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Jan 16

Krone BigM 500 CE

Krone BigM 500 CE

Was wurde geändert?
– Reifenstaub
– Textur aufgefrischt
– Klimaanlage verbaut
– Leiter animiert
– Tür animiert
– ESLimiter / OpHours
– Rückfahrkamera
– Dyn. Abgasqualm
– Scheiben abgedunkelt
– Bel v3.1
– Waschbar
– Partikel beim Schneiden
– Kennzeichen vorn und hinten
– Schwaden angepasst für Ladewagen/Ballenpressen
– Trailer und lowTrailer Attacher höhenverstellbar mit Tasten NumBlock 7 und 9!
– Neue RULs

Edit: [FSM]Chefkoch
Klimaanlage: Repi
Scripts by: [FSM]Webby, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, henly 20, MMAgrarservice, modelleicher, Patar, und alle die ich vergessen hab

Download: Krone BigM 500 CE []
Download: Krone BigM 500 CE []

Jul 23

Gross Kern Land Edited by HMBigMaps

Gross Kern Land Edited by HMBigMaps

MAP Fruits: Original crops + sugarbeet.

The milk must be sold to the port manually. Use a truck with a courseplay.

INTRODUCTION. Welcome to Gross Kern Land Map.
Welcome to this edition of the map Gross Kern Land by HMBig Maps. This is a complete redesign of the map based on the original version. We added many new things and also many objects were removed; new fields were created. New texture with better quality and extensive vegetation to complement and embellish the map.
You start the game with a few old implements and low productivity. However, all lands are in your name and available for plowing or seeding. You can do a financing at Royal Bank or work from sunrise to sunset to get a significant amount of money and invest in new implements.


Here is the complex dairy production. Where can you deposit their silage and grass, recharge their equipment with seed, fertilizer, store your straw bales, store the machines in large sheds and remove the liquid manure and solid manure applied to the crop.

This is the main farm. A small complex with grainstation silos for the storage of grain bins, grain loading and a free area, near the silos, to store the production of sugar beet.

This is a complet BGA made by Meistro. There are 3 silos of 1,500 tons (4500 tons in total) where you can deposit their silage. Then, with a shell, depositing it in the crusher and generate clean energy and manure to fertilize the fields.

The port complex includes cargo ships grain, container and sugar factory. It is the only place on the map where you can sell their production. The port is located near the village.
NOTES: The milk must be collected manually. Use a truck with a trailer of a large capacity and serious courseplay for him to collect milk from the main farm to dairy plant.

CHANGELOG Here are the modifications to the original map. With all due respect to the original creator of the map, this version is not a new improved version, but an alternative version, modified to my liking.
– New crops: wheat, barley, rape, sugar beet, and Grass silage. – New main farm grain storage, large patio to manually deposit their production of beet and loading new bins for grain.
– New complex of milk, hay storage, fertilizer storage, cowzone, seeds, garage.
– New BGA complete by Meistro.
– New port, complete with grainstation and silos.
– New sugar factory where you can sell their production of sugar beet.
– New fields.
– New texture for ground corn for silage.
– New growth time.
– Milkmod
– Adjust the cutting height of the plants.
– New landscaping on the main roads asphalt.

Original Map: BigDaddy99
Edited by Tiago P. (HMBigMaps)

Download: Gross Kern Land Edited by HMBigMaps []

Mar 04

Higher Hills Farm, By Bigman

Higher Hills Farm, By Bigman

This is my first go at making a map for FS11. The map is a UK style map, not realy based on anywhere in particular. The map features the main farm based in the base of a valley, surrounded by some very challenging hills, be carefull when round baling! There is a smaller second yard at the top of the hill.

Bale sell points: These can be found in all the ring feeders, over the feed barrier at the cattle pen by the silage pits, next to the small bale stack in the small yard and then infront of the bale stack at the dealers.
Grain Sell Point: This can be found at the Dealers.
Dung Triggers: There are dung heaps at both yards, and also 1 shed at each yard that has a dung trigger in.
Slurry Trigger: The slurry pit can be found at the main yard, reverse down the ramp to fill your tanker.
Maize and Grass: Silage pits can be found at the back of the main yard.

Fruits: Wheat, Maize, Grass, Rape, Barley.

Buildings – LS-UK Modteam
Roads by Russ
Freelance Modding Crew Gates
Earn Dale Store – Andrew Stanford
Yard Pack – Deutz Fahr UK & MF6160
Speedcamera – Willjsavage
Old Yard – FMC, Slartibartfast,
Road Closed – Matt390t
Bale Stacks – Emils96
Ring Feeder – Deutz FahrUK, DaleC & Slartibartfast
Old Cottage – Griffy

Download: Higher Hills Farm, By Bigman []
Download: Higher Hills Farm, By Bigman []

Feb 05

Krone BigM II v2 – AP

Krone BigM II v2 - AP

Krone BigM II self-propelled mower with automatic lining.
0(e) info panel + autopilot
Only Singelplayer

original mod by Meistro & Bersi
Convert AP LS11: AlesK
AP: Martin94

Download: Krone BigM II v2 – AP []
Download: Krone BigM II v2 – AP []

Dec 11

Krone BigM II v2.0

Krone BigM II v2.0

Original mod by Meistro & Bersi
LS11: agestar

Download: Krone BigM II v2.0 []
Download: Krone BigM II v2.0 []

Oct 26

Krone BigM II

Krone BigM II

Original mod by Meistro & Bersi
LS11: ?

