA extension v3.0

At the end of the conversion Marathon: The BGAextension. Welcome to the LS15.

With the BGAextension the operation of a biogas plant in LS life and realism is breathed.

The Mod upgraded the existing building on the standard script biogas plants on BGAextension level. That is it required no changes to the Maps! MP also works.

While the normal BGA was (almost) around it only the sales agent for silage with a bit of scenery, it is with the BGA extension to a system whose operation should be operated with a little common sense and planning.

The operation and information is output to the Befülltrigger for the digestate or walking on the feed chamber. The system is automated in the morning and evening fed by 8 and 20 clock. The amount you can on the control trigger within limits set. Depending on whether you prefer efficient (high Faul grade) or high throughput (more money per time, but less money per substrate used) want to run the plant. Below are also the TS content in the fermenter and the current generator power.
Sell / commissioning

Purchasing and commissioning have been revised significantly from V2.0.

First you have to take the BGA in operation. This happens at the same places as the operation. Thus, a start-up is a fairly expensive operation, and effort means money. This requires a lot of art are made, a pile of paperwork done and last but not least a fair amount of inoculum from neighboring BGAs are rangekarrt. Long story short: It costs money. And not little. But you get a system that is already feeding halfway reasonable and angefängt to produce gas.

Before buying you can select the size of the plant. 100% corresponds to a large courtyard. The value can you between 50% (small courtyard) and 300% (corn extermination factory) vary. Note: For installations> 100% the costs increase significantly! In addition, and just as in real life, the basic remuneration slightly lowered and also no manure bonus granted (see below)

The costs for the commissioning of a 100% Plant are 240,000 €. The first sounds a lot, but has two reasons: First, you do not throw a BGA so on from Jokus and secondly as a plant produces to start filling and start feeding themselves without already a certain amount of gas / money. If you have already purchased the plant in the past and it is a starved “only” costs then reopening significantly less. Fall on Maps with built mapBuyableObjects also the first time only the start-up costs, since I assume that already incurred costs for the acquisition by the MBO.

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Oct 11

Grimme SE260 v1

Grimme SE260 v1

Heute presentiere ich euch nach langer Abreit den Grimme SE 260.
Der Grimme SE 260 ist ein gezogener 2-Reihiger Kartoffelroder.
Hier ein paar nähere Informationen zum Roder:
Seitengezogen, 2-reihig, 6 t Bunker, für Traktoren ab 110 PS
Mit der 2-reihigen, seitlich gezogenen SE 260 mit 6-Tonnen-Bunker ergänzt Grimme die sehr erfolgreiche Baureihe SE 150-60 und schafft somit einen preislich attraktiven Einstieg in die Leistungsdimensionen 2-reihiger Bunkerroder.
Die Rodetechnik basiert auf einer Kombination aus den leistungsstarken und erntegutschonenden Elementen der 2-reihigen SE 150-60 und dem optimierten Gutfluss der 1-reihigen SE 75-55. Die kompakte Bauweise der Maschine ermöglicht eine hohe Wendigkeit, die gerade am Vorgewende viele Vorteile bringt. Für eine hohe Bodenschonung sorgen das geringe Gewicht von 9,2 Tonnen und die breiten Reifen in einer Dimension bis 800/45-30,5. Die SE 260 ist bereits für Traktoren ab 110 PS geeignet.

-Preis im Shop:120000€
-Geiegnet für Schlepper ab 120PS

Download: Grimme SE260 v1 []
Download: Grimme SE260 v1 []

Oct 01

John Deere New 8370R V1

John Deere New 8370R V1

interactiveControl (IC)
Beleuchtung V3 (New lights!)
ES Limiter
Operating Hours
Doors and rear window on IC.
Extra Weight in wheels
Dual Wheels. Front and rear.
New Wheels
New Skin
And other…

Download: John Deere New 8370R V1 []
Download: John Deere New 8370R V1 []

Aug 28

John Deere S690i and S690i TT

John Deere S690i and S690i TT

– Animated vehicle
– AI combine
– Bunker silo compacter
– Mouse controls vehicle
– Lighting
– Threshing counter
– Gas Limiter
– ES Limiter
– Indoor sound
– Dynamic unloading
– Speed display control
– RPM display control
– Animated polias
– Power shaft attacher
– Lanes
– Driving particle system
– Interactive control
– Interactive windows
– Manual ignition
– Custom forces
– Alarm sound
– Straw chopper
– Capacity 14100 l
– Fruit types: wheat, rape, maize, barley, sorghum, oat, soybean, sunflower, rice

Authors: Julian11, Coufy

Download: John Deere S690i and S690i TT []
Download: John Deere S690i and S690i TT []

Jun 17

Krone Big X1000 Pack v1.0

Krone Big X1000 Pack v1.0

A package consisting of the following devices:
Krone Big X 1000 Soucy Trac
Krone Big X 1000
Crown Cargo (thanks to bull gore and Repi for release)
Krone Easy Collect
Crown X Disc

Functions from the Krone Big X 1000 Soucy Trac and Krone Big X 1000:
Autocontour (soil adjustment of the cutter)
Animated Farmer
Tire dust
Lighting V31
Real Abgasparticle
IC control of: Cam and pipe
Digital RPM and speed displays in the interior
Hectare meters
Now operating helpers WITH trailer possible! The chopper needs but then a larger turning radius, see video
Passenger (for MP)
All-wheel (at the Soucy Trac version is on the permanent!)
Switchable dual tires Rear
Switchable dual tires Front (Only when the chopper wheel version!)
Functions from the crown EasyCollect:

Additional Cam’s to open and close (in conjunction with the IC Cam of the chopper.)
Functions of the Crown X disc:

Standard .. More than new fruits I could not spoil here. What else can I still install? ^ ^
Functions from the crown Cargo:
Tire dust
Lighting V31
Bunker foldable. From a level of 35% of the bunker can no longer fold.
The following fruits can be harvested:

Wheat, barley, canola, clover, alfalfa, rye and oats with the Crown X Disc
Corn, Sudan grass and sunflowers with the crown EasyCollect

Download: Krone Big X1000 Pack v1.0 []
Download: Krone Big X1000 Pack v1.0 []

Apr 25

John Deere 2058 v 2.0

John Deere 2058 v 2.0

In the package: Harvester (Bunker 7000 l. Lighting, manual ignition, ESLimiter, Hours, hectare counter level bunker, additional camera), trolley lock, 2 header (4.5 m: corn, 6.0 m: Wheat, barley, canola).

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Authors: Nickel77, Gere, Knagsted, shangri66

Download: John Deere 2058 v 2.0 []
Download: John Deere 2058 v 2.0 []

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