Download: Krone BigM II []
Download: Krone BigM II []

Jan 21

Crown Big M500 spezial 7 Pack by Eagle355th v 1.0 FS15

Crown Big M500 spezial 7 Pack by Eagle355th v 1.0 FS15

Here is a CrownBigM500spezial 7 Pack By Eagle355th Version 1.0
I have been working on 7 CrownBigM500spezial for a while. I finnaly finished them.
They are Black,Blue,Purple,Pink,Green,Red,and Brown.
I put an attacher on back of all of them. You can hook up other stuff on the back now.
They all are 1000 hp priced at $125,000.00 The fuel compacity is 3000.
The speed is 40mph When Mowing it is 20mph.The 13
I ajusted the mower’s to be lower to mow better. They do get dirty!
Someone asked me for a Pink And Purple one so I did.Hope you all enjoy the pack.
There is more Camo stuff coming soon. HAVE Fun Enjoy!
If you do not like the mod after checking it out
then just delete it out of your mods folder.
Unpack open the mods zip folder then copy all into your mods folder.
C:\Users\.\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods.Have fun!!!

By Eagle355th

Download: Crown Big M500 spezial 7 Pack by Eagle355th v 1.0 FS15 []

Dec 08



A – Sell Woolpalet.
B – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
C – Production Kalk.
D – Fabric Cement.
E – Sell wood.
F – Buy tree planting.
G – Production Hops.
H – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
I – Sell Wood.
J – Fabric Beer.
K – Point for limestone and gravel.
L – Point for sand.
M – Factory Cement.
N – Terrain for greenhouses, trees,…
O – Flour Cooperative.
P – Factory Bread.
Q – Factory Bottles.
R – Factory Paper.

Modell, Desing, Modified Vehicles, Tested: Vanquish081

Textures: Google, cgtextures.
Hud Fruit: Jakob Tischler
SeedMaster2k15, Michsattion v3, watermod,fermentingsilo – Marhu
Schweine und Rindermast – Mannie313
Lamb1 – jojo800
GuelleMistKalk – Mannie313
Hühnermast, Gülle Lager Mod – Farmer_Andy
SiloKalk – Danny681
Medianera – Germany Community Group / martinbigM500
Puente Tubo – Pisty
Tienda Vehículos – Pisty
Pared Piedra – Pisty
DistanceHills – Mailman (ModsWatend)
medstreet_o, greekHouse – EpicPrydaMods
Blockhaus – möchtegernbauer
High Watchtower – Hawkeye
Das LS-Landtechnik Team!
Edificios – ysup12
ARC – 170 – Jetstorm_477
Inland – Himmi
Fruit Textures – Eribus, LwFarming, brzeziol, ZeFir, Tessmann85, jakub227, mor2000.
AdditionalFruitTypes – Jakob Tischler
Entertainment – J seba
Deljanka – Myjaki (Carretera vieja)
Montantes – TracMax & Inmanuel
Señales – Nick98_1
wasserabnahme2 – Mostwanted
ZuckerfabrikVLS13 – Schwedenkopf
Script Rolltor, opentrigger & door Sektionaltor, fabric beer – Blacky_BPG
GasStationTrigger Extended – tobiasgo
fabric beer and cement – Pleasant Valley Mods
Grain Bin Pack – ThompsonM06
wohnblock – admin
Graffitis –, Vanquish081
Animation Map Trigger – Xentro –
Pogruzka – Vorota, Alexx79, VAHA
Dekalb SeedCompany – MBJ, Süsswassermatrose (for quarry by vanquish081)
Compost Soil – Idee und Modelle: Andy1978
Hallenset – Modelle, Texturen, Ingame: Katsuo Script: Xentro
Script for door opening hours – Desperados93
Huge Mill: container yard: Zippo, Silo: Sim3.09S
RC Circuit: Eva (3dwarehouse)
Billboard: Hiijinx
Olive trees: Rosenthaler_ROS
Housing High Low Poly – GoldFox
Base building for Harinsur – möchtegernbauer
Base building for Polvillo – Pucksta – PMP, Gebäude & Objekte von Giants (LS13+15)
MixFeeder – Bluebaby210 mod-portal


Oct 28



A sell station no longer can have multiple great demands for the same fruit at the same time (1.4)
Fixed threshing of helper with asymmetrical cutters (e.g. Deutz 7545 Maize cutter) (1.4)
Multiplayer Clients now also see the mission goal (1.4)
Fixed unloading particle systems of Krone Emsland and Kröger HKD (1.4)
Fixed ridge markers of Horsch Sprinter (1.4)
Fixed rotation of steering wheel on multiplayer clients of articulated steered vehicles (1.4)
Fixed issues when filling a mixer wagon with a shovel (1.4)
Fixed particle system not stopping when filling Kuhn SPV from bunker silo (1.4)
Fixed price calculation when unloading at the biogas bunker (1.4)
Fixed speed limit warning with Grimme SE 75-55 (1.4)
Fixed irregular speed of the field growth (1.4)
Fixed unloading of the Bergmann Shuttle at cow area (1.4)
Amazone D9 was not raised high enough (1.4)
Tippers sometimes did not close correctly and couldn`t be unloading anymore (1.4)
Fixed problems with the animation of the Grimme Maxtron (1.4)
With a full grain tank, the helper didn`t fold out the unloading belt (1.4)
Fixes issues with sales (1.4)
Fixed issues with direct planting (1.4)
Fixed conflict if multiple vehicles with mouse controls are attached (1.4)
Fixed issues with the mouse controls of the Amazone UX5200 and the Amazone Pantera (1.4)
Fixed synchronization of the eggs, the wool the milk and the productivity of the animals in the multiplayer (1.4)
The fill levels of the animals are no longer limited to 65535 at the multiplayer clients (1.4)
Fix of the problem in multiplayer when Client did not see sown grass (1.4)
Fix of the button “select all mods” that sometimes did not work (1.4)
In the multiplayer disconnecting vehicles sometimes was not correctly synchronized (1.4)
If a vehicle was sold that was currently using the worker, the slot for the helper was not released (1.4)
When activating the helper, some tools were folded (1.4)
Several invisible collision on the map were removed (1.4)

New Features:
Added support for mods implements to define their own PTO (1.4)
Added option for mod maps to disable automatic selling of milk (1.4)
Silage now can be put in the feeding trough with a shovel (1.4)
Manure now can be put on the manure heap with a shovel (1.4)
Added parallel guide to all front loaders (1.4)

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Oct 26

Lakeside Farm V 1.2 HSS Update

Lakeside Farm V 1.2 HSS Update

Version 1.2 HSS update.

You must start a new game for V1.2. Update includes: The map has been renamed to Lakeside as I didn’t realise there was already a map out called Lakeside Farm. I apologies to the mapper. Reworked cow zone and Mix Feeder added. New area created by the lake for goose fattening. Access is tight to use a small trailer. Area Changes in the farm yard. Orchard added with Cherry’s and Plum production. CMP removed and Lakeshore supermarket added. Meat trigger updated to accept goose. Area change at the salad factory. New Storage at the salad factory for potato, steamed potato, compost soil and chaff which also fixes the floating heap and all shovel triggers work perfectly. Greenhouse, potato washer and steamer supply amounts increased. Pallet mover added to the stand alone washer. New Modular storage added in the farm yard for, straw, hay, compost soil, pig forage, beet pulp, chaff, silage, manure, potato, steamed potato, sugar beet, and woodchips. The Farm Silo should no longer call great demand. Forage Silo should no longer call great demand. Seeds2 storage added to the silo’s and tip trigger and unloading trigger. Seed Master Fixed An area was made at the farm for the placeable tomato and lettuce greenhouse from the game instore placeables and they are pre installed. New grass terrain texture and other textures replaced or changed throughout the map. Floating objects fixed. Cow zone water trough fill speed increased. Sheep zone reworked including the navmesh so the animals no longer freeze. Water trough moved. A trailer tip trigger has been added to the BGA sunken tip point, it is small and split in 2 for both hoppers, this may not work well with course play but otherwise works and does it’s job. Church Added with sounding bell on the hour. Many objects from all the past FS games added to yard areas to improve realism. Texture Flicker removed from all building models and MIPS added. Access to the chicken zones troughs improved. Baseball Field dug outs dug out. Tip Grids added to the mixfeeder, potato washers, beetMaster, seedmaster, Mixstation and PigForage Master.All pallet movers are fixed at the salad factory and production will restart automatically on part full pallets. Supply capacity increased and the steamer now will stay in front of the washer feeding it. More 40m spruce trees added around the BGA area to the south. The map file system was re-optimised and 130mb free’d up from v1.1 although a good chunk has been used up by the new models and additions. Tree textures darkened. Distance hills added around the full map. The farms north gate stuck open fixed, Issue was caused by the vehicle shed and load point, both have been adjusted. Beef2 manure conveyor Fixed. There’s more but you won’t notice and I’ve forgotten over the weeks. Credits for the guy’s who created the Mix Feeder system. Bunker: SoftFOX, BigM Mixing station: m4pj3cts Stall: Timber (stall to grab Thank you for sharing with the in the coming Mapper Kit) 131 Rails: BigM, Xentro Feeder: manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM Script: Bluebaby210

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, and Webalizer.

Download: Lakeside Farm V 1.2 HSS Update []

